Weird prickly skin

Abbotsford, Canada

#980 Mar 29, 2011
I had the problem as well. Detox, make your body more alkeline (not acidic) and find a way to control your stress and anxiety. I also went to a accupuctorist and he had seen the problem before.

It does go away.

Orangeville, Canada

#981 Apr 3, 2011
I have had this prickly skin problem for four years on and off. It is unbelievably annoying to say the least. I have to tell you that I know for certain that this is anxiety related. It is your body's( central nervous system especially) dealing with over stimulation due to stress and anxiety. When you are stressed your body releases hormones in response to that stress, and when the body is overloaded with these stress hormones the body can no longer cope. The higher the stress stimulation the more difficulty the body has returning to it's normal state. So in short your central nervous system is overloaded with stress and is letting you know you need to calm down. Practise good relaxation techniques, positive self talk, and get as much rest as possible and your central nervous system will eventually return to it's healthy state and the itchy prickly sensations will go away. It does take a while for this to happen, please be patient ( because if you let it bother you this keeps you frustrated and anxious which in turn keeps your CNS over stressed and symptoms of itchy prickly skin continue). Stress can cause our bodies to experience all sorts of strange feelings and sensations. If you need to know more about anxiety and how debilitating it can be please visit , there are loving caring people there to help you through these feelings, or you can just read a vast amount of information on thier website that can really help.
Hope this helps and good health to all of us.

Belgrade, Serbia

#982 Apr 4, 2011
Tammy wrote:
<quoted text>
Just curious if your symptoms have gotten better since you went on the Candida cleanse?
I didn't have those symptoms lately. However, I experienced them two months ago when my Candida results came back negative, so I don't know what to think. Don't know if it is completely Candida-related, or Candida contributed to those symptoms, or the cause was something else...

Elmhurst, IL

#983 Apr 5, 2011
Penny wrote:
Sounds like most of you with itchy and prickly skin have Aquagenic Pruritis.
This is a skin condition with no rash, but extremely itchy, especially after showering, bathing, sweating. Not many doctors or dermatologists have heard of this condition.
Google it and you will read about it.
There is a support group on Yahoo called Aquagenic skin, just google yahoo groups, you will have to join up, its free, but extremely helpful, you will learn to live with it until they find a cure.
I just googled Aquagenic Pruritis, the entire time I was reading about it I was like "Oh my God, that's me!" Thank you so much for posting this, all these years I thought I had allergies to different soaps or laundry detergents. I've been to several doctors and two dermatologists and none of them ever suggested this. Again, I can't thank you enough for informing me of this condition.


#984 Apr 6, 2011
This is my story. Back in February of 2010 if came off of an anti-anxiety medication that I was on for 11 years. I felt ok except for some dizziness and nausea. In the beginning of July 2010, I was still feeling this way so decided it may be the birth control so ceased taking this also after 10 years. I had some really bad anxiety attacks in July which lasted a couple of months until my body regulated it's way some how. The beginning of August, exactly one month after getting off the birth control, I started developing internal tingling in my legs, feet, arms and hands along with restless leg syndrome. The beginning of September, exactly 2 months after getting off the birth control I developed the prickling/burning sensation in my legs. I noticed it at first when I put on a pair of yoga pants that I had worn hundreds of times before that when they all of a sudden felt as if they were biting my legs. Felt terrible. It is now April 2011 and i am still dealing with the prickling which has now progressed all over my body. It is getting in the way of everything, my social life etc because it feels terrible to put clothing on my body. Throughout the winter I spent so many evenings sitting on the couch on a soft blanket wearing only shorts and a tank top. I was freezing, freaked out and angry. I have had all kinds of blood tests, had and MRI and and Evoked Potentials test to rule out MS. It all came back clear. The end of December i decided to try going back on the birth control to see if the prickling would subside (perhaps it's hormonal). But...nothing changed. The middle of January I decided with the guidance of my naturopath to start the candida diet so... i took out all sugars, alcohol, gluten and sugary fruits from my diet. My energy improved and from time to time the prickly feeling felt a bit better but it is still there and very apparent. What on earth is this??!! I noticed after going on vacation to Hawaii for a week and going off the diet, eating lots of sugar the pricklies became much worse. Also, I just got a cold yesterday and since then then pricklies have gotten worse again. I also feel like i have a numbness and coldness in my lower legs which almost feels like bad blood circlulation. Maybe that's it? So weird! My fiance and I spend alot of time outside (hiking and camping) so i was thinking perhaps I should even get checked for Lyme disease, i'm currently treating for candida and trying to detox my body. Not sure if the medications i was on for all of those years are still trapped inside my body and trying to escape through my skin (if my liver is overworked). I just don't know. I am getting married in 5 months and just want to feel normal again! So tired of jumping back and forth trying to figure out what this all is. It's exhausting and really takes over your life..:(

United States

#985 Apr 10, 2011
Hey everyone,
I have exactly what is being described here, but just upper-body, and I really think it's anxiety-related. However, I went to a suit store to buy a coat, and the shirt I wore gave me a horrible rash. I took the shirt off and the rash went away. Ever since I've been getting this prickly skin whenever I feel my body-temp fluctuate.
Why I think it's anxiety: I am graduating college and trying to find a job in a difficult market. I'm trying to network, get my interview skills down, dealing with final papers, girl issues, and on top of that my favorite sports team may have just f-ed up their chances at palyoffs, and these pricks are coming harder than ever.
I'm going to the beach to relax now, I suggest everyone tries meditation, and maybe daily naps, find your peace of mind that I have have recently lost. Also (not joking here), "magic mushrooms" are known to cure chronic headaches derived from stress and anxiety. This will be a last resort for me, but they are known to give serious peace of mind. For those who are out of options, I recommend seeking these out.
M Lowery

Barnham, UK

#986 Apr 11, 2011
I too googled Aquagenic pruritis and everything it says is exactly what i have, i am now convinced that is what i have, i will mention it to my doctor next time she gives me anti depressants for this condition. I now put oil in the bath and cover my skin in diprobase moisturiser and it makes a big difference. Thankyou Penny for that info.

Victoria, Canada

#987 Apr 11, 2011
Sean - I am going to see a Chinese Medicine Doctor in a couple weeks. Could you please send me the prescription that your chinese medicine doctor gave you? My email is [email protected]

Sean wrote:
Hi everyone first post here. I noticed some people having similar symptoms as me. When I take a hot shower my skin prickles. When I am about to sweat my skin prickles as well. AC helps alot. Humid weather makes it worse. Anyway to cut to the chase I went to see a Chinese doctor over the summer because of advice from a friend of mine and changed my lifestyle slightly and I have been free from my symptoms ever since. The doctor prescribed some traditional medicine which is said to increase blood flow. It has an immediate effect. After 5 days my prickling was gone. It was easy to tell since I no longer had problems after hot showering. I also started to excercise more afterwards (mostly swimming). My diet did not change much. I took Centrum for a calcium boost because calcium is said to work against histamine however I forgot to eat it for nearly 2 weeks so I dont think that was what cured my problem though it might have helped. Anyway moral of my story is to seek some other medicinal help. Iv always swore by western medicine because of its technological advancement. However I couldnt deny that other medicinal practices has lasted for thousands of years and they must have some validity if they were passed down for so long. One of the major reason I went to see a traditional Chinese doctor was I was in China at the time and thought I had nothing to lose. Im not sure where to find good Chinese doctors in the US but Im sure they can be found. I can provide the prescription that was given me if needed.

Victoria, Canada

#988 Apr 14, 2011
I just found your post! I also had a tetanus shot (after splitting my head open)and my prickling started a few days later!! Never even thought of that...
Jane wrote:
I too suffer from a burning sensation on my skin. It feels like a really bad sunburn or frostbite when its warming up.....cold but burning. There is no rash ... nothing visible. It started 17 years ago when I was on Naproxen (an anti-inflammatory medication) and left me with environmental (chemical) sensitivity. I went totally unscented in everything at home and on my person and family and I have been able to cope with it. It seemed to dissipate somewhat so that I could cope. But it started up again with real force this summer and has slowly gotten really bad over the fall. I have tried everything to get rid of it with no success. Doctors do not know what to suggest ... they are at a loss. I had a Tetanus shot in August and found out later that I did not need it cause I had one in 2004 (you are only supposed to get one every 10 years) so the Doctor thinks it might be a bad reaction to the Tetanus shot. I also was taking an Aspirin a day for back pain for the last few months and in July I had two steriod shots in my fingers for a trigger finger condition. So I now suspect an anti-inflammatory reaction which the Aspirin and steriod shots both are. I especially suspect this as I was on an anti-inflammatory when it started 17 years ago. Perhaps it is everything ... the Tetanus shot and the anti-inflammatories .... total body overload as they call it. Also I was on Estrogel for HRT which could add to body overload as well.
When I went to the Environmental Medicine doctor 17 years ago, he put me on a yeast-free diet and tested me for all sorts of food allergies. I also took Nystatin which helps to eliminate yeast from the body. It took awhile but after about 2 months it did help the burning sensation to minimize. I don't have many food allergies except to corn and eggs ...... I was eating a lot of corn this fall ... another bad thing for me to do ... adding to body overload.
So I have put myself back onto the yeast-free diet and eliminated all food allergens etc. I am drinking tons of water because if it is too many tetanus antibodies in my system the doctor says they are eliminated via the kidneys. I try to exercise and get lots of fresh air. Sometimes baking soda baths help. I tried epsom salt baths as well. I am not sure there is any lasting effect with the baths but they feel good at the time. I and my family use only unscented products which includes creams, shampoos, detergents, soaps, deordorants, household cleaning products, etc. I stopped taking all and every medication I was on and am now hoping and praying that my body will recover and the burning sensation will stop.
This is a long message but I include everything in case it helps anyone or in case anyone else can relate to the anti-inflammatory/tetanus shot/estrogel possible cause???? What about the rest of you? Can you relate the start of your symtoms to a Tetanus shot or ant-inflammatory??
Charles A

Glendale, AZ

#989 Apr 19, 2011
I too have suffered from the itchy prickly (with no visible rash) all over my body from top to bottom including my eyeballs for about 4-5 years now. Lately I have found relief in a dental appliance. I grind my teeth when I sleep and I started using it, consistantly, every night to protect my very flat teeth as my dentist advised. He said when a persons molars come into contact at night (if you're a grinder) it can signal the brain to clench down with greater force than one normally would while awake because you consciously wouldn't bit down as hard. The way the appliance works is that the only teeth that come in contact with the plastic appliance are the front teeth thereby signaling the brain NOT to clamp down as hard as to not break the front teeth and not putting the heavy duty temple muscles into action. I am not selling or promoting any specific product, just passing along which at this point seems to be helping me with this ANNOYING problem. If you grind your teeth at night really consider this post.

Beaverton, OR

#990 Apr 20, 2011
wow, I have to say it is a relief to find this site. I have been suffering from this for several years. but typically very rarely. I think it must be an anxiety things as recently I lost a brother, two best friends, dog, breakup and car accident. then moved across the country. Thought I was going nuts b/c as everyone else has mentioned there were no spots on my skin. allergy medicine didn't seem to work. I've had spells in line at the grocer and while hiking. I began using cold compresses to help and also smacking portions that prickled. sort of worked. but now I think I will attempt yoga or tai chi to de-stress. along with some homeopathic anti anxiety measures. good luck!

Aberdeen, WA

#991 May 2, 2011
I've posted on here before. My chiropractor said the itch was coming from the central nervous system, and wanted me to see a neurologist, which I did today. He said my problem is NOT neurological; he ordered blood tests. He did notice that I have anxiety, as my fingers move all the time. I can't keep my hands still. I've had this problem for years though. If the blood tests don't show anything that could be causing it, (the itch) I will just have to live with it. The hydroxyzine helps me quite a bit. At least I am able to sleep at night. My itch seems to get worse at night.

Carrabelle, FL

#992 May 13, 2011
I have recently started having the "pricklyskin" feeling when I sweat. I never have any rash, just burning skin. I also have RA which is an autoimune disease. Perhapse it's associated with that. The first doctor I went to with my RA symptoms told me it was all stress related. I finally went to one who did test for RA & Lupus and he decided I had RA because of high platelet levels and because of family history. I have eight sisters and four of us have RA, but none of them have the stinging sweat. Help anyone! I too have searched the internet with no real explaination!

White House, TN

#993 May 20, 2011
I don't know what the heck this is but my daughter
started it and she asked me did it happen to me. I told her no, but not too long afterwards it started on me. When I think about it, it gets worse. From my head to my feet. I don't feel anxious or stressed about anything. Healing in the name of Jesus!

White House, TN

#994 May 20, 2011
I don't know what the heck it is. It started happening to my daughter, she asked me if it ever happened to me. I said no, but not long afterwards it started on me. When it happens to me it's so prickly it makes me jump when it happens. I don't feel anxious or nervous about anything. Lord, healing in the name of Jesus.
Margaret Johnston

Auckland, New Zealand

#995 May 24, 2011
I'm very interested in all your comments. I first developed this sensation in my right arm about five years ago. I went to several doctors about it but no-one could give me an answer. I find the prickly feeling starts in the evening and by the time I go to bed I am scratching at my arm continuously. I find the only relief is to hold my arm under the tap and let cold water flow over it, thus taking the heat and sting out of it. I have scratch my arm so much that the skin has gone like leather and never draws blood. I finally went to see a Homopath who gave me drops which gave me complete relief. However about three months ago the sensation returned so I went back to see the Homopath (I have seen her twice in three weeks) but unfortunately this time around I have had no relief.

Olympia, WA

#996 May 24, 2011
I have found something that relives the prickly itch; at least a little bit. It's Benedryl gel. I also use moisture lotion before I use the Benedryl, I use Aveeno, and i have used Eucerne too.
john from michigan

United States

#997 May 27, 2011
Just made it thru second winter without the waves of pins and needles all over body, which would be triggered by going from cold to warm environment or the slightest bit of anxiety. It was about impossible to deal with without neurontin. All went away after surgery for pinched nerve, arthritis in neck and ruptured disk. Actually started going away before that after physical therapy on neck. Before, I had symptoms of original poster. I also had tons of doc appointments and multiple tests and diets, vitamins, theories, etc. Other than speculation it could be related to vagus nerve doc said just be glad it's gone. Just mentioning again because I know how overwhelming it is and people seem to be grasping at straws. I'm certain mine wasn't skin problem but under skin, nerves. I did sometimes note very tiny red dots on inside of arms. It wasn't itchy, by the way. Had to rub but it just moved somewhere else. Thousands of prickly pokes.
John Holmes


#998 May 29, 2011
For most of the above consider hyper-ventilation as a primary cause. This causes an in balance in the blood oxygen/carbon dioxide levels, mainly as a consequence of "shallow breathing", often brought about by continued stress. It is easily resolved by rigorously following advice on correct breathing, thus changing your incorrect breathing habit. Research "hyper-ventilation" or "shallow breathing" to get this advice. It sorted me out

United States

#999 May 30, 2011
I've had the prickling/burning needles sensation (on my back especially but also anywhere in the body) since earlier this year. I've never felt anything like it. I've read some earlier posts and I can relate to some of others' symptoms. My back feels like a thousand needles are pricking it and the more I think about it, the more the burning intensifies. This seems to happen whenever I'm in a hot place, like in the summer, or even in the showers when I have hot water on for a while. I just wish there was an easy way to cure this without going to the doctors or anything like that. any suggestions?

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