Lisa-new york

Saratoga Springs, NY

#203 Oct 14, 2010
klbaptiste wrote:
Wow! I finally stumbled on this website trying to find out what is wrong with me. For four months I have been wakened by severe cramping and diaherra. I can barely get me kids off to school but once I do I am laying on the couch or bed crying because the cramping is so bad. Have had all the tests ct scans endoscopy, colonoscopy, stool studies, ultrasound. You name it, I've done it. They cannot find the problem. I am about to lose my mind. There are days that I am miserable all day but usually about four hours of waking up I start to feel better - only to have the same ordeal in the morning. If anyone has found out what is going on please let me know. I have not quality of life at the moment. Three young kids that are very worried about their mom. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi, did they check your gallbladder& do blood work? Also u might want to try a dietary change to see if anyone food can cause this.I do not have this problem, my 15 yr old son has it & I can relate cause I am living it through him. I feel helpless. We are going for a MRI on saturday & then we are most likely going to Boston to the childrens Hospital to go through some testing. So I feel for u & I feel for your children to as for myself I also have a 13 yr old daughter who is also seeing her brother go through this. We only have 1 bathroom too- hope u have 2. If I find out anything I will post it for everyone to know. Hope u feel better soon....

Midlothian, VA

#204 Oct 23, 2010
rb Toronto Ont Canada wrote:
52 year old male.
In Sept 82 i went on a vacation to Jamaica, caught something, with diarrhea attached. Had all the tests multiple times over the years. Still suffering. Doctors say - IBS ( should be I.D.K. I Don't Know)
But here's what works for me.
keep stress to a minimum
don't drive in traffic especially in the mornings!
2 immodium in the morning
2 at night
1 "Digestive Advantage" in the morning
1 at night
and the greatest wife always understanding.
The imodium was helping but by itself i was only 50% normal.
A year ago i discoverd "Digestive Advantage", after 1 month i experienced my 1st solid stool in over 2 decades!
now i'm pleased to report most days i'm 90% normal.
not cured but i can live again.
Generic imodium from Costco in the States less than $10 for 200 I live in Canada but make an annual trip and pick up a years supply.
Digestive Advantage also at Costco in the states very reasonably priced.
Worse than the problem is how it affects your life. I have 3 boys, now grown but i could never take them to the park when they were little for fear i'd have to run home. Always looking for the bathroom before all else. Avoiding crowded places and events, because there would be lineups at the washrooms. Turning down job advancements that came with stress. And even happy times are stressful.
Hope my solution works for you but if it doesn't you have my understanding and sympathy.
For about 6 or 7 weeks not, I've had to deal with the gurgling in my abdomen and then the diarrhea would come. This would start in the early evening, go through the night into the morning hrs. Went to the doctors; she gave me antibiotics and told me to give them a stool sample, I did all that, when back to doctor. She told me the test was all negative: no parasites, blood, puss, nothing! She gave me medication to somehow control my bowel. Did that and took all of the pills until they were change! By this time is was 4/5 weeks w/chronic diarrhea. I changed my diet to bland, I did everything they said to do but it did not stop! I even had to go out and get disposable underwear because a lot of the time my BM's were uncontrollable and I would leak. I didn't know what else to do. Then, I read your post about the Imodium and Digestive Advantage (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) with the Imodium. It was worth a try and what did I have to lose? This is the third day diarrhea free!!!! I just hope and pray that it keeps going. Nothing else worked and I think my doctor didn't know what to do. Thank you so much for this post. This is the longest I've been diarrhea-free in 8 weeks! I'll repost in a couple of weeks and hopefully it will be still gone or, at least, under control.TY! TY! TY!
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Grove City, OH

#205 Nov 2, 2010
I took the advise of rb Toronto Ont Canada and started taking the immodium multi symptom. I take 1 in am with the digestive advantage and my regular vitamins and 1 in evening with another digestive advantage! I am doing really good right now. I always carry an extra immodium or 2 with me every day just in case and always still looking for the next bathroom even though I may not need it! Along with this I eat 2 little things of yogurt daily usually in the evening. I also installed a water filter in my kitchen for cleaner water and cut back on my iced tea and little liquor. Life looks a little brighter now.


#206 Nov 4, 2010
bill,what is your condition now? My sympton is just same as your.

Waldo, WI

#207 Nov 4, 2010
GGG wrote:
You should go to the doctor .. not to scare you but you could have colon cancer. But in the early stages it is very treatable..

Chicago, IL

#208 Nov 22, 2010
I have this problem as well. I have good relief from daily loperamide (Imodium). I take 1 - 2 tabs daily and this usually prevents diarrhea.
finally regular

Pueblo, CO

#209 Dec 5, 2010
I had colic when I was born, suffered from digestion issues on and off, and after I had my daughter 16 years ago have been suffering from daily diarrhea. After all tests and IBS "catch all" diagnosis, I finally found something that works for me. I cut out coffee & soda, started taking calcium pills in the morning & night and started eating Metamucil wafers in the morning. I could tell after about 4 days, I am starting to get regular again. Finally.

Maryville, TN

#210 Dec 20, 2010
I have a useless gall bladder they will have to remove which has caused, pain, diarhea, and a lot of gas.

Penn Valley, CA

#211 Jan 17, 2011
I have been having the same problem. My doctor gave me nexium.....which has helped some. I only have to use the toilet once or twice instead of all morning. I still have cramps around 5am and have to have a BM....which is loose but not liquid. I am glad that I am not alone in my problems and I pray for everyone to feel better soon.

Toronto, Canada

#212 Feb 14, 2011
Morning diarrhea is a problem. The answer is to go on a Candida free diet. This means NO SUGAR, CARBS, etc.

EAT MEAT, FISH, some veggies well steamed(dont want too much fiber)


#213 Feb 15, 2011
James, did you ever find out what your ailment was with your stomach? Did a doctor diagnose anything?
James wrote:
I am in the military and from past experiences kind of afraid of going, but I finally had to go. The week of the initial signs of a problem:
Ate tuna, pizza, salads, italian dressing, cold cuts(Ham/Turkey)and of course Miracle whip. Alot of water and Mountain dews. Normal gym routine, run about 30 miles a week. 5'9, 185, dont drink, non-smoker and never take over the counter medication. Problem: Could not sit down, pain in lower right side of abdomen, warm to touch, lose stool. Afraid of doctor, thought I had food poisoning and cut back on what I was eating and trying to determine what it was. A month goes by, still had dull pain in right side and had constant boughts of upset stomach. One day in course, I could not sit down, had to stand up for 4 hours to fight the urge of having to go to the bathroom. Thought it was nerves, however this cannot be because Im use to being close to people, play alot of sports and very competitive. I called the medical center to set up an appointment, and they said to come in to sick call, sounds like you could have appendicitis. I thought you would be curled up in a ball and extreme pain if you had that, they said no. So I went in the next morning, they did the urinalysis and blood work and sent me on my way. I waited two weeks for the results, meanwhile same symptoms, sitting down made me feel I had to use the bathroom, pain in lower right side(dull/odd) and dia. I finally got a hold of the nurse and she informed me that my results looked good except my TBILI was 2.0 kind of high and my RBC CNT was 6.03. Asked me was I taking medication(tylenol) I said no. Told me to come in if I continue to have problems.
A month goes by and I still the same unease and I went to by some imodium to see if that would help. Could it be nerves/stress I was thinking to myself! Felt better after taking it, then the next morning had sever cramps in stomach, went to sick call. The Doctor said imodium does that to some people and to take Lomotil. I was prescribed Lomotil and told to go to the hospital at my next duty station. I am still having the same symptoms, has gotten so bad Im afraid to even leave because I dont know when I will have to go to the bathroom. I will be going to the hospital Monday to see what they say, but could anyone give me any ideas?
Here are my test results:
WBC... 6.3 (2.9-9.1)
RBC CNT...6.03 (3.9-5.9) High
HGB... 17.4 (13.5-17.5)
HCT.. 50.8 (41-53)
MCV.. 84.1 (80-98)
MCH.. 28.8 (27.0-33.2)
MCHC.. 34.3 (32-36)
RDW.. 12.3 (11.5-15.5)
Platelets..238 (139-371)
MPV... 8.5 (7.4-10.4)
neut%.. 59.7 (42.5-75.12)
lymph.. 32.2 (13.9-44.2)
mono%.. 6.4 (4.7-12.7)
EOS%.. 1.3 (0.0-5.0)
BASO%.. 0.4 (0.0-1.9)
Color ...Clear
SG...1.010 (1.010-1.030)
Urobilinogen.. 0.2 (0.1-1.0)
Blood (NEG)
Bilirubin (NEG)
Ketones (NEG)
Protein (NEG)
PH .. 5.5 (5.0-8.0)
Nitrate (NEG)
Leuko est (NEG)
WBC UA .... 1-5
RBC UA..... 1-3
Glucose .. 75 (74-106)
BUN.. 18 (7-18)
CREAT.. 1.2 (0.6-1.3)
GFR-NONBLACK .. 72 (60->60)
NA+... 140 (136-145)
K... 3.7 (3.5-5.1)
CL-...100 (98-107)
CO2...31 (21-32)
CA... 9.1 (8.5-10.1)
Protein 7.2 (6.4-8.2)
Albumin 4.2 (3.4-5.0)
ALK PHOS .. 93 (50-136)
ALT... 40 (20-65)
AST...22 (8-40)
TBILI.. 2.0 HIGH (0-1.2)

Buckeye, AZ

#214 Mar 6, 2011
Looking 4 Answers wrote:
By chance, has anyone with chronic morning diarrhea had a HIDA scan to test your gallbladder ejection fraction? I had chronic, morning diarrhea for 3-4 weeks and still have a large morning bms (rarely diarrhea), usually following severe cramping, almost a year later. I've also had a tugging sensation under my right rib cage. The HIDA scan showed that my gallbladder is functioning less than 20%.
When I had my gallbladder removed I suffered for a long time with diarreah first thing in the morning and usually the first thing I ate for the day would trigger instant diarreah. After about 4 doctors throwing up their hands I finally found one who had figured it out and prescribed librax. Cleared it up almost immediately. When you stop to think about it, no gallbladder, where does the bile go? It floods the intestines and causes spasams and whallah, an explosion occurs. I think the Librax nust stop the spasams. Something so simple you would think that every doctor would get it!
Lisa-New York

Saratoga Springs, NY

#215 Mar 7, 2011
My son is still having the same problem with 2-6 hrs daily on the toilet.We are heading to Boston in a couple weeks to see the Doctors their. Hope they can give us answers or fix my son its been a year now with this....Anyone have any suggestions?
grace aol


#216 Apr 28, 2011
Hi I am a 40 year old female and I have been suffering from similar symptoms to everyone else for 2 years now!!! The nausea just started overnight and I have had morning diahorrea since. I usually start to improve during the day and only have a bowel movement first thing in the morning. The nausea improves from dinnertime. I have lost over 28lbs and all of my test results have come back clear. Enema, colonoscopy etc, bloods. As a mother of 3 young children i find I cant enjoy this time with them as much as I would want to. Thankfully I am not running to the toilet all day!!! I have seen various GI specialists who have diagnosed it as a bowel complaint coupled with cyclic vomiting syndrome. My dr wasnt impressed with these diagnoses and I am now back to square one with blood tests still coming back clear. You cant help but worry when the symptoms dont improve!!! I have been attending Jan De Vries clinic since January and despite probiotics and various herbal remedies not much has improved yet but I am hopeful that it will!!! Dont want to keep on losing weight!!!

Grove City, OH

#217 Apr 28, 2011
Hey Grace, try Imodium (generic is Loperimide hcl) Try 1 twice a day and adjust from there. I was taking with a probiotic but have found, I dont need the probiotic and use 2 loperimide in am and 2 in evening in 12 hr increments. It may just be that your digestive system has started running faster than it used to as in my case. Loperimide slows everything down. I actually have found i eat less. Maybe because I get more out of what I take in now since its not screaming thru me.
I just got loperimide hcl from a VERY popular auction site that starts with an "E". I got 2,200 tabs in original sealed containers for less than $9.00 USD with free shipping. Im sure you can find similar deals but may have to pay more for shipping. Hang in there. Hope I have helped.

Houston, TX

#218 May 9, 2011
If you have IBD (irritable bowel disease) it can cause your body to not absorb nutrients which can make your teeth chip off slowly by slowly and can cause your joints and muscles to hurt and chronically ache.... I just thought I got sick a lot but then found out after I had my first child that it was Crohns disease. I was put off for additional test here and there but never took it seriously till I became SEVERELY ill. It has been 2 1/2 years and still don't feel all the way back to normal. If I were you and you didn't have insurance, then I would seek help from the government because when it gets to the worst point it's extremely difficult to get your life back.
Lisa-New York

Ballston Spa, NY

#219 May 9, 2011
My son is still having this issue. Went to Boston in March & they felt he had stripped his intestines from the good bacteria after having the swine flu. They started him on Antibiotic & a anti spasm med. Also a pro-biotic too. Got a little better & now it is full force again.They where thinking he had symptoms of IBS.They are not sure though.Anyone have any suggestions?

Cedar Hill, TX

#220 May 23, 2011
I am a phyisically fit 14 year old male. I have had this 8 days straight, but always feel totally fine aside from the diarrhea. Just once after I wake up and its gone. Should I get checked?
Lisa-New York

Ballston Spa, NY

#221 May 24, 2011
Ggg wrote:
I am a phyisically fit 14 year old male. I have had this 8 days straight, but always feel totally fine aside from the diarrhea. Just once after I wake up and its gone. Should I get checked?
I would go to your doctor if you are still having this issue. Sooner the better.
gluten free

Cincinnati, OH

#222 May 24, 2011
After months of diarrhea, barely getting out of bed in the morning before rushing to the bathroom, followed by up to 5 trips during the morning, I went gluten free along with greek yogurt with probiotics.

It has helped tremendously. I had a colonoscopy after 6 mos of diarrhea. Nothing unusal showed up, so I got the usual IBS diagnosis, encouraging me to eat more fiber. The problem persisted until I eliminated gluten products.

If a doctor has not diagnosed the problem; I'd recommend gluten free and probiotics. It is not so hard once you figure out gluten is in about everything, you find a way around it.

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