Tiny pustules on one foot

Benfleet, UK

#42 Oct 20, 2009
Having developed plantar pustules in a small cluster first on the bottom of my right foot 6/12 ago and more recently in the symmetrical proition on the left on the medial border of the paltar fascia an inch behind the weight bearing area of the big/2nd toe interspace, with the clear fluid content as described above, I realise in hindsight that for some years I have had similar much smaller lesions on the contact areas between some toes, usually 1 & 2 I recall. No idae re diagnosis or treatment, but it's good to read its not just me!!!

Falls Church, VA

#43 Nov 4, 2009
I have had the same tiny pustule clusters on the center of the soles of my feet and have found that using Selenium Sulfide on the affected area works very well. My doctor had prescribed Selenium Sulfide shampoo for a case of severe itchy, red bumpy scalp and dandruff which it quickly alleviated so I decided I would try it on my feet. After taking a bath, shower or soaking the feet in warm water for a few minutes (to open the pores), I would apply Selenium Sulfide shampoo to the clustered areas on the bottom of my feet with a cotton ball and let sit for five to ten minutes before rinsing off. Selenium Sulfide shampoo looks and dries quickly much like calamine lotion on the skin. I would do this once or twice a day and within a few days the pustules would be completely dried up leaving the little dry brown spots.

Falls Church, VA

#44 Nov 4, 2009
...to add to my last post: The prescription strength Selenium Sulfide is 2.5% as compared to the 1% Selenium Sulfide found in over the counter shampoos such as Head and Shoulders. Good luck!

Marietta, GA

#45 Feb 10, 2010
I have been having this problem since Augus 09 I had some brand new socks and put them on and went to church and when I got home I had a few little bumps with clear fluid that was itching like crazy. Ringworm cream did not work, nothing seemed to work but this: I soaked my foot in warm water with bleach in it.I kept it dry with,I put blue star cream on it and wore white socks it eventually dried out. When you buy new things you are suppose to wash it first!

Ottawa, Canada

#46 Mar 15, 2010
I had this show up after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I was told it was a fungus (way to go military medicine!), but it didn't respond that well as my feet were always in boots, always sweating.

Topical and oral steroids helped (Dexalocal and Meticorten), and back in Canada they disappeared for a few years. I recently went to Fort Irwin in California (again, hot weather and sweaty feet in boots), and those little pustules are back again.

I always assumed that I got them from the showers in Kandahar (they're filthy). I do wonder sometimes whether it's contagious or not...

No matter what though, don't pop 'em or you'll just end up with more, and have them spread.

Reservoir, Australia

#47 Apr 9, 2010
Definitely Dyshidrosis/Pompholyx

I have had these for quite some time.

My conclusion [re my experience];
1. Heat brings them on eg closed shoes, hot weather, nylon sox.
2. Disruption to health ie stress or ill health lowers resistance to them [note; this includes gastrointestinal issues]
3. The fluid within the pustules can be contagious.
4. Often accompanied by other dermatological conditions eg skin allegies or sensitivities

My opinion - may be managed with reference to peoples' suggestions as stipulated above but cannot be cured.

Athens, OH

#48 May 2, 2010
I've had the same problem. Nothing I use has worked. They're clear bubbles, and sometimes small clusters will have a redness around them. In small areas of skin like the tips of the toes, the can become sore and I pop them. Clear fluid comes out but dries very quickly and then the area becomes dry. I've had it on both feet but my left more then the right. I've also had it occur on the tips of my fingers.
Has anyone found something that works??

Ramsgate, Australia

#49 Jun 6, 2010
I noticed small blisters on the sole of my left foot about 3 months ago but now THEY ARE GONE!

They were very persistent at first and fungal cremes didn't work. Then I was listening to a callback radio show and someone called in with a solution for tinea. A little research on the internet lead me to believe this was also a form of tinea....so I gave this guys advice a try and it worked almost overnight. Next day my skin was flakey and dry and after about a month everything was back to normal. You might think this a little gross, but this guys advice was to urinate on the infected area when you have a shower. I swear it has worked for me.

United States

#50 Jun 7, 2010
Some of the previous posts have mentioned a connection with gastrointestinal issues. I might suggest suggest looking into gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, as these have a long list of associated skin disorders and related symptoms. There have been some pretty strange afflictions traced back to gluten sensitivities. This may be because it compromises your immune system. Check this out especially if you have other skin disorders or gut issues.

Canton, MI

#51 Jun 19, 2010
I have had this for a few years now. Same as stated, same one foot, tip of toe, between toes, bottom of foot, never on top of feet or ankles. I don't have any other health issues, no GI, no herpes. I went to the derm a few years ago and they said they weren't sure what it was and gave me a referral to a specialist and suggested I don't wash my sox with bleach and use a steroid cream. Both did nothing to help and by the time i was able to go to the specialist, I cancelled the appointment because I wasn't in the middle of a breakout. I too have thought it to be viral the way it comes and goes. I have also found that if I try to leave them alone when they are full they become really sore, which causes me to want to pop them. Then as stated the skin in that area becomes very dry and flaky. Its weird, I don't think there is much to do about it. Does anyone notice if they feel over tired during an outbreak?

London, UK

#52 Jun 21, 2010
Just started with this - been told pompholyx or the pustular dermatitis mine seemed to come up after I ran around the garden barefoot and pricked myself, its so itch and painful riend has chicken pox - any connection there feel so fed up cos nothing relieves it - to pop or not to pop - agh

Alpine, CA

#53 Jun 25, 2010
Whoa!!! I've been looking all over the net for an answer. Imagine that, I get the answer from other people suffering from it, NOT all the dermotologist sites I've been to.
I am a noob so to speak. About 9 days ago I had a horrible itch in the arch of my right foot. I had to remove my shoe and sock it itched so bad. It was a perfect little clear bubble. It hurt like hell but I popped it anyways, Two days later another one appeared a half inch away, The one I popped earlier was now more pink than clear but it was "refilled" too. I know have a third. The two I popped are going away it appears, Still pink and tender though. I think I will be leaving the third one ALONE!!!

Croydon, UK

#54 Jul 9, 2010
i started getting athletes foot 18 months ago,(probably to do with my sons retu8rn from uni !!)but these pustules appeared after I pulled a cats claw from my footand wont go away ,any-one had similar experience and what worked to get rid of them

Singapore, Singapore

#55 Jul 25, 2010
I'm 32 & hv been suffering from pompholyn from 2005 and continuously since.
Had it on my feet & fortunately not on my hands.
The only thing i could've done previously was to prick the blister pustules, dry them and use a steriod cream so it dries quickly. But they come back somewhere else again and again.

Sick of the medical community telling me that causes of Ecezma is unknown, hence a cure not possible, so I've decided to try something really illogical & strangely it has worked.
Well at least there hasn't been a relapse for the past 3 mths, so here my method:-

- In a small pail of water, prepare enough to cover the feet.
- Add in 1/2 a capful of common Bleach.(yes, bleach used for laundry). Really don't suggest you use more bleach than i do as I don't know if excessive amounts will attack your skin.
- Soak my feet in it for between 10 - 15mins & wash them throughly afterwards under a running tap. Dry throughly.
- I did this just about once every 1-2 weeks.

The pustules never came back, & I've found that the skin condition has returned to normal as what they used to be before I've suffered from this 5 years ago. No more dry & cracked skin on the balls of the feet and around the nails.

I'm sure i've suffered from Pompholyn & not fungal infection as i've consulted a couple of doctors for the past 5 years and they all tell me the same thing.
Besides I've always spend more than 1/2 of my days bare footed at home & on non-work days in slippers or sandals when I leave home. Shower 2-3 times a day.

I hope by sharing, this will help all your guys out there, if not just a few.
Should this work for you, do spread the word & leave the doctors continuing to scratch their heads. Maybe they should investigate more on the blister fluid, look at it under a microscope or swab it on a petri dish for culture or something. Just stop telling us that they've no idea!

Well .. Good luck!

Highgate Hill, Australia

#56 Aug 4, 2010
I have it too, on both feet. It's called palmoplantar pustulosis. It's an auto-immune disease brought on by smoking.
It sucks!

Lompoc, CA

#57 Aug 12, 2010
Hello All,
Yes, I too have been having the same symptoms. I just got done popping one, Yuk! The blister that I popped was about 1/4” long and 3/16” wide. If I don’t get one big pustule, I get about three or four small ones together. I am 31 years old now, and I have had them for about 13 years. I also know they were not sexually transmitted, because I was still a virgin when they first began showing up. If anyone knows what this is called or what they are from I would greatly appreciate it.
ok now

Kansas City, MO

#58 Oct 22, 2010
i've had boil type bumps on my feet for 12 yrs. they fill w/water type puss and itch, i pop them and over 1-2 weeks they dry up and disappear. they usually hurt a little when i walk before i pop them and for 1-2 days after. i never know when i will get them or how many i will get. dr. said some kind of eczema and not to worry! so dont!!!
Zoey M

Mchenry, IL

#59 Mar 12, 2011
I see to have the same issue, although its only ever 1-3 of the tiny pustules at the time. I don't recall having this disorder until I had herpes. Two other people here seem to have it to, so I'm beginning to wonder if it is somehow related?
Looking over the link someone sent, it doesn't seem like the two would be related, but who knows.

United States

#60 Apr 1, 2011
I just read about "Dyshidrotic Eczema".. you might want to check it out
It is a type of eczema only seen on palms, soles, and sides of fingers and toes.

here are two websites that talk about it


Fort Worth, TX

#61 Apr 10, 2011
I've had the same problem in my right foot for a year now. They are small tiny clusters, and when on drys out and goes away, another cluster will appear. It just moves around all over my foot and I do not know what it is. I went to a dermatoligist who said it was warts and painfully burned off the larger ones (which didn't make sense, becuase she left the small ones alone??). It was a complete waste of time, money and very painful. The tiny bumps are still there.
I then went to a pediatrist, who did a skin biopsy. Results were negative for a-typia, and viruses. So I still don't know what it is....:(

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