upper abdominal discomfort / pain nea...

Sarnia, Canada

#41 Aug 26, 2008
Hey everyone. Just yesterday I started getting pains in my left side under my ribs. It really hurts when I lean to far to that side. I am not sure what it could be. Has anyone experienced the same symptoms??

Livermore, CA

#42 Aug 27, 2008
I am experiencing pains under my left rib cage and it kinda feels like I am having the stomach flu and it comes and goes. It just started a couple of days ago. I do not take any drugs or pills.... help
rajesh khargone

Kozhikode, India

#43 Sep 11, 2008
i have problem of burning sesnsation in esophegus area since 7 year but now these days i have a dull pain in the middle upper abdominal region and some time it feels in the left reason of upper abdominal region. my all test found normal even endoscopy. doctor give me rebprozile and releated tablet. but i could not found well. can you reveal what i have problem ?

Oshawa, Canada

#44 Sep 15, 2008
sandra close wrote:
for several months i have had left sided rib/tummy pain extending over to right ribs. All x rays and tests showed up ok, but my left ribs feel sore and tender to touch and also feel like there is something underneath trying to get out ! It is getting me down now as no doctor has made any clear diagnosis and the pain is there all of the time anyone out there with any answers !!!!!!
did you find out what it was

Oshawa, Canada

#45 Sep 15, 2008
i have a feeling of tightness on both of my sides and abdomin it moves around from one place to the next and bloated anyone have any answers?

United States

#46 Sep 16, 2008
Hello All, I have slight pinchng pain under my left ribs. some times i feel it when i press my ribs some times not so confusing. Some times feel some kind of infection in my ribs. I know how inconvenient this pain feel. I had blood, urine test and came normal also had chest x ray whcih came normal. i had test UGI test(helps to find any ulcers in the stomach) last thursday and waiting on results. i have gone through so many web sites and read everyone blogs almost.i strongly feel that this is either due to stress or acidity (ofcource both stress and acidity are inter related). someone suggested to do YOGA which might help. i am planning to try glutten free diet or candida diet and do yoga. please if anyone gets solution post it here.
gluten free

Minneapolis, MN

#47 Sep 17, 2008
Hi everyone, I have the pain below my left rib and it is a shooting pain. Like many, it is tender to the touch and feels like a knot. It seems to help to take Motrin and Excedrin. One anti-inflammatory and one pain reliever. It was suggested that the intestines sit up there under the rib and could be blocked. Which could explain the "knot". I took a mild laxative and it did seem to help somewhat, but so did the pain relievers. I am on a gluten free/soy free/corn free/ dairy free diet. Ya, I don't eat much except for chicken and salads, and gluten free breads. But, I do have to say, that I have been feeling a little more toxic than usual, so maybe it is gas. That would firgure with me ;-) But like an earlier comment said....do try to take dairy, soy and gluten out of your diet and you won't believe how much better you will feel. I may have this pain now, but my gas and digestive problems are at a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 as opposed to a 15 last year before I cut everything out of my diet.

I will keep watching this post and if my pain doesn't go away soon, I will go to the dr and see what she says.

I know someone also stated a chiropractor won't help, but I do think a good one will help alleviate a lot of problems when you are out of alignment. They have helped me with Bells palsy, sciatic pain and other maladies that I have encountered and overcome over my many years.

Beverly Hills, CA

#48 Sep 18, 2008
Jake wrote:
Sometimes I think this thing is caused by mucles and tendons, but the fact that my lowermost ribs on both sides are tender to the touch, even though the pain constant pain is only on my left side. Could it be viral, like a lower rib/abdominal version of viral costochondritis? There's also slipping rib syndrome, but mine doesn't pop. This is pretty terrible and has been going on for three months now.
If anyone figures this out, please come back here and post your findings.
I also had that same pain when I was your age which is the same one i get now that i'am 28. But I notice it happens more when i tend to eat alot of greasy foods,pepper, or stress and eat.But it's wierd cause if i exercise it hurts and i'm not over wieght. I'll bre going to get check tomorrow, i'll get back at you guys if I get any information. Wish me luck.

United States

#49 Oct 8, 2008
I wake up every morning with a deep burning, pinching and pulling pain a couple of inches below rib cage on left upper abdomen. It is worse when lying on left or right side. More comfortable when lying on my back. I work all day at computer and that is when it really gets bad. It eases up later in afternoon but starts all over again around 4:00 am. This has been going on for over a year and is now daily, chronic and unrelenting. Had ultra sound, colonoscopy, mri, ct scan, endoscopy, abdominal x-ray, urine and blood tests. Nothing can account for this pain. I am wearing lidocaine patches that my doctor gave me. Sometimes it helps but pain is back when patch is removed. Vicodin makes me sleepy but does not take pain away. Aspirin sometimes helps the inflamation. The pain makes me not want to be active. Hard to concentrate on normal activity. Feels like some kind of nerve pain. Could this be a virus?

Des Moines, IA

#50 Oct 14, 2008
Hi I'm 25 years old and for the last month i have had this pain it started all around my ribs both right and left so i blamed it on my bed then the right side stoped hurting and the pain got very bad on my left side as i press on my ribs they dont hurt its inside them the ER said its because I smoke because there was nothing in the Xray my family doctor said thats not why at all and said thats were my stomach lays and give me some pills to try if they dint work were going to do some tests this pain hurts more when I take deep breaths when I'm laying down or sometimes sitter and wakes me up all night they gave me 800mg Ibprofen it dont work if anyone has answers please email me [email protected]

Rowley, MA

#51 Oct 17, 2008
I am 51yrs old and had the same problem 5yrs. ago and I had a colon cleanse and it work for me then. I now have the same problem for the last 16mos.that I had 5yrs age, pain on my left side of my stomach and my doctors say I have to live with it and nothing it wrong. I think I need colon cleanse again with a good diet and exerise in which I am ready to do and I am not over weight and I don't carry much body fat-12-13% in which maybe a nother problem. I have been looking for a new colco cleanse and found and it's called Dr.Natura in which I have not bought or used yet, but it is in my mined to do so because nothing else has worked yet. good luck

Orleans, Canada

#52 Oct 21, 2008
I'm 37 years old and for about 4 weeks or so now I've had pains across my lower rib cage, kind of feels like a band across my middle section. I also have pains focussed more on the left side, which of course scares me as it's close to the heart. Sometimes my left breast hurts as well.
I take advil and use a heating pad or I warm up a rice filled sock in the microwave to help ease the pain and tightness. It does work well, but the next day the pain is always back.

Going to make a Dr appointment about this as it's driving me crazy!
christina conklin

United States

#53 Oct 21, 2008
i have a pain in my abdomen . it hurts real bad. i have been checked out nothing is there... but they put a ultra sound on my stomach or abdomen ne way my inner abdomen hurts ... and i dont know why . it really hurts when touched.
christina conklin

United States

#54 Oct 21, 2008
i have discomfort in my abdomen and have no clue what is wrong

Tunbridge Wells, UK

#55 Oct 30, 2008
Hi, Just like so many people here I have been getting this strange bloated feeling and a kind of sensitivity in my upper abodomen just under the left side of rib cage. Sometimes I get quite bloated and it is uncomfortable but no real pain apart from the odd twinge. Sometimes I get the odd cramp in my lower left side. Some years ago the doctor said I probably have IBS but just lately it's been quite anoying and also my stomach has been gurgling a lot and been getting a lot of flatulence. Been a bit constipated but that is not unusual for me. Any ideas?

Trail, Canada

#56 Oct 30, 2008
Mine started with a pain under my left breast/arm pit area and turned out to be a cyst which went away,off and on, after a few months. Now that it's gone I've had the same sore swelling pain on the other side of the ribs/arm pit area (sore to touch). Maybe it is just swelling of tendons/muscles. I have a desk job and don't stay as active as I used to. Sounds repetitive with everyone else!

Tunbridge Wells, UK

#57 Oct 31, 2008
Kristen wrote:
Mine started with a pain under my left breast/arm pit area and turned out to be a cyst which went away,off and on, after a few months. Now that it's gone I've had the same sore swelling pain on the other side of the ribs/arm pit area (sore to touch). Maybe it is just swelling of tendons/muscles. I have a desk job and don't stay as active as I used to. Sounds repetitive with everyone else!
I too work at my desk all day and I guess the lack of exercise is not a good thing and may cause internal organs to react as they do, being doubled up most of the day as they are. I try to get more exercise but never find the time to sustain it, so it's just fits and starts. I look at it like this, if it's been around for more than a year and just comes and goes, it's probably something we have to put up with and nothing too serious.

United States

#58 Nov 10, 2008
I also had the same pain on the left ribs. Doctor suggested all the tests like blood, urine, stool, chest x-ray, Upper G etc.. everything came negetive. finally he said it is due to some gas and heart burn. he suggested to use Zegerid 40 mg everyday morning one hour before breakfast for 30 days. I have been using since two weeks, i am feeling lot better. ask your doctor and find out. good luck.

Pinellas Park, FL

#59 Nov 11, 2008
I have been experiencing the same pain in my ribs and upper abdomen for several months now. I have had every test known to man, including CT scans, kidney studies, MRIs, blood work, urinalysis, etc., etc. Other than some bacteria in my urine, which cleared up with antibiotics, all of the tests were normal. However, when my left ribs started swelling, I was finally diagnosed with Tietze's Syndrome, which is a form of Costochondritis. It causes severe pain in the upper abdomen and can at times even feel like a heart attack because it also causes severe chest pain. My ribs are very tender to the touch, but the worst pain seems to come from under my ribs and varies from sharp, stabbing pain, to dull aching pain. Anyway, you might want to ask your doctor about Costochondritis or Tietze's Syndrome, as this could very well be what many of you are suffering from. Treatment for this varies from anti-inflammatory meds, arthritis meds like Celebrex, Cortisone shots, and accupunture, depending upon the severity of the condition. So far I've been on steroid packs, Naprosyn, and lidocaine cream (which does help the rib tenderness), but the doc says it's mostly something that clears up on it's own with time, unless its chronic. Please don't let this be chronic!!!!! The condition can last anywhere from 6 weeks to one year, which really sucks.

Jakarta, Indonesia

#60 Nov 13, 2008
I think it is related with our daily activities. If some of you spend your daily life in front of computer, especially laptop, probably we have the same cause for this annoying weird feeling.

I spend 8 hours/day in front of my laptop.

I already have the feeling for 1.5 years. I prefer to say weird feeling and rather than pain feeling.

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