Do I need an Endocrinologist or someo...

Do I need an Endocrinologist or someone else?

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Weaverville, NC

#1 Jun 26, 2006
My name is Cathy . I am a 27 year old white female who lives in the United States. I am a wife of 9 years, yes high school sweethearts. And I am the mother of three beautiful, healthy children. I am a licensed massage therapist and love my job. I have a beautiful new house. And my husband is very helpful and supportive. I tell you all of this because I have seen many doctors who tell me that I am just depressed because raising children is hard. Yes it is, but I have wonderful children, wonderful support and no worries about supporting my family.

For three years I have been feeling progressively worse. It started with panic attacks, then joint pain, muscles aches and weakness. To a certain extent I had always had insomnia and anxiety but these symptoms got 10 times worse. I have also always headaches which are sometimes migraines. I am extremely tired. All I want to do is sleep and I have no energy to enjoy my children ages 6, 4, and 1. I am missing their lives because I don't have the energy to take them to the park or the zoo or wrestle in the floor. That breaks my heart. I know something is wrong. I am 27 and yet my body feels 72 with constant aches and pains. I have trigger points all along my spine and in my neck. I am in a constant state of stress regardless of meditation or hypnotherapy. I am frequently confused and have trouble with my short term memory. I will start on one task and completely forget what I am doing. Making decisions makes me very anxious and I do not do well in social situations or just introducing myself to new people. My vision has been getting progressively worse over the last 4 years and I have scar tissue on the back of my left eye. In 2000, I had to have my gallbladder removed as it was full of gallstones and the dr said it looked like petrified wood when he took it out. There is possible sexual abuse in my past but I was very, very young and only have a few memories that don't give me any concrete information.

I am writing to you because I am desperate for help to get better. Currently I am seeing the chiro who does functional medicine and he has me on the adreanal support, salt water, strict diet with no soy, no hormones, lots of other stuff. And I am taking the Ambien, Klonopin and Zoloft. Right now, I feel slightly better but still not to where I can have an active role in my children's lives. All I am asking is that if you have any suggestions of conditions I could look into or if you have a suggestion the type of doctor I need to be seeing, or even better if you have a coworker you could recommend, I would be forever grateful.

I have seen
my primary care doctor,
a hematologist,
a physiologist,
a chiropractor,
a chiropractor who practices functional medicine,
a gastroentertologist,
a counselor, a
I have been on several different meds
effexor xr
several muscle relaxers
and combinations of some of those.
supplements I have tried as well
oxygenic B
Juice Plus
Adrenal support
drinking salt water
I have been given the following explanations
chronic fatigue
fifth's disease
estrogen dominance
adrenal fatigue
it's all in your head, if you prayed more you wouldn't be in pain.

I have had my ANA tested several times, a few times negative, one time borderline.
CBC come back normal.
My Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates test came back at 12.3 normal range being 1-12
My alk phosphate has been high 5 times out of 6.
Progestrone level .23 normal .95-21
SHBG 24 norm 18-114
Estrogens were 147(rg 28-163),191(27-246), 61(17-66)
GGT was 67 norm range 3-60
Please if there is any information you can offer me, I am willing to do what it takes to get better.

Thank you for reading my novel.



Monmouth, OR

#2 Aug 10, 2006
Have your PCP do a blood panel that includes a full spectrum of your Testosterone levels (they must do more than one Testosterone test to be accurate; include Free Testosterone & something else I can't recall); Your Dr should also check your DHEA levels and your HGH.

Often times after childbirth, mostly with second and subsequent children, the adrenal and pituitary glands don't kick back in gear the way they should...this is most often diagnosed as depression or delayed post-partum depression. After taking DHEA for six months, I feel human again and would reccommend every mom to have hers checked if you've been feeling this way for months!

Good luck!
Kat Anderson

Foster City, CA

#3 Aug 19, 2006
I would consider seeing an ND who specializes in alternative medicine. I say this because I went through 9 doctors who all told me I was fine, it was in my head, I was depressed, etc. My ND properly diagnosed a thyroid problem that required more than just synthroid. Also, I had to have a hysteerectomy, which threw my entire hormonal balance off. She is treating me with bio-identical hormones. The biggest issue is I was diagnosed as having a form of adrenal fatigue and she is treating me with several medications and it's working. It's been a long road back. But most doctors overlook symptoms and use thyroid tests that are not accurate. some people, additionally have a conversion problem and they do not convert T3 properly, etc. Something many doctors, even good endocrinoligists don't consider. There are alot of things to take into account. I highly recommend the books by Julia Ross, "The Mood Cure" and "The Diet Cure." The titles are misleading but they have a lot of great info on nutrition and natural suppliments that might provide you relief.

Good luck.

United States

#4 Mar 21, 2007
Have you ever had your thyroid checked? I have hyperthyroid, im 24 and I have nearly the same symptoms as you, I also have a 3 year old and Im married happily. My TSH is 0.3 which is low but indicate hyperthyroid symptoms these are my symptoms:
-Heat intolerance
-Hot Flashes (mind u im 24)
-Weakness in muscles
-Trouble sleeping without sleep aids
-wieght loss (i have lost over 25 pounds..i weigh about 110 lbs, and i probley eat moore than u ,lol)
-mood swings, depression.
-Racing mind
-racing heartbeat
I had a miscarriage too, 2 months ago. I had a flawless pregnancy in 2002.
And this is what my thyroid ultrasound and nucular scan found:
7mm complex nodule, the 6mm lesion, multiple 3-8 mm complex nodules in the right and left lobes of my thyroid, and a 3mm cyst in the isthmus.
I went to a endorinologists, that my primary doctor refered me to, and he told me my thyroid looked completely normal, and that I have a primary mood disorder and/or depression and gave me some names of a couple of psyciatrist he knows...

Needless to say, im getting a second opinion, and Im acually going to see a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor that does deal with Nodule Induced Hyperthyroidism. I more in tune with my body than most people so I know something is wrong, and im not just crazy (= So, get that checked out...get lots of opinions

Bangalore, India

#5 Apr 30, 2007
well the first thing u hav to do is to check ur sleep pattern....ur signs may b a manifestation of obstructive sleep apnoea..are u obese,diabetic or hypertensive? any way do a sleep monitoring test....i hav seen a lot of ladies with such varied symptoms all of a sudden get completely cured after correcting their sleep patterns...


#6 Jul 8, 2007

Queensbury, NY

#7 Dec 16, 2008
my daughter started out with headaches and seemed overtired, she progressively got worse with strange symptoms that didn't seem to fit with any certain diagnosis. It was very hard to find a dr. who cared and would treat her. She had aches and pains in joints that would come and go, hot flashes, feelings of sadness, abdominal pain, overtiredness that would last for days. She tested negative for lyme disease 3x's, but was finally treated for it after 3 months with 4 weeks of doxycycline and immediately improved. she was very tired at first, but recovered. It is harder to treat the longer time goes by, but it was worth trying for us. An infectious disease dr. that is well versed in lyme disease is the only dr. that I would see to be treated for lyme. Good luck and I hope you find out what you need.

Powder Springs, GA

#8 Jan 23, 2010
I know how you feel about the sleep problem.I went to bed at 7:00pm.I was still tired the next day.It's like I didn't have any sleep at all.I had a very busy day 1st time seeing my endocrinologist.She knew exactly what is was. She said my neck was inflammed & that I have hishamoto thyroidist.I have to start taking synthroid for 5 weeks.& I have to see her to my blood work and have a ultrasound.I guess we will go from their.
sarah fortwayne

Fort Wayne, IN

#9 Apr 29, 2010
i had thyroid for a while trouble with skin burning body ach and headach
sarah fortwayne

Fort Wayne, IN

#10 Apr 29, 2010
any help on what to do about it thyroidist with burning
sarah fortwayne

Fort Wayne, IN

#11 Apr 29, 2010
any help on what to do about it thyroidist with burning and achy headach

Newton, KS

#12 May 28, 2010
I have similar symptoms and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. All my tests always come back normal, but I still don't feel normal One thing I have other fibro people don't is that I get hyper a lot. There are certain foods that make me hyper, like iodized salt, nuts and broccoli. I can hardly eat those. Does anyone else have that problem? None of my doctors knows why. It makes it very difficult to balance my hormones I take (had hysterectomy in 1994) with the salt and nuts. If I have too much, which is hardly anything at all, I get hyper and hurt a lot. If I don't eat any, I get very lethargic and very, very crabby. Any ideas? Help!!! My doc and I all are stumped.

Newton, KS

#13 May 28, 2010
P.S. Cathy, did you ever figure out what was wrong?

United States

#14 Nov 2, 2010
I strongly recommend that you search for a holistic doctor. I found a great doctor within driving distance after a long search. I suffered with Adrenal Fatigue for over four years before finally being accurately diagnosed. It is a process of addressing many facets of care, and some of them we have to take responsibility for in monitoring. There isn't a purple pill. I finally wrote a book - All In My Mind?- about my journey through hell! I relate to all of you who suffer silently and alone. I am with you! You don't have to take a straight presciption route, you can be helped naturally! For a symptom matrix you can have for free go to . Don't give up. You can be helped.

Phoenix, AZ

#15 Sep 7, 2012
It seems like you have already gone through several specialists. I think you might need to have another go with a psychiatrist. You may be experiencing panic disorder or depression. It is best that you have a second opinion just to be sure.

Titusville, FL

#16 Dec 7, 2012
Jasmine wrote:
It seems like you have already gone through several specialists. I think you might need to have another go with a psychiatrist. You may be experiencing panic disorder or depression. It is best that you have a second opinion just to be sure.
Hey Jasmine,
She could have catecholamine imbalance, an adrenal disorder, thyroid problem, or even Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, and your stupid psychiatry comment is exactly the kind of crap that pushes patients over the edge. She's in physical pain. I would recommend a neurologist and cardiologist. She also should have had her FREE T3 and FREE T4 tested along with Reverse T3 to really rule out thyroid. Hopefully she did that in 2010.

Titusville, FL

#17 Dec 7, 2012
Or rather *2006* Hopefully she's not still being told to see psychiatrists.

Canterbury, UK

#18 Dec 20, 2012
Hi I've read all these messages out there,, seems this adrenal fatigue is something of a challenge for everyone, I'm just looking into it because I feel sooo ill. I've been really ill for two years but felt unwell for 15 years. Tired ibs syndrome . Irregular heartbeat . Low iron low ferritin , painful ears feeling sick almost every week 40 out of the 52 in a year. Weight goes up and then plummets I can loose a stone in a month. Shortness of breath this has been for years now. Over the last two years I've been rushed to hospital with panic attacks six times,,,although I don't think they are I think there are seizures or some kind of shock, heart rate goes up to around 240, umbel able thirst, tight through cant get my breath ears painful head hurts brain fog, it's unbelievable how much aching I have all over my body and pain in my neck , I can hardly walk. Oh andWhite appearance , after the last one my son thought i wAs having a Heart attack and says ive aged like ten years. my 25 year old son says he has never seen me so ill and cant belive im still suffering. Calcium low cortisol low, have eye twitches blurred vision ,, weird things happening , I'm 44 and know this is all really wrong for 15 years I've been sent home from doctor with daft reasons from the doctor, I just feel like I could of done something then as I feel very ill now and for two years I've been declining very fast . Whatever's happening to me it's been coming on for 15 years I believe adrenal fatigue is some kind of knock on effect of something else . Every food that I've cut out on adrenal fatigue website has helped dramatically . My doctor thinks I've fibromylalga and refered me to a few specialists

Pretoria, South Africa

#20 Sep 18, 2013
These comments are phenomenal! I have been ill for past 6 years. Including having to go through a pregnancy (my daughter is now 4) all the while thinking I am too ill to survive the birth. I was a bit better while breastfeeding and then worse again when I finished. I totally agree not having energy to do things with daughter. At my worst point my muscle weakness was so bad I could not get up one morning. It tooks hours for my strength to return enough to phone my husband to come home and help me.

I too in desperation and feeling like a total hyperchondriac with doctors refusing to acknowledge symptoms stumbled over the AF sites. I have only just started but can already see that the incorporation of Nuts and Sesame Oil to meals and including a teaspoon of Epsom salts in warm water at night has had a dramatic effect to my energy levels. Also lying horizontal to regain strength when having a low.

It makes me so so so angry that the doctors are ignoring this. There are so many of us with these symptoms...does anyone else feel this way?. Surely there must be something to it and surely with medical research this can be beat. I honestly have felt all along that it is not a mentally induced issue. Believe me I have had my fair share of lifes knocks. But I am still here, brain wants to do things, body wont co operate. I hate receiving pity and sympathy and my family have all but worked out schedules to work around mom and her undiagnosed, unexplained illness. I hate it. I feel like a burden on my family and just want to be myself again.

Its bad when we have to tell the bloody professionals to F Off and have to take matters into our own hands in googeland.

I think the most important thing is absolutely DONT GIVE UP, NO NEVER GIVE UP looking for answers. Thank God for the doctors worst nightmare the Internet because I have been able to at least cross things off the list of possibles. And I will keep going because to give up would be like giving up on my family my children which I am not willing to do....ever! And all of us should blog everytime we find any answers and together try to beat this!

I wish all of us healing, blessings, love and loads and loads of energy!!!!!

Richmond, VA

#21 Nov 28, 2014
Not surethane if this thread is still active...for everyone that has similar symptoms to the original post....look into magnesium deficiency....serum levels can be normal but can actually be low in the body. I've hadone extremem pa nice attacks and daily anxiety...along with really bad hyperhidrosis...all which lead to low magnesium levels...after tired of feeling like I was going to die every day I researched everything on the Web and found all the info that pointed to the same thing...magnesium deficiency. Have taken it the past two's like I have too much energy. Helps a lot with anxiety...doesn't completely get rid of panic attacks but greatly subdue them and makes them much more mild....

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