Pain under rib cage, stomach swelling...

Toledo, OH

#62 Mar 7, 2012
Kat wrote:
<quoted text> Hello to I'm typing this I am on a hospital bed. I was admitted today. I went to the er with severe pain below my left rib cage as described above. After having x rays done and an ultrasound done...the dr found my gallbladder filled with stones and a stone blocking my large intestine...I will be having surgery really soon to have my gallbladder removed as well as the stone in my intestine. The stone blocking my intestine is not allowing the bile that my gallbladder produces to pass through the intestine to break up the fat from foods I eat...therefore the bile is backing up into my liver and blood stream as well. ; ( well everyone wish me luck.
Wow, I hope your surgery makes you feel better,Stones are painful.Did you have the Colonoscopy,blood work,& upper & Lower GI done before you went to the ER?I'm just wondering because Iv'e had hese tests done.I hope & Pray that this solves all your pain,It's no fun & you feel absolutly Crazy!! Pleasde give update on how your feeling,Also curious to know if you had the previous tests I asked about...

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#63 Mar 12, 2012
hi . im only 14 and havent had my period yet. i am a very active girl and i do many sports. i have the same symptoms you guys do! i have an dull pain in between my hip and my ribcage on the left side. it goes away when i go to sleep but as soon as i getup it starts again. i was thinking it might be my period but i am starting to guess again. Any suggestions.?
Gall Stones

Riverside, NJ

#64 Mar 12, 2012
natasha wrote:
I have been having a pain in my back about 1 to 2 inces below my shoulder comes and goes but gets really intense at times. Also if i press right below my rib cage in the front right side it hurts in my back.....any suggestions???? Any will be greatly appreciated :)
THis is often a sign of Gall Stones. Search for how to remove gall stones naturally for a free cure.

Knighton, UK

#65 Mar 17, 2012
Great comfort in reading that I'm not the only one. I'm getting relief from pain killer/antiinflamitry gaviscon , and massage , if had enough of my doctor , I'm going private , I'll let you no if there any joy,

Wilmington, DE

#66 Mar 21, 2012
Have any of you been tested for Lyme disease or Co-infections (Bartonella, etc)? This can cause rib and abdominal pain. Candida (yeast overgrowth) can also cause some weird symptoms if bad enough.
You may need to go to a LLMD if other doc's will not help.

Just a thought...

United States

#67 Mar 26, 2012
My right side below my rib cage is completely swollen. It hurts when I press on it. It moves on its own sometimes and feels like a fish. My muscles ache, last week my kidneys were hurting terribly, when I wake up I feel a urgent passing out spell. I don't know what organ this is?? It's about 2 to 3 inches on my right side under ribs. Does anyone know what this could be?? Thanks!

Basildon, UK

#68 Apr 12, 2012
Hi I'm 16 years old and this Easter holidays I have been up the hospital 4 times to fined of I'm constipated , I haven't been for 2 weeks and have been in pain all over , the 4 time I was rushed to hospital with really bad chest pains on the left they did an X-ray and saw that I was bunged up , they gave me a emena and I soon went to the toilet, but now I feel like I have a air bubble trapped under my left rib cage , I can't get rid of it I've had everything , prune juice , everything

I'm hoping someone in here can help my I don't want to go to hospital again , please help ....... Thankyou xxxx

Ashley xxxx

Bradford, UK

#70 Apr 12, 2012
Crystal wrote:
hi . im only 14 and havent had my period yet. i am a very active girl and i do many sports. i have the same symptoms you guys do! i have an dull pain in between my hip and my ribcage on the left side. it goes away when i go to sleep but as soon as i getup it starts again. i was thinking it might be my period but i am starting to guess again. Any suggestions.?
Hi Crystal, sorry you unwell. Please see your GP/Dr, left side pain is unpleasant and needs a professional to deal with it. i hpe you get well soon.
helen t


#71 Apr 18, 2012
Jenfer wrote:
I am having same problem mine is on left side between hip and ribs...dull aching burning sensations that are constant, sometimes w/bm sometimes not. I have appt w/gastroenterologist on 12/10/2010. Pain seems to relieve a little w/pressure from pushing on my side and my stomach does seem bloated.
i am suffering same pain under right rib cage short breath been tested gall stones came back clear im also tired all time no energy im stumped xx

Since: Apr 12

South Africa

#72 Apr 20, 2012
sarah wrote:
I've been having horrible cramps under my ribs/ up to my chest it hurts when I breathe heavily or sneeze,laugh,yawn. My back is very sore and tender. I did have a urinary tract infection two weeks ago ans was treated with cipro. I have a little but of a "vommiting" feeling
Sarah, try Googling Fitz-Hugh Syndrome - the symptoms fit and it is linked to UTI's / pelvic inflammatory disease. Hope this helps.

Toledo, OH

#73 Apr 20, 2012
Hi All,
I have been using "Miralax"" for my pains under rib cage,swelling of stomache,ect...This does help me to have a bowel movement.It has no taste & I mix a whole capful into an 8 oz glass of water.

Toledo, OH

#74 Apr 20, 2012
Hi Sarah, Sounds as if your UTI hasn't cleared up completely,I would go to Dr again...

Escanaba, MI

#75 Apr 22, 2012
Hi all.
I have been having these horrible rib pains for about three weeks now.
I started off with severe pain in what I thought was my lymphnodes. I went to THREE different Dr's who checked me out and said my nodes were not even swollen. This was back in February. The node pain finally subsided the beginning of this month. It all just disappeared, but I noticed that my ribs were tender. It started on the left front lower ribs with a buring sensation. It eventually moved into the right lower ribs as well. As of today, all my ribs are sore. Front, back, sides, left side, and right side. Makes sleeping at night almost impossible as any posistion I lay in causes pain. I have been taking Naproxen 500MG which basically does nothing for the pain.
I have an appointment on Wednesday (April 25th) and hopefully the Dr can figure out what is going on. I have done extensive reading on costochondritis, but nearly all the info out there says that costochondritis is chest related as most people feel that they are having a heart attack. I do have some discomfort in my chest, but the majority of my pain is in my sides, back and fron lower ribs. I asked a question about this on another site where Dr's (supposedly)answer the questions and was told by on that costochondritis can indeed cause more pain in the areas I have stated.
It is so confusing as to why this happened out of the blue. No injury, nothing. The only other thing I can think is maybe I had some sort of viral infection that had to run its course, but then again, I had blood work done that all came back normal. I believe infections show up in bloodwork.
I was wondering if anyone else experiences pain in ALL of their ribs, not just certain areas?

Toledo, OH

#76 Apr 23, 2012
Hi Vicki,
I hope your appointment on Wednesday gives you your answer.Are you have problems with your Bowel movements also,any blood, or any differences that you have noticed?
mark h

Clarksville, TN

#77 Jun 13, 2012
not sure if it will work but it does with me just did it about 5 minutes ago to stop the pain but im not a doctor so what i did to stop the pain was a simple strech i lay on my bed on my left side bend my back backward and moved my foot try to touch my shoulder blade and stayed than way for about 5 min and the pain went away not sure what the deal is but all i need is not to be in pain but not sure if it works on the other side i have a busted knee like i said im no doctor just give so advice hopefully it will help you as well

Heathwood, Australia

#78 Jun 17, 2012
Hi i need somre advice from an older women or a doctor.
Im 19years old and havent had my period for around 3months. i have swelling in my belly and really heavy white discharge coming from my vagina.:S
I brought a pregnancy test from the local iga store and it came back (POSITIVE). im freaking out and dont know if its right or not someone please tell me what im meant to do:(
Carol Dunn

Toledo, OH

#79 Jun 18, 2012
I would make a Dr's appointment ASAP,Begin taking some PreNatal Vitamins or even Flinstones Vitamins.Your Discharge could mean you have an Infection that is not good......

Fresh Meadows, NY

#80 Jun 21, 2012
wow this sounds similar to what happens to me; ive also had fainting spells when ive had a lot of pain. found out i have a gallstone and after i eat it gets irriated. nothing really to be done and theyu dont think i have to remove it unless im in excrutiating pain and go to ER. ive beeen in bad pain but didnt go to er usually happends around 2-4am and i usually wait to go to the doctor and bbyt then there is nothing they can do. did ui ever had a sonogram of ur stomache?
shirley c

Marlette, MI

#81 Jun 23, 2012
helen t wrote:
<quoted text> i am suffering same pain under right rib cage short breath been tested gall stones came back clear im also tired all time no energy im stumped xx
this met be allergy get some test from a allergy dr.
shirley c

Marlette, MI

#82 Jun 23, 2012
this met be allergy .get some test from a allergy DR.

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