The Dangers of Chiropractic

The Dangers of Chiropractic

There are 1250 comments on the Null Session story from Dec 29, 2009, titled The Dangers of Chiropractic. In it, Null Session reports that:

December 29th, 2009 by Null Session 1,215 words No Comments Medical , Science & Health S,R&CT creates little "books" that are both satirical and educational.

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Bethpage, NY

#1 Dec 30, 2009
Terrific article. State and federal law makers should take some time to review the chiropractic enterprise. Quackery must be eliminated.

The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.

Costa Mesa, CA

#2 Dec 30, 2009
What a bunch of propaganda we have here. Some paid pharma slime ball trying to eliminate the competition to sell more pain meds

Boy old boy what pill poppers will do to milk the cash cow

This wisdom character is a really strange creep

A chiro stalker my god what the world is coming to these days

I have a good name for this split minded nut job

Seems to fit him just fine

Wisdom, I think nuggin needs his bottom wiped, just make sure to wash your hands before flipping burgers tonight

Costa Mesa, CA

#3 Dec 30, 2009
Slick wisdom very slick to slide this unscientific hearsay article in. THE NULL SESSION I am so scared.

What this slick willy wisdom nazi character fails to tell you in the above propaganda post. Is that the person running it, is some radical nutty neuro nut hiding behind the words science based? What he also fails to metion and you will see on the really stupid blog, is that the person writing the article thinks we all came from stupid ape. This same person likes to bash creationist and Christians. These cult memembers are really radical and dangerous.

The article is so misleading that even a pre schooler could read between the lines.

But hey when your ranking in the big pharma bucks, not having to do rounds anymore, but still manage to wear a 10LB gold watch, flashing those gold teeth, drive that race car, enjoy the money in the caymen island account and all you have to do is lie through those gold teeth? Come on what a cash cow for these really fat and disguisting pigs.


CHECKMATE as the other blogger put it to you numbnuts wisdom freak

Sorry but nice try

ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha hhahahaahah

Nuggin HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm could that be him also on that really dumb dumb dumb site? They both think our great grand daddy is a giant ape


Now go and empty that really smelly pill filled nasty wet diaper

These guys are like crack dealers on the side of the streets. THUGS

Keep posting as you just make the case for natural medicine

Costa Mesa, CA

#4 Dec 30, 2009
Your tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo
EASY to debate wisdom

I almost feel sorry for ya

ahaahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha h

Is that all you got?

PILL POPPERS what a bunch of GUMPS

Costa Mesa, CA

#5 Dec 30, 2009
So how is that really fat nutty professor doing. That pot belly pig really needs to loose some weight? I think a EXTREME make over is in the future with all that pharma money this pig is getting.

Debating you GUMPERS is like playing video games just way to much fun and really easy

Bring us some evidence PILL POPPERS come on? What are you waiting for? THE GREAT APE

Costa Mesa, CA

#6 Dec 30, 2009
Still waiting?


#7 Dec 31, 2009
Wisdom wrote:
Terrific article. State and federal law makers should take some time to review the chiropractic enterprise. Quackery must be eliminated.
The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.
Yes, this is all terrific news to me. It's what I've been telling you all along. Now do you believe me?? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Chiropractic has made my life miserable. I couldn't make it in practice and now I must try to destroy the chiropractic enterprise. I am the ultimate chiropractic expert so I should know. Do NOT visit chiropractors! Especially don't patronize any of my friends from Life who are making enormous incomes while I failed so miserably. Yes, I know chiropractors have helped millions of people and still do every day. But for some reason I just didn't have the talent to make it in business. And I'm angry. Very angry. You would be too if you were the laughing stock of your so called 'friends' from college.
The article above is very good news to me. Read it then read it again. I love it! It will explain step by step why I failed so quickly in business and justifies my position here. Please read it again and again. I AM the chiropractic expert. Deal with it. Now empty your diaper.

Udine, Italy

#8 Jan 1, 2010
Another article filled with inaccuracies and dangerous advice. Yes, see a massage therapist for back pain. They have almost 3 months of training and you can be sure they will diagnose that your back pain is really coming from a metastatic tumor in your spine. Same for the physical therapist who is, by law, not allowed to diagnose in virtually all states. Chiropractors in about 6 states can use prescriptive items in their offices. One state allows a chiropractor with advance training to prescribe a plethora of items. It is a shame when someone who has not done their homework so clearly shows their ignorance-ignorance that can be very dangerous.

“Live Laugh Love”

Since: Oct 07

Location hidden

#9 Jan 1, 2010
I had 12 months of training and over 300 hours of continuing ed. I never diagnose, but am able to treat a lot of back pain issues. Please refrain from commenting on that which you know nothing about.

If I suspect that a client has anything that needs a doctor's attention, I tell them to see their physician, especially if I feel a lump anywhere or notice a change in a mole.

I only treat skeletal muscles which can cause a number of problems and pain.


#10 Jan 1, 2010
If anyone out there thinks I'm making up this stuff, go no further than your local yellow pages. Find chiropractors then slowly read, out loud, all of the diseases they claim to treat. In the New York City phone book alone the first 35 chiropractors have full page ads claiming they treat cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and conjestive heart failure. Don't believe me? Just look for yourself.
Don't go to see any chiropractor. They are all quacks. How dare they claim to treat (and in bold type with full page ads) kidney disease and cancer. That's malpractice, wouldn't you agree? Not one, and I mean not ONE claims to treat musculoskeletal problems like back and neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rib pain. Not one. They all claim to treat cancer and diabetes!!! Now do you believe me? Those chiropractors need to empty their diapers, and fast!

Bethpage, NY

#11 Jan 1, 2010
"misinformed" from italy above said, "Chiropractors in about 6 states can use prescriptive items in their offices."

Ha ha Ummmm, NO mr. chiropractor that is NOT true. Chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe medications. No chiropractor anywhere, is even allowed to prescribe aspirin.

And really, why would a chiropractor be allowed to prescribe any medication?

You implied that chiropractors are qualified to diagnose things like "tumors".

Really? How? Before they graduate from chiropractic school, chiropractors do NOT examine, diagnose, or treat any patients with serious illnesses or diseases. Period. The typical chiropractic graduate see perhaps, 10 or 20 "patients" with limited and uncomplicated back and neck strains and other self limiting conditions.

I mea get real, chiropractors are NOT qualified, by any stretch or your imagination, to diagnose any serious condition or illness.

And quite frankly, there is NO chiropractic technique that has been shown to be more effective than placebo.

The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.


#12 Jan 1, 2010
Chiropractic is very dangerous. Now we have chiropractors in a half a dozen states admistering drugs! And they're providing chemotherapy right in their offices!!! I can't stand it. How come chiropractors don't treat musculoskeletal conditions and clearly state that in their ads? Do you really think chiropractors should be treating renal failure? Well, i don't! Yet in most states, one of the first things you see in newspapers is chiropractors advertising they treat renal failure--and in huge bold type!!! This must be stopped and the chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.

United States

#13 Jan 1, 2010
I can't believe all this bad talk about chiros, I have a really good one. she is the most caring person I've ever met and an excellent chiro.

She's a QME,(Qualified Medical Evaluator), CSP (chiropractic sports physician) and is certified to do state disability evaluations here in california.

I see her as a natural doctor, she uses many vitamins, and other natural supplements. She does not give her own children drugs, she doesn't believe in them.

Lakeland, FL

#14 Jan 1, 2010
Whiskeycat, great point and please read the following. Also make sure you are not drinkng whiskey as you read it, as it might end up causing you more heart burn.

How to recognize pseudoscience? I find myself these days seeing more and more people using this very misunderstood word that many have come to know as pseudoscience. It bascially is another way of saying I am right and everyone else is wrong.

With the advent of Alternative medicine becoming the peoples choice and taking a seat as a mainstream medicine. Many in the medical community have started their attacks. So why has Alternative medicine become mainstream medicine? Why has the medical community found themselves with a new competitor? Very important questions that need to be answer. You see Alternative medicine is not just an average competitor. Alternative medicine has become the Big Red Dog digging a large hole in the medical communities yard. I mean a really BIG RED DOG, in fact so big that it rivals and theatens the medical communities market share/revenue/profits. Lets face it here, medicine in the US is a for profit enterprise. Meaning that just because your at the top now, does not guarentee that you will be in the future. What is fair is fair. Just like any other free market society.

So let us look at why the medical community has found the BIG RED DOG of the Alternative medicine movent digging that really BIG hole in their backyard profits?

As Americans for most of us we enter the world looking at a MD. Infact we are staring at them point blank in the eyes as the pull and twist out. Then when we are children and we are sick or don't feel good they get us better or even save our lives. Then we get old and they keep us alive. Then when we are old sick and dying the last face we will most likely see, is that of a emergency room physicians. So since they are so helpful and bring us into this world and say goodbye when we are leaving. Why do we find ourselves looking for other options?

Well let us see here. For those of us who see them on a regular basis, and say find ourselves with a condition that they cannot help. Well we are left with either biting our lips and dealing with it. Or we can seek out other options. Then we seek out other options and we no longer have to bite our lips and end up recovering (not all the time).

Then there is the fact that we still have very little cures for disease esp chronic. Then there is these MONEY EMPIRES known as pharma who mislead (not all of them) but still mislead the public. Then we see scandals and deaths from this misleading, where money has taken the interest instead of patient safety. Then we see BIG INS companies commiting crimes against humanity by denying a child the right for care that would of saved their life.

You see it is the big pharma/big Ins company that give medicine a bad name.

So we have come to know Chiropractors/Acupuncturits/Na turopathics as the other options. For most MDs they don't have a problem with a patient seeing these guys esp when the patient gets better. But Big Pharma and Big Ins does. They don't like a BIG RED DOG in their profit yards diggin big revenue losses. So they send their paid bloggers to spread the good news about DRUGS and bad news about Alternatives. In fact they have come up with a code word for Alternative medicines (pseudoscience).

So whenever you hear this word, you have just spotted a paid pharma blogger. Even if they hide behind the words Science Based

CHECKMATE sorry chaps but Alternatives win and keep growing. Just get used to it. But hey at least Pharma pays you guys well

Lakeland, FL

#15 Jan 1, 2010
So my friends pseudoscience is a code word for pharma bloggers. It means BIG very BIG money for these guys. Just think of how much money they can make. All they have to do is type lies behind a keyboard all day. What better job than that?

The only problem here is, Americans are dumb. Medical doctors are not radicals like these guys. Sure you see some on sites hiding behind the words science based? But these guys are looking for some extra income, or they are jealous. Or they are just tired for being on the front lines everyday.

So these bloggers PAID yes and handsomely PAID indeed. Try to stir up things that don't exist. They try to pin Chiros and the others against MDs. Which is a joke because all the Chiros they are attacking more than likely take themselves and families to MDs.

Medicine is not just MD, they will be the first to tell ya that. It includes DO/ND/DC/LAc/MT/NP/PA/RN/LPN/C NA/PT/DPT and a whole bunch more. Now DOs have become same as MD.

If a patient is looking for alternatives or looking to add wholistic natural care to their primary care. Then they have every right to do so. When they are sick or have an emergency, they still go see a MD/DO. In fact of they did have something serious and were in a office of say a chiro, the chiro would be the first on the phone to get them to a MD/DO.

The bloggers you see causing trouble, are making money doing it. Who else has the time for 12000 posts in just a couple of years, or who has the time to make website hiding behind words like science based quack? No one does, these buys are getting slick suits, slick cars, slick shoes, big watches, gold teeth, fancy houses, money in the caymen island bank account, and I could go on. All they have to do is Lie behind a keyboard all day.

What a job really it is a CASH COW

Lakeland, FL

#16 Jan 1, 2010
You would not have these options if it were not for ANTITRUST laws.

Thank your elected leaders if Pharma had their way everyone would be mandatory drugged and if refused would be thrown into prison.

Read the connection of pharma and the Nazi during WW2 if you don't believe it.

Then pharma want to blame it on physicians, yeah great idea pin the blame on them.

Just as they like to take credit for saving lives. Yeah the drug saved the person life, not the physician and healthcare team right? WRONG
Midwest Chiro


#17 Jan 2, 2010
Posters such as Wisdom, and his ilk, were not hired by the big drug companies just to post here. He's not that important. If you'll notice, these Topix forums are not that well read (same people over and over) and though available to all, are not read by enough people to make a difference in anything. Wisdom's rants or lies or whatever you want to call them are just that--rants and lies. You see, he's a failed chiropractor and needs a place to vent his anger at successful chiropractors, and will vent to any size audience, no matter how small, just to get attention. So while some of his posts seem logical to an uneducated observer, he's really quite uneducated, but he props himsself up by claiming false degrees such as a Ph.D. in neurophysiology, and MD degree, a DO degree, two master degrees, three undergraduate degrees, a degree in engineering, and yes, his D.C. degree. If you look back at his posts he's claimed, at one point, to have all of these degrees. His writing is juvenile and appeals only to the most gullible readers. Wisdom, in an attempt to discredit chirpractic, broke out his 13cent psychology book he bought at WalMart and found such words as "tweaked", "clicker" and "diaper" to make chiropractic sound silly. Wisdom is the laughing stock here. He's so full of hot air that no one takes him seriously or listens to him. With each of his posts, which are mostly the same BS rehashed, he just reinforces the fact that I'm right--that he's a failed chiropractor who is jealous and angry at successful ones. That's really all he's about.

Bethpage, NY

#18 Jan 2, 2010
Th chiropractic supporter "cat" above said about her chiropractor, ",I see her as a natural doctor, she uses many vitamins, and other natural supplements. She does not give her own children drugs, she doesn't believe in them."

I mean really? Does it get any more stupid than that?

Doesn't believe in them? What? that they don't work? That she'd rather have her kids suffer?

We'll see how fast she changes her tune when her kids are truly sick.

I do love exposing just how stupid these chiropractors are.

Bethpage, NY

#19 Jan 2, 2010
"midwestboy" you really are a chiropractor aren't you? lying about what I've said doesn't win any arguments, oh wait, you are a chiropractor, trained in the chiropractic tradition.

Whenever someone exposes fraud in chiropractic, call them a liar and claim claim that you are a rich chiropractor, oh and them claim that "he must be a failed chiropractor".. Very good mr. chiropractor. Quite the intellectual argument.

But I'll give you another chance, here's my repost;
Before they graduate from chiropractic school, chiropractors do NOT examine, diagnose, or treat any patients with serious illnesses or diseases. Period. The typical chiropractic graduate see perhaps, 10 or 20 "patients" with limited and uncomplicated back and neck strains and other self limiting conditions.

I mea get real, chiropractors are NOT qualified, by any stretch or your imagination, to diagnose any serious condition or illness.

And quite frankly, there is NO chiropractic technique that has been shown to be more effective than placebo."

Lakeland, FL

#20 Jan 2, 2010
Of course wisdom did not address my questions to him to see if he really is a chiropractic expert? TOO SCARED wisdom?

CHECKMATE I win and wisdom looses.

He has just proven not to be a real Chiropractic expert

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