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#24 May 23, 2007
Hi, I have a bump in the centre of my nose I've had it for years now and its really starting to annoy me, as it looks like its getting bigger. It sounds very similar to what you guys have. I have tried to squeeze it but all it does is bleed and then keeps bleeding for days. Even my mam says it’s getting bigger. Wouldn’t dream of slicing it with a knife. My sister had a lump inside her nose which she got removed as it kept on bleeding but it has left a scar on her nose you can see from the outside and her nose has caved in slightly. Worried this might happen to me, if I get it cut off. Going to see doctor tomorrow. Can you let me know if the laser works. Thanks

Key Largo, FL

#25 Jun 2, 2007
Has anyone gotten it removed?

United States

#26 Jun 2, 2007
Hey guys, I posted here about a month ago saying I got the laser treatment to remove the bumps. Unfortunately the laser didn't help all that much. It made the bump slighly smaller, and reduced a little bit of the pigmentation, but it's still there, as annoying as ever.

The dermatologist said he could try to cortorize it with a hot surgical knife, but I haven't gotten around to trying that yet. Once I'm a little less busy at work I will try that and let you all know how it goes.

Key Largo, FL

#27 Jun 4, 2007
alright good luck dan keep us informed please

Cheney, WA

#28 Jun 5, 2007
After reading all of your postings I think I may have the same problem. I have one of these unsightly bumps on the part of my eye between my nose and eye and another on my chin. They did start out pimple like but they are not popable (just filled with blood/not puss) <ok, this description is really gross-even better that's on my face> :-) When I did my own 'surgery' the inner parts of these bumps look sort of wart like. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Liquid nitrogen seems like a good option.
Thanks everyone...I know it sucks.

Tokyo, Japan

#29 Jun 10, 2007
yea i have twi bumps on both sides of my nose. it used to be a pimple but now its just a skin-colored bump and ive had it for about 4 years and it wont go away. i duno why...i really wanna get rid of it!!!


#30 Jun 11, 2007
In response to Dan, I had it quaterized, last about three months and the dermatologist told me to try laser if that did not work. The bump feel different but it is still there. You would think that with all the high tech stuff these days it could be sorted.


#31 Jun 22, 2007
Just to give you all an update, I am going for it, laser treatment tomorrow. I am absolutely desperate what to do and this really is the last resort for me. I had it cut out four years ago, quaterized last year I am hoping this is the answer. Watch this space I will report back.

Philadelphia, PA

#33 Jun 29, 2007
yeah i have it to
and im 13 and it sucks
and i went to a demertoligist
they corirized it and lazered it
i had it on the tip of my nose
and it went away when the cortiriezed it or what ev
but it came back a little higher on my nose
and they lazered it and it came back bigger .
but yeah im getting it removed in a few weeks

Thornhill, Canada

#34 Jul 3, 2007
My problem is sort of similar to everyone else's. I do have a red bump on my nose and it doesn't hurt when I don't touch it but if I did kind of push on it, it will hurt a little bit. How ever it's only been around for maybe a week or so but I did have one a long time ago and almost in the same place. It's just red, and it's not like a pimple and doesn't have a white center to it. If anyone knows what it is and could maybe tell me how i can get rid of it fast it would be very much appreciated:)

Roanoke, VA

#35 Jul 7, 2007
hey, I have one too at the bottom left side of my nose. At first, I didn't really mind it because I thought it would go away. But now, after a year, is starts to get bigger. I noticed that it got bigger because I felt a weird sensation on that area (vibration like)before the day that it got bigger. Whenever I look at the mirror, it always irritates me because my nose is not equal anymore. My left side is a little bit bigger than my right. I really wish my nose will be back to normal :D

Paris, France

#36 Jul 10, 2007
have just read all these comments with interest as yesterday I had a hard bump shaved off the side of my nose. I'd been told by a dermatologist some years ago (i've had it for about 10 years) that he could shave it off and I would have a flat white circle instead of a raised white bump. Yesterday I had it done and now i seem to have a crater where the bump was - and my gut feeling is it's going to look worse this way. Any comments?

Pharr, TX

#37 Jul 12, 2007
I just pick it off with some sharp object >.< sounds primitive, heh. When it's in its early stages it hurts less I guess.

Roanoke, VA

#38 Jul 18, 2007
How can you guys pick it off if its a lump and not a zit or pimple?

San Francisco, CA

#39 Jul 21, 2007
life sucks sometimes,
i am only 19 and i am never out in the sun or anything, and i have a bump on the tip of my nose.
sucks sucks sucks
with all their fancy technology you would think something could be done. They can give people nose jobs, boob jobs, and lipo suction, but they cannot take off a little bump without cutting it off by laser or knife, the most primitive of methods.
there is worst that can happen, i guess. but this still sucks.
you guys feel my pain. i love you guys.

San Francisco, CA

#40 Jul 21, 2007
Dan has not told us the result of his operation, maybe his laser treatment worked and he lived happily ever after..

Angier, NC

#41 Jul 23, 2007
I don't get acne anymore, but I do have those bumps. I've been having those bumps since middle school. Now I'm 21 years old. >_> They cover my whole nose, which now looks like freaking moon.

Anyway, I'm going to see a derm about it as soon as possible. I'm going to do everything possible to get rid of this crap, even if I have to resort to plastic surgery.

Cupertino, CA

#42 Jul 24, 2007
thatblackguy wrote:
I don't get acne anymore, but I do have those bumps. I've been having those bumps since middle school. Now I'm 21 years old. >_> They cover my whole nose, which now looks like freaking moon.
Anyway, I'm going to see a derm about it as soon as possible. I'm going to do everything possible to get rid of this crap, even if I have to resort to plastic surgery.
wat do your bumps look like?
omg, i have to get a girlfriend before i get more bumps on my nose!

Arcueil, France

#43 Jul 25, 2007
Two weeks after bump was shaved off. Gone forever - no scar just a little residual redness that will go with time. YAY

San Francisco, CA

#44 Jul 25, 2007
I have a bump on my nose, i have acne, and my eyes are always bloodshot. hmmm..

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