I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease about 7 months ago. I am taking Armour Thyroid and compounded testosterone. I feel exactly the same as I did wen i started, which is completely exhausted every day. That problem aside, I am now getting hypopigmented spots on my face. I went to the dermatologist and she thought it was Vitiligo since it is common with Hashimoto's. She took a biopsy of a spot and I got the stitches removed yesterday, but was not able to speak with the doctor. I was told that it is not Vitiligo or Tinea Versicolor. The lady told me that it was probably just hypopigmentation. I am waiting on a call from the doctor. I woke up with a new spot on my face. It there something that could be causing this? I have never had any trauma, peels, laser, or acne on my face to warrant the depigmentaiton. Could it be a combination of my medicine? I'm really freaking out about this. Btw, I am 37 years old.