Dark green stool

Memphis, TN

#45 Nov 22, 2008
So many foods are made with the infamous blue dye in them. Did you eat anything in bulk that contains it? Like grape kool aid, blue gatorade? Blue dye, when metabolized in sufficient quantity, combines with bile, and forms a brilliant green. Viola....One proven cause of green poop. Salmonella and Giardia are others....There are multiple things that cause it but if it goes away on it's own in a day or two I'd look at what you ate. Like me...I went on a grape kool aid binge while I had a cold this week because it was the one thing that still tasted good. Hope I helped and if not go to your doc.

Laguna Niguel, CA

#46 Jan 21, 2009
hahahaha... I was wondering the same thing about dark green stool... then I saw the grape comment here. I've been drinking a lot of condorde grape juice this week. LOL!

Belleville, MI

#47 Feb 13, 2009
If the feces is black like charcoal it is serious! It is an internal bleeding of some kind. It could maybe just be a n ulcer , but the truth is it could probley be something worse. Black coal usually means internal bleading in bowel . She needs to get medical attention.A.S.A.P.!

could be cancer see a doctor

Los Angeles, CA

#48 Feb 15, 2009
green stole is because as it goes through our body it goes from food, to green, to yellow, to brown. so they green means your digestiving very fast. google it and you will find any answers

Lansing, MI

#49 Mar 10, 2009
walter wrote:
I am 49 years old man.
Since starting september, I have noted my stool show dark green. Sometimes diarreah and sometimes not. I went to a doctor and he gave me a conviotic during 2 weeks, but still I have the dark green stool. Then he told me go to a gastroenterologo, so for that reason I am asking about this issue.
Exams show: not parasitic
stool culture show:
heavy growth escherichia coli
i am resistant ampicillin and tetracycline.
Blood exam: lymphocytes 67
I did'nt take yet the exam for blood in the stool, because the doctor did not ask about it.
what is escherichia coli?
why I still have dark green stool? or what cause the dark green stool.
This is from the Mayo Clinic
Stool color What it may mean Possible dietary causes

Green Food is moving through the large intestine too quickly, such as due to diarrhea. As a result, bile doesn't have time to break down completely. Green leafy vegetables, green food coloring, such as in Kool-Aid or popsicles, iron supplements.

Light-colored, white or clay-colored A lack of bile in stool. This may indicate a bile duct obstruction. Certain medications, such as large doses of bismuth subslicylate (Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol) and other anti-diarrheal drugs.

Yellow, greasy, foul-smelling Excess fat in the stool, such as due to a malabsorption disorder. Sometimes the protein gluten, such as in celiac disease. But see a doctor for evaluation.
Black Bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract, such as the stomach. Iron supplements, bismuth subsalicylate (Kaopectate, Pepto-Bismol), black licorice.

Bright red Bleeding in the lower intestinal tract, such as the large intestine or rectum. Red food coloring, beets, cranberries, tomato juice or soup, red Jell-O or Kool-Aid.

Hope this helps

Tweed Heads, Australia

#50 Jun 3, 2009
sometimes dark green stool can be from diet and to much iron can cause it thats called false malena, it could also be related to blood in the stool or from an ulcer in the stomach you should probebly go to the doctor but if your eating supplements its harmeless

Bronx, NY

#51 Jun 13, 2009
Hubby says "ta ta"with laughter. I'm not laughing becase of this poopy black/green diarrhea with floating fat. Sounds like a weird recipe.

Durant, OK

#52 Jun 19, 2009
Green stool is cause by a multitude of things.

-Food posioning
-Rapid digestion
-Excessive amounts of Chlorophyll(found in vegetables)

Black stool is more serious

-Internal Bleeding
-Gastritis (Inflammation of stomach lining)
-Prolonged use of NSAID's
-Iron overdose

There is always mucus in stool but if it is visible and lasts for more then 3 days it is a sign you need to see a doctor.

Things that make mucus in stool

-IBS Irritable bowel syndrome
-UC Ulcerative colitis
-CD Crohn's disease
-Bacterial infection
-Anal fissures
-Bowel obstruction
Tyisha gillium

United States

#53 Jul 17, 2009
Help my shit is forest green I'm scared I have the squirts bad stomach pains ugh it's grotten

San Luis Obispo, CA

#54 Jul 24, 2009
I occasionally get dark greenish black craps, like today and i am wondering what that means....i have been eating healthy....i think?

United States

#55 Aug 3, 2009
Nikki wrote:
I wanted to know... My stool is very dark in color sometimes black sometimes green. The mucus around the stool is also yellowish in color. I dont have reg. movements? Please advise!!
if your stool is black see a doctor asap. black stool means its blood from inside your GI tract.
its something serious.

United States

#56 Aug 3, 2009
if your stool is black see a doctor asap. black stool means its blood from inside your GI tract.
its something serious
Jim Grachan

Cumming, GA

#57 Sep 1, 2009
Hi all,
I just turned 50 and like everyone getting older, I'm concerned about my health. I've had gastro-intestinal problems pretty much all my life, mostly IBS and Reflux (aggrevated by stress).
By talking to Doctors, research and first hand experience here's what I found out.
If you are experiencing green stools with diarrhea, this could be that the food is moving through the bowel so fast that the bile has not had a chance to turn the normal brown color.
Some medications, certain vitamins, will turn the feces green, and it's a shame that some doctors don't bother to tell you this, if it's a prescription. I also know that Pepto-Bismol will
turn stools a very dark grayish green.
If you are a mostly a vegetarian and eat a lot
of green vegetables, you stools will be a little loose and green color.
The worst case scenario is a sign of early gallbladder problems or (god forbid) cancer.
I hope this sheds some light. Goodluck!!


#58 Sep 20, 2009
I am 32 yrs. old and I'v been having Dark green stool for 2 days I need to know whats wrong.
Is it a sign of E. coli?

United States

#59 Feb 6, 2010
needs help wrote:
Well i have been having dark green stool for about 2 weeks now. But i and not constipated or anything like that. And i woul like to know why , and I would like to find out why. If you have any answers please reply.
If you eat hard boiled eggs it can turn your poop dark olive green, stop eating eggs and it goes away. What do you think there a little guy down there tinting everything brown, nope you harvest what you eat.
Linda paredes

United States

#60 Apr 6, 2010
needs help wrote:
Well i have been having dark green stool for about 2 weeks now. But i and not constipated or anything like that. And i woul like to know why , and I would like to find out why. If you have any answers please reply.
I am having the same problems. Does it have to do with my taking tetracyline?

United States

#61 Apr 17, 2010
jjj wrote:
this forum sucks 10 people asked but no answer... go somewhere else
I agree - all questions, no friggin anwers

Leland, NC

#62 Jun 30, 2010
Southern Lady wrote:
Never had this before, but have had muscus some. I haven't eaten anything green or purple, My stomach is bloated and hurting and my poop is a Dark Green.. last 2 days...I poop 2-4 times a day, its not runnie its not hard, i guess you could say its a happy medium. But the pain is at the upper part just below my breasts. Done some research online has listed anything from poss, Crones to E-Coli to cancer, So I guess if I'm no better by say Tuesday, Then I will be going to the Doctor.
Did you ever find out what the cause of this was? I am having the same thing but without the pain under the rib cage. My lower abdomen is a little sore at times but nothing bad. I have been to the dr. before i noticed it was green and my white blood cell count was normal. So no infection. Any info would help thanks

Peterborough, UK

#63 Aug 29, 2010
i went to the loo and i had a tiny bit of diareha then i went later on and i had green poop. the next morning i went and it had gone black please tell me what this means.
p.s i am 13 years old and i thought only babys get green poop

Athabasca, Canada

#64 Nov 22, 2010
If you look, mine is actually coal black to the naked eye, but seems to be more of a very very dark olive green when smeared on tissue. 4 days ago, on Friday, I had an aweful stomach virus. I never had diareah, and never actually vomited, thought I felt like I was going to for most of Friday...you know...that horrible feeling in the throat. Many times I wished I would and considered inducung myself several times.

Today is Monday and I'm on my 3rd day of extremely dark olive stool. It started on Saturday morning with a mix of regular colored and green. As I said, no diareah, but it's not overly hard or soft. I'm not overly worried and I'm assuming it's due to the stomach virus perhaps causing absorbtion issues. However, I am only going to give it another couple days before I go to the doctor if the situation does not improve. I did take Mallox several times on Friday evening, but I'm not sure if it was the one with Bismuth Subsalicylate or not. If it is absorbtion issues from the virus and say it was the Bismuth Subsalicylate variant of Mallox, how long should I expect before the symptoms subside?

I do still have some issues with trapped stomach gas, but that's normal for me for several after a stomach virus while my body recovers. The green is what's not usual. Normally for me, after a virus it usually turns bright orange and has a strong smell of ammonia.

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