Bump on nose

Webster, NY

#185 Nov 19, 2008
Megan Leonard wrote:
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I have the same thing - a small bump so conveniently placed on the left edge of the end of my nose for everyone to see! It looks like a pimple and I thought that's what it was when it appeared about 5 YEARS AGO! I squeezed it a few times to try to get rid of it, but it always just heals back into the hard bump. I just went to a dermatologist this week, and he said he could remove it but that might cause a dent or dimple. He is now having me try putting some topical gel on it every night for a month. I will most likely go to a plastic surgeon to get a second opinion. In this day and age, you'd think they'd be able to do something!
I have the same problem and i was advised to go to plastic surgeon by my dermatologist. And, i happen to have 6 of thses suckers on nose. lets hope i can finally get rid of them after 6 years

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#186 Nov 19, 2008
hey x
im only 15 but i have a similar problem to most people who have left a comment. I have a raised bump, obviously it has to be on the end of my nose where EVERYONE can see it. Make-up overs up the redness of it but you can deffiniatley tell its there as it is raised. Because of this 'little' problem i have hardly any self confidence in my self, i hate looking at boys because im scared of what they will think and it also upsets me because my doctor won't give me any advice. Im going to try this suggestion and hopefully it works, without too much pain =/. Is there any other way in wich i can try to get rid of it. If this helps then when i press the spot down it turns white and dissapears but when i let go it goes back red and raises again. Thanks :)

Bronx, NY

#187 Nov 19, 2008
so.. my bump went away!! i did the vinegar treatment.. im so glad i read this it was to the point i was going to cry i was so sad for like a month cuz of that bump.. it was gross tho the last day i did it.. im just rubbing vinegar on it with a q tip and stuff starts coming out.. it was like clear stuff (almost like a pimple, but def not one) everyone just do the vinegar treatment!! it does go away

San Antonio, TX

#188 Nov 19, 2008
fez wrote:
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I have the same problem and i was advised to go to plastic surgeon by my dermatologist. And, i happen to have 6 of thses suckers on nose. lets hope i can finally get rid of them after 6 years
hey fez you should save yourself a good amt of money & try the vinegar method it really does wrk i was skeptic myself but i had nuthn to lose & it paid off well good luck

Cedar Lake, IN

#189 Nov 20, 2008
Dmoney >>

Using the thyme oil did not cause really ANY bleeding at all. The thyme oil actually burns shut the capillaries as soon as you apply it so your left with like a dead layer of skin on top.

I did however have to repeat the steps every day for about a week to get rid of it completely. but there was no bleeding and it looks like I most likely wont have a scar...

just take it slowly though cause if you rub too hard then you will definitely remove alot of skin and leave you with skin that is really pinkish in color. the dead skin kinda creates a natural band-ade that is not to conspicuous.

Huntsville, AL

#190 Nov 21, 2008
I'm not sure if i'm having the same problem as you guys/gals. When I met my girlfriend about 2 years ago, she was obsessed with popping my blackheads on my nose. LoL; so she went at it, squezing my nose harder than it had ever been squeezed, day after day about 6 months. It hurt really bad, but she said, "It was fun"... Again, LOL!

Well one morning about a year and a half ago, my nose itched really a whole lot. I've always used my palm to relieved this itchiness, and shortly afterwards; what looked like a pore on my nose started bleeding really badly. It looked like a pimple on this portion of my nose. I thought it looked like a pimple, but my girlfriend told me that she had something like that underneath her nose below her nostril that she says, "never repaired", and said that mine wouldn't either, and that "it was blood vessel(s), too close to the skin". Blood filled up & dried underneath the skin around the pore, and I was left with a small red dot on my nose.

Last week I went to the tanning bed, and this red dot on my nose just got really red! It got hard and I just barely rubbed it, and it popped off, and started bleeding again really badly.

After reading this thread; I decided to treat this myself as it was bleeding, and I got some QTIPS, and some Melaluca Oil (80% TeaTree Oil). And cleaned it really well using the QTIP. When I released pressure from the QTIP, I saw the area around the pore filling up with blood, so I decided to keep pressure on it for an hour or so. When I released it; the dot was much smaller and was strictly red at the point of the pore.

I saw Rex's guide, and figured I just need to clean it; which I did with Tea Tree oil. This stuff is amazing against rashes from Poision Ivy/Oak/Sumac. I had a huge rash on my butt that looked like from a spider bite, rubbed it on; and viola. Just worked like a charm. You can pick up tea Trea oil from Walmart/CVS, or whatever and at least give it a try. Be careful not to use it too religiously because it dries your skin out after multiple applications over a few days.

Huntsville, AL

#191 Nov 21, 2008
For my above post; I forgot to mention that my dot is much smaller now, but it has a small scab right now. I will not pick it, but i'm going to keep neosporin on it for a couple of more days, let it do run its' coarse. I'll keep you guys updated on my condition in a few days; Good luck to everyone and their conditions. I know our situations are seriously ****** up, but keep your chin up.

Overall, best advice i've seen on this thread is keep cleaning with natural remedies & QTIPS work the best.

Bellevue, NE

#192 Nov 23, 2008
Me tooo!

Singapore, Singapore

#194 Dec 1, 2008
hey, anyone who tried the Q tip thingy and completed the process. Please tell us how did the skin turn out after the scab falls off. thanks!

Waltham, MA

#195 Dec 2, 2008
Georgiee wrote:
If this helps then when i press the spot down it turns white and dissapears but when i let go it goes back red and raises again. Thanks :)
I'm pretty sure what that means is that it's not anything to be worried about.

Yeah, I've had a bump on the right side of my nose, in that side-crevice, for four years. It might be a mole under the skin, but my dermatologist tried lancing/cauterizing it but said he didn't use a big enough needle and that a bigger one would hurt too much (when I told him nothing would hurt too much, he still refused, which I take to mean that it would scar.) He said it was, like, an oil pocket under my skin or some inflamed oil gland or something like that. He also pointed out other ones that I have on my nose that I hadn't noticed - basically what they are is they're making my nose look more wavy than smooth.

... I'm going to walgreens to go buy all sorts of these oils and vinegars and fancy things like "neosporin" that I've seen on here. Awesome advice!

Aurora, CO

#196 Dec 6, 2008
after doing some looking up on the net I think I have sebaceous hyperplasia and that sucks! I am going to see a doctor at a skin clinic to see what he says. I did use the vineger trick on one of my bumps and its alot smaller now I dont thik its going to scar still a bit redish in but I have brown skin so I think it was a good idea so far.

Singapore, Singapore

#197 Dec 6, 2008
some derms say its seba hyperplasia some say its hypertrophic scarring some say its oil bumps..
o well..
im currently tring the vinegar method...

1st day : turned red
2nd day (today): slight bleeding...

what should i apply to the wound?

Singapore, Singapore

#198 Dec 7, 2008
day 3 : nothing =x

San Antonio, TX

#199 Dec 8, 2008
hey whats goin on zen you really wont see any results until the 5th or 6th day as for me i used neosporin everytime after i would use the vinegar now once the 6th day came i stopped using the vinegar & i used neosporin the next 2 days then stopped to let it scab but by this time it will be a skin scab not a bloody scab

oh & make sure to put a bandaid over night & as much as the day possible

Singapore, Singapore

#200 Dec 9, 2008
hey..icic. thanks mate!

cant wait for the 5th or 6th day ;D

all the best to every1 whos puttin vinegar on their nose too! cheers =p

Singapore, Singapore

#202 Dec 10, 2008
day 5: nothing!

gettin a lil impatient =xx

San Antonio, TX

#203 Dec 10, 2008
keep in mind it might be a different time frame for diff people just be patient u can also try doing it 3 times a day wouldnt hurt anything

Singapore, Singapore

#204 Dec 11, 2008
oh.. but im afraid of scarring tho .

Aurora, CO

#205 Dec 12, 2008
I used white vinagar next time i will use 75%white 25% water. i was thinking i burned my noses bad but i used neo and its good. I went to the derm and they said they would use a co2 laser on my face I have dark skin half filp but the down side is it will be $6000 usd for the 3 c02 lazers but he said it would come out nice for now I will just save $$$ a bit and buld up my paid time off from work so I dont go out looking like a freak! because it will take about 2-3 weeks to of chilling at the house after the co2. I think I will do the vinagar on the big ones after christmas I dont want to freak out the famliy with a big scab on my nose. I plan to take at least week off of work when I do it.

Singapore, Singapore

#206 Dec 12, 2008
$6k? ouch

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