Right Side pain


#224 Aug 13, 2008
hi, ive been having sharp pains on my lower right side and it comes and goes every two months or so and it gets so bad i cant even walk due to the pain and it eventually goes away after a day or two. im not sure if it has to do with my eating discomfort but everytime i eat a heavy meal such as pasta or even as light as sushi i get sick and vomit shortly after im well into my meal
im 14 years of age about 5.5" and weigh 134 lb.

Greenbrier, AR

#225 Aug 15, 2008
darlene wrote:
I have pain on my lower right side which go around to my back and hip also pelvic. I had a ct scan it show a 2mm stone in the ureter. on oct. 25 i had a cysto rt. retro grad pyelogram possible ureteroscopy. result were that the kidney were find and there was no stone. i still have pain on the rt side pelvic and lower back also hip, what to do i need the pain to stop can some one help me.
e-mail me [email protected]
I have the same symptoms if you find an answer please write me at [email protected]
Ron- minneapolis

Brookfield, WI

#226 Aug 27, 2008
Blood in urine, saw it 2 times, about 5 drops.
went to doc couldn't fine anything. is this normal?

Goodlettsville, TN

#227 Sep 6, 2008
pain in back-right side, bottom of rib. When i stretch it it seems to get worse. Any insight?
([email protected])
please send an email, that would really help.

Carnesville, GA

#228 Sep 11, 2008
timi wrote:
I have been having a constant dull pain under my lower right rib and sometimes it feels that my sternum is popping out of my chest.and there is also a slight pain there sometimes.If i push on the right side of stomach I can feel the pain move to my back. I have had a MRI done and a CAT scan and X-Rays and it has turned up nothing. I am 46 years old. This has been a problem for more than 1 year. can someone please help?
It sounds like costochondritis. Look it up and see if the symptoms match. Anti-inflammatories help with this but sometimes steroid treatment is required. It's very painful!

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#229 Sep 11, 2008
I've had the same type of pains for a few months now and 2 weeks ago was sent for an ultrasound which revealed a 1 cm gallstone in my gallbladder. I have not had an attack but am currently living with a dull burning ache on the right side of my back. I have been able to alleviate the gallbladder pain under my right rib with a natual herb called Chanca Piedra. I am hoping that this herb can help break up the stone. I am seeing the surgeon next week but would not like to have my gall bladder removed. The Chanca Piedra has helped a lot. Also try taking milk thistle in the liquid form; it works wonders for the liver. Its amazing how all these organs are connected and how they all rely on one another. An ultrasound is usually the best and only way to confirm gallstones. xrays etc are not reliable due to the gallstone composition. Have your doc send you for an upper abdominal ultrasound. They will be able to check out all of your organs. My bloodsugars are normal and my billirubin is normal as well as my liver enzymes even though I have gallstones.


#230 Sep 13, 2008
Hi. Been exhausted for six weeks..and in pain for four weeks. Pain is in the right lower corner of my side, goes around my right hip to my back. I have pressure in my "bottom" area and have been put on meds to help me go to the bathroom (sorry). I have a CT Scan w/out contrast - no real problems seen, pelvic ultrasound, bloodwork, etc. Now being sent to a urologist. I'm in quite a bit of pain and have pressure and I'm very uncofortalbe. EKG was normal and most blood work was too. I was dx with a MILD UTI, and put on antibiotics..but I'm sick, tired, and in pain. Any ideas??

Lewisville, TX

#231 Sep 17, 2008
I have been having a (pulled muscle type pain) under my right rib cage around to my right side, sometimes in right shoulder and on into my back area. This has been going on for months. The doctors said it was my gallbladder and I had that removed 3 weeks ago. The pain is still there. We know that it is not a pulled muscle. We know the gallbladder is gone now. But we don't know what the pain is. Anyone else have this type of pain?

Key West, FL

#232 Sep 24, 2008
I woke up this morning with acute pain on the right side just behind the lower 4 ribs or so. It feels like an orange sized area. If I cough or lay on in it hurts. Also hurts in certain positions or if I move a certain way. Has been hurting all day, sleeping is hard. I am hoping to god it is a pulled muscle, but I have been drinking and smoking lately and I'm wondering if its because of that.


#233 Sep 25, 2008
[hi.i to have the same but no gall bladder out.just bin told i have coeliac disease after 7years back and to docs .they told me it was irritable bowel .im sitting now writing this in such pain on right side under ribs and lower asked doc for ct scan but with no joy.does any body have any idea the mornings are bad to.forgot to mention i have bad acid HELP ?????

Brentwood, TN

#234 Sep 30, 2008
Miri Ladenburger wrote:
I have a side pain on the right side of my back under my ribs and its been there for about three days. I just recently quit drinking alcohol and was wondering what anyone might think is wrong with me. I dont know if it has to do with drinking or if it has to do with something more serious.
Well, i didn't recently quite drinking, I dont drink, but i have the same pain, i wonder if its the beginning of a bladder infection...

Hengoed, UK

#235 Oct 24, 2008
hi i have been having a pain under my right rib cage for over 12months. it gets worse when i drink alcohol. also i have very tight pec musles which make me short of breath.on occasion they get that bad they feel bruised. been to doctors twice and had a scan for gall stones, both negative, liver ok and a ecg which was ok. what gud be wrong, answers most welcome.

San Antonio, TX

#236 Oct 26, 2008
My husband was diagnosed over 5 years ago with type 2 Diabetes, started last Nov. 2007 with major back pain, on left side of mid back going upward all on left side, in March progressed to more severe back pain & has been given cortisone shots on 2 separate occasions in butt prior to 2 weeks ago. In early September our family Dr. saw him for his Diabetes check up & told him that his glucose has been out of control for too long & now his blood pressure was high & will now need to see a Diabetic Specialist asap. 6 weeks ago, he saw Diabetic Specialist, he was put on blood pressure meds, but refused to take them until about 7 days after seeing the Diabetic Specialist when he started having this sunburning pain inside amdominal area. Family Dr. could not explain his sun burning pain in his abdomen & the back pain was now chronic so my husband asked to be put in the hospital, instead our family Dr. ordered CT scan last week on Wed. 10/17/2008 showed only 1 large gallstone,but Dr.s said this really didn't mean much,so Friday Dr. said he would order a Hida Nuclear gallbladder Test on Monday & for the weekend he would not eat anything with fat. Also on Friday he was sent to a Specialist in Nerves for his back to getcortisone shots directly in the nerve near the spine. The nerve Dr. explained that the front pain could also be from the nerves but than again could be something else,Dr. offered an additional shot in the nerve that came around to the front right mid section. This did nothing for the Sunburning abdominal pain. Thursday night before shots my husband had hot & cold spurs but no fever. Saturday he had fish (mega fat)& in the evening I gave him 12 unsalted Almonds (Good Fat), but we were thinking Dr. meant Oils,but he meant ALL TYPES OF FAT, by Sunday morning he had a fever of 103.2 & we called Dr. & he sent us to the Emergency room. They did every type of blood test & a Chest X-ray, although he had no cough or congestion, Pneumonia was showing in both lungs. They admitted him & that night did the Hida Nuclear gallbladder scan because my husband insisted it had to be the gallbladder after speaking with a family member that had similar symptoms. The scan only showed the same large Gallstone as the CT scan that was done earlier last week. 2 Dr.s agreed the Pneumonia was clear enough 3 days later to go ahead & remove the Gallbladder because my husband said, look I just want you to take it out, I don't need it anyway & I can't take this pain any longer. They removed it on Wed. Oct. 22,it WAS BULDGING WITH STONES, there were so many small stones & mudd(bile) crammed in the Gallbladder that the only stone they could actually make out was the big one.This could have been FATAL! It's a da.. good thing my husband insisted the Dr.s remove it. Sunburning pain is gone, but sore now from surgery. Now he has Hypertension Stage 2 & other health problems coming on (related to his Diabetes).

Runcorn, UK

#237 Oct 27, 2008
Karen wrote:
<quoted text> I have the same symptoms if you find an answer please write me at [email protected]
You may have a kidney problem i had this. its terrible :( had to have an operation. The pain is real bad. Go to a doctor and explain.

Runcorn, UK

#238 Oct 27, 2008
Ron- minneapolis wrote:
Blood in urine, saw it 2 times, about 5 drops.
went to doc couldn't fine anything. is this normal?
I had this only after my operation. speak to doc.

Purchase, NY

#239 Nov 13, 2008
Michelle wrote:
It's almost 2:00 in the morning. I can't sleep because it hurts too much to breathe. Can't lay down flat, just hurts too much. Need to sleep sitting up. Can't do it, so here I am at my computer, writing and dying at the same time.
Is anyone out there listening?
I was back in the ER today. I was at work. I took the Pepcid at about 8:30 in the morning. I wanted to wait until 12:00 to take the Vicodin. At 10:00 I started to feel the burn, not only in my upper and lower abdominal area, but also in my chest. It kept getting worse to the point I could not breathe right because the burning was becoming painful. Right now, it feels like I have a really bad sunburn, except its on the inside front of my body, all the way from my chest to the very end of my abdomen. My clothes hurt me. I explained to the ER doctor how the burn and pain began in my lower pelvic area and has spread to my upper chest. He diagnosed me with costochondritis, a condition due to an inflammation of the cartilage joining the ribs to the breast bone. This diagnosis makes absolutely no sense to me, considering the burning and pain started in the lower pelvic area. He gave me prescription strength Motrin, but it has not helped me at all. I believe something in my abdomen has either ruptured or is leaking, and is causing me to have peritonitis, which is an inflammation or infection of the peritoneal lining of the abdominal cavity. I read that in a medical dictionary this evening. Very serious life-threatening condition. It is fatal unless it is taken care of. A ruptured appendix or ruptured bile duct due to a gallstone can cause this. Well, whatever the cause may be, the ER doctors were insisting that because the bloodwork and CT scan came back normal, I don't have appendicitis or a gallbladder problem. In fact, they even said there was nothing wrong with my abdomen at all.
I feel like nobody cares. I feel like I am the only one who realizes I have something that will eventually kill me if nobody listens. I am finally attempting to get help, but no one is giving me the help I truly need.
Everyone looks at me like I am crazy, too. But I know my body, and I know deep down there is a serious problem. Everybody tells me be positive, the doctor says theres nothing wrong so that means there is nothing wrong with you. Bullshit to that! I don't trust these doctors anymore! I wish one would finally wake up and listen to me before I fall asleep forever! Cause that is exactly what's going to happen. Then what are you going to diagnose me with when you do my autopsy.
My parents already lost my brother, and they don't need to lose me too. I am the only child they have left.
Is anyone out there listening?
i hear yuo, i go through all the same stuff all the time, been in an dout of hsopitals every mnth, doctors all the time and nothing....very stressfull when you knwo somethign is wrong but they cant fidn anything

East Weymouth, MA

#240 Nov 18, 2008
um her symptoms arenot clasic MI symptoms. they are classic kidney and/or gall stone symptoms. lower right sided pain is not a cadiac symptom, per se.
this pain is very indicative of cholysystitis. i.e. inflammation of the gallbladder. if it has been removed then kidney stones and/or bile stones ( which are almost the same as gallstones except they get stuck ion the common bile ducts. so even without a gallbladder you get gallblader like symptoms.
and you dont get an ectopic pregnancy after you miscarry. honestly if you are leaning towarsds a gyn problem, fibroids and ovarian cysts mimic those symnptoms very well.

Las Vegas, NV

#241 Nov 23, 2008
i have had a bad sharp pain on my lower right back.I went to the hospital and had test done they said i was all good.Here comes a week and its back.What do i do?


#242 Nov 30, 2008
i have a pain in my back on the right side, its like a dull pain and i get it everyday. Sometimes I feel like its a stretching pain. its hard to describe. its never anywhere else only along my right side
Any1 any ideas?

Roseau, Dominica

#245 Dec 15, 2008
i have been having a dull pain on my right side of my abdomen just above the pubic bone and have been feeling nausea and upset for the past week, when i lie on my stomach i feel a sharp pain in my lower back which is unbearable when i pull in my stomach the pain lessons, what do u think this is,

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