upper abdominal discomfort / pain nea...

Toms River, NJ

#285 Apr 20, 2011
To Heather, You said the docter diagnosed you with pancreatitis is it the chronic form,if so what test did they run to come to the diagnosis? Did u ever have an acute attack of pancreatitis? Are your amalyse and lipase levels elevated at all? Just trying to find some answers, would appreciate your input.

United States

#286 Apr 23, 2011
Hi. I too, like all of you have a tender spot on/under my left rib cage. It only hurts to touch it. Other than that, It doesn't hurt at all. I do have reflux and bloating, but other than that I don't know. I am scared it's cancer of the spleen. I worry about my health a lot as I have 6 children. Every little pain I feel I think "this is it. It's cancer." It's very miserable. I just wish I knew where the pain was coming from and why??? I suffered with panic attacks for a couple of years due to worrying about "cancer". I prayed about it, and the Lord has helped me with them, but I can't help to worry that everything is still "cancer." I know, silly, but very real. Thanks for listening to a scared mother of 6.





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Baton Rouge, LA

#287 Apr 30, 2011
So, I like most of you have had pains for more than 2 months. Its mostly the left side of my chest, the left side by my rib caage, and the left side on my back. I went to the doctor, and she obviously didn't believe me but ran a chest x-ray and an EKG. Both were fine. It happened after I had bronchitus. Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. It's not a horrible pain most of the time, but I'm 14 and it kind of worries me sometimes. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Beau p

United States

#288 May 2, 2011
This thread has gone back to 2008 and yet people are still saying the same thing and no diagnosis. I have been living with the same pain under my left rib. It's has been almost a year now and I have had been checked for stomach ulcers, gall bladder, all came back ok, and now my doctor thinks it's a torn muscle so I will have a cat scan on friday. My pain is pretty dull but constant through out the day. It gets worse when I get stressed out which sucks cause I now have horrible anxiety because I can't get rid of this thing so I'm always stressed out. I workout almost everyday and lately it has been really flared up after my workouts. Also when I wake up in the mornings it usually hurts. But the worse is when I drink alcohol. I only drink about once, maybe twice at the most a month. And I'm
Being honest about that. It Hurts pretty bad while I'm drinking but eventually will go away after I have drinking a good bit. But the next day is he'll.
Beau p

United States

#289 May 2, 2011
I am 23 with the most amazing 2 year old little girl but this thing is taking me away from her because I am hurting and worrying about this thing all the time. I would LOVE to hear some suggestions.
Beau p

United States

#290 May 2, 2011
Also I am taking suboxone. I had to start taking this after taking pain medicine for a long period of time due to some pretty serious injuries to my back. My girlfriend thinks this is causing some of the pain. I can't stop taking the suboxone cause I feel like it's the only thing that calms me down which I need because when I'm stressed the pain really starts.

South Africa

#291 May 3, 2011
Lincoln wrote:
Dull pain in upper abdominal region. Started in centre (between rib cage) then moved slightly to my left under the left ribcage. Bottom left rib is slightly tender to touch. Also get twinges lower down in my abdomen (around belly button) and also feels tight around that area.
Been coming and going for 2 years and latest bout has hung around for 5 days.
I am male, approaching 40, have been to the Doctor, had scans and colonoscopies and all are Normal. SO WHAT IS THIS PAIN?
Hi Lincoln just wanted to hear from you if you have been treated for your discomfort mentioned above and if so what has been prescribed. I have the same symptoms as you mentioned and its been going on for almost 2 years now?

Barrie, Canada

#292 May 4, 2011
The best thing I can suggest for everyone with any "IBS" symptoms is to see a Naturopathic Doctor. I have been going to my medical doctor for over 7 years now with my stomach pain. At first they said I'm lactose intolerant (which I am...but there is many more issues). Then my doctor tried me on Nexium(for treatment of acid reflux)...then Dicetel (for treatment of IBS symptoms)..nothing seemed to help. I started taking Digestive Enzymes with my meals and that is the only thing that made a significant difference but still didn't make all the pain, bloating, gas and bowel issues disappear.

I was finally sent to a gastroenterologist for an Ultrasound and an Endoscopy...which came back clear. After continuous visits to my doctor for stomach pain he ordered those tests again and they saw a gall stone exiting my gallbladder on my ultrasound. I was then sent to a surgeon to have my gallbladder removed. After the surgery my surgeon told me that this will help but he doesn't think it will fix all my stomach issues, he thinks there is more going on.

It's been 2 years since I had my gallbladder removed and I did see an improvement with my stomach pain but for the most part my symptoms persisted. There was one week where I didn't have a bowel movement in 5 days... I was in SO much pain I didn't know what to do with myself so I went to a Health Store called Natures Emporium and did a Milk Thistle Intestinal Sweep for 10 days, during this time I was able to have one bowel movement every day, but the other symptoms persisted.(You can only do the cleanse once or twice a year). The months following were either diarrhea or constipation, accompanied by all of my “IBS” symptoms.

Finally, my doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist AGAIN. This time I had a colonoscopy, everything came back clear, I also had a Gluten test and Celiac test, both negative. The gastroenterologist said that I should try to cut Gluten (wheat) out of my diet because even though I’m not gluten intolerant it may still cause some pain and bloating. She said I have “IBS” and there is no cure only suggested treatments. I respect the doctors for all that they’ve done, they have run every test to make sure I don’t have Crohn's or Celiac, or any other risky stomach issues. But unfortunately when a doctor can’t diagnose you, they label it as “IBS”.

It got to the point where I was desperate for a cure/relief, I would try anything. I decided to see a Naturopathic Doctor, the Health Store I went to, Natures Emporium had one in house. So I went to see him, it cost me $140.00 for a 1 hour consultation. Prior to the appointment he sent me a 8 page questionnaire about my medical history. When I arrived for my appointment he had already typed up notes based off of my medical history, and possible treatments. I also showed him my recent blood work, a normal range for b12 is 198-625, I was at 299, he said this is considered low, anything below 198 is a b12 deficiency. So he recommended b12 shots every 2 weeks until my b12 was up, this only cost me $15.00 for the shot.

This Naturopathic Doctor suggested I stop eating candies/desserts, switch from Lactose free milk to rice or almond milk, and decrease the amount of refined carbs/flower I eat. I switched to rice milk and bought whole wheat rice & pasta. He went over EVERYTHING with me and asked a lot of questions, he was very thorough. He suggested two natural supplements to take until my stomach starts feeling better and he said I should continue to take Digestive Enzymes but make sure “bile” is one of the ingredients.
For anyone in Canada, I know we don’t like to pay for our visits to the doctor, they take enough off in taxing every dollar we make and every dollar we spend to allow free health care. But paying to see this Naturopathic Doctor was totally worth it. Hopefully one day they will be recognized by the Government and included in our Health Care.
If anyone has any questions my email is jwhittaker08@gmail.com

Beverly, MA

#293 May 4, 2011
Beau, yours sounds like pancreatitis. you should check with a Gastro who specializes in that.
John Eagle

West Union, IL

#294 May 4, 2011
Dawn wrote:
<quoted text>
Uhm the iliposoas muscle is in your hip and wouldn't cause pain in your rib cage. You might have weak abs, but you still have them and they won't cause rib cage problems. I think you've been duped about your treatment and the improvement is due to your condition improving on its own or the chiropractor accidentally helped you.Chiropractors medicine has a limited scope of applications--mainly certain types of lower back injury. Research has proven in ineffective for other conditions.
I am a chiropractor and am tired of hearing people write what they don't know about. Even if the chiropractor's explanation was or wasn't correct, the treatments worked. All the explanations about how and why chiropractic doesn't really work are part of the seemingly endless misinformation and disinformation that ignorance never grows tired of.
John Eagle

West Union, IL

#295 May 4, 2011
I am a chiropractor and am presently treating a patient with left abdominal pain. He has had a ga-zillon medical tests and they are all negative or don't relate. After two treatments he is 25% better. I did use chiropractic (but was oh so gentle and precise!), massage techniques, designed exercises for him, and together we are evaluating dietary changes step by step. Each visit will be customized based upon his improving condition, needs, and personal circumstances. People that go to any doctor based upon convenience, "he's a nice doctor," or "his office is so professional," should get a clue and do some research before committing theirselves to a failure to recover.
Beau p

Toledo, OH

#296 May 4, 2011
jaz wrote:
Beau, yours sounds like pancreatitis. you should check with a Gastro who specializes in that.

Thanks alot for your input. It feels good to hear any kind of suggestions and advice. I'm seeing a gastro now but I really don't feel like he taking my problem all that serious.. It's seems like he is just kinda of guessing and trying to make me feel like he knows what it is. If it hurts the worst after I drink alcohol idk why he would thinks that a pulled muscle. I will def bring up pancreatist when I see him Friday. Thanks again.

Toms River, NJ

#297 May 4, 2011
I can't believe how active this thread has become lately so many people with the same pain and only a few with a diagnosis. I'd like to hear fron Lincoln who started this back in 2007 to find out if he ever got any answers as his pains are most similar to mine. I've been seeing one of the best GI drs in Pennsylvania and have had a catscan and a mrcp both of which were normal the only thing is that my lipase level is slightly out of the reference range and he told me he was'nt concerned about it and won't send me for any more testing when my pancreas appears normal on the tests I was given so far. I'm on meds for acid reflux and IBS but still have left side rib pain and back pain. I'm at a loss at what to do, worried it is chronic pancreatitis and they are just not picking it up yet and it is a serious illness that can shorten your life. Could we all have this?

Baton Rouge, LA

#298 May 4, 2011
About what ages is chronic pancreatitis most common?

Baton Rouge, LA

#299 May 4, 2011
Or just to have problems with your pancreatitis?

Boston, MA

#300 May 5, 2011
pancreatitis is very uncommon but at the same time it quite often goes undiagnosed. I believe AP typically affects people of all ages but CP usually hits people in their 30's and 40's. acute pancreatitis is horrible ER type pain, while chronic pancreatitis is something that can come in waves or just produce persistent pain. Other things I have learned about it is that is unusual but not impossible to develop CP without ever having AP. And lastly, high fat and alcohol will almost always make the pain worse, sometimes immediately, sometimes within 24 hours.

Boston, MA

#301 May 5, 2011
beau, one other thing...IT is very likely that the vast majority of people here including you are suffering from IBS/Fibromyalgia/Muscular Pain/ whatever other benign but annoying problem. The key is to rule out anything serious and then move on with your life as best you can. I have read that painful reactions to drinking alcohol is also a B symptom of hodgkins lymphoma. This is quite unlikely as well, but something to consider especially where it is such a highly treatable condition when caught early. good luck

Saint Paul, MN

#302 May 6, 2011
Hey everyone.. I am currently up with this GAWD AWFUL RIB PAIN! I can't lay down.. it feels like there is a bubble blowing up in my left upper quadrant and the pressure on the ribs is driving me nuts. I went to the ER yesterday for this pain and they did an Ultrasound of my spleen, only to find out that it was enlarged, not ready to rupture but enough to be causing discomfort. I have been referred to a hematologist to find out why my spleen is enlarged ( I dont have mono) Ugh.. I hope this is the answer.. has anyone else had their spleen looked at?

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

#303 May 6, 2011
Hi Zach! Have you goy any diagnisis yet? I started having the same symptoms 6 months ago. Too many tests no many asnswers. Best Regards

Saint Paul, MN

#304 May 6, 2011
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know what happened today. They did a CT scan of my spleen and other organs.. Spleen came back still enlarged, yet not as bad as it was originally. Also I was told I have reduced kidney function and High ESR levels. The hematologist is sending me for further testing.. Possible Anemia causing the spleen to enlarge thus causing the left side rib pain. I hope that whoever reads this may be able to use my experience as a resource. Anywho, I had so much blood drawn today I am going to faint.

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