Small pink bumps appearing on arms/le...

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#42 Oct 27, 2012
3wks ago the same skin colored bumps till i had to sctatch they itch, then thier red n real itchy. Happened when i cut my foot n didnt go to dr for 2 wks later. Got antibiotic n tetnis shot n givin steroid cream 4 bumps on arms. Foots better but bumps spread to head face neck body n legs. What is this? Driving me crazy.





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Norwalk, CT

#44 Oct 29, 2012
Olivia wrote:
I have he same thing. I am trying to find out what it is and I have been to a few websites similar to this. There are many people that have said that had it and one person said it might be eczema. My itchy spots are only on my right arm, and i think it might just be an alergic reaction. I don't know if my mom has gotten new laundry detergent and I don't know if it that or from the outdoors. If I find out anything I will write back.

Yeah, I have the same issue, and my doctor told me it was eczema. It's been appearing on both my left and right arms and the back of both legs. It you keep on itching them, then they will spread. Also you should go to a dermatologist to get some cream, that's what I did and I noticed that the bumps are less itchy and a quickly going away.

New Zealand

#46 Nov 2, 2012
Its Scabies! I have it to..

Lubbock, TX

#47 Nov 4, 2012
Julia wrote:
I have the same problem it started as skin colored then I scratchEd them and they are beginning to look like little pimples. I went to the school nurse and she said they were chiggers so I put nail polish on the affected area to try to get them to go away, but they haven't. Before I went to the nurse I woke up itching my inner elbow and then noticed I was also itchy under my then noticed another rash on my ear lobe. Please help!
i have the same damn thing going on and i thought it was a chigger to, but its spreading slowly and idk whats going on!

United States

#48 Nov 24, 2012
I have the same problem, but mine been going on 4 two Weeks, bump from stomach legs back, then my finger starts inching untill i peel skin off

Houston, TX

#49 Nov 27, 2012
Does anyone know what this is?
I had itchy ankles so I scratched them and then I took a closed look an there were small raised bumps, they are pink ad itch like crazy! I've already had chickenpox so that can't be it. Now I have noticed that its on my arms and legs, wrists, bottom of feet, ugh so itchy but must not scratch.

Cordova, TN

#50 Nov 28, 2012
Everyone, I think I finally found a solution..


Look it up and see if it fits your symptoms. May be bacterial or fungal. It's an infection of the skin that can occur wherever you have a pore or hair follicle. It spreads, and is contagious.

Here's my story. I started getting these things around the first of September after a long run. It was through the woods so I assumed it might be poison ivy or something. I treated the few bumps I had with calamine or ivy dry lotion. No more bumps appeared but it didn't heal them. This went on for 6 weeks. No healing, but contained. The majority were on my butt, thighs, knees, ankles. Had about two bumps on my arm and that's it.

I was fed up and went to the dermatologist. He did a test for mine and said it wasn't fungal. He had no diagnosis. "It's just an allergy". Didn't seem worried or concerned, gave me a steroid cream to use. Sent me on my way.

I stopped using the calamine lotion and used his cream. It started to heal them, but the bumps started spreading like they hadn't been. Everywhere. Probably have 15 bumps on each arm now. Legs and butt are less than they were, but it's like I'm playing whack-a-mole now. Some heal, others pop up, and now it's spreading to my neck, face, and ears.

I got a cut on my arm once, and then there are now about 3 bumps that popped up along that cut. For me this all lines up and makes sense with Folliculitis. I'm sure this is what I have.

When I run I wear running shorts with a liner inside like a swim suit. It causes chafing and irritates the skin specifically on my butt and thighs. Once you irritate the skin and get the infection, it can start to spread to another weakened follicles. When I used the calamine lotion it contained the infection and prevented the spreading. When you cut or scratch your arm, you damage the follicles there, and so the bumps appear. You'll never see it on your palms or bottoms of your feet because you don't have any hair follicles there. I also have Crohn's disease which is an auto-immune disease. People with any type of auto-immune deficiencies tend to be more susceptible to Folliculitis.

If it's not fungal, you can treat it with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Look into treatment options and talk to your doctor to see if they think this fits your symptoms.

Hope this was able to bring relief to a lot of people. Spread the word, and thank God if this is your answer.

Marianna, FL

#51 Dec 6, 2012
I have been having this same problem for quite some time now and I have been trying to find an answer because I am going on my second night without sleep now because the itching is so unbearable. I went to the doctors and they suggested that it might be scabies or feliculitis(a skin infection), I was prescribed doxycycline and I have been taking hydroxizine regularly. My mother does not think that it is scabies because we are a family of 5 and I am the only one with this problem and I have had it for a few weeks. If they were going to catch it they would have had it by now. The hydroxizine dulls the itch but it's not a permanent fix. If I figure anything out I will post it up.

Spokane, WA

#52 Dec 10, 2012
I have small pink bumps spreading all over my body i dont know what it is and it seems that nobody else does either it started like a week ago and has been spreading from my stomach area to my back to my thighs my and my neck the numbers increase slowly everyday and i itch some of the time and like itch said it really itches when itched but the bumps remain idk what to do

Montrose, CO

#53 Dec 10, 2012
So it started with a rash!! Under my armpet it itch like crazy!! Nd it was nasty nd bad it was like a big wide nasty pimple nd then my face started itching.then on my legs I got these little dots that r rashes nd everytime I scrach it feels like a bruse now there spreading everywhere legs on my stomack nd my back!! I really wanna know what this is!! Its bugging me I think or feel I mite die

Carnegie, PA

#54 Dec 12, 2012
back of head[ scalp area base]
used several lotions [ they burn]
tried Lanolin does not burn, but seems to help for a while then not so much.
showers cause intense itching, some swelling under skin on face up to ear had to remove [ pierced ears earrings] and it just is making me itch so much and nothing I try or use helps.
I took Benadryl for allergy.
anyone know what to do now?
Dr visit to pinpoint allergy maybe?

Collingwood, Australia

#55 Dec 15, 2012
I know what it is.
You are all slowly turning into ZOMBIES!





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Plymouth, IN

#56 Jan 1, 2013
Ok. As an herbalist, I have been researching this for about a month to a month and a half. My daughter has mollescum, which is a virus and can be treated with wart remover or removed in a Dr. office. It looks like a water blister but is very hard and won't pop. She then broke out with a fungal virus that looked like the scabs after chicken pox. We thought it was scabies, but those look like mosquito bites with little burrow lines leading away from the bump. Permathrin is used to treat this, and usually will take away the itch and redness after one or two treatments. This leaves us to the third thing my daughter has, along with myself, my husband and brother. I agree with Chris's post from November. Folliculitis. When it's hot or cold, dry or humid, we as humans shed dead skin cells. I especially have a hard time in the winter when my skin is dry. I have found using a body exfoliator in the shower, then using a Lubraderm type lotion, it seems to help. One thing I have done also that helps it use Tea Tree Oil on the spots. It is a natural antiseptic that will help stop the spread of irritating dead skin cells and start to let skin heal. I have it on my arms, face and stomach. It itches horribly and I have a few scar marks from scratching and bleeding. When we do that, we spread the irritants over our bodies and get them into other irritated pores. Because of my daughter being the age of 5, I have also used Lavender Oil on her spots. It doesn't have the sting like Tea Tree might and it smells better.
Whatever the season, this can effect anyone. My doctor actually recommended taking a shower every other day if you can stand it, which is actually better for us. Don't use scalding hot water, a little warmer than lukewarm is sufficient. Open your pores, put on the tea tree or Lavender on the spots, then lotion the body.
This is what I have found to help. Our spots have started to disappear, but it's taken about five weeks. Any questions, contact me at [email protected] and I can always consult with my Naturopathic professor if there is something specific.
Good luck!!!
the cute 1

Saint Paul, MN

#57 Jan 5, 2013
Well i have some itchy red bumps and they just keep multiplying and they wont go away im kinda starting to think that their bed bugs but we sprayed down my bed and i slept in it the next day and i got them again what the heck please help
Alexandra Fitzgerx

Woking, UK

#58 Jan 5, 2013

Peoria, AZ

#59 Jan 11, 2013
I have had this condition for the past 5 years. Only happens to me on my legs, starts around winter time and then goes away in spring. I get severe itchy pink bumps on both legs. I take longer showers in the winter and the water is usually border line scalding. I wrote this condition off as extreme reactiopn to the dry winter air and my long hot showers. Have not had to go to the doctor I said, for me, only lasts about 3 months a year and does not keep me from sleeping.

Rockford, IL

#60 Jan 13, 2013
My daughter had the same problem, little tiny itchy bumps started on the top of her foot then up her leg and just gradually started to spread throughout her body. Doctor diagnosed her with a case of scabies. She had to take medicated cream for it and eventually they went away.

United States

#61 Jan 22, 2013
My 10 yr old has the same problem I just called her dr n he called in a prescription for eczema. Its weird it looks like little bites from like a flea but I know that's not what it is. Drives her nuts with the itching. Hopefully the cream I started using on her tonight works.

Santa Monica, CA

#62 Jan 24, 2013
Look up Nodular Prurigo(NP). Its a skin infection that can be treated with topical creams and antihistamines(pill form). I have the very same symptoms.

Milton Keynes, UK

#63 Jan 28, 2013
My son has spots that started from his ankles they r travelling up an he itches the like crazy they are the size of a 5p I have tried Looks of cream can anyone help !!

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