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#142 Apr 2, 2012
Juan wrote:
<quoted text> my comes towards the end of the day and night
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phil mccrackin

Waterloo, Canada

#143 Apr 7, 2012
Tammy wrote:
In my pelvic area I have this burning and pain what is that?????
Must ne an STD Tammy
Angel eyes

Luton, UK

#144 Apr 9, 2012
I have been on lasaprozol for 4yrs now an a couple of weeks ago I had pain in my abdomen an visited a&e an told I had a urinary tract infection. Since that had got a little better I was getting a buning Pain below my rib cage and In my back I have been on a healthy bland diet and regularly excercise, after visiting gp I was tested for h pylori and then given antibiotics for Wat may be an ulcer... 3 weeks On I still have the pain and now I'm wondering if it might be a kidney infection..

Brighton, UK

#145 Apr 9, 2012
Shayna wrote:
i've been having this pain on the left side on the bottom of my rib cage what could this be im only thirteen some one help me please?
me too :(

Beirut, Lebanon

#146 Apr 15, 2012
my ribs are hurting so much, especially the lower left side. Could it be because of bronchitis and coughing only? or something more serious? When I cough or sneeze it hurts, when i take a deep breath it hurts, when i stand up it hurts... Any advice?

Marquette, MI

#147 Apr 15, 2012
I was in and out of doctors office and specialty. Then when I went to Gastro he did a hook finger under rib and pulled some what and it hurted bad I was then they said I have slipping rib syndrome.

Dryden, Canada

#148 Apr 26, 2012
I have this pain that comes and goes in the right and left side juss below the ribs ,sometimes its a sharp pain and sometimes juss slight pain ialso have noticed that my bowel movements are sometimes in regular like sometimes ill go 5 days or so without a bowel movement, and sometimes there is blood in my stools its like im constipated never diareha though. I have had this pain since shortly after i was 18 years old and now i am 21 going on 22 in a few mths ive had ultra sounds for gallstones, kidney stones, and gallbladder, and it isnt liver or kidney infection cuz ive had tests done at the hospital, i know iam not pregnant, and it isnt my appendix.

I have done some research my self and have a feeling that it may be I.B.S (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but not sure it could also juss be an bowel disorder or and ulcer is what a doctor has told me and sum doctors tell me its acid reflux or gerd but it doesnt feel like that and why wud that effect my bowel movements or pain in the right and left side juss below the rib cage area?

I also have realized that when im on my mentrual cycle that if i get the pain during that time it is more severe with the cramping that is goin on during the monthly cycle. i am waiting now to hear from the hospital about getting scoping done, a doctor has reffered me i juss hope they figure out what it is cause no one should have to live years with abdominal discomfort cause it truly does hurt.

I have tried different pills for couple years now perscribed by doctors that havent helped and the discomfort of certain movements u make well having this pain is aweful or when u feel u cant even get outta bed because u have to lay there in a fetal position with a pillow crunched into ur stomach and feel like u have no energy to do anything without being in pain my pain comes and goes so strangly cuz i could go 2 months without then al of a sudden it is back or a couple weeks then its back or juss a few days it is realy hard to determin when it comes and goes.

so if anyone has any feedback for me on what they may think it could be it would be greatly appreciated to hear about it.


Payson, UT

#149 May 5, 2012
sares wrote:
hi, I have been experiencing a dull ache and burning sensation above my left breast and burning just under the right and left side of my ribs. I visited the doctor who queried gastritis and prescribed me omeprazole to reduce the aacid in my stomach. My symptoms are much better although i still the burning above my left breast, which i guess is heartburn. I have to take the omeprazole for 2 months to give my stomach wall enough time to heal. I suggest you visit you doctor and get yourself checked out i'm glad that i did because i was starting to get quite worried about it.
Hope this helps. Sares
This sounds like a heart problem to me. Get your heart checked ASAP

Louisville, OH

#150 May 7, 2012
i have a pain in my left side too. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis and have had numerous kidney infections and have had stones alot. My doctor told me that over half of my left kidney is scar tissue. I am in a great deal of pain and the doctors can't find out why. I'm starting to feel like they thinks its all in my head. I am tired of feeling this, its really making me hate life. does anyone have any similiar situations that may help me and drs find out what it is?

San Antonio, TX

#151 May 22, 2012
Left side burning pain goes into the lower back,saw a gastro doctor and it was from the acid in the stomach,i had to stop taking the ompezale it does effect your breathing,but it did stop the burning but the side effect from this medication has too manybut I did drink apple cider hot finger it does help,try going to a health food store it is better off.

San Antonio, TX

#152 May 25, 2012
I 'am glad to say I finally got release,the Burning on the left side by the rib cage.One it could be gas are an inflame muscle its one of the two. you do need to see your doctor there is no across medication that will solved this problems.Stay away from Opeprazole this medication has so many side effect,tell your doctor to give you FLexeril (cyclobenzaprine).

United States

#153 May 25, 2012
It can't be the gall bladder causing the problem because I had mine removed several years ago and have had these symptoms before and after the gall bladder was removed. I was told that it could possibly be shingles! I'll research shingles a bit more and reply later on what I find out.

Boise, ID

#154 Jun 25, 2012
Lorray Shellby wrote:
Hello, I have been having quite a bit of pain & burning on my left side and bottom of my rib cage. Does any one know what this could be? I'm looking in to seeing a gastroenerolgist. Thanks so much. Lorray
I have had this for 2 years now..I have gone through every test posible..spent over 12,000 on tests...had injections into my rib cage through my back and stomach..still nothing.if someone finds something. please let me know..I am ready to cut this rib out myself...

Mckee, KY

#155 Jun 30, 2012
hello, i have had the pain and burning and read some of these posts and was somewhat at ease. Two days ago was feeling a little sick so went to the er and the done a cat scan, found out i have an enlarged spleen and need surgery. Dont take anyones advice if ur worried. Get it checked out
kim hack

Canton, IL

#156 Jul 23, 2012
I have had swelling and burning under my left rib cage for quite some time. Last year I had a CT scan, blood work and showed everything normal. So I tried to live with it and ignore it. It is now back full force and I cannot ignore it anymore. I went to the ER last week it was so bad. They took chest xray, did a sonogram, urine test and all normal so they sent me home and told me if it gets worse I should have a CT scan. Well it is worse...keeps me up at night my dr. told me to take nexium, and zantac every day. It is not any better. I am getting worried because it has to be something causing this. Now finally my dr. has ordered a CT scan.

Knoxville, TN

#157 Jul 25, 2012
Has anyone tried massage therapy? There's a lot of explanations for burning but if doctors aren't coming up with an answer/diagnosis, one reason could be adhesions in your ribs. It is common for connective tissue (ex. tissue that surrounds organs, keeps them in place, and helps with cushioning and support) to build up in areas causing pain. in particular when it happens to rins it can be painful, you may have a difficult time (or harder time) breathing, and yes burning in the area.

If you feel the rib area (just the rib not pushing too hard but maybe back and forth across the area) abd it's tender this may be the cause. it may be painful as a massage therapist helps to loosen the connective tissue, but in one session you should be able to tell a significant difference: breathing clearer abd more deeply, lessened or elimination of burning sensation.

Hope this helps some of you.

Howard City, MI

#158 Jul 27, 2012
Has anyone found out what the burning on the left side was.. I also had my gallbladder out 5wks ago. and have some nausea but the burning on my left side is always there and won't go away... please post if anyone finds out,,,
marie jones

Swansea, UK

#159 Aug 1, 2012
I have burnin in my lft side of my rib could b related to the bowel had a ct scan yesterday tomorrow reaults hope its/suthing simple

Tucson, AZ

#160 Aug 16, 2012
I Have had pain on both sides of my rib cage on the bottom, it hurts when i put pressure on them. It also burns and radiates upward sometimes, my legs and arms also get weak fast. Has anyone had these symptoms. It worries me.
redd 38

United States

#161 Aug 21, 2012
The pain is on my left side under my rib cage towards my back, it hurts really bad and now im starting to think its not gallstones im scared , Because i have been to the er , And the keep telling me i need to have my gallbladder out,But my right side doesnt hurt at all just my left all the time, i am really scared can anyone help so tired of hurting all the time.

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