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Leaky Gut Cure Review : Real Truth Exposed in Curing Gut Permanently

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#1 Apr 6, 2013
Leaky Gut Cure represent a revolutionary product able to help people suffering from different chronic conditions to end pain and to find relief with this product. The system was specially created for people who think that eating healthy foods will help to cure problems. It is better to know that it often can make things worse. Leaky Gut Cure by Karen Brimeyer teaches sufferers all around the world that healthy foods can be harmful for people who already developed leaking gut.

Leaky Gut program explains what is leaky gut syndrome, how it affects people, how it is caused by food intolerance and other condition. Leaky Gut Cure also examines the relationship between leaky gut and liver. Leaky gut syndrome is defined by increased permeability of the intestinal mucosa account for endogenous or exogenous toxins. Intestinal mucosa is the layer that lines the intestine from the inside. For people who have an unbalanced diet, intestinal membrane becomes abnormally porous and let in bacteria and toxic substances.

Intestine loses its barrier function because the diet contains a high level of refined sugar or the diet is low in fiber, another important factors are alcohol abuse, poor digestion, ingestion of toxic chemical agents. To learn more about causes of leaky gut syndrome visit the official site.

After long time in researching and reading lots of medical journals Karen create the most powerful system on the market in curing leaky gut called Leaky Gut Cure. With this new product leaky gut sufferers will now can forget about the discomfort they had to endure until now. Also people should not forget about all the risks associated with this disorder, risks that for now long can be treated like memories.

Leaky Gut Cure is focused on how to regain the health of the gut and also provides a natural treatment to maintain it. The person behind this product tried to provide a natural diet and to explain how supplements work. The program contains information about gastro-intestinal tract, food intolerance and lot of useful tips to have a proper leaky gut syndrome. The advices in the book are very useful and very easy to follow. The diet proposed by Karen in healing the gut will teach people what food they should eat and what they have to avoid to cure gut permanently.

For people interested to read more about Leaky Gut Cure they can send an e-mail to Jennifer Simmons at JenniferSimmons@gmail.com or can simply visit the official website right here at www.leakygutcure.com .

Madison, AL

#2 Sep 2, 2013
My experience: I am an old lady who was wishing to be dead every minute of my life. I suffered leaky gut since i remember myself. At 2 or 3 years old, I remember my mother running after me to put me an enema. 6 years old trying to read to my mother and a friend next to me asking, does she always smell like this? Being a youngster, my brother calling me smoked herring. And I have very light skin.

I spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find what caused me to smell so bad all through my body, and have such terrible breath.

Until one day I decided to STOP DRINKING COFFEE to see what happened. The terrible smell that occupied the whole space where I was stopped.
I was drinking decaffeinated coffee before, and the terrible smell was still there.

Now, I do not drink anything with caffeine. Do no go out to eat, since most of the fast food chains use soy protein in their food. Soy protein triggered my bad smell terribly.

Now my body and my breath don't smell bad, I am not afraid to go out or be in front of other people.

Who knows if so many people suffering leaky gut and so many illnesses owe it to drinking coffee?
Brian J

Cape Town, South Africa

#3 Dec 2, 2013
Hi, My name is Brian & I'm from Louisiana. I have a few questions regarding Leaky Gut Syndrome & various types of treatments. Also your opinion on taking a liquid form of E-Coli which I have read about but I will get to in a bit.

First I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my struggles thus far.

I have been dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome probably for some time without even knowing it & just recently it got so bad that it literally took over my entire life & stopped me from living. Never before in my 38 years on this earth have I ever experienced such incapacitating symptoms!

I could always handle anything. I am an ex marine I went through the most extreme training & in the worst conditions imaginable so I am physically strong,extremely tough & always thought I could handle anything but I can't seem to handle this! It seems impossible!

Since discovering I have LGS & the symptoms I've been experiencing as of late, I just lost all interest in life. I can't even build up the energy or enthusiasm to play with my kid & I used to play with him every day after day care. I have since lost my job due to LGS, my wife is constantly threatening to divorce me(we are currently separated),I never leave the apartment anymore I basically don't have a life currently. I have been robbed of it thanks to LGS & no-one seems to understand what I'm going through & it makes this that much harder to cope with!

I keep getting 'advice' from friends and family on how to deal with this but no one has dealt with this before so how can they think they know what they're talking about or what I'm going through?? I know some of them mean well but when I tell them their advice or tips does not work & can't work they think I'm just being difficult or unreasonable & this infuriates me to no end!!!

Even my family doesn't support me through this because they think I've turned into this evil monster who wants nothing to do with them & that's the furthest thing from the truth. I was always full of life & the one constantly cracking jokes but now I am the total opposite. I have started treatment & I know I will get better but it doesn't make things any easier to handle.

I learned a lot about Leaky gut so far but the way I understand it is that food particles leak through the gut & into the blood stream causing the immune system to spring into full on attack mode. This causes a variety of symptoms which may vary from person to person. My symptoms vary from time to time but include overwhelming fatigue, itchiness in the face/neck, major anxiety/depression, feeling cold, muscle weakness, tremors/muscle twitches & a few other symptoms. The main thing that gets to me is how severely it affects my mood & state of mind!

When this happens I can't do anything,I just have to wait till it stops. I get these symptoms on & off generally after eating & I've learned it's because of multiple food sensitivities developed from having a leaky gut. When I am in bed at night especially after about 9pm I hardly get any of these symptoms. It makes a lot of sense as my last meal I eat is around 5pm so by 6pm my food will have been digested. If I experience any symptoms after that then it stops after a few hours & I don't eat any more after that so no more immune response to food because I haven't eaten again.

I don't experience symptoms all the time & every day. I do go through ocassional days with no bad symptoms but it's still hard to get out because I know my symptoms come unexpectedly & the only place I want to be when I get them is at the apartment so I permanently stay there. Again-no one understands this because they don't have to worry about getting these nasty symptoms in the middle of a dinner or movie,I do, so how can they give advice on something they personally have never experienced?

Makes me so freakin mad that no-one gets it!

What are your thoughts on E-Coli? Also what are some good supplements beneficial to the recovery process? Thanks.

Tacoma, WA

#4 Dec 10, 2013
Before you try ecoli, try the FODMAP diet. I began in September and it has changed my life. Totally. http://stanfordhospital.org/digestivehealth/n...

London, UK

#5 Sunday Jun 14
I'm 19 been suffering from leaky gut for 2 years. It's been very hard, as I learn more about it I get more strength from the thought of one day being symptom free. My leaky gut is different from all the ones I've read. I've read people saying listen to your gut when it gets bloated or uncomftable it's because the food is harmful. Well for me there is a direct link with my gut to my head. Within a minute of consuming something my intestines don't like I get pressure in my head, literally as if someone is pumping air in my head lol very weird. I've cut out Wheat corn dairy fruit sugar olive oil sunflower oil it would be easier to tell you what I live off lol. Took soo long to perfect my diet those are the main offenders to my leaky gut. But still that wasn't the end of my story still had pressure in my head why ? I was taking vitabiotics which had corn in it hidden and when I stopped taking it the pressure would go down oh yeah and my concentration overall intelligence went back to normal. My sweat was no longer sticky hard to explain but it affects my swet no longer itchy. No longer joint pain. You get the drift. Okay so I still couldn't pin point what was left my pressure was so variable and I wasn't sure why thought it was just chance and accepted to deal with it. Then I realised every time I drank tap water the pressure would increase 5 minutes later. I switched tap for bottled water and tada I feel good. The problem? I don't think my gut has recovered fully every time I eat the foods that give me least problems. I get like a teenee weenie bit of pressure which gets annoying. As I want to heal 100% I really want to take glutamine and probiotcs but everything and I mean all of them have corn in it of some sort. So will it be worth damaging getting symptoms from it or would it be better to keep going ?

I literally live off Harricot beans rice peanuts potatoes chicken salt and pepper rice. XD life's tough but at least I can think straight and have good energy levels. Life on a normal diet is not worth living when you have leaky gut.

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