Therapeutic Massage and Ejaculation
im inocent i tell yah

Middle Village, NY

#2337 Mar 27, 2013
Wow I'm glad I found this place. I've had two massages an in both I was aroused an of coarse it was very noticable. The 1st one I felt like I was some kind of pervert an made an excuse to leave even tho when I thought about it later she kept brushing up against my penis like she was trying to get a responce out of me. The 2nd time at totally diferent place the girl noticed it an began rubbing an massaging it like it was all normal of coarse it felt great. An being that I've only been to two massage parlors I had no clue if this was normal for every ones massage or not. In any case she began only massaging my penis. An before I began to feel the urge to skeet all over the place lol I made an excuse an left. On the way out the girl hugged me an said please come back soon. I was kinda confused. But not long later within the year both places were shut down for prostitution and I was in shock. An now knowing what they were I wished I did sleet all over them.

Shelton, CT

#2338 Apr 4, 2013
I`ve been to a few different legit places in the past couple years, not prostitution fronts and have had similar situations happening. The female therapist does a full body massage starting on my back, then arms,neck sometimes head, then she`ll move to my lower areas. Massaging my buttocks,legs,feet all of this with a nice warm oil. She undrapes each area as shes massaging, no problems..all good.
Then, she`ll leave the room and return 20 seconds later with a hot towel and proceeds to wipe the oils off my body, again undraping only what shes wiping oil off of. She`ll then cover me again with the sheet and rub my entire back of my body top to bottom drying off the dampness from the hot towel.
She then removes the sheet completely leaving me totally exposed. At this point she uses her finger tips and nails and ever so softly runs them all over my exposed skin, even in between my thighs,my butt crack, my "perineum" I think its called? Its the area between my scrotum and anus. She does this for around 4-5 minutes, then asks me to turn over. She then does the same soft brushing on my chest,legs,thighs etc. She doesn't however brush my penis or testicles, she comes very close to them, but never makes contact. I have to admit, it feels great, but its also a huge tease. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Its technically not sexual massage. Is it? Again, these places were legit places that did hair,tanning,manicures,pedicur es etc. I would go in and walk past normal women getting their nails done or hair done in a different part of the salon.

Lagny, France

#2339 Apr 8, 2013
Are you sure you weren't experiencing some kind of fantasies. Although ejaculating is a mechanical act, it can be triggered by the power of thoughts quite easily. In any case, if you suffer from some sort of premature ejaculation in your love life as well I recommend using an ejaculation delay spray. You can find some here: lay-control/control.html

Good luck!

United States

#2340 Apr 9, 2013
phil wrote:
ive had alot of massages ,one girl came right up my thigh and massaging all around my crutch,i presumed it was normal for her to do this but i still had an erection which she noticed and she carried on,to my other thigh and did the same,i had the erection for the whole massage,there was a bulge in the towel,i was embarrased but she kept quiet. i did report it and she was sacked. i didnt see her again.
I doubtt she was sacked. She did nothing wrong. It was your erection. Nothing inappropriate about areas you describe. She can't cure prudish hang-ups.

Edmonton, Canada

#2341 Apr 10, 2013
I have had numerous massages,some nude and undraped ,others nude and draped. I have found that a lot of lmt's are reluctant to massage the abdomen,possibly fearing an erection may develop. I believe they may be in the wrong profession since men ,on occasion ,will get hard when massaged .I am not looking for a happy ending but if it happens I won't turn it down either. I have been to 2 different lmt's that are asian and they both did 100% of me without even being asked,both commenting to me that I had a big one.Either way,I continue to enjoy my massages from ladies!!

Since: Apr 12

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#2342 Apr 10, 2013
I had a foot-zone-therapy recently, and I ejacualated.

Doha, Qatar

#2344 Apr 12, 2013
Gee could you pm me the location of this nail salon?

Doha, Qatar

#2345 Apr 12, 2013
Gee, please pm me.

United States

#2346 Apr 12, 2013
I have been going to this same guy for about 2 year. I always get so relaxed. Last time I fell asleep and got an erection. I was always afraid of this happening in the past, but since it never happened before I thought It wouldnt. I think He was more embarrassed than I was.
Marc the RN wrote:
<quoted text>
I am a male nurse and I used to be a MT while in school.and cannot count the number of times a man accidentally ejaculated while getting a massage. It is totally normal when being touched by another person to get aroused. This does not indicate you are gay by any means!
I have also had guys get erections while I was givIng them their bath while they were in the hospital. I cover Pediatrics and there are occasionally times when bathing young men (they don't feel comfortable being bathed by women) when the young man has involuntary ejaculation. They get embarrassed about it, but I simply ignore it. My wife is a RN at the same hospital and this has happened when she was bathing patients.

Doha, Qatar

#2347 Apr 12, 2013
sonny12 wrote:
I have had numerous massages,some nude and undraped ,others nude and draped. I have found that a lot of lmt's are reluctant to massage the abdomen,possibly fearing an erection may develop. I believe they may be in the wrong profession since men ,on occasion ,will get hard when massaged .I am not looking for a happy ending but if it happens I won't turn it down either. I have been to 2 different lmt's that are asian and they both did 100% of me without even being asked,both commenting to me that I had a big one.Either way,I continue to enjoy my massages from ladies!!
Hi Sonny, could you share the locations with me?

Doha, Qatar

#2348 Apr 13, 2013
Gee wrote:
I went to this one local massage place to get a massage. One lady walked me back to the room and told me to undress and lay on the table. As I was on the table with my head in the head rest, I could not see the MT. I just assumed it was the same one who walked me to the room. As I turned over I noticed it was a different lady. It was one of the girls from our neighborhood. She was doing this to help work her way through college. We talked and she mentioned she needs a lot of money. I said I could help out. I can tip well. She bent over and started to suck my penis. I was thinking do I come in her mouth or pull out. She was not letting go so
I came in her mouth and she swallow it. I tipped her $100. God was it worth it. She now comes over once in a while to collect more tips.
Hi Gee, I'm new to Doha and would like to talk to you off this board.

Hobbs, NM

#2349 Apr 22, 2013
Women all over the world massage the "entire" body for pleasure and for money. Massage therapists tease men for money and don't deliver a full massage at all. Women have been using the male sex drive to make money since the beginning of time. What bugs me is to hear massage therapists acting so righteous when they are teasing men for money. Whats the difference ladies, you are all doing it for money just like you always have. The only thing different about men is that we are honest and know what we want, you just don't deliver, as usual. Unless of course enough money is involved right?

Columbus, OH

#2350 Apr 22, 2013
Gee wrote:
I went to this one Asian nail place for a massage. I usually request this one lady because she has big boobs and gives me a hand job at the end. She was not in that day. The massage place gave me someone else. It was a this older Asian lady. I mentioned that I normally get an undrapped massage which was not the case. I just put it out there to see what she would say. She said sure. She was massaging me really good and I was real hard. I turned over and my penis was super hard. She looked and looked at it and said would you like oil. She poured oil on it and as soon as she grabbed it I shot a huge load on myself. She gave me a hot towel to clean up. Who should I go to next time? Decisions...decisions!!!
where is this place located

Toledo, OH

#2351 Apr 23, 2013
are there any MT in the toldeo or Detriot area.. looking for one.. a male MT

Joplin, MO

#2352 Apr 23, 2013
Art wrote:
I would really appreciate the advice of a licensed massage therapist--maybe two: female and male.
I’ve had this same embarrassing situation. All I want is a nonsexual massage. I don’t want the therapist going near my glutes, inner thigh, or any other erogenous zone. I am simply an athlete who would appreciate a massage for the health and recovery benefits.
I even wear shorts, and remain covered with the sheet at all times. But it’s basically a foregone conclusion that if a female massage therapist touches my back or neck, I ejaculate. This is embarrassing to write.
I don’t want this. It’s against my religious values. I am 100% in favor of legitimate massage therapy, and really would like to go, but am convinced that I can’t put myself in a situation where I know what the result will be in advance.
I decided to try a male therapist. For over a year, I had great luck with this. No ejaculation. Then I went to this expert—he’d been working for years and really knew his stuff. He had multiple degrees and licenses. Once he hit my lower back—wham. And I am not gay. Unlucky in love these days, yes. When this happened, I looked up and was shocked to see him standing near my feet.(He’d just moved.) I thought perhaps a female therapist must’ve joined him or something.
My case is just like other people who have posted here—often, I felt absolutely no arousal at any time—not from the females or the male. I was soft as could be…they touched my neck or lower back…wham. With the women, I felt a little warning, like this might happen. With the guy, zero.
This is very shameful and humiliating for me. I am not married, but feel like I’m cheating on my future spouse. I take sex seriously and don't want anything cheap. And I feel like I’m paying for some bizarre sex.
Perhaps I am starved for human touch. I have lots of female friends and we hug, but I am not dating anyone, so I am short of kissing and holding hands and holding each other. Maybe I am simply in touch deprivation.
Or perhaps it is because I am in good condition. I eat right and work out a lot.
Some people have proposed masturbation as a solution. This is no solution for me. I am opposed to this practice.
I would really love to hear from a licensed therapist or two – both male and female – as to a) how I could avoid this; b) what causes this; and c) is this completely involuntary, or is there something I can do to prevent this. Because if I can prevent this, I can go back.
I really can’t go back to a m.t. until I get some rock-solid answers. What is the best way to avoid this?
If there is nothing going on in your mind, get over it. You are a biological being.

Since: Apr 12

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#2353 Apr 24, 2013
Again it happened to me; Ejaculation during foot massage. It might happen if I haven't ejaculated for a long time...

Whitney, TX

#2355 Apr 28, 2013
Art wrote:
I think you're missing the point of Keith's email. He has a newfound spirituality. He doesn't want to give himself away for $60 an hour, especially in such a cheap and tawdry way. He is probably saving himself for one special person. Laugh at that if you choose. I guess it boils down to our view of the body: are we spiritual beings in human form, or are we simply animals, with cravings and appetites and a desire for hedonism?
I can appreciate that some people might refrain from having sex or pleasuring themselves or whatever in a religious or maybe jus a personal situation.
But. I myself don't mind a man massaging me but I do prefer a woman's touch. It's jus more relaxing for me. I don't go lookin for a massage with a happy ending and I believe most people are simply looking for a good massage. Whether it be for therapy or jus to relax. But I feel that they should go to the therapist they feel comfortable with. Male or female shouldn't matter.
My wife and I frequent a massage place nearby and I always use the lady and she always uses the man. That is our preference. I often get aroused and my wife has mentioned that she sometimes does also. Neither therapist gets inapropriate. I have jus given the arousal to them doin a good job.
You are trying to equate an erection with strictly sexual activity. Not alway the case my friend. People can find themselves aroused because of a smell or sometimes a sound or vibrations. It happens. The body is very complex an the mind even more so.
If you get a massage and get aroused and feel ba or dirty then perhaps the problem is with you. Whether the therapist is male or female it can happen. Especially if they are good at their job.
Don't judge people because of your own narrow minded self guilting beliefs.
Those that go searching for the happy ending will probably find it. And quite possible some legal problems if their not careful. But it's their. Choice to make.
Those lookin for actual therapy and occasionally finding unexpected release they should enjoy. And on the few occasions that I've had release I found myself extremely relaxed. And although embarrassed I was very grateful. Most often I've found the therapist understanding. And a few times I felt that they may have also enjoyed it on some level.
So please. If you're so narrow minded you can't understand and see the innocence in some of these situations please don't preach at those of us that are open minded enough to see it. Thank you.
the truth

Shepherdsville, KY

#2356 May 1, 2013
its called human trafficking. its real, hate to ruin all your fantasies. women are owned by pimps for sex, and are brainwashed to know how to trick you into thinking "its just what they do" and that they enjoy it. The harsh reality is there are 27 million slaves in the world still today, and a HUGE portion is sexual slavery. I know you won't be getting any of these facts from the news or media, so I feel convicted to write this. Its the second fastest growing crime in the world, and thats because the demand is so high.
Men, I'm not hatin on ya at all, I just want to believe that if you knew the TRUTH that is so masked by our culture, that you wouldn't be another supporter of paying for sexual acts. I spent a year in Thailand, and have gotten to learn a lot about this truth.
Please educate yourselves more, I want to believe so bad there is good, and that we can end this. But we need men to stop paying for sex like this. If the demand stops, the supply stops. Just posting this because I have seen the hundreds of faces sold into sexual slavery. Massages are fine, but know your heart and why your going. Please research for yourself the truth of human trafficking, and that its happening in our backyards. Yes, you saying no to paying for a sexual act DOES make a difference.
Joe Raider

Santa Clara, CA

#2357 May 3, 2013
This happened some months back.

It is a chiropractic, hence, completely legitimate.
I have been seeing the same therapist for close to 6 years.
No incidents.

On this day, I had not relieved myself for more than a week, when I went for my massage.
And as you can guess, my private area was really sensitive and I would get semi-erected for no reason.
And I had a unusually busy morning at work.
So, I didn't get time to release myself.
(( Else, I release myself before going there, if I am feeling sensitive like this.))

So, massage started and I started getting this erection.
I knew this could be bad.
So, I was trying hard to distract myself.
The more I tried distracting myself, the bigger it was growing.
I even thought of eating shit.
Nothing helped.
And by the time, she asked me to flip, I was completely grown.
So, I told her that today I want only back.

She said ok and continued.
The second half was different than the first half.
She focused more on my lower back, glutes and thighs.
In fact, she didn't touch anywhere else in the second half.
All this pressure on the lower back was putting me in a very difficult situation.
And it happened.
I came.
It was like the longest ever for me.
My body kept on contracting forever.
But, stupid me.
I somehow convinced myself that she didn't not notice.
Finally, the massage came to an end.
I got up to see a big pool of cum under my stomach.
I took the sheets out and put in the laundry basket in the corner.
Got ready and left.

From that day to the next massage, next month, I was debating if she came to know or not.
The next massage was difficult for me.
But, I still setup appointment with the same woman as I had a long 6 years relationship with her.
When I was signing in, we will start face-up.
Well, the debate is over.
She noticed it, and she wants to start face up.
The massage was completely normal.
No extra talks other than the normal ones we have generally.
In the end of the massage, when she was leaving the room, she talk three more sentence which never happens.
"Please don't remove the sheets. If it has to be washed right away, I will put in the washer. If you put in the laundry basket, it is cleaned by the other girl."

That is it.
Nothing else, did we talk.
But, she sent the message very subtly.
Very professional.

Gist of the story: Always masturbate before you go for the massage.
Billy Belcher

Westminster, MD

#2358 May 4, 2013
Billy here i guess i am just used to a male giving me rub downs & massages because they can go in a lot deeper I had several other guys tell me the same thing .they say that Females can do a real good job but they can not go deep enough when giving them
That is what i really love about it among ohter things too.


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