Auto antibodies / hypothroid?

Auto antibodies / hypothroid?

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Grimsby, UK

#1 Dec 20, 2012
Hi I am new to this forum, but I am hoping I may be able to get some advice here?
For the last three years approx, I have felt my health almost deteriorate, In some ways I feel like a hypochondriac, yet in others I feel ignored. I have so many symptoms but no apparent cause which bothers me as there is no obvious cure or relief in sight.
It began with fatigue, and general woolly headedness, I'm normally quite 'on the ball' but my memory of late is embarrassing. Then my skin started to become really dry and itchy, like ants crawling under the surface. The skin on my face is really dry and my nose is often sore and peeling. My ears itch and often get sore too. My periods have been haywire as in really heavy for about 6 years, but about a year ago they started to change and went light and lasted longer.(I have a family history of early menopause, i.e mother, her sisters and their mother) So I went to the doctor and discussed these symptoms, she advised the pill to help regulate my hormones through this transition. I am 39 years of age B.T.W.
In the last year or so other symptoms have come along , my muscles and back ache almost every day, especially my lower back, the fatigue is worse, I did have frequent palpitations and night sweats which I assumed were menopause symptoms and these do ease on my three weeks on the pill, but return often on my 7 free days.
I have always been naturally a little constipated but this has become worse over the last year, and I am always feeling cold even in warm rooms, the only time I notice being warm is if I have had to seriously rush around, and occasionaly after a large meal.
My nails peel, my hair is dry and my eyes itch.
I have had a sun allergy which began in my teens, any part of my skin exposed to the sun for over five or ten mins, starts to itch like mad severaal hours later and raised spots appear, this can be quite painful and distressing and has worsened over last few years,so for about seven months of the year I take daily and sometimes nightly anti histamines. I I try lay off the night time ones as this worsens the fatigue, and take non drowsy day time remedies.
I have put on around a stone in weight, tried dieting which I have in the past been quite good at if need be, but lost half a pound only in 8 days, very disheartening.
Over the last three years have begun to suffer from frequent water infections and am now under urology, no apparent cause, and have to take two antibiotics every time I have sex to protect myself. I have had about 15- 20 infections in three years!
My family I.e mother and some of her sisters and now some of my female cousins suffer with thyroid problems (diagnosed) and osteoperosis runs through my mothers family too, my mother has hyperthyroid and osteoperosis in every bone, her sisters all have osteoperosis too , not all as bad as her though. Very unlucky genes I guess.
I have since summer started with another weird symptom, Nausea, sometimes when I am eating, but at othertimes too. I get a sudden urge to retch, and have to run to the toilet if I am eating at the time , if not eating its more of a sick unsettled stomache feeling.
Spoke to one of my female cousins about this and she said she had suffered with the same thing, after a visit to her docs and a blood test they discovered a slightly under active thyroid.
I have for some time wondered about my thyroid and have discussed this before with gp, went back a few weeks ago, and she didnt see any link with the nausea.
However she took blood tests and my results appear 'normal' so I am now at a loss.

Grimsby, UK

#2 Dec 20, 2012
These were my results
SERUM TSH 1.8 Mu/l 0.35-4.94
SERUM FREE T4 14.2 9.0-19.1
serum calcium 2.3 mmo/l
serum albumin 37 gl 35.0 - 50
corrected serum calcium 2.31 mmo/l 2.2 -2.6
serum alkaline 36 /UL 30.0-130
Serum vit b12 353 ng/L 187.0 - 883.0
serum folate 18.7 ( abnormal apparently) 1.8 -18.3
ferratin 24.2 ug/L 10.0 - 204.0
vitamin d2 and d3 64 nmo/L
serum sodium 138 mmo/L 33-146
Potassium 4.1 mmo/L 3.5-5.3
urea 2.7 mmo/L 2.5-7.8
creatinine 69 mmo/L 50.0 -98.0
GFR MDRD 82 mL/min 60-200
Glucose 4.7 3.00-6.00
Blood count
haemoglobin 15.o gdl 11.5-14.8
total white 4.6 4.5-13.0
platelet 173 140-400
red blood cell 4.8 3.83 - 4.98
mean cell vol 92 84.0 - 99.0
haematocrit 0.443 0.36-0.46
mean cell haem level 31.2 27.5-32.5
mean cell haem concentration 33.8 30.9-34.8
neutrophil 2.93 2.0 - 7.5
lymphocyte 1.3 0.8 - 4.0
monocyte 0.2 0.2 -0.8
eosinophil 0.20 0.04 -0.4
basophil 0.00 0.0 - 0.2
Following these tests and 'normal' results I returned to another Doctor at our surgery and questioned these results and asked about more in depth thyroid tests, I said that I could not believe that this will be my life from now on. The doctor said no further thyroid tests were necessary , but she would test my cortisol. As it happened she tested for auto antibodies and FBC too. Results came back normal re cortisol, but white cell count was 3.2 and auto antibodies were found in my blood. She said this was probably due to a viral infection that I maybe had not been aware of and that she would test again in 6 weeks.
I am more confused now :-( Auto antibodies are only present with immune disorders or fighting cancers etc etc? Is this correct? Could this still be a thyroid issue. Now I re look at my bloods I see there are other areas not quite 'normal' like vit D, haemoglobin, etc. How worried should I be now? Anybody got any ideas? I initially asked this question on a thyroid specific forum, but I guess this may be a better port of call now.
Thanks for any advice :-)

Lincoln, UK

#3 Dec 21, 2012
I have just received a print out from docs, and it said the result was for anti smooth muscle antibody which was positive at 1gG 1:40 it said in small print (usually associated with viral infections) However, platelets have dropped from last set of results above to 135. So I suppose this will have to be a waiting game ,other auto antibodies tested were parietal cell / neg antimitocondrial autoantibody / neg and anti liver kidney / neg
Hopefully this will mean something to someone who understands all of this!
No thyroid antibody tested though, very helpful!!!!

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