Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Westwego, LA

#96 Jan 27, 2009
Mpc19136..i had the exact same issues. really thin cuts that would hurt slightly during sex, redness around them. then it would dry out and peel or flake off. You can read some of my prior post on these pages, took about a year to heal. Could have been faster but i kept whackin it and having sex. It needs a few months of care and abstenance. Sucks but worth it. Problem free for a few months now and ive been pretty active lately. Cant say exactly how it started though...prolly way 2 much masturbation and long drunk sex in a short period of time. No stds.

Westwego, LA

#100 Feb 14, 2009
As it turns out, i may have had a type of human pap virus..hpv. It usually shows no symptoms or does nothing to males thought it can cause ovarian cancer in women in some cases. It is usually cured by the bodys own immune system without people knowing about it but im wondering if it was the reason for the cuts/rash. I only found out about it because of an exgirlfriend who said i prolly gave it to her. google it, i think 50% of people get it in their life.

Las Vegas, NV

#101 Feb 14, 2009
Can you get a std if saliva is used as a lubricant from a hand job?
Thank You.

San Juan, Philippines

#102 Feb 16, 2009
I had a similar symptoms like most of you. I went to the dermatologist and it seems like its a fungal infection. She gave me four medicines to cure it. Hope this helps you all.

1. tablets - to prevent itching. scratching it will cause the fungi to multiply.
2. Soap - the one that she asked me to buy is a super mild soap. expensive.:( use only the mildest soap that you can find to clean the area and avoid further irritations.
3. BMK cream - to prevent infections
4. antifungal powder (clotrimazole)- to kill the fungi.

San Juan, Philippines

#103 Feb 16, 2009
By the way, refrain from having sex while curing. you can pass on the fungi to your partner and get infected back and fourth. It will also help if you tell your partner to have the same treatment. or else you will just get it again if she has it.

Santa Monica, CA

#104 Feb 17, 2009
i heard that you could use a dove non scented soap and then use a anti yeast cream. I read about it in mens health says it happens and most guys don't know what it is.


#105 Feb 17, 2009
Man, I didn't realize that this was so common! Very refreshing to know, even though I feel bad for everybody. I know your pain, and thought that something was really wrong with my skin. Thanks for the advice.

United States

#107 Feb 19, 2009
I found a antifungal solution at walmart, called rxeclear af,
Kills fungus under the nail and ok skin,
It's the only one I could find with active ingredient clotrimazole, but only 1.0%.
Hopefully this does the job, I belive clotrimazole is the cure. I just hope 1.0% is enough, otherwise I will have
To pay a visit to the doctor for something more potant.... Oh and itching spreads the fungus... Now u tell me.


#108 Feb 22, 2009
@Burnin. Yep, 1% is just enough (mine is also 1%) powder based. I used it for a week and after a week its completely gone, no traces what so ever.

United States

#109 Feb 23, 2009
damn everybody avoid bitches that suck dick baadd. Im heated i got head n her teeth scraped like 3 times so i told her to be morecareful n she did it right :(. it was good but now i have 2 hair thin cuts n anything my dickhead touches it hurts bad. i guess im going to stop having sex and getting oral sex for a while to use neosporin like my dude said earlier :( this sucks i cant go 3 months without atleast beatin off my week is ruined fellas this is why we beat our wives and girls im going to trip her the next time she comes over n make her land on a metal bananna. :(( what did i do to deserve this

United States

#110 Feb 23, 2009
not tryin to make it a joke but damn i feel everyone pain this is not a good feeling at all.
yves herz

Bangkok, Thailand

#111 Mar 7, 2009
we had gonorrhea,my gf recovered after 2 days and stated urinating without pain after 2 weeks. we have intercourse again and mi penis is still a bit red and sensible while penetrating.The pain has been gone now for 1 week but I am afraid,like cancer,it might come back. I am cured or not
Some DUde

White Lake, MI

#112 Mar 7, 2009
So I think this might be the answer, something called Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment. It is used to treat Cutaneous candidiasis which may be the problem. I am going to look into this further, but if anyone has any feedback on this post it.
Some dude

White Lake, MI

#113 Mar 14, 2009
so i know this might not sound right, but I think i just got over whatever it is i/we have by doing this:

1 week of anti-fungual anti-jock itch cream (any will do i cant remember the name of mine off the top of my head) covered by an extra large bandage.

1 week of masterbation using petroleum jelly

My penis is now back to normal, and I think the reason why is that the problem is a part fungual infection, part skin dryness. Therefore, the cream killed the infection, and the masterbation then broke down the old skin and the petroleum jelly moisterized the new skin. Try it out. It worked for me. Good luck. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions ([email protected]) if you have any questions. I had this problem for two years and know how much it sucks.

Littleton, CO

#114 Mar 19, 2009
My husband and I have been married for 8 years and we are very faithful to each other. We know that this is not an STD problem. Due to religious beliefs my husband and I are each others only sexual partner.(We have never had sex with anyone else.)My husband has been having the same problem as you. He is circumcised and he has been getting the dry patch and cracking just underneath the head. It takes a few weeks for them to heal up and as soon as we have intercourse they come right back! He has tried all kinds of creams and lubes nothing is helping. This is very agravating
to us because we are trying to get pregnant again. We are just trying to find an answer to what is causing this terrible problem. I pray that each and everyone of you will get better soon and never have this again. Good luck guys!
Wow wrote:
Holy crap, I had no idea this was so common. I've been having this EXACT same problem, but only for about a month now.
It started out as a dry patch just underneath the head, but not on the shaft, like where the foreskin used to be (circumcised). Then little cuts started developing, would come and go randomly. Now anytime I have sex or masturbate the whole area gets really red and sensitive and wont settle down for a few days.
I went to the doctor and he had no idea what it was. This is pretty messed up that so many doctors don't seem to have a clue on what's causing such an obviously widespread problem....

Montréal, Canada

#115 Mar 19, 2009
Hey, this site has really eased my mind. We all think STD STD STD but in actual fact its basically a skin/fungal infection. From the stories I have heard from you all (brave souls we are)....and I figure that if you keep your junk dry and give it as much as air as possible then you should notice improvements. I found that mine was caused by rough sex and I had the EXACT symptoms as most of you (redness, cuts, yeast-style odour etc) and a clean, dry and anti-fungal creamed johnson seems to fix any immediate problems. I hope there is a magic pill that fixes this soon? in the mean time think positive and clean! Peace

Jarrettsville, MD

#117 Mar 25, 2009
it kind of makes me feel a little better that this is so common. Since im 16 and i want it to go away and I cant have sex now cuz that seems awkward right. Getting a girl in bed and whippin it out and theres a cut on it. Seriously that sucks its hard to resist some temptations from the internet but i want to have sex again but it wont heal. Im just going to let time heal it.

Amherst, MA

#118 Mar 29, 2009
I had no idea how common this is. My skin irritation happens about once a year. Usually around March/April and continues for about 2 weeks and then gone. The irritation is on the upside of my penis and looks like a scar when irritated. This just came back last week while my wife was performing oral on me. I felt something wasn't right, I first thought it was her teeth?

I now use Neosporin regularly and refrain from sex and masterbating. This seems to help considerably. I've also used baby powder to dry it up during the day..the works as well but not as good as neosporin.

Hope all of us are doing the right thing - good luck out there gentleman.

Manville, NJ

#119 Mar 29, 2009
I cannot believe no one has found a cure for this. Freaks everyone out aparently im not the only one. When i was young my mother always said make sure you clean yourself down there! She wasnt kidding, rough sex,Oral,too much soap and some creams defenitely irritate me. Sometimes the forekin swells,sometimes it gets red, other times its fine. Usually about a week before it clears.

United States

#120 Apr 1, 2009
Cloderm (pavilate)!!!!!!!!!
This is the cure and it works in less then a weak even with realy advanced infection,
I had the same exact problem as all of u, then my doctor gave me cloderm and I used some anti itch power, bam after 6 months of itching, burning, no sex, it cured me in 4 days,
Do not delay !!!!!!!! This realy works!!!!!!!!
Oh and ur welcome!!!

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