Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Roanoke, VA

#1029 Jan 20, 2012
first it starts from dry skin under the head of the penis to redness and sensitive what helps this problem?

Glenview, IL

#1030 Jan 20, 2012
My problem started 20 days after just rubbing my penis on a stange girls vagina. I know, stupid but we all make mistakes. It started with a small sensitive redish dot on the side of my penis shaft. I saw 4 doctors all said " it looks ok" and sent me on my way. Apx. 1 month later i get a sinus infection then i get an itchy anus. A couple weeks go by and around my mouth starts itching.

Then the pain in my groin starts, it felt like someone is peircing me wth a sword. Then i got pain in my left lower back, hip and buttocks.

So i decide to get an 8 panel std test at 3 months, all negative except herpes simplex 1 which i new i already had since iv'e gotten cold sores as a kid. So i decided to wait until 6 months to get re-tested, all negative again except Herpes simplex 1.

So the hip and back pain seems better but then i started to get itchy eyes and my eyelash line looks dry, red and irritated. Now my penis looks dry and feels irritated like i spanked the hell out of it. The doctors think it's in my head but i know my body and something isn't right. I haven't spanked it in weeks cause the pain afterward is to much, it makes it hard to sleep. This has really fuked me up but im trying to keep my head together.

So the other guys problems on here may be yeast related but i haven't had much luck with anti fungals. I think it is possibly herpes simplex 1 or 2 . I heard that some people have tested negative on a herpes blood test but positive on a swab test to the sore.

Herpes would be the worst case scenario and im not a Doctor, but what the hell else could it be? If it is all i can do now is hope that the body can heal itself over time. This has ruined my life. If anyone is going through what i descibed above feel free to email me at [email protected] I hope we all get some answers and get better soon. Mike.
Mike Hastings

Auckland, New Zealand

#1031 Jan 20, 2012
This is mu advice use micreme broadspectrum if its not healing. second use Tahitian Tamanu Oil hope it helps. These docs dont know i have seen many the lot of u. what else can u do?

Since: Jan 12

Saint Louis, MO

#1032 Jan 21, 2012
MY SYMPTOMS: after sex i would experience an inflamed, puffy, red rash on shaft of penis and scrotum. salty vaginal fluids would give me the sensation of pouring rubbing alcohol on an open wound. after 24 hours, the rash would just turn to dry flaky skin. the skin on the under side of my penis would rough & leathery (like elmer's glue on your skin). the dry skin would never totally go away. and by the time i had sex again (which i admit was frequently) the inflamed rash process would start all over again. oral sex was the only sex act that would not irritate the rash, yet it would still be awkward because my penis had patches of dry flaky skin.
DOCTORS DID NOT HELP: i saw 2 separate doctors who perscribed over-the-counter ointments (Lotrimin & Monistat 7) which did not work. so my symptoms continued for approximately 3 months which was really frustrating and concerning.
1) poured hydrogen peroxide on affected areas and allow it to dry (kills any bacteria associated with the irritation)
2) then used neosporin on any flaky skin and allow to dry (stopped using neosporin a day or 2 later when flaky skin healed)
3) then used regular petroleum jelly (repeat steps 1 - 3, two or three times a day)
4) if you shower or wash penis, use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser instead of soap (can find this at any drugstore or walmart)
5) if you must masterbate, use Cetaphil Lotion instead of regular lotion (can find this at any drugstore or walmart)
^^^ if you follow these steps, it should be gone within 3 days. wouldn't hurt to continue steps for at least 5 days though. I had sex by day 2 of these steps and there was no more inflammation, and no more problems.

Nashville, TN

#1033 Jan 21, 2012
If anyone still needs resolution for this problem I think I have the answer. I had the exact same symptoms for TWO YEARS. I knew it wasn't an STD but could not get an accurate diagnosis from medical personnel. I was convinced it was a dry skin issue for the longest time. Finally figured out through self-diagnosis that it is a yeast infection. You can look it up on WebMD, referred to as Candidiasis or Balanitis. I CURED it with the following treatment: Apply Clotrimazole cream (you can get it over the counter at the local pharmacy) three times a day for a couple of weeks. Also use Hydrocortizone cream (I used Cortizone-10 because it has an added moisturizer) twice a day. The hydrocortizone cream controls the symptoms of redness and irritation while the Clotrimazole attacks the yeast infection. You have to be dedicated to at least three applications of the Clotrimazole per day, sometime I used it four or five times throughout the day. It took several days of treatment before I saw any noticeable results. Also, while treating, make sure and keep the skin of the infected area dry and avoid scented soaps. No big deal, just don't let soap get on it in the shower and dry it off after you're done. It takes a couple of weeks but it is SO nice to be rid of this. Good luck.

Ithaca, NY

#1034 Jan 23, 2012
Hey guys, I had the same issue, still have it actually. But, nothing to worry about hopefully. I got tested for STD's all that stuff. She did too. Nothing was found, doc says "should heal". Ask about her birth control if she's using any. I found out I'm semi-allergic to her Nuva Ring. Actually a lot of guys are. It's the chemical in it. So bring that up to your doctor.

Ithaca, NY

#1035 Jan 23, 2012
Actually, not same as all of you. My issue was the small spots of dry skin on the head, Not painful, no burning, itching. Just kinda there. Became more noticeable after sex. First it was just one, then two, now a third one came up, longer though. No worries. just allergic reaction. No long term side-effects or anything. Just drying of some of the skin.
Punished penis

Baltimore, MD

#1036 Jan 23, 2012
Well it's nice to see that I am not alone in the search for penis improvement. About late sept I had a lil sex n my boy took alil beating lol so I took a shower . After dressing I later felt an irritation that I never felt before after sex. So I went to investigate n It looked like my cock was burn up n was feeling like I used hand sanitizer on him ooooouch. Anyway I grabbed my extra strength cortaid thinking it would solve my problem but to my dismay it seemed to make it worse so then I tried neosporin which also didn't seem to help . Went online n seen few home remedies from jerk offx just like me and applied Chapstick. FYI not a good idea then I ordered man1man oil n applied 3times another stupid maneuver . Actually feel like I change the whole molecular structure of my cock his head and skin. Finally swallowed my pride n went a to a urologist and a dermatologist told them both about what creams I applied n I was told to try sun creams that they recommended . And their suggestions were jus as unhelpful as my own. It's goinvon 5 months n about 11 different lotions and creams and I'm sCared that I permanently damaged my once very handsome cock. At times he looks discolored and then he looks normal but the skin on the head looks lumpy but still feels smooth . I can't figure this shit out for the life me I am on 1 month of tryn nothing n I see a slight improvement but still depressed that all this is self inflicted . I mean if I told u people every thing I've tried in detail. Ud wonder how my penis is still alive lol my girl says he looks fine to her but again her the urologist n the dermatologist never Seen my dick in all it's glory so they dnt knw jack . I knw this is super long but I had to vent What the f$;k should I do. I use to be so confident n now it's like I dnt even wanna look down when I piss . What ya think people
Punished penis

Baltimore, MD

#1037 Jan 23, 2012
It's almost like my head turns reddish purple at times n then looks somewhat normal at times but the edges of the head arent smooth. They look red irritated n like almost rigid the skin looks extra wrinkly like I have a 90 yr old dick n I'm only 36 why do I feel like I'm missing sum other details I wanna get off my chest. O well I prolly applied so many different creams n lotions to close together that they interacted and destroyed my man for good smh ok I'm done crying @punishedpenis

Dewey, IL

#1038 Jan 23, 2012
I got exactly the same thing going on. Now it's attacking my eyelash line. I don't know what it is but i suspect herpes. They say herpes don't act like this. I got this 20 days after some sex. It really messess up your skin, i can't see how the doctors don't notice the skin change.

New Haven, CT

#1039 Jan 23, 2012
I have this same problem, it's right around the head of my penis. there's little cuts and it itches from to time. I haven't been to the docter yet because, this just starting about 2 weeks ago. I have been using the orginal neosparin ointment and it helps the itching and the pain, but this issue came out of no where just randomly appeared on my penis head. I think I should refrain from sex and materbation for at least 2 weeks and see what happens. the iching is more severe in the morning and late nights. when the penis head is dry I notice the cuts have a little wetness to it. I hope it's nothing serious or life threatening..
I have the same problem

Mansfield, OH

#1042 Jan 25, 2012
I had a rough hand job from my GF, and was rough on my self one night after trying to rub one out. Ever since then, I have had a rash on my head and shaft for like 6months. At first it didnt bother me cuz I remember being a kid tugging to hard and hurting myself by accident. As time pasted it would look better like it was clearing up, but the slightest amount of friction sex or rubbing and it turns red like the first day I noticed it.

Since then, a small amount formed to my groin area. A little patches of redness kind of like a rug burn.

I went and got all the STD tests and all came back negative. The doctor I was seeing told me to visit a Dermatologist, because she ran out of possibilities. I took two 2 herpes test and are waiting for the second result. My Dermatologist told me as soon as he saw it that it wasnt herpes and to stop my meds. Then he honestly told me that he didn't know what it was, but guessed that it was lichen planus (Check the link) and gave me cream to put on it. He also said no to worry until he starts to worry. But , when stuff is on your penis, it's hard not to worry.

I am very worried as you all are and I hope we can all be healed in time

United States

#1043 Jan 25, 2012
Just got back from the hospital because of that same shit. Your gf definatly needs to be highly lubricated. Will try the neosporian things. Can't even get a hard one without pain this sucks. Missing out on some great sex with the wifey.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#1044 Jan 26, 2012
Has anyone consiidered microdermabrasion abrasion? I was thinking it my remove the aching part and stimulate new skin to form. I saw a home kit at walmart that has a cicular sponge that is suppose to gentlyremove top layer.I have been battling this for over 6 months. Doctors are worthless!

Rayleigh, UK

#1046 Jan 30, 2012
Some thing of interest to everyone on here is B12 deficiency.

Im going for a test this week.

Look up the symptoms, and they can be very familiar.

Will post my results

United States

#1047 Jan 31, 2012
Guys, i just got back from the doctor after dealing with this for about 7 months. Conclusion- Doctor visit was worthless.

Symptoms-(1) Slight burning irritated feeling at night of after a hot shower. Worse after sexual activity.(Sandblasted feeling).

Doctor diagnosis- They drew blood and took a urine sample to check antigen level for prostate problems.(i get results in a few days).

(2)Slightly dry penis skin with much more prominent follicles.

Doctor diagnosis- Pores are larger. No solution or explanation given. No typical signs of Herpes infection.

(3) Nerve irritation at times running from groin/penis to hip buttocks.(causes anxiety).

Doctor diagnosis- Not related to an std. Take over the counter Aleve.

(4) Trouble getting to sleep.

Doctor diagnosis- Prescribed rx sleep aid, when i went to pick up the prescription the pharmacist said my doctor did't call it in yet.So i called clinic and they were closed.

(5) Eye lash line irritated,dry and red, slight burning.

Doctor conclusion-" im not an eye doctor".

So im back to not knowing what this is. I am guessing it's a virus of some type. I hate to say this but i wish these doctors would get this and then try and tell themselves-" it's all in my head".

Chicago, IL

#1048 Jan 31, 2012
I have the same problem for a few years!
I have used cortisone 1% and it goes away for some time but keeps coming back! I get so dam terrified when i look down at it... i had std checks before and nothing.. I just want this gone! I am uncircumcised and I am a very clean person so i dont understand! No burning no itching just looks ugly...
has anyone gotten rid of this?? or know what it is exactly?
i did not read all the posts, there are way too many but please let me know a conclusion


United States

#1049 Jan 31, 2012
Question for some of the guys here.

Did anyone remember changing soaps before this happened?

I do remember using some anti-bacterial Dawn dish soap a couple times and some strong Tea tree oil soap. Is it possible that i removed some good bacteria and dryed things out to much resulting in a inflammitory response?

I think im getting the irritated burning feeling under control, here's what iv'e done.

1. I stopped using Zest soap and switched to Baby Shampoo (The lavender one in the purple bottle at Walmart).

2. Immediatly after shower dry off and apply Lotrimin cream (clotrimazole 1 %). If your junk don't feel right with this try a day off in between.

3. For a couple of days immediatly after the shower use Extra lite virgin Olive oil. This really seems to calm things down, i believe it has anti-viral and anti-inflammitory properties.

4. I know this is frustrating but you will not heal up stressing over it, that just makes the body become even harder to heal itself.

5. I noticed after the 4th doctor giving me a thorough check up and not finding anything that looked like an std, even though i told him about the irritation and burning at night. I left his office relieved, and for once i felt no buring or irritation at night. Im not saying we don't have anything, im just wondering if the stressing about it is playing a big part in the symptoms. The plecebo pill is a good example, sometimes a sugar pill has better effect than the real medicine. If you have to, go see a Therapist. In the meantime try the above for awhile and try not to stress.

King William's Town, South Africa

#1050 Feb 1, 2012
my does not burn but the skin extremly dry. during sex i sometimes feel my skin is going to break. I always jump out of bed to wash it of after sex
Anonymous Rex

Wolfville, Canada

#1051 Feb 2, 2012
I had similar symptoms as you all as well...for me, I got a little bit too vigorous with my masturbation and may have ended up using softsoap as a lubricant (horrible idea), which not only dried the skin but left a shrivelled, scaly feeling when flaccid.
I did have a few spots with friction burns and I thought nothing of it at first, but...the next day, the same symptoms: dried, flaky skin which seems like an outer layer, all that kind of stuff.
I have looked around and seen many different posts, some being psoriasis (negative, as the skin isn't a "silvery layer", it's just flaky), some being eczema (again, negative, as I don't experience the "spreading rash" from accidentally scratching the thing and opening it).
What I have found, without needing a crackpot doctor to help out, is that in my case a simple hand sanitizer works great. Right now, I use Rexall with Vitamin E and Moisturizers.
What this does for me is simple enough, it moisturizes the skin so it's a little less itchy and dry, which means new skin can form underneath without flaking off. The old, dead, dry skin from before can still flake off, sometimes like that scene from Goldmember where he rips a sheet of dry skin off his neck and eats it. Horrible analogy but it's the most accurate. I think I got one the size of my end joint of my middle finger. It itches a bit to put on, because your hand is down there and you're SO tempted to scratch (which in my case it was okay), and right now it's clearing up nicely. No itch, no dryness.
I've also been upping my water intake...seems I don't drink enough of it.
I'll let you know what results I find, as this is my first time using the hand sanitizer method.

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