Bump on nose

Ilford, UK

#557 Mar 6, 2012
Sez wrote:
Marie - it could be an angiofibroma, I have one too on the tip of my nose! Annoying, embarrassing etc!!
I have been to the doctors today and had minor surgery, they burnt it off and now time will tell im going through the healing process =) should be flat new smooth skin in a couple of weeks

Ilford, UK

#558 Mar 6, 2012
I'm seeing improvement already! its flat and after a warm wash its looks like it really is going to scab over and be smooth new skin!!!=)
James Wyman

Croydon, Australia

#559 Mar 14, 2012
Hey guys, I have something like this on the ridge of my nose, I remember when i first got it when i was traveling and it was this big red dot that just appeared one morning and quickly acted to get bigger. I tried to pop it because i thought it was a pimple but it was just a hard lump. This just made it bleed and look absolutely foul. I have never had such a downer on myself. I went to the dermatologist and they prescribed Bactobron which is a cream you put on it, it made the scabbiness of it go down from when i picked at it and it was a lot flatter yet it was still there for around another month.
It finally went away, and i always lived in fear it would return, and now it has, two months later.
It's the worst, its in the centre of my face, people say i look indian. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow but its just so unfair, i cant wear sunglasses everywhere and i shouldnt have to. There needs to be a quick and easy cure or procedure for dealing with this kind of stuff.
It ruins lives-it destroys any shred of self confidence, at least in my case.


#560 Mar 17, 2012
I also have a bump on my nose which is used to be a pimple . I did everything laser treatment, microdermabrasion , peeling and many more topical creams. But failed to get it removed :( right now I am using retin a gel but thats slow process. Hopefully it will go away one day.

Oakland, CA

#561 Mar 18, 2012
i got my removed and everything seem cool. use lemon and ribbon alcohol for at least two one week and you'll see the result..
James Wyman

Croydon, Australia

#562 Mar 21, 2012
I went to the doctor and he put me on Doxylin which is a skin anti biotic. He said I had a skin infection, that perhaps their was a blockage in the oil glands and it returned because it hadnt been cleared properly. Ive been on that for a week and its gone away, yet its left this abhorrent red patch, I prefer it to the big red lump but hopefully it goes away soon.
My biggest fear would be that it is scarring. Lets hope not. I'm seeing my doctor again today so I will have to ask him what he thinks. Thanks so much guys for your support and suggestions, I really appreciate it, and I hope it all works out for you Farah on that retin a gel. Let me know how it goes.

Raleigh, NC

#563 Mar 27, 2012
I have a red bump on the right side of my nose. It started out just an odd little bump (not even red)but a few days ago it turned red and got a tad bit bigger. I think its a blood clot, but i'm not sure I just wanted to know if it's what everyone is describing on this forum.
James Wyman

Waipahu, HI

#564 Mar 29, 2012
It sounds like it could just be a skin infection like mine, mine wasnt particularly red either until it got bigger. Definitely go to your doctor and let him have a look at it. He will be able to give you some antibiotics to clear it up if its a skin infection or what not, and if it is a blood clot as you say, he/she will no actually the procedure that needs to be done in
order to get that removed asap.
All the best with it.

Dover, DE

#565 Apr 4, 2012
One nightmy nose started to hurt but I just went back to sleep. The next morning there is a painful bumb on my nose. When I touch it or but hot water on the bumb it is very painful. I always get bumbs on my face. First bumb on my nose that hurts like this.


#566 Apr 6, 2012
Dan wrote:
I have the same problem you all listed above. I really really want to get rid of them. I have two on my nose that drive me crazy. About 6 years ago I went to a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. Both told me that they could be cut off, but it would leave a scar, so they said to not do it. I figure six years later there must be some laser treatment that can get rid of them. If anyone knows a procedure, please post it here.
I had a bump like this on my nose for years and hated it! I finally went to m dr and was referred to a dermatologist who couldn't do anything to help. So then got referred to a plastic surgeon. It was on the centre of my nose and becoming more noticeable. The surgeon was able to scrape or cut it out in 5 minutes and stitch it up perfectly the stitches dissolved and it healed with no visible scar!!! Beautiful job!

They tested I for cancer and it wasn't but said it was a form of (not sure of th medical term) that red nose thing old men get! I was horrified being a young girl. He said it may or may not come back .... So gross.

But anyways get a second opinion if they bother you a good surgeon should be able o do it without scars.

Good luck!

Swindon, UK

#567 Apr 16, 2012
Marie, let us know how you get on as I might go to the doctors and have the same thing done. My 2 year old nephew has started noticing the bump and saying 'what's that' and pointing at it!:o( Noooooo!
Liz Lemon

Cleveland, OH

#568 Apr 16, 2012
I have three bumps on my nose that have been there for years, one smack dab in the center and two very close above the first one. When I was 8, I started getting big red pimples on my nose, and it seemed like normal acne, but they never went away. Now they're just these weird, light pinkish bumps.(I'm 16 now...these things have been here for 8 years!)
My dermatologist has had me using retin-a cream which cleared up the entire rest of my face, but she doesn't know what to do about the bumps. She says they're not actually acne, but she doesn't know what to call them...she thinks I might need laser surgery. She says that since I started getting acne so young, the skin on my nose might have just kind of developed over the acne and somehow just kind of stuck like that.
She referred me to a facial cosmetic surgeon, so I'm going soon, but I really can't afford laser treatment so I really hope that's not what they say I have to do.

Has anyone else has this same problem, or something close? I've looked up pictures of different types of skin bumps, but they definitely don't look like angiofibroma or anything.

And does her theory about why the bumps are there seem logical, or should I get a second opinion? And is there anything cheaper than laser surgery that they might suggest?

Guwahati, India

#569 Apr 17, 2012
use "agiderm"(azeliac acid)cream during night, only on aafected parts i.e on the bumps, ulcer types, big acne type problem of face and nose,and watch the wonders

Shelbiana, KY

#570 Apr 18, 2012
I have recently developed a hard bump on the very tip of my nose. It's almost like a pimple, but it's skin colored and seems like it's under my skin. It isn't very noticeable but I notice it and it drives me crazy. I picked at it a few months back and it bled and bled, left a small scab on the tip of my nose but then it grew right back.

Today I went to a dermatologist. He said there was a cyst, and on 6/4 he made me an appointment to have surgery where he intends to numb my face and cut open the tip of my nose and remove the white cyst, and stitch it up. He said that it shouldn't ever come back and that the nose usually heals well and shouldn't scar. So I guess I'm going for it. He said if I left it alone, it would only just continue to grow and get worse and worse.

I'll come back afterwards and let you know how it goes.

Mililani, HI

#571 May 16, 2012
So i think i have the same thing too. It started in high school, it was a normal white head on my nose. i didnt pop it because i didnt want it to spread. i left it there for weeks it was nasty. Then one day i decided to pop it and it didnt work completley only some of white stuff came out. anyways it started repairing and it formed this skin colored bump on my nose. At first i thought it wasn't anything and didnt bother me because it was a small bump. Then over time i started getting pimples on my nose, i popped them this time, but the result was the same a skin colored bump. I don't know why I have had other pimples and they have never made small bumps after they went away. Anyways, long story short these things formed on my nose,i have five of them on one side. Im not sure they could be a cyst or something. I have an oily nose so maybe oil got trapped or something under my skin giving it that bumpy look. i will post a picture and maybe if you people have the same thing, and some advice to get rid of it that would be cool. the picture will be tomorrow if i get to it.

Kingston, Jamaica

#572 May 16, 2012
3stan wrote:
"Angiofibroma -- this is a small nodule or bump that is somewhat firm.
Furthermore, these bumps or nodules never go away and seem to grow slowly, but
steadily. Some are flesh tone in color, while others are pink to bright red.
The color depends on the degree of new blood vessel formation with the red
nodules having the greatest degree of blood vessels.
Just wondering my bump is exactly what was described above with the exception that mine at time softens a little and other looks as it gonna poop. It never softens (reduces) to skin level but remains protuding . It has stop grown a few months ago but it's a roller coast ride when it's gonna look like a over ripe zit ( the head of the bump is white looks like their cycst in it ) and when it will reduce a little. Does this describes an Angiofibroma ?

Kingston, Jamaica

#573 May 16, 2012
P.S- I was given antibiotics. It went down. Yeahh!!!! Then reappeared!!!:(

United States

#574 May 30, 2012
Heather wrote:
After reading all of your postings I think I may have the same problem. I have one of these unsightly bumps on the part of my eye between my nose and eye and another on my chin. They did start out pimple like but they are not popable (just filled with blood/not puss) <ok, this description is really gross-even better that's on my face> :-) When I did my own 'surgery' the inner parts of these bumps look sort of wart like. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Liquid nitrogen seems like a good option.
Thanks everyone...I know it sucks.

I have one in the same spot you've meantioned, right between the eye and the bridge of the nose. It's bothersome to no extent and I just wish it would go away.:/ this forum has so far helped a lot, but I don't have any money to get a procedure done. I've tried pinching it off with a tweezer-like toold, but it has sharp edges where the tweezer part is. After squeezin it awhile, it began to hurt a lot, so I quit...... Any suggestions?

Kitchener, Canada

#575 Jun 7, 2012
Hey I have one too. Hope it's not permanent but it hurts when I touch it!! Just rubbed some of this skin scab cream on it and before I put cold cloth on it and if felt better with cold
If it feels like a pimple/mosquito bite and stings do that. But yeah go to dermatologist for other cases!!!

Kitchener, Canada

#576 Jun 7, 2012
I also find just rub softly with scrub cloth and soap and water, but go "softly" and "gently" and don't rub too much; nose has sensitive skin!!

Do that like twice a day and water else a Dermatologist or Doc says

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