Pain & Burning on left side bottom of...

Houston, TX

#121 Oct 31, 2011
i have sharp burning sensation on my left lower abdomedn what is it?

Delhi, India

#122 Nov 3, 2011
my left side just bottom in chest is burning !!!why

Chisinau, Moldova

#123 Nov 3, 2011
Hi, because of the same symptoms, left side burning under the rib, the last doctor i've seen today said it looks like the 11 or 12th rib sindrom, which does give such symptoms. She gave me a treatment and I'll take it. In a week I will go to see her again. I should mention that this is the 4th doctor I am seeing with this problem, after passing through blood tests, stool tests, eco, urine, parasitic tests which by the have shown that H Pylori bacteria is twice higher the normal. That could be another version in case this treatment fails. I will post here the evolution of this weird thing !

wish you health!

Peabody, MA

#124 Nov 7, 2011
Hey, People:
Almost 2 years ago, I developed this painful, burning sensation, on my lower left side abdomen, just under my rib cage: doubled me over, one night in fact. Strange, scarey and troubling sensation, accompanied by (coincidentally?) trace amounts of blood in my stool.. Now, being a man in his mid-fifties, I of course, thought the very worst (tunors? Cancer?), and of course, did nothing for as long as I could. I kept scheduling appointments with doctors (Gastros...), and cancelling them, not wanting to hear the bad news (I'm afraid you'd better get your affairs in order...). When I finally start seeing Gastroenterologists about this, of course they ALL wanted me to immediately have a colonoscopy, as I was over 50. I'm terrified of being sedated and resisted for months (5 mos., to be exact). All the while, I was doing other things that were good (or better) for me, almost subconsciously: eating more greens, no greasy, fried food, cutting down on coffee; started having a 10 min "chill" time, where I went and hid from EVERYONE (wife, dogs, TV, phone, etc...), and tried not to think about anything. All the while the appointment with the colonoscopy is looming, and I just know they're gonna find some nasty tumour...
Meanwhile I've lost a significant amount of weight,'cause I've scared myself out of eating as much as I need to,(I'm slim, to begin with)from reading (many forums) like this online, and trying to diagnose my self. Had the colonoscopy: not only did they find nothing, said I had the insides of a twenty year old (I saw the pics); disn't even find a polop! I wasn't satisfied, tough, so i tortured myself some more with a complete UPPER GI Series (yeah, that's a lotta fun...)Know what they found? That's right :Notta goddamn thing; Funny, though: when I walked out of the office on that warm spring day in 2010, I felt like a million bucks: sensation omes back ever now and then, and I take a more careful look at all I'm doing, thinking, eating, etc. After a while it goes away. Over 85% of ALL visits to the to treat patients are for self-limiting, non life-threatening issues. Don't psych yourself into a bad place. By all means, visit an MD: but don't accept their word as gospel. They never want to say: Hey, buddy: beats the hell outta me what's vexing your gut...





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Birmingham, AL

#125 Nov 7, 2011
Lower left rib area and up under my left rib a burning pain. I do have fatty liver disease, but my liver is on the right. Any ideas?

Makawao, HI

#126 Nov 8, 2011
Take hot bath, try inversion (hanging upside down) wrapping mid section with support wrap, and drinking lots of water.
Eat no spicy/ fried foods or alchohol and get plenty of rest. Good luck!
Kathryn Huff

Schertz, TX

#127 Nov 8, 2011
sares wrote:
hi, I have been experiencing a dull ache and burning sensation above my left breast and burning just under the right and left side of my ribs. I visited the doctor who queried gastritis and prescribed me omeprazole to reduce the aacid in my stomach. My symptoms are much better although i still the burning above my left breast, which i guess is heartburn. I have to take the omeprazole for 2 months to give my stomach wall enough time to heal. I suggest you visit you doctor and get yourself checked out i'm glad that i did because i was starting to get quite worried about it.
Hope this helps. Sares
I got off the Omeprazole cause of the bad side effects,but before i started talking this medicine the burning on the left side was always there,but I notice i drank some hot tea are water and it stop so my mother told me that stress does burn you may want to look stress up you may be surprise,wish you luck

Atlanta, GA

#128 Nov 13, 2011
U guys should all check out EARTH CLINIC at . It has nothing but natural, non invasive solutions like what you can change in your diet to alleviate many health issues. It's very inofrmative and people share what works/worked for them...Good luck!:-)
Please make it STOP

Jenks, OK

#129 Dec 21, 2011
I've had a central burning pain below my ribs but it feels deep and sometimes to the left. I've been told if its on the right it could be gallbladder. My doctor told me it could be too much stomach acid, a partial blockage or constipation in upper colon or pancreatitis.
My pain came on quick with a severe, sharp burning in the upper left side. It has never gone away....just became more spread across to the center. It gets worse after I eat or drink anything. Antacids can knock the edge off but only slightly. I had a blood test for pancreatitis. I am praying it is not that cause he says the treatment is to not eat or drink anything for awhile...didn't have the guts to ask how long! He said acute pancreatitis would include a fever and throwing up....I am feel qeezy but have not thrown up...the way it feels it would eat thru my esophagus! He said the acute kind requires a hospital stay to give you the nutrition you need to not eat or drink for an extended time. He said people who drink alcohol a lot get this...(not me)! Also can be brought on by gallstone passing.... I will post my results tomorrow.
This is miserable I feel for everyone experiencing severe pain.... Espically of unknown scary.
Sorry For Your Pain

Halifax, Canada

#130 Dec 21, 2011
"I am praying it is not that cause he says the treatment is to not eat or drink anything for awhile."

Not to worry, He is suggesting this for the test, it is only the night before you get tested. First and most important, drink a lot of water every day-- at least four pints a day.

Secondly, try to manage all your stressful situations by either solving them or getting rid of them. It is very important to boost up your self-esteem.

Third, walk, jog or exercise on a daily basis.

Fourth, cut down fatty and fried foods and have a normal diet which includes green vegetables regularly.

Also, I located this chart to assist you in finding your issue or at least having a general idea what it might be. Always listen to your Dr. Here is the link to copy and paste:

It sounded like Irritable Bowel Syndrome to me, but I am not sure.

Good luck, and I will look forward to hearing your results, and wish you the best. Happy Holidays.

Etobicoke, Canada

#131 Dec 27, 2011
For over a year, I've had one & off burning pain in left side below rib cage which has radiated to lower back. Going to doc, again, tomorrow.
so far from my doc visits & internet reading, it may be related to my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (something that is hard to diagnose and once diagnosed, is assumed to be culprit of everything and docs may not check other possibilities) called Splenic flexure syndrome(apparently, the splenic flexure is a spot on the colon). Unrelated to my IBS, I will also ask doc to check my spleen (which is in general area).
I know i'm all over the place but these things are so difficult to diagnose and any leads, no matter how seemingly far-flung, sometimes can help.
Hope you all figure out what ails you and get better!

Lagos, Nigeria

#132 Jan 3, 2012
Hi, i've been experiencing a kind of pain at the left upper back side at the level of the bicep and it's really being discomforting and some times it's like a burning sensation that spreads down on the same left side and presently i get very week even in the morning when i ougth to be more strong because of a good night rest. The pain gets even much more after a meal and feels the pains more as if theer is a contact between an injured internal part or organ with the expanded stomach as a result of being full! Kindly help me please, anyone, anybody!!!

Las Vegas, NV

#133 Jan 7, 2012
michelle 30


#134 Jan 11, 2012
Hi there im having burning Pain left side at back the pain is severe and burns not sure what the problem could be . I already have ibs and gall Stones and not sure if this symptoms . Its been ongoing for few years but still cant get to bottom to what it could be . Im going back to doctor to see what they can dø .


#135 Jan 30, 2012
The pain is there coz yoll eating hot food, stop hot food and drink milk for around 4 days the pain will go away
mrs kerr


#136 Feb 5, 2012
Louis wrote:
I seem to be having the same problems. As I am sitting here at the computer I notice them more. When standing up it is releived a little.
I would be interested to hear of ways in which people overcame this irritating problem and what it was/is ?
i seem to have the same pain especially sitting at my computer , but i had a fall rercently and i thought it came from that. it almost like a sharo burning sensation. no pain when standing up.
please help

Florence, NJ

#137 Feb 27, 2012
angie wrote:
Costochondritis is a problem that they said I had, its associate with fibermyalga. Mine is lower than alot of you describe. They say that it is caused by the inflamed place where the rib connect. mine is very low rib and almost under my rib. The doc said its usually higher so i am going for an xray
Angie, did you have the xray and if so what did they find? I have the burning, aching sore to the touch under my left rib cage.. the very last rib.

United States

#139 Mar 14, 2012
sares wrote:
I'm back on 20mg omeprazole to keep the acid at bay. I keep getting the strange sensation below my left rib and wonder if it's a hernia.
I notice that the sensation comes on more often toward the end of the day and I also feel it more when i'm seated.
my comes towards the end of the day and night

United States

#140 Mar 14, 2012
My pain comes towards night and it burns off n to the right side :(

Since: Apr 12

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#141 Apr 2, 2012
hi everybody i hve been in touch with a medical centre which had help me in many health issues... if u do want to get in touch pllzzz email @ [email protected] c ya soon....

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