Red Spots After Shaving / Waxing?

Red Spots After Shaving / Waxing?

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Columbus, GA

#1 Dec 3, 2007
I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I've had lately. Or if anyone could, for that matter.

I've made a few attempts at shaving my legs over the past year or so, and recently tried waxing, and every time I've had a similar result: lots of little red bumps all over where I've shaved, though mostly on the upper thigh. The lower calves were mostly unaffected.

The worst result is when I tested a waxing product (thank god I actually tested it FIRST). The skin is red at EVERY single pore where a hair was. I understand that this is normal during the first 24 hours, but it's been long over 48 hours and judging by the past few experiences I had with shaving, I've got a bad feeling they're going to stick around for a while. What's going on here? Why am I getting all this trouble? What can I do to get these to go away faster?

Here's a small picture of the problem. I tested it three times as you can see from the image ... one with my hair almost completely shaved down, one with it trimed to ~ 1/2 inch, and one completely untrimmed. The completely untrimmed got the best results in terms of hair removal but broke just about completely even in terms of the end result.

ANY help on this would be awesome.



#2 Dec 22, 2007
Hey there ..
I have just about the same problem .. I have been waxing for almost 8 years now and I'm getting those angry red spots EVERYTIME .. I ddin't even enjoy wearing a skirt once !!
Please let me know if you ever find a solution for this mess ...:)

Southampton, UK

#4 Mar 2, 2008
hey there..i have faced the same problem recently...can anyone tell or suggest any remedy to cure these red spots...thanks

London, UK

#5 Mar 7, 2008
why not have IPL Laser treatment to be rid of hair for good?? go to and check out those before and after pictures then you will never have to shave or wax again!!


#6 Nov 4, 2008
Mine is not as bad, but it's also at the back of my upper legs, it's really annoying ( very vissible) and doesn't feel nice at all- how can nobody have an answer?

Bensalem, PA

#7 Jun 18, 2009
I have the same problem. It's horrible. I talked to the woman who has been doing waxing for a while and she said that a mixture of lotion and icing it helps. I have put lotion on it and it does help a little, but have yet to try ice.
mak mak


#8 Sep 15, 2009

Portland, OR

#9 Jan 13, 2011
Well, immediately from reading your post I got the impression that you have very fair and sensitive skin, probably of European decent. The spots are common in shaving, its when the hair is cut at an angle to where it is actually pushing against the epidermis inside your skin and the very outermost layers have been physically scrapped off from the blade ( sort of like an ingrown hair ) and causes irritation. its pretty much razor burn, something most people suffer from when shaving. though for someone like you you cant completely avoid this from happening, you can however use some helpful tips to avoid it.
1. Shave less frequently
2. Soften up the skin prior to shaving by cleaning with a gentle body wash and warm water
3. Use an exfoliate on the skin before and after shaving. When I say exfoliate I dont mean a ruff surface. I mean a product designed to exfoliate the dead cuticle layer of your skin with natural peels. You NEVER want to use something that physically exfoliates skin ( including those misleading beads or nut scrubs you find in face-washes )
4. Use a NO FOAM shaving cream or gel.
5. Moisturize every night with a heavy no fragrance no alcohol lotion.

The red bumps are caused similarly from waxing too. If the skin is not held tightly enough or the wax strips or otherwise are not pulled in the correct direction they will leave a residue of the hair shaft/follicle in the skin and cause redness, irritation and swelling at each local sight of the hair.

Just some advice I've learned from being an
esthetician ;)

United States

#10 Apr 4, 2011
Well I have that problem but I was using the shaving machine because my mom says it is better for my type of hair. But it takes FOREVER to get rid of just my shin hairs. Not to mention painful too! I would also get the red bumbs. I use razor now b.t.w. So what I use sometimes is baby lotion I got from my little brother. Kinda helps. Hope it does to you guys too!

Big Bend, WI

#11 Jun 21, 2011
you just have sensitive skin, and thats how your skin reacts. grab a bowl of ice cold water (with the ice) and avedas signature notes tea tree, mix it up, dip gauze in the water with the tea tree and lay it on your waxed area for like a half hour at a time. do it as often as you please, the bumps with eventually dissapear :)

Kew, Australia

#12 Mar 17, 2012
my skin is extra sensitive too. I can't cold wax or shave without red and black spots everywhere. Now i just trim the hairs, and after about a year they are slowly disappearing.
You can try hot waxing, I did on my arms, and no reaction! Just this afternoon I found this sort of exfoliation rock type thing. It has a ricky side with many pores on one side, and a bristle on the other. I've just been rubbing my arms in a circling motion, and the hair knot up and eventually break off. It slightly pricks, but doesn't hurt much. Unfortunetly, I got a few red patches. However, I tried some cold milk (dabbed on my cotton balls), and it soothed it. Its been a few hours, and the red-ness is slowly disappearing :-)
I also have another option. If your hairs aren't very long or thick you can try bleaching. You can buy the bleaches they sell at drug stores, or like me, you can try lemon juice. It takes a while, but on a couple of sunny days, juice a couple of lemons, sit outside and massage it on for a few hours. The hairs will get lighter and lighter with each application.:-D
So anyway, you can try cold milk or ice to soothe your skin if you would still prefer to shave or wax. Also, remember not to apply moistures straight away. Your pores will be open, and the moistureiser will iritate hte skin further. Wait a couple of hours.
Hope I helped :-)

Pathankot, India

#13 Oct 4, 2012
Hey... I understand the exfoliation procedure.. But what about the spots i already have.. Please tell me how i can lighten them

Richmond, Australia

#14 Oct 8, 2012
With the spots, I was told b a few doctors that they woldn't fade or lighten at all, unless i went to a laser clinic.
My cousin on the other hand (who is taining, and is almost a doctor now) told me that all scars eventually fade, and I'll just have to wait it out without irritating it further.
Well, like I said, I've just been using a trimmer on my legs, so the hairs are very very short but the blade doesnt actually touch my skin.
Its been about 2 years since then and the spots are fading.. now I on have a few :-)
She also said to not expose the spots to the sun too much as that also makes it worse.

So I guess you might just need to wait till they go away, and try not to make it worse..:-/

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