Random White Hairs

Ranst, Belgium

#107 Jun 14, 2012
I also noticed one near my chest! it's about 5-6cm long, very thin and white lol and i'm mixed race... I thought I only had black hair, before seeing this white one today!

Laguna Niguel, CA

#108 Jun 16, 2012
I get one on my forehead! My boyfriend gets one random long blonde hair on his chest and on his arm and it drives me nuts!

Farmington, MI

#109 Jun 18, 2012
About me: female, age 21, filipino-american, 5'5", dark brown hair.

Last night I thought I had a thread on my upper left back (shoulder blade), went to pull it-- and it was attached to me! It hurt so freaking bad, it was a long thin white hair (NOT hard and plasticy), and was about 5-6 centimeters long. I've had this problem before, but it's never been that long or on my back. I usually find one that's about 2 centimeters long, but on my left breast. And another on my right nostril, but that one is never longer than half a centimeter.

United States

#110 Jun 28, 2012
Hmm wrote:
...I have grown increasingly fond of it.
I feel ya, not that this is related to the phenomenon, but I had two normal hairs near eachother on one arm! I called them Bing and Bob. However I do get these long hairs from time to time and my research lead me to believe that when some hair folicals die, they go super nova in a way. Thus causing the folical to over produce and create a freak, wispy hair. I have a fond memory of a few of them causing me to covet them for as long as I can remember. Witch can be upwards to 10 min, too a couple of days before I forget about them and misplace them. There just that thin!!!


#111 Jul 9, 2012
Well I'm female, 18, and I just grow onee single white hair on my cheek (in different places) about once every 2 months, if that. It doesn't hurt to pluck and it doesn't really bother me at all, I just put it down to the fact that im probably turning into a cat, and that is absolutely fine by me honestly.
cody james

Needham, MA

#112 Jul 10, 2012
Im a 21 year old male and ever since i was 6 years old i would randomly get an inch and a half white hair on the right side of my nose. Its always the same spot

Santa Ana, CA

#113 Aug 6, 2012
Hi guys! Just found this thread. I get one of these long white, almost invisible hair right in-between my....well, my boobs. It's pretty weird and gets very long if left alone. Just wanted to contribute!

Powder Springs, GA

#114 Aug 17, 2012
Morgellons Disease

Do a VERY thorough Candida Cleanse, Colon Cleanse, Heavy Metal Cleanse, restrict sugar, and go on a low-carb diet

Moline, IL

#115 Aug 25, 2012
oikitty3 wrote:
Lately about for the last three years, theres been this really random piece of white hair growing out the left side of my cheek. Im a cute asian girl and this is really bizarre. Cute asian girls are not suppose to experience sprouting a single strand of white hair. Its scaring me because after I pluck it, it grows back out. Is this a case of white hair syndome? Im only 16 years old and is this normal??
i do to
I am not the only one

Surrey, Canada

#116 Aug 27, 2012
I, like everyone else here, have these long see-through, super fine hairs sprout in various areas of my body. I noticed my first one in my early teens. It has now been 20 years.
The number of places they've shown up has increased (first one was on my back - shoulder blade - and was the ONLY one for about 5 years). Then the arm, then neck, then two on my chest.
What I can tell you is that they show up in the EXACT same spot.
I recently have suffered migraines (last 7 years), don't have any medical conditions that I know of (or food allergies, etc), no cysts/tumors that I know of.
So happy I'm not the only one....

Chatsworth, CA

#117 Aug 27, 2012
Its good to know that there are others like me who have these long transparent hair growth.

Wharton, NJ

#118 Aug 30, 2012
A few months ago I noticed one on my right shoulder blade and I plucked it. It came back the other day and again it came out easily when I pulled it. I noticed one on the back of my right arm today as well. Seems to be pretty common and we all seem to have them in similar spots. Funny how they sprout to be that long and are so delicate.

Cambridge, UK

#119 Sep 6, 2012
I get this too, it's like the natural downy hair on our bodies, only like over an inch and a half long! I get mine on my chest, and usually cannot see it unless the light is on it in the right way. I get it maybe once a year

Escondido, CA

#120 Sep 16, 2012
I get these long thin random white hairs too, sometimes in my eyebrows, or on my forehead, they are 3-4 inches long, pop up one at a time, and grow within the span of maybe an hour or less. I just pull them out, but I'm curious why they grow.

Sydney, Australia

#121 Sep 21, 2012
They call it the devils horn, in my tradition the longer you have it the more luck you will have so avoid plucking it

United States

#122 Oct 4, 2012
I get these too! Well, I never noticed it before, but I was just sitting on the couch, absentmindedly picking at my knees when I saw this really thin, plasticy clearish white hair on my knee. I pulled it out and then picked the area where it came out which looked like a hair bump. Like a goose bump. Then it started bleeding. What is it?

Westbourne Park, Australia

#123 Oct 11, 2012
Wow, I didn't think there were so many people with this!! I just wish I knew what it actually is...anyway, my mum reckons it's bad luck to pluck them haha

Graham, NC

#124 Oct 22, 2012
Javadrake wrote:
Im a 40 yr old African American male and I'm also a medical doctor. I've had a couple of single blonde hairs grow periodically from either my forehead or my forearm that I've noticed for the last several years. They seem to pop up virtually overnight. I always notice them at a full 2-3 inches long, though the night before I'm certain they weren't there.@Lena: these are not the lenugo hairs that you read about on google. The paraneoplastic syndrome you read about is quite different. Unfortunately, I don't know what causes these random fast growing blonde/white hairs, or if anyone has ever named this phenomenon. I'll wager there is a name for it though and I'm going to ask my dermatologist.

Hi Javadrake, Im glad I scrolled down to read your post because I was totally freaking out at the post about possible uterine, or breast cancer especially since I do not suffer from an eating disorder or on corticosteroids (?). My mom and I are both African American, and both get these long blonde single hairs appear straight in the middle of our foreheads. My child was trying to knock it off my head today thinking it was lint or something. I knew right then that it was this mysterious blonde hair. He asked me why did me and his grandma get these hairs, and I was like let me look it up, so here I am...

Los Angeles, CA

#125 Oct 29, 2012
Haha guys don't worry it's not a disease or anything, just not that significant so there's no actual study or explanation about it, that's all!

San Antonio, TX

#126 Oct 31, 2012
I have one on the left side of my stomach... It grows once every week its 6 inches long an I dont know what causes it..

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