Pain & Burning on left side bottom of...

Brooklyn, NY

#81 May 24, 2010
Two week ago I was diognosed with Helicobacter Pyroli, My doctor put me on Pyrela (Tetracycline)which the side effects had benn worst to. and stop the treatment. Now I feel a burning pain under my rib cage that comes and goes.What can that be?

Bonn, Germany

#82 Jul 8, 2010
Hi i have the same like louise when i stand i dont quite notice it but when i sit or eat alot the burning gets stronger and somtimes it moves from place to place from my lower left rib cage it moves down to my leg then back up im guessing somthing is wrong with my stomach what can i do? please help :( ive been having this for 4 days now and its annoying!! thanks
mr ferguson

Houston, TX

#83 Jul 14, 2010
Paul wrote:
I have the same problem with the discomfort on the left side. I have found however, that taking probiotics and 2 tablespoons of apple-cider vinegar in a glass of warm water in the morning has helped tremendously.
i have had the same symptoms and started using phillips probiotics and it seems to help alot. i would still like to know what is causing the discomfort.


#84 Jul 16, 2010
hi people ive had similiar pain,it started with a burning pain in left abdomen and it eased off for couple of weeks,then i started having burning pain under left rib and to the side, the pain is there most of the time,my bowel habits changed between normal and diareha and vice vesa,i have bm every morning so it carnt be ibs,coz ur constantly going? ive had 3 blood tests all come back fine,also had endoscopy still waiting on results, had upper and lower xrays and ultra sound 2 stool samples there fine,in the last month ive lost 12lbs coz i really felt unwell fatigue,tiredness,headache,sli ght temperature,didnt eat much at all only drank fluids..ive also have had black stool several times which was checked for fob(blood)but its normal,last 5 days ive been miles better eating n drinking loads not feeling tired any more..ive been told that ibd has symtoms that ive had what do you think? thanks

Rochester, NY

#85 Jul 29, 2010
I have been having quite a bit of pain & burning on my left side and bottom of my rib cage. Does any one know what this could be? I'm looking into what it can be but i'm worried it's something bad doesanyone have any ideas? thank you

Rochester, NY

#86 Jul 29, 2010
it hurts when i'm sitting and standing and mostly when i'm walking the only time it feels better is when i press on it! going to the bathroom (pushing) makes it feel like whatever it is it's gonna burst same as when i pass gas what the heck can be wrong with me?

United States

#87 Sep 8, 2010
I have the same pain left side lower a the bottom of rib cage. Is this shingles coming back???

Greenville, GA

#88 Oct 4, 2010
i have been having this problem for 4 years now, i had gallbladder surgery. this didn't help the pain i was having in my right side. my bottom right rib is very sore. i cannot stand for it to be touched it is very painful. i have to sit at my job and it can be very uncomfortable most days. i have had xrays,ct scan,mri,ultrsounds. thye thought i might have had liver disease, but they have since ruled that out. i am so tired of going through this pain. i feel the doctors just don't have a clue what to do for me. i have seen 5 doctors in the past 4 years. i need pain relief and no one wants to help with that. i feel i will never be pain free.

Houston, TX

#89 Oct 5, 2010
I've tried to pay atttion to what is bring on the burning pain on my leftside below my rib cage. I have it mostly in the evening after eating. I have skipped the last meal and I don't have it as bad. It really hurts when walking the dogs.

Ocklawaha, FL

#90 Oct 5, 2010
Barney wrote:
I've tried to pay atttion to what is bring on the burning pain on my leftside below my rib cage. I have it mostly in the evening after eating. I have skipped the last meal and I don't have it as bad. It really hurts when walking the dogs.
Hi,it can be a diverticula that is inflamated try to have a soft healthy diet it will be good if you take some probiotics.

London, KY

#91 Oct 18, 2010
What was his diganosis? help someone else thank you..
Jay Jay wrote:
I notice a lot of people typed in with this problem, my husband too has been experiencing a burning sensation under his left rib cage. Could someone tell us something, his doc is sending him away for a cancer screening which is scary.

Thessaloníki, Greece

#92 Oct 26, 2010
Yes I know how you feel....Try homeopathy it does wonders! trust me
sares wrote:
I'm back on 20mg omeprazole to keep the acid at bay. I keep getting the strange sensation below my left rib and wonder if it's a hernia.
I notice that the sensation comes on more often toward the end of the day and I also feel it more when i'm seated.

Arkansas City, KS

#93 Dec 2, 2010
I was just reading these posts and several of you have some of the symptoms of shingles. It can cause pain and burning feelings along the bottom of the ribs on your back and around the side. My son had shingles in the 8th grade and it was severely painful. If you are experiencing a rash in addition to the pain, it is quite likely.

Waynesboro, VA

#94 Dec 13, 2010
my father has sergery a few years back and has to have his left kidney romoved because of kidney cancer. he has a large scar on his lower left side of his abdomine. they has to romove his lower rib on his left side because his kidney was inflamed to the size of a football.
a few moments ago, a attemted to sneeze. doing so caused a burning sensation around the scar site (lower left side of stomache, below the removed rib) when i asked if he was alright, he said, "when i attemted to sneeze, it felt like my side was on fire!" i asked him what do you mean? he replyed, "i feels like someone lit a match and placed paper in here and let it burn." what is going on? he has scar tissue and an olser, but this has to be something more extreme. he has been to doctors plenty times before all stating it is stress related and get rest. well he has been in bed for three days before he started throwing up blood and repeatedly passing out in his bed. we went to the hostipal, waited in the wating room for three hours and when they finally emmitted him, they said the same thing as previously, it's stress and get rest. they also said the blood in vomit could be a result of dehydration and smoking cigarettes. they said cigarettes blisstered his esophagus. the olser could has cracked as well.
if you woul please get back to me with advise and answers.

United States

#95 Dec 26, 2010
My step-mom had the same symptoms as I do. I have burning and inflamation under my left rib. She had a galbladder problem and got it out then still had the pain and they said her stomach was being pushed up through a hernia and got surgery to have a screen put across her body. She still has the pain. I am not sure if I want to see a doctor, they seem like a bunch of lying money chasing liars. My son was diagnosed with crohnes disease. Right away they want to operate and give him steroids. We looked into this and the medical profession cannot give me 1 patient they have cured with surgery and steroids. We put him on fish oil, and acidophiles and he watches what he eats, no spicy and all that and he is doing fine. It's been 6 years. The other people that did what the doctors said are on colostomy bags and suffering. I do not trust doctors. Do they tell the truth or just making money. A hospital murdered my grandmother, we fought with them but they killed her right in front of us.
ps. I hurt mostly when I am sitting.

Minneapolis, MN

#96 Dec 30, 2010
Laura wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm not a doctor but if it's on your right side it may be a gallstone. I've had around 3 "attacks" that I didn't know what the heck they were and then recently the doctor found a large gallstone when I had a CT done.
I hav been in and out of the hospital due to alot of issues. I hav a kidney stone that sits in my kidney but doctor said that it shouldn't be causing burning sensation in my side n back n also checked my gullbladder. with no findings. they sent me home n told me it mite b my gi track n to go c my dr.

Erlanger, KY

#97 Jan 6, 2011
michelle30 wrote:
Hi, I have this pain, burning and piercing on my right side below my ribs, it kinda creaps into my lower back a little. It comes and goes but like today its really bad.. I cant even sit comfy. Please if anyone knows why or what to do please let me know. I cant say that its really bad pain but its enough to notice. Thank You
Have they check your gallbladder?

Erlanger, KY

#98 Jan 6, 2011
Have they checked the gallbladder?
ke ke

Saint Louis, MO

#99 Jan 12, 2011
angie wrote:
Costochondritis is a problem that they said I had, its associate with fibermyalga. Mine is lower than alot of you describe. They say that it is caused by the inflamed place where the rib connect. mine is very low rib and almost under my rib. The doc said its usually higher so i am going for an xray
I am having the same symptoms and last night it was eally bad. It felt like my ribs were on fire and hurting. I could not get comfortable in any position. And as I sit here on the pc I am hurting. my pain is a little hiigher then what I have read here. Mine is directly under my right breast, where it sits on my rib cage.
ke ke

Saint Louis, MO

#100 Jan 12, 2011
I have had the same kind of pain. it is on the right side, right under where my breast lays on my rib cage. I had a relly hard time last night it burned like fire. I could not get comfortble at all. Even now, I am having problems sitting. Stnading is definitely a relief. I was going to go to hospital for it, but I think I am just going to go to my Dr, I can wait for the appt.

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