upper abdominal discomfort / pain nea...

Burnsville, MN

#547 Aug 17, 2012
Try testing for h.pylori
Miramichi girl

Miramichi, Canada

#548 Aug 18, 2012
I too have been bothered with pain under left rib cage for over a yr.... finally booked for some tests re: bowel, stomach, ovaries & kidneys. Very worried as to what it might be.
Symptoms sound very similar to all posted comments. Quite a mystery!

Rockmart, GA

#549 Aug 18, 2012
I don't have severe pain, only dull pain in the upper part of my stomach at the bottom (and underneath) my left rib cage. I'm also very nauseated. It's not a constant problem, comes and goes. I've done research online but get conflicting advice on what not to eat, etc. I know the Spleen is in this area and most online advice says "stop drinking". I don't drink, so this is not the problem. I've also noticed that this seems to be worse at night and I have what I refer to as "full restless body" (same as restless leg syndrome except affecting the entire body). It's keeping me awake at night because I cannot stay still and relaxed enough to fall asleep. Anybody else have this VERY restless feeling with this?
miramichi girl

Miramichi, Canada

#550 Aug 19, 2012
re: Sheryl's comments - you've described my problem exactly....dull pain underneath left rib cage, worse at night, etc. I've been taking meds for gastritis for 8 months with no change so am now waiting for tests re bowel, stomach, ovaries & kidneys. About the restless feeling, I'm not sleeping well at night either.
It seems to be a common problem with many different diagnoses -- I'm hoping it's nothing too serious but really don't know what to think.
Good to compare notes though!!

Rayleigh, UK

#551 Aug 24, 2012
I have this pain and have had tests for the last 3 years. Pain all over upper abdominal.
Fact is it is due to being obese in my case. I look for other reasons however it all points to being obese. I know it will get worse if i do no lose weight. I am male 18 stone.
My diet started yesterday and I will let you know how I get on in case it can possibly help anyone.

Miami, FL

#552 Aug 28, 2012
I have this rib pain as well. Just in my left rib area. The front and the back. Have had every test done. They all showed nothing there at all. I am posting to say I may have found a temporary fix. I bought some athletic tape called KTTape. They sell a Pro version and another less expensive type. Their website shows you a step by step video on how to tape for rib pain. In the front and the back. Well, I tried this out. I can say that the pain is about 90% better than it has been in 2 years. It does take another person to tape my back. I can sit during a movie now and actually enjoy it. I am back to the gym with the rib area taped. I hope this helps some of you with a similiar problem.

Rosedale, MD

#553 Sep 5, 2012
Hi, i have read everyones post and y'all are saying exactly how i feel ughhhhhhhhh... FRUSTRATED!! few months back went to E.R. and had work up and they checked enzymes on pancrias , liver etc....( sorry no spell check) and all NORMAL they told me i do have acid reflux and maybe could have a hiatal hernia. Well here we are in Sept. and i have the same thing going on not all the time but mostly after eating anything... sometimes i wake up with a muscle spasam in that area and cannot move so who knows.. i had a upper and lower GI's 2 years ago and all normal so i'm going to re~schedule again and see if i get any answers and i will POST my results :( i also feel like i have a lot of belching , more then normal i guess then i feel much better :) so on that note , maybe its gas related to foods or what someone mentioned about gluten free foods.... i lean forward while on computer in evening and if my stomach has tight clothing pushing against it .... ughhhhhhh un~comfortable as heck!!!!

Anaheim, CA

#554 Sep 9, 2012
I guess this is welcome to the club. I have had this off and on for 20 yrs. Only now in the last 3 has it gotten to the point of being a real nuisance.. I have had all the test, including bone marrow biopsy, ultra sound from the inside, and all negative... I find though, that if I stand and do something, it diminishes, and if I eat, it relieves it for a period. Pusing on the area usually gives relief. Hopefully someone will find a reason and ultimately a fix. I check this blog regularly to see if someone has succeded. I am scheduling accupuncture next week, I will report back as to the results..

Salt Lake City, UT

#555 Sep 9, 2012
GetWellSoon wrote:
I am going to pursue this and visit the chiroprator as per the previous post and see if it help. Thanks for this!
Wow...really? Why would you go to a chiropractor for an intestinal issue? For that matter why would you go to a chiropractor at all? They're nothing but pseudo-science quacks.
fellow sufferer

Miramichi, Canada

#556 Sep 12, 2012
Re chiropractor comments ... expressing one's opinion is the whole point of being on this website. Let's always be kind to each other & accept our differences.
My on-going left-sided abdominal pain seems to be a shared issue with so many others that it gives me comfort to know I'm not alone. Hope to have a diagnosis soon - had a CT scan this morning.... So scary when you don't know what's wrong -- but you know SOMETHING is.
Comments are welcome!

Since: Jun 11

Oceanside, CA

#557 Sep 12, 2012
Drs are flat out idiots, having the nerve to say it's psychological.... God forbid it takes one of their loved ones or themselves to suffer as we are now.....

Since: Jun 11

Oceanside, CA

#558 Sep 12, 2012
CLA1250 wrote:
Drs are flat out idiots, having the nerve to say it's psychological.... God forbid it takes one of their loved ones or themselves to suffer as we are now.....
... For them to understand that it's not... One doctor in his late 50s said and I quote, "That' what we were taught" with that said we're being diagnosed by outdated data
...... SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

Fairfield, CT

#559 Sep 12, 2012
My left rib has been hurting for a while now. When i breathe,laugh,cry or something like that it hurts. So does my back hurt when i do that too. I swear i didnt pull something unless i did it in my sleep. The pain starts from my back to my left rib. But also in the middle hurts too. My neck has also been hurtimg as well. I have not been to a docter yet.
fellow sufferer

Miramichi, Canada

#560 Sep 13, 2012
kelly's problem sounds very similar to mine ... guess the term for it is "positional pain", meaning that it hurts when we change position. It also seems to hurt more when lying down. I've had some neck pain too but it's mostly centered in the left rib area. Hoping to get answers soon.

United States

#561 Sep 15, 2012
I have simalr issues as many of your posts. The pain ihave in my upper left under my rib cage has been diagnosed as panreatitis. It happens at various degrees. I have it very severely. I can only eat oatmeal and icecream. Sometimes it feels like there's a big bubble moving around and if I eat it causes severe pain, diareaha, and excessive burping. Weird thing is..I just had bc reconstruction and ever since when I drink anything cold I feel it clear up in my armpit and under my ribcage. Hope this helps someone.
fellow sufferer

Miramichi, Canada

#562 Sep 18, 2012
I've had good news today. After experiencing pain under left ribs for over a year, finally went for a lot of tests including a CT scan & nothing was found - no cancer anywhere, nothing out of the ordinary - all is well - so the diagnosis I've been given is "abdominal muscle pain".
I've no idea what might have caused it - perhaps lifting heavy objects, snow shovelling last winter, etc.- but I'm just so relieved that it's nothing life-threatening!!!
I would encourage everyone on this forum with undiagnosed pain of any type to go ahead & have tests done -- the results just might be very reassuring, as mine were!

Du Bois, PA

#563 Sep 22, 2012
Same here. The sedentary lifestyle sounds reasonable. I don't always have the pain, it is only after eating and is worse with a larger meal. I don't really notice it earlier in the day, but I am up and more active then. It sometimes keeps me awake or wakens me. The intensity varies depending on what I eat. My sons are allergic to wheat; has anyone considered a gluten intolerance/celiac disease?

United States

#564 Sep 23, 2012
Having the same dull pain under left rib for years. Pressing in the lower left rib hurts. Doc did say to quit drinking milk. Not drinking milk does seem to help for me.

Ringgold, GA

#565 Sep 30, 2012
idkwhatswrongwithme wrote:
i have the same problem, except mine is followed with extreme loss of appetite, im hungry, but i just dont want to eat, and im more tired than normal. iam experiancing the pain under my left rib cage its a weird unconfortable pain. anyone help? everyone thinks im hypochondriac ( dont know how to spell that)
im hungry too but don't want to eat. Find out anything?

Christchurch, New Zealand

#566 Sep 30, 2012
ruby wrote:
I'm having this problem. I get very nauseous and a bloated gassy feeling, with pain under my left rib. Also feels like a burning sensation and like something is squirming around (like worms). It's very bizarre and a bit worrisome.
What is this do u know yet? i have exactly the same problem and feel like absolute shit

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