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Dallas, TX

#21 Jul 8, 2008
michelle30 wrote:
Hi, I have this pain, burning and piercing on my right side below my ribs, it kinda creaps into my lower back a little. It comes and goes but like today its really bad.. I cant even sit comfy. Please if anyone knows why or what to do please let me know. I cant say that its really bad pain but its enough to notice. Thank You
I'm not a doctor but if it's on your right side it may be a gallstone. I've had around 3 "attacks" that I didn't know what the heck they were and then recently the doctor found a large gallstone when I had a CT done.

Ithaca, NY

#22 Aug 8, 2008
Wow seem like a lot of people have this problem like i do. I wish I could find an answer. I have no insurance and can't afford a doctor or test can anyone help me?

White Lake, MI

#23 Aug 17, 2008
Can someone please answer the question instead of saying they have it too?! I scrolled down through almost 20 comments and read nothing but useless info.

Apopka, FL

#24 Aug 27, 2008
I am to a little frustrated that no one has come up with an answer for this after so many posts.

I've been getting mild pain (a burning feeling that flares up and then subsides and then repeats) this is on my left side. It almost feels as though my lower part of the rib cage is jabbing it. I found this happened more when I was sitting up and it usually went away if I stood or laid down. Now it's getting to the point that it stay's while i'm laying down and has spread to my back.

here's some sites that may help us all

Long Eddy, NY

#25 Sep 6, 2008
I've experienced the left side burning sensation on and off for years. The location has varied, with the burning being at the bottom of the rib cage, slightly higher behind the ribs, sometimes more towards the back, or even lower than the rib cage. You might press on your left ribs to try to alleviate the burning, but of course it doesn't go away. You might wake up in the middle of the night with the burning or it might happen hours after you've eaten. It may be accompanied with a loss of appetite, fatigue, and sometimes nausea. Here is what I've learned on my burning journey. As always, consult your doctor to properly diagnose yourself.

For me, it's been gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach lining. The causes probably aren't going to be the same for everyone. There can be several causes. The food you eat can trigger it. Foods that are spicy or acidic can aggravate the condition. Citrus fruits (orange juice), chocolate, drinks with caffeine or alcohol, fatty and fried foods, garlic and onions, spicy foods and tomato-based foods can be a problem. Tomato sauce is my biggest trigger food and I needed to avoid it. Stress has been a contributor and a stressful day is more likely to result in burning for me. Certain medications, like aspirin, can irritate your stomach. Lifting weights, performing abs exercises, and constantly bending over may also aggravate your condition, especially if you have GERD / acid reflux along with the burning sensation. Sitting at a desk and not having the proper posture (leaning forward) may add to the burning, just as wearing tight fitting clothing can be a problem. Basically, if your stomach lining is irritated, you need to provide it an environment that allows it to heal.

Treating it to avoid burning in the short term should fairly easy. I have found that taking one pepcid complete when experiencing burning has taken care of it quickly and for the rest of the day. Alternatively I've taken it before going to bed to prevent any burning overnight. I'm sure there are other antacids that also work, but the tricky part will be finding something that reduces acid immediately and hours later.

The hardest part is staying consistent with treatment long enough to give your stomach the time it needs to heal. Try to eat a bland diet (you should be able to search the internet for "bland diet" and get ideas) and avoid the foods mentioned above. If eating at night, wait 2 to 3 hours before going to bed and allow your food to digest before laying down. Bananas are good to eat and at times I've eaten one to address burning. I had to avoid drinking orange juice and was drinking water instead. Although recently I've found something that's even better to drink: coconut water. I've found it to be better because it has a lower ph and it contains nutrients that you need. Unfortunately it's more expensive and not as easy to find (the brand I buy is Zico). Exercise is key to beating this long term. Specifically, aerobic exercise. I've found that if I experience burning, getting on a treadmill or elliptical machine for 20 minutes gets rid of it. I try to exercise 20 mins 5 times a week.

The goal will be staying burning sensation free for several weeks. Yes, it may take weeks for your stomach to heal. Once you do that you should be able to gradually eat normally again (within reason). I've found that continuing to exercise regularly will help keep gastritis in check, increase energy and reduce stress.





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sylvia fernandez

Honolulu, HI

#26 Sep 11, 2008
I went to the dr today ang he ignored my plea of my left side under my breast cage rib hurst is a dull pain, burning sensation and I have like cyst the size of a nickel--but long time ago I sa a entreologist and he said I should take protonix for life I took it myself I diaognized myself and the pain is gone I am going to see another docotr this one is stupid he doesnt know...tome is related to gstritis when we irritate our lining there because is so tender to the touch and I have more accute when I eat spicy foods

Port Orchard, WA

#27 Sep 13, 2008
Have any of you been tested and or treated for
H Pylori - Its a bacterial infection that frequently causes inflamation of the stomach lining and little ulcerations. For years people were being treated for peptic ulcers with acid inhibitors etc when all along the problem was this nasty little bug. The treatment is simple - flagyl, pepto bismol and tetracycline for an extended period of time.

Queensbury, NY

#28 Oct 14, 2008
hi, i am 35 year old female and have had an annoying burning sensation in my lower left side under my ribcage that can radiate to my back, some spasms there too, usually feels better when im standing, which i do all day at work, get some lower back pain also, its been pretty constant for over a year, had xrays, cat scan, blood work, physical therapy, custom inserts made for my shoes, still the annoying pain is there, it seems like i cant get any answers, if anyone has any i would greatly appreciate! Thanks!
felicia joseph

Trinidad and Tobago

#29 Oct 19, 2008
I have a burning pain in my left breast and upper left shoulder and lower left rib is this related to any cancer?? please help me.
lisa burrage

London, UK

#30 Oct 23, 2008
hi since august i have had a pain under my left breast it feels like the area is tight with elastic band wierd feeling,im also feeling sick most mornings,been to the doctors on a number of times had a number of pregnancy tests done had omeprazole for a month didnt work, can anyone give me advice as this i really getting me down


#31 Nov 9, 2008
I have the same problem also, which is left side pain on the rin with a burning sensation. I was a doctor yesterday, and first of all he told me any burning sensation is always something ahs to do with nurves. he was very good testing and checking me, by Xray for example. It turned out to be spasm in the muscles that covers the ribsm that causes some tention in the nurves as well so it caused the pain and burning sensation. So in conclusion, it s nothing seriouse or to worry about. Ciao
shawn 45766

Miramar Beach, FL

#32 Nov 24, 2008
michelle30 wrote:
Hi, I have right side burning and piercing pain below my ribs and kinda creaps toward my back on the right side alittle. I cant say its alot of pain but it enough to bother me. some days I dont have it and then there are days like today where I cant even sit in a comfy position.. Please if anyone knows what this is let me know Thanks
Sounds alot like the gallblader to me.
shawn 45766

Miramar Beach, FL

#33 Nov 24, 2008
your pain sound like the gallbladder may be a culprit or to blame here.

Oklahoma City, OK

#34 Dec 4, 2008
Lorray Shellby wrote:
Hello, I have been having quite a bit of pain & burning on my left side and bottom of my rib cage. Does any one know what this could be? I'm looking in to seeing a gastroenerolgist. Thanks so much. Lorray
I went to the doctor this morning with a problem like this and he solved it. I had an extreme burning sensation under my left breast that seemed to get worse when I reached down for something with my left arm. When I told my doctor, he immediately said "oh, you've got a dislocated Rib". He started pressing on my back until he found a spot that was slightly tender/painful to the touch. The then had me lay down, and turn on my right side. While keeping his finger on the tender spot on my back, he rotated my upper body until it was facing the ceiling and then pressed down. My back popped and he said "I got it!". I stood up and felt as good as new! I have no idea how I dislocated a rib, but the doc said he once threw his entire back out by picking up a towel on the floor. At any rate, it's fixed, and I hope this helps someone else! Thanks!

Pacifica, CA

#35 Dec 17, 2008
angie wrote:
Costochondritis is a problem that they said I had, its associate with fibermyalga. Mine is lower than alot of you describe. They say that it is caused by the inflamed place where the rib connect. mine is very low rib and almost under my rib. The doc said its usually higher so i am going for an xray
I believe I have Costochondritis, after being in a car accident 19 months ago.I was at a complete stop and I was hit by driver he had to been driving about 40-45 miles per hour. I was rear ended and my car was shoved into the car in front of me causing the air bags to deploy and the seat belt to tighten up on my chest I have suffered with burning in my rib cage,back,I see a Chiropractor, and also a Acupunturist that helps me deal with the pain, and pain management. my doctors told me I will proably have the pain the rest of my life my pain level on a good day is 5 on a bad day 7 8 9...

South Africa

#36 Jan 8, 2009
i have a burning, pins and needles sort of moving feeling just underneath my left rib have been to the doc and he seems to think it could b muscle or ibs but cant tell me forshore does any1 have any ideas??????

London, UK

#37 Jan 23, 2009
hi my names daniel and im 21. i get the same feelings as you but with a few extras. such as feeling dizy and short of breaths. my docter tells me that i suffer from anxiety attakcs which is very scary because i think im going to have an heart attack.i dont know if i was of any help but i hope i was thankyou

London, UK

#38 Jan 23, 2009
hi my names daniel and im a 21 year old male. and i suffer from the same things as u was explaining with a few extras. such as feeling dizy ringing in the ear and shourt of breaths. i consulted my docter and he believed i suffer from anxiety attacks.i hope i was of help to you and also hope you get better thankyou. daniel from uk

United States

#39 Feb 9, 2009
mine turned out to be kidney stones. 4 in the ureter on the left side, 2 on the right

Dallas, TX

#40 Feb 15, 2009
I too have the pain many of you have described. It started after jogging a few years ago. I have had every test know to man and they can't find anything. I can only get relief from taking tramadol. They problem with it is you build up a resistance over a period of time and it takes more and more pills to relieve the pain. A lot of doctors don't understand the pain and won 't prescribe enough pills go give you relief. Luckily I have a doctor that does understand and gives me what I need, but keeps a check on my liver to make sure there is no damage there. I have tried other pain pills, but only tramadol works. It is very strange.

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