Therapeutic Massage and Ejaculation

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Pryor, OK

#1227 Dec 6, 2011
I would definately go back. Act like nothing happened. When you are turned on your back wait a few minutes and put your hand under the table to adjust yourself, then return to normal. See what happens.

Las Vegas, NV

#1228 Dec 7, 2011

Oh yes, she is letting you know there is some fun in store. Next massage you could try moving your head, or whatever part of your body is closest to her crotch, into her crotch. Be somewhat subtle, though that might not be possible. I had something like this where I ended up with my mouth on her crotch, through her clothes, and masturbating at the same time. The lady kept grinding her crotch into my mouth. Of course, if she backs off, you back off too.

Springfield, MO

#1229 Dec 7, 2011
Writing about my experience yesterday made me pretty turned on, so I called the LMT and she said she was booked but could add one late afternoon appointment at the end of day. Things progressed as normal, with a great and relaxing massage, beginning with me on my back and ending with me face down and her pushing hard from my neck to my lower back. Again the rocking motion pushed her pubic area into the top of my head. And again I saw her remove her shoes and flexing her bare feet, running them along her calves, etc. This seemed very bizarre but it made me so turned on to think that she might be aroused.

After this she turned me again onto my back, which she usually doesn't do. I was very embarrassed because my erection was strong underneath the draping and could not be hidden. I have gotten minor erections before during massages, both from her and from others. Usually I just shift the draping sheet a little and am able to hide it, and it pretty quickly subsides. I've been told before this is normal so I just try to treat it as such. This time, though, rather than having a mild and natural reaction to the relaxation and physical touch, I was fully and sexually aroused. I mean, my penis was not only hard but sticking nearly straight up, severely tenting the sheet. I was mortified and felt really guilty, especially since I thought I might have been mis-reading the contact with her hips and what I had seen under the table. I think she recognized my embarrassment, because she told me not to worry--that many people find massage stimulating and she was used to it. But it was odd. As she finished the massage by working on my legs she seemed a bit out of breath and distracted. And this time the swelling of my penis did not decrease as she worked on me.

When she finished she left the room as usual for me to get dressed, but this time she said "don't worry, you can take all of the time you need to finish up." I thought I knew what she meant by this and again I was so tempted to masturbate. But I guess I am a bit shy and old fashioned about these things. I got dressed and exited into the office, where she normally is preparing my bill on the computer. As I opened the door I could swear I saw on the computer screen a camera view of the massage room. She quickly closed the laptop so I can't be sure about this, but she said "That was quick. You should try to relax more while you are here. Think of it as a safe place."

All of this is so bizarre. I've really never had an experience like this before. I don't want to risk losing the fantastic massage services of this therapist, but I really think she is turned on and I don't know what to do about it. If I try something and am wrong I would feel so guilty. And what if she is not legit after all? If I try something, or I let her do something to me, then I would be soliciting a prostitute. At the same time, I think I feel a real and sensuous connection to this woman, even though she is probably fifty and not all that attractive. It comes more from the very nurturing vibe and the care I feel in her hands. Plus the possibility that she too is very excited to be in that dark small room along with me. I don't want to pass this up if it is real. I need advice about this. Are there any women or especially female massage therapists who could help me understand what is going on in that room?

Since: Jul 10

Pryor, OK

#1230 Dec 7, 2011
O.K. When she tells you to take all the extra time you need to relax, that is her telling you to go ahead and masturbate. She may very well have a camera in the room pointed at you for her pleasure later on, but hey, go for it.

DO go back, next time when she turns you back over on your back, just reach under the sheet and adjust yourself. If you want to, go ahead and stroke it a little, that will give her the clue that you are ok with everything.

Chon Buri, Thailand

#1231 Dec 8, 2011
proud, I agree with Bill24. Go ahead and masturbate when she turns you over. Also, you might want to try pushing back a little with your head when she grinds her pubic area into it. Match her stroke for stroke as it were. Or, if there is anyway you can lift your head a bit and turn it sideways to get your mouth area in the target zone of her pubic thrusts.

As long as you are willing to back off if she appears to resist, you are OK. My guess is she wants more.

Springfield, MO

#1232 Dec 13, 2011
Okay - you guys won't believe this. I visited her again yesterday and, same routine, she's clearly making head-hip contact as she pushes hard on my back. Again, through the head support, I could see her rubbing her bare feet along her calves - definitely getting into it. As I'm watching this my penis starts really stiffening - getting a bit uncomfortable since I'm on my belly.

I had tried to build up my courage but, I'm still pretty shy and was embarrassed. And, as I said, she's no great looker - a bit old and heavy. But on the other hand, she has really full breasts that accidentally (?) brush against me sometimes as she works on me. And she has this really motherly nurse-like vibe that kind of turns me on.

Anyway, yesterday she finished her pushing routine and moved to my side to work my shoulder and arm. I could still see her legs off to my side through the head support. As she was working my shoulder in a circular motion I could see her work her hand into the top of her skirt! I couldn't believe it. I watched a few minutes and then she pulled out her hand and began working my hand. The thought of her own moisture mixing with the massage oil as she made long strokes on me arm made me even stiffer and more uncomfortable. Then, as she worked my arm she rested my hand on her large-ish belly. I could practically feel the weight of her breasts just an inch above my hand. But still I was too nervous to move.

Then it was time to turn over and there was no hiding how erect I was. Jutting from my hips was a ten-inch vertical tent-pole. It pulled the draping sheet completely away from me. I felt so embarrassed, but I couldn't pretend at wasn't happening, so I simply said "Sorry - its unintentional." When I looked at her though, tears were streaming down her cheeks. I pulled her to me, merely to comfort her, but she collapsed on top of me, climbing fully onto the massage table. As she slid down my torso her skirt rode up, and I realized she was wearing nothing underneath.

Then I woke up, and I was back in my pathetic little life.

Birmingham, AL

#1233 Dec 13, 2011
proudofself wrote:
Then I woke up, and I was back in my pathetic little life.
Wow. You'd think if this were all a dream, she'd be 22 years old, with long blonde hair and an hourglass figure. LOL!!
tangerine man

Swindon, UK

#1234 Dec 18, 2011
Alliekat wrote:
I dont understand why my posts are gone.
Anways shorter version: I was procrastinating, surfed and stumbled upon a massage porno with the girl getting the "happy ending". I became interested in "sensual massage" and booked one hoping it would play out like in the clip.I did have such an arousing experience today- but no relief, just real close touching when he massaged by glutes twice. I was moaning and basically rolling with the strokes on my thigh and butt, going insane with excitement and anticipation. At the end I felt some disappointment but overall it was a good experience. Now I can't stop thinking what would have been if I had been more blunt but at the same time feeling really guilty.
As always,'Allie'- it depends on the therapist,and (to a certain extent)how you sought the type of massage you were hoping to receive. I assume you are not exactly stupid and know that the term 'massage therapy' covers a VERY wide range of both techniques and those who practice them; but from your 'condensed' version I'd say that you'd picked the right type of therapist but you'd been 'cheated', so don't feel 'guilty'- if he'd gone that far with you, then he should have finished you off; otherwise, if he wasn't perpared to do this (for moral/ethical etc reasons)then he should not have got you to the erotic stage you have described. It is (literally)in the hands of the therapist, and s/he should be 'picking up the signs' from the begining of the therapy. There is no reason why you should not be quite explicit BEFORE you mount the table of what you require (bearing in mind what I've said at the begining of this post). There is of course the 'legal' aspect to this ie How is the therapist to know that you were not an undercover cop (forgive the pun!)- or someone from the local licensing authority? It's a very tricky area - on both sides of the table!Good luck anyway with your next appointment
tangerine man

Swindon, UK

#1235 Dec 18, 2011
proudofself wrote:
Last week I saw a legit massage therapist who was older and not particularly cute. Nevertheless, her caring touch and the generally sensual mood in the room got me a bit turned on. At some point in our session, she stood at my head while I was face down, and reached to massage my back with long extended push-strokes. This brought light contact with the front of her thighs as she stretched into me. Eventually this contact became more firm and even seemed intentional. I could view the floor through the open head support, and I saw her slip one foot out of its sandal as she pushed into me, rubbing her foot along the back of her calf. Thinking that she might be physically enjoying touching me made me more and more excited, and when she finished and left me to get dressed I had to fight the temptation to masturbate. I felt silly because, as I said, there was nothing especially sexy about this therapist. But when I left the massage room and entered her office to make my next appointment, I was shocked to see her hand inside her skirt. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. Embarrassed, I left in a hurry. Now I wonder if I should go back next week. I feel very uncomfortable about this, but I also have to admit that thinking about the incident makes me feel very aroused. What should I do?
IF all your anecdote is true, then my response is that EVERYONE (including massage therapists!)is only human, and it would appear that for some reason (which we do not know)you turned her on during the session - and was subsequently embarrased when you saw her relieving herself (again, a perfectly natural reaction,albeit 'unusual'in this environment/profession)
As to 'what to do?'...What do you want to do? You've admitted that this woman does not particularly arouse you physically - but somehow she did! Curiosity? a 'challenge'?'Laying a ghost'(again, forgive the pun!)Only you can decide. The 'sensible' thing to do would be to book an appointment with another therapist (as would be the 'sensible' thing for her to pass you over to another colleague)- but as I said, we're all just human...Ball in your court mate!

Griffin, GA

#1238 Dec 18, 2011
is this real
Ted Stankerbus

Watertown, NY

#1239 Dec 20, 2011
I have had it happen numerous times with my MT named Bruce. His hands go so deep that it just seems to drive the tension out of me. I am under alot of stress from work and fantasy football. I now go twice a week and it happens regularly, but Bruce understands and appreciates the work.

San Francisco, CA

#1240 Dec 20, 2011
Ted Stankerbus wrote:
I have had it happen numerous times with my MT named Bruce. His hands go so deep that it just seems to drive the tension out of me. I am under alot of stress from work and fantasy football. I now go twice a week and it happens regularly, but Bruce understands and appreciates the work.
Under stress from Fantasy Football? Haha.. that is too funny! Talk about a 1st-world problem.:)

Garland, TX

#1241 Jan 9, 2012
Hello I am an MT and would like to say that this is not common.
It happens, but not commonly. You may want to reflect on your experience and reasons why this happened. Massage therapy is a profession that has ethical standards and the therapist should never touch your private areas during a treatment. If you were enjoying the massage in a sexual way, you may want to reflect on this as well and make changes in your personal life so that your needs are met in the appropriate ways.
The right side of the body is a reflection of the masculine in us, usually related to our paternal side...the legs are our birth, ground, childhood and the upper thigh would probably symbolize adolescence
There are a few trigger points in the glutes that effect the genitourinary system, but I don't know if it could cause a involuntary ejaculation.
I suspect that you know why this happened and don't really need help here. Many of these posts are disappointing because they are from people who are so starved for sex that they must find massage therapy forums and post comments about sexual experiences.
Massage therapists are professionals, we hold licenses and have had extensive training. many of us are business owners who care for the wellbeing of our clients in a professional, non sexual way.
Rant over. I hope you can resolve this "embarrassing"situat ion

Singapore, Singapore

#1243 Jan 19, 2012
I had the same experience. Most of the time when I am massaged on my back upper thigh and buttock, I will happen involuntary ejaculation even though not erected at all or sometimes only semi erecttion. Normally to avoid embarashement I wil wear a condom and disposal panties or shorts. I dun lie down naked in front of the MT. So far the place I go, they provide either shorts or disposal panties.

London, UK

#1244 Jan 23, 2012
I have had the last three massages at a legit place and the girls have no problem with me being undraped.
I did ask if they do all the body, if you get my meaning. They say no but then say you can do 'it' yourself. At the third visit I got rather aroused, something I don't normally do unless there is direct manipulation but throughout the massage the girl 'accidentally' touched the little man with a fingertip which caused a response. At the end she even strokes the bum hole and at the last minute she put my hand on my willy.
It seemed rude not to oblige.
I suspect they would handle it themselves, so to speak but are afraid of possible 'bad' publicity.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#1246 Jan 31, 2012
I visited a masseur a few weeks ago, hoping for a normal, legitimate massage. I imagined I’d be massaged by a woman, so I wasn’t too pleased when I came face to face with a male masseur. I reluctantly paid him the money (it was $50), took my clothes off, and lay naked on the massage table. He came into the room a minute later, draped a towel across my lower half, and began to massage me. It was a perfectly normal massage (although he did spend quite a long time massaging my buttocks). I had to get over the initial hurdle of being massaged by a man, but once I did I quite enjoyed it. I did get an erection when he briskly rubbed my inner thighs, but I wasn’t horny at all. After about thirty minutes he changed gears and began to massage me really softly. He ran his fingertips very gently up and down my sides from the underarms to the waist and back up again. He did it so softly and skillfully that it felt amazing.(I’m afraid I moaned a few times). After that he ran his fingertips lightly up and down my legs and inner thighs. This went on for a long time and it was incredible. He didn’t actually touch me sexually, but his fingers did brush lightly against my scrotum on a few occasions (I think accidentally). I didn’t want to moan but I literally couldn’t help it.
After that he told me to turn over. I had an erection but he didn’t even look at it. He just draped the towel over me and continued massaging me. He went through the same routine again. He massaged my whole body firmly before lightly running his fingertips up and down my legs and inner thighs. His hands came very close to my private parts but he didn’t make any contact.
The last thing he did was take hold of my legs and roll me over so that my knees nearly touched my face. My towel slipped off at this point but he didn’t put it back on. He held me like this for several seconds, pushing down firmly. He eased my legs back down to the table, waited a few seconds, then “doubled” me up again. He held me in this position a long time. It was intensely arousing, perhaps because I was in such a submissive position and I was totally naked. Suddenly, while still having me “doubled up”, he gave my perineum a feather-light tickle. It sent me right over the edge and I ejaculated everywhere. It was both embarrassing and incredibly exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled so loudly in my life. He lowered my legs back on the table and told me to lie still and relax for a few minutes before getting dressed. Then he left the room.
It was an extremely arousing, frustrating and embarrassing massage. I feel a bit weird about the whole thing now. I’m not at all gay, but I succumbed to the massage completely. Yet the memory of it leaves me feeling a little bit icky. I like women, not men, and I have a girlfriend. It’s a confusing situation and I’m not sure what to think. I won’t go back to see him again but I can’t stop thinking about how good it felt.

Miami, FL

#1247 Jan 31, 2012
forget all the inner turmoil and just ask yourself this: "did I enjoy the massage"? If your answer is yes then don't worry about it and go back to see him for another. Enjoying a good, sensual massage from a man is great and does not make you gay. I find that male MTs or masseurs are much more open to this than women.

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#1248 Jan 31, 2012
Sorry Harry, your story revealed itself to be a hoax. By lifting the legs, your body would automatically go into defensive mode and resist, thereby taking you out of relaxed mode an destroying the "mood". Better luck next story, a little research might help.
Eddie V

Sacramento, CA

#1249 Jan 31, 2012
i would go back and find the ugliest massage therapist out there. i mean how embarrassing is something if it happens in front of someone ugly. lol.

New York, NY

#1250 Feb 5, 2012
Female MT wrote:
<quoted text>
I do have to say that as being new to MT... I am not looking forward to the day when I have a client and that happens. I am a good looking blonde therapist, and Im 38 and I take great care of myself and people think Im in my 20's... I do get comments from some men about massage, but I hope the negative rapport it has sexually goes away and people look at it for how it really helps your body physically. I don't think it happens all the time when men get massages, but working on the buttock region could do that.
You sound like the dream masseuse for a lot of guys. What sort of comments do you get?

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