Small pink bumps appearing on arms/le...

Small pink bumps appearing on arms/legs that itch/spreading slowly!

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Byron Center, MI

#1 Oct 6, 2009
So it starts off with one or two small bumps that itch and are red. Normally I itch them without thinking and when I do, more bumps appear and the area gets very itchy and red. If I ignore it- the redness/itchiness goes away but the bumps remain. It's been a week and I still have it- started near my wrist, moved up a bit (just a bump or two every few inches) to the under side of my elbow. It just yesterday started to itch on the underside of my other arm elbow, but no bumps on the entire arm besides that. I just noticed a few on the under side of my knees (both legs), a few on the front of my right leg (few inches below the knee on the front), 1 on my stomach and 2 on my back.

They all take turns itching but I'm pretty good at resisting. If I do itch them then the itching becomes very intense but like I said, it passes- just the bumps remain.

Any thoughts?? I was hoping they'd go away by now but they're still here!

My roommate is having a very severe reaction- a huge rash all over her stomach, arms, and neck. The bumps are different for her it seems, though, and her doctors think it's allergies. She got a shot yesterday and has not seen much difference. But it doesn't seem contagious or anything but we also don't really share anything except a couch.





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Byron Center, MI

#2 Oct 7, 2009
no one?

Fairfield, CA

#3 Dec 17, 2009
I have the same this did you find out what it is?

Waterloo, Canada

#4 Sep 28, 2010
I am suffering from a bad itching problem also. Its been four days I been suffering, first it started on my thighs and a little on my arms then my stomach and my back started itching but not as bad as legs. They are very red and bumpy and irritating. I do not have insurance so I cannot not go to the dermatologist or any doctor. Help someone!

Calgary, Canada

#5 Mar 5, 2011
I have the same thing and it ITCHES!!!!!!!!!!1

Seattle, WA

#6 Mar 16, 2011
Dude. I have the same thing. For like a weekhor two now. No one knows what it is?

Shelbyville, TN

#7 Apr 3, 2011
Myself and my 14 month old son have it. My husband came up from Alabama and he had big sores that he had from scratching. After being around him for a month I got it and now my son is getting it from me a month later. I have read about a skin plague but not sure if this is accurate. I am confused. The ER said it was an allergic reaction, but I know that is not it.

Chatham, NY

#8 Jun 9, 2011
I have he same thing. I am trying to find out what it is and I have been to a few websites similar to this. There are many people that have said that had it and one person said it might be eczema. My itchy spots are only on my right arm, and i think it might just be an alergic reaction. I don't know if my mom has gotten new laundry detergent and I don't know if it that or from the outdoors. If I find out anything I will write back.
It sucks

Atlanta, GA

#9 Jul 19, 2011
Wow I'm not the only one.... at first I though it was hives, allergic reaction, or bed bugs but its non of them I even had a shot and skin cream and hardly no results yet

Kathleen, GA

#10 Jul 20, 2011
My son is starting to have bumps come up on his arms some on his back. I have read post by other people saying they have went to the doctor about it and it being eczema. My child has eczema but these bumps do not itch or bother him. So I am wondering now what it could be? I have doing lots of researching on it and it looks like it could be related to his eczema.

Dallas, TX

#11 Jul 29, 2011
My dad is going through the same thing no idea but keep serching and dnt get an exact result.Thought it might be an allergy reacation but not so sure. It only itchs and it started on his right arm near his wrist and is now slowly spreading up his arm and to the left arm and one funny thing use to happen when he would go inside the house they would disappear and then went outside and would show again now that doesent happen any more but just kind of weired i guess is any one going through the same problem and have info on what it is?

Montréal, Canada

#12 Aug 9, 2011
Omg I think I hav the same thing it is starting on my legs and I see one or two on my arms and stomach could in get any wourse what is it :(

Douglas, Isle of Man

#13 Aug 18, 2011
I have the same problem. I noticed it this morning as I jumped into the shower. As I was taking off my under pants I looked at my lower leg and saw a couple of red lumps and then I took a look at my upper leg and there was loads there too. But even though I only noticed mine this morning , a lot more have appeared and they were all I could think about all day, just how itchy they are! Yes, I do suffer from excema so it could be something to do with that but it doesn't look like it at all!! I need help too

Tamworth, UK

#14 Sep 22, 2011
Does anyone know what this is? I also suffer & think I've passed it on somehow.

Madison, AL

#15 Sep 22, 2011
I have had the exact same thing for the past 2 weeks. It started out with a few itchy spots on my pinky and wrist. I also have some on the tops of my feet and some on my arms. If i dont scratch them they dont become very noticable. If i scratch them they get red, and sometimes i scratch so much it bleeds a bit. I have slowly had more of them appear, but the old onces are still there. They go away and then come back in the same spot, like it never left. WTF is this

United States

#16 Sep 25, 2011
Try putting Calamine lotion on the bumps and infected areas. The lotion should stop the itching and dry out the bumps. The bumps are actually 'pustules' when you scratch them they let out a clear "ooze" for lack of better words which gets under your nails and when you make contact with other parts of skin makes it spread... So use the lotion, avoid itching. If this doesn't work see a doctor, this could be something else.





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Elijah frm nigeria


#17 Sep 25, 2011
Cnt believe we hav a prob dat Doctors cnt quite tell wat shld b done. My lil itchy rashes spreads per scratch-hav taken fulcin,ampiclox,tetracycline ETC(lol) without results....i keep scratchin cos its cool,but my skin is not gonn b d same afterall. DOCTORS! WAT R U GUYS DOING?

United States

#18 Sep 28, 2011
I just started having the same problem. I've been researching and it seems that it may be scabies. Apparently over 3 million people are infected every year. It's a small mite that burrows under the skin. The mite bites appear as small red bumps. It's very contagious and spreads quickly. It will not go away without treatment. You catch scabies by having contact with bedding or clothing or sex with an infected person. If you don't have insurance I think it's worth fronting the cost for treatment because it will only spread all over your body but also to people you have contact with. It can only get worse without treatment. I'm contemplating if I can wait 2 more days till the weekend for treatment. I'm disgusted.
Elijah frm nigeria


#19 Sep 30, 2011
Presicely 5 days ago,i reportd my itchy case here but it seems d situation is arrestd here. I scratchd n got those open sores dat r realli a bad sight 2 hold n angrily calld a pharmacy brother of mine in Abuja(Nigeria) who prescribed ciproflaxin500mg(morning n night 1tab each dose) n 1 multi-vitamin tab with it per day 4 ten days....dis is d 4th day only n d sores r all dried up,nomore spread or itching n am jus fine takin d Ciprotab ciproflaxin500mg i got OTC til its 10 days done. U guys might try dis. D 1st 2or3 days wil make d worms-like infection break loose then die by d 4th n 5th day b4 ur eyes. Case closed!





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Nebraska City, NE

#20 Oct 15, 2011
Ok so, my bumbs don't itch but they are just showing up EVERYWHERE. I tried lotion but that doesnt work at all for me. My sister said it might be from an old razor...but that was a while ago and Ive been switching razors like crazy! What do I do???

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