Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Philadelphia, PA

#71 Dec 7, 2008
I have had the same problem for a few weeks now and I've been trying the neosporin. I helps for a few days, but then I think its healed and have sex with my wife and it reopens again. So, maybe I need to just take more time off from sex, but it's really difficult!!
Same Problem

Cedar Rapids, IA

#72 Dec 10, 2008
I had this same problem, it was really painful, just a small cut that led to really irritated red skin that hurt every time I would have sex. It is finally getting better! It took probably 5 months! I tried a lot of different things, but what seemed to really help was Vaseline Intensive care skin lotion. This page was pretty helpful, the skin for me is still not fully back to normal but it's getting there.

Las Vegas, NV

#73 Dec 11, 2008
I have had the same problem for almost three years now. I sympathize with all of you and hate to say it, but I am happy that I am not alone. I first noticed the irritation after vigorous sex. It appeared as a red inflamed area beneath the head of my penis. The skin was dry and cracked. It progressively got worse until there were blisters and I felt like it HAD to be herpes.

I went to the doctor and, after testing, they told me it was friction burns. However, it did not go away when I stopped masturbating and having sex. I felt gross and disfigured.

After applying Neosporin religiously for a couple of months w/no improvement I was about to give up. Then I realized that it could be bacterial. You might laugh at what I did, but it VASTLY improved my situation. I went to the store and bought anti-fungal spray, you know - for athlete's foot, and sprayed it all over the area. It cleared up in a couple of days. At first I made the mistake of spraying too close and burning my shaft. Don't do that. Keep the canister at a distance.

I believe this works for two reasons. The problem is caused by bacteria which proliferate in moisture. The spray dries the area (not unpleasantly unless you spray too close). Also, it kills the fungi growing on the surface of the skin, at least temporarily.

Don't use any other creams or lotions and try this for about a week. I saw immediate improvement.

I stopped the treatment and it occasionally comes back when I masturbate or have sex. I believe I need to resume with the spray in order for my penis to fully heal.

I really hope this remedy works for you. I remember when this first happened I was hysterical (that's my personality) and felt like it would NEVER go away. The first time I felt some ray of hope was when I used the anti-fungal spray.

Pittsburg, CA

#74 Dec 11, 2008
I have had this for a few months now. Just a small red mark where the head meets the shaft. It's single, flat and has never produced any kind of discharge. Also have no pain when urinating. However, the area sometimes hurts a little on its own. It's made worse after friction (duh).

It looks nothing like any of the herpes or syphilis pictures I've seen, but I finally went to the doctor today and he suggested testing for those two things (while mentioning that they were both unlikely).

Although I can only say for certain that this has been there for the past month and a half or so, I think it may date back as far as 6 months. At that time I received oral sex that involved a few too many teeth, ahem.

Hopefully this turns out to be nothing. Having found this thread makes me feel better, at least until I get my results. It will be a difficult next few days, however.

Kitchener, Canada

#75 Dec 11, 2008
Okay, I've got this problem too.

For a long time, almost a year, I had it below my head on the right side. Tried some fungal creams and they sorta worked but I think what really worked was being gentle with my dick and cutting down masturbation.

Then, about a week ago, I figured it out. The irritation has all the same symptoms you guys have. I believe it is simply caused by irritation from clothing. My penis normally hangs on the left side and the right underside would remain irritated. Since switching to handing on my right, the left side is clearing up tremendously and there is no irritation whatsoever even after jacking off a few time sin one day.

However, that has not eliminated the problem. Irritation has rapidly appeared on the top of my shaft just below the head of the penis. However, I have also been masturbating much more than normal lately. I am going to try to cut it out completely for a while and see how it goes.

I have also noticed very minor irritation in the general area--minor cracks and whiteness, but nothing I can feel or that you would see without knowing it is there.

So my recommendation for this problem is to figure out how to reduce irritation as much as possible. I'm actually thinking of going nude as much as I can and seeing i that helps, as well as refraining from sex and masturbation until it is completely gone.

Geneve, Switzerland

#77 Dec 14, 2008
Very common indeed I've had this for about 2 years. Neosporin works but the problem is once the initial irritation occurs the injured area thiner and consiquently more subseptable to re injury. My advice give it a good rest and (at least 2 weeks) and always make sure to use plenty of water based lubricant during sex. Have not had a reoccurance for 6 months after having the problem be precistant for over 2 years!

Dover, NJ

#78 Dec 14, 2008
yeah i go with neosporin, seems to go pretty good, just kind of annoying when it keeps hitting your underwear and pants and gets irritated again

Westwego, LA

#79 Dec 17, 2008
4th post update- It has been a year since I noticed the irritation/cuts and this time i think it is finally healed for good. Here is what worked for me.

I was using neosporin a lot at first and it helped a little, but i wouldn't let it fully heal before i had sex it just came back. That went on for about 6 months. I dealt with it for about 2months when i had a g/f because the sex was worth it. We broke up and I spent 4 months without sex up to this point. All i did during those 4 months was use a regular soap in the shower(no scrubbing of course), dried it by dabbing with a towel, and applied a little neo only when it was real dry and flaking.

I rarely masturbated and when i did i grabbed the base by my stomach and was as light as possible. The last two months it stopped drying out so i stopped using the neo and let it finish healing on its own. It is finally back to normal as i have had sex recently with no irritation or reopening of small cuts. No more redness with erection either. I will still be mindful of rough sex from now on though. Everyones situation may be different and you may want to try other suggestions on here but if you are patient it can heal. The skin is just so much different from dealing with another area.

Westwego, LA

#80 Dec 17, 2008
Oh, and from experience I think I am staying away from hand lotions. I think that masturbation with them is what helped lead up to my problem. I tried using some while i was dealing with the irritation thinking it would help but it only burned and made it worse that night.


#81 Dec 18, 2008
About two months ago started getting the same problems as you have all listed and like most of you thought it was an std. I've only been to one doctor who wasn't helpful at all, but I am assuming it is psoriasis. since i've suffered from it since I was a small child on other parts of the body and notice the similar behavior between where it appears of other parts of my body, i.e gets irritated, then the next day is not etc. Maybe next time anyone see's a doctor bring up this idea with them?

United States

#83 Dec 19, 2008
I had a similar class of problems in college. Scabs, or dry flakes. Also a skin irritation at the back of the penis-glans, or perhaps due to separation of the glans from the circumcized shaft. Eventually everything healed, but it took me 2 years. In that time, I saw dermatologists, urologists, and even psychologists. I think I just got lucky (by not getting lucky :)), because I had given up on all the crazy wonder-creams by then.

From my experience, I'd warn against hydrocortisone because it can weaken the surrounding skin.

Unfortunately, I've relapsed on the pain near the glans part. Last week as I was pulling out, I felt the left side of my glans catch a dry spot and invert. I've stopped when I felt similar stuff before, but this one time was too much.

So, no cure examples, but at least hope that it can get better.
penis scab

Canoga Park, CA

#84 Dec 21, 2008
it's hard to diagnose based on your description. i would guess those of you with pain have an immune-related problem, psoriasis and herpes were mentioned. I'm not sure about the cuts, rough sex can cause them. I'm trying to figure out how to make the penis heal asap, like in 3 days i gotta meet somebody :)

After reading alot I'm going to try NOT applying anything except 100% aloe juice (not the stuff they sell everywhere) and maybe some supplements. it should scab over then be ok
same issue in bkln

New York, NY

#85 Dec 24, 2008

I can't believe how closely many of you described the EXACT issue I'm experiencing. Partly a dry skin region just below the head and kind of in that ridge area - some small skin flaking and a slight lack of sensation in the dry area. Following around ... a little more moist - with skin a little more wrinkled and somewhat abnormal.[At this point went away once and is now recurring.]

When the penis is wet from shower, I kind of notice what seem like small abrasions. For me, this is not particularly painful. Just a little prick (no pun intended); sometimes slightly itchy, and at times a lack of sensation.

Saw a doctor once recently - unfortunately during one of the more mild times. Used a microscope even and said no issue - possibly an allergy. For me, seems to be a little more pronounced after sex. And I thought the lube in the condom was perhaps promoting the issue.

STD tests - although a few weeks ago now and I'm not sure how well timing coincides - all neg. At this stage, I'll do another Dr. visit and another round of tests. But I think that I'm fairly well convinced that it's something between normal bacterial irritation and allergy. Seems to help to dry thoroughly after shower and then lotion after.[Too dry or too wet both seem to be problematic.] Going to try the Neosporin suggesting though!

Seattle, WA

#87 Dec 27, 2008
Ok I have been having the same problem or a while too. Olive oil on the outside and start supplementing (orally) with vitamin E to promote elasticity and healing.
Johnny from California

San Diego, CA

#88 Jan 3, 2009
I'm glad I found this thread! I was worried it was an STD. But all tests are negative. I know exactly WHEN and HOW it happened but my mind has been playing paranoid tricks on me and of course I thought I had an STD. LOL. It was ROUGH SEX and nothing more. My partner "showed" me a new way to masturbate that I had never, ever tried before. It was rapid jerking right below the head. And she is prone to teething when blowing me. The new method of jerking it was amazing but after trying it twice in two days I felt the soreness and then the cuts appeared within a day or two. They're just like little cuts. No puss, no oozing, no blistering. Just two cuts. It has been a month now. I have tried neosporin and it helps as long as I don't get an erection. The erections just rip it open again. And I get morning wood every day! So, I've been battling the healing process. It's like a cut you get on your knuckle. You keep moving the skin and it's not going to heal. One thing that I've tried with success, although weird-sounding, is to use bandages. I apply the neosporin then place a large band-aid around my penis. It keeps the chafing from happening in my underwear and sort of dry when I work out at the gym. I'll post again when it's healed. I hope SOON!

Ventura, CA

#90 Jan 7, 2009
Just Me

United States

#91 Jan 8, 2009
Part 1: Many years from now, there will be a name and cure for this, but now there isn't. I too have this problem and thought I was alone until I found this forum a few minutes ago. I've read through the posts and was surprised that there are so many people with a problem which seems exactly like what I have.

Here is my background story. I travel a lot to southeast Asia and do engage in sexual activities with many different partners so I was kind of expecting to catch something one day. However, I am EXTREMELY careful 100% of the time I have sex and use condoms and use them very carefully. I live by the belief that EVERY person I have sex with probably has something so if I don't take precautions I WILL get something. I do also happen to have a girlfriend who I've been with for several years and we are very open and honest with each other. She knows I have sex with others and she's usually there when I am doing it as she enjoys participating when I am with another woman. She isn't with any other men and we are so open that she'd tell me if she was as I wouldn't care as long as she used protection. I do not usually use a condom when I am with my girlfriend, but I made her get tested for STDs before I agreed to stop using condoms with her--I also got tested again at the same time as chances were better that I had something and I didn't want her getting anything from me. I do sometimes wear a condom with her and I'll explain why later as it's a good tip that will help many of you.

About 2 years ago I started having this problem. I am now trying to think back about how it all started. I "am" allergic to latex. I found that out long ago when I was a kid in the hospital and they used latex tape to secure an IV to my arm. After a day or two my arm became very itchy and when they removed it the skin cracked up dry, was very itchy and peeled away after a few days. Wasn't that bad, and I wouldn't even have realized it was too unusual, but my mother who is an RN pointed out that I must be allergic to latex. In my later years, using latex condoms was never much of a problem for me though as while it probably was causing some irritation, I wasn't having sex that long or that much for it to be a noticeable problem. As the years went on either I got more sensitive to latex or I was just having much more and longer sex as I started noticing a burning sensation while having sex. So I switched to lamb skin condoms and that solved that problem. Yes, lamb skin are not as effective with preventing virus diseases as they are made of sheep intestine which is more porous, but they do provide some protection and is much much safer than just NOT using a condom.
Just Me

United States

#92 Jan 8, 2009
Part 2: Ok, fast forward. I'm in southeast Asia having sex with everything standing on 2 legs. I'm using my lamb skin and everything is fine. I'm still paranoid and getting STD checks every 6 months or so and everything is always fine. I have been lucky in that I have never caught anything, but I did once notice a rash around the leg grown area which I cleared up quickly with anti-fungal cream without having to see a doctor. I wasn't too surprised about getting the rash as I've seen similar rashes on some of the people I'd been with and a condom on your penis won't prevent you from getting a rash and there aren't yet body condoms available.

Well, one day I run out of my lamb skins and you can't get it in most southeastern countries, so I actually send a email to my "mother" and ask her buy some and FedEx them to me which she does. In the mean time, I just use latex condoms as I figure a few days of latex is better than going without sex and much better than risking death by having sex without a condom. Not surprisingly, my dick gets irritated, and that irritation just gets worse and worse each time I have sex using a latex condom. However, it seems to be much worse than I ever remember it being. I'm just assuming I am more sensitive with being older now, but as I think about it, I might be more sensitive because of another problem now. Well, after a few days my lamb skins arrive and I switch to them, but the skin on my penis is so bad by this time that it just doesn't heal. I am sure it was all caused by the latex condoms, but I never had it this bad before--same symptoms everyone here is talking about. So I go to the doctor. First doctor agrees that it's just caused by the latex so I go to see another one. This next doctor says that I probably have herpies and gives me some medicine for it. He says that'll clear it up within a week or two. Well, I was never so happy when my penis DIDN'T get better! I go back to see if he has any other ideas and his only suggestion is "Don't use condoms" which is a sure death sentence in this part of the world.

I cut back on my sex life to the best of my male ability and it does seem to get better, but if I try having sex with my girlfriend without a condom the whole process simply starts all over again. I tried self medicating using anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral creams and while they did seem to help, simple lotion seemed to help just the same. Meaning that it helps it heal to the point where it "looks" ok faster. I've tried long treatments of different types of anti-biotics. I tried changing soaps, not using soap, changing the laundry soap, not using laundry soap, I've even tried different adjustments in my diet, but nothing seems to "cure" this situation. I get better in that things "look" normal and feel normal, but a few "seconds" into having sex without a condom I can feel the burn.
Just Me

United States

#93 Jan 8, 2009
Part 3 of 3: Ok, moving forward to exactly a year ago now. I am in the States and I go to my trusted family doctor to get this all checked by a doctor I can trust. I talk to him before hand and ask him to do some research as what I have might not be something seen in the US so I wanted him to learn about what things might be caught in southeast Asia. Over $500 later after having every test done and then some, he informs me that I don't have ANYTHING. For $500 a part of me was wanting him to tell me I had some deadly disease as to at least justify the price. I spent $20 for the doctors in southeast Asia to tell me the same thing so I was expecting something different for $500. Well, I did also get a physical for that as I really wanted to have everything checked. I should also mention that later I even went to the eye doctor and had my eyes checked as I know the eyes can also tell about someone's health and my eye doctor informed me that while I obviously need glasses, my eyes were extremely healthy and she seemed happily amazed and asked me what type of diet I had.

Moving forward to today. Let me explain what seems to "help". Ok, I've mentioned that lotion seems to help it heal faster from a "looks" point of view. Yet, the next time I have sex the process simply starts all over again so it's obviously not cured, but just appears to be. What helps though is using lamb skin condoms. I'm not saying just from a latex irritation point of view, but it really helps reduce the irritation and lamb skin condoms provide much more feeling than latex so you really won't notice much if any difference when wearing one. You WILL be paying a premium for that experience though as lamb skins are much more expensive. I find that I pay more for my condoms than I do for the women I use them on. I imagine that "you" could simply try using latex if you aren't using anything, but what if this is partly a latex issue? Maybe this problem is caused by several things and maybe latex could be a small part of it.

Make sure you use lubrication if needed--probably even if not needed. Obviously avoid lubes with Nonoxynol-9 or condoms with it as that'd certainly just cause more irritation. Use the lamb skin condoms instead of latex and use lamb skin even if you are with your wife or girlfriend as it'll help protect the skin so that it can heal to the best of it's ability and stay in that near perfect (but not perfect) condition. If I use the lamb skins with my wife, everything appears fine afterwards. It's obviously "not" fine though as if I try going without anything, I can feel the irritation starting "while" we are having sex and it's simply downhill from there and several days until my penis looks normal again.

So, summed up, I haven't found any curse for this. I think it's some unidentified fungus or bacterial infection which the tests don't pick up and the commonly used pills and creams won't cure. In a few years they'll figure out what this is and probably have a cure. Until then I recommend using lamb skin condoms every time you have sex, plenty of lube (without Nonoxynol-9), and try lotion of some type of moisturizer on your penis afterwards. Then it's just waiting until the doctors figure out what this thing is and how to cure it. When they do they'll announce that they've discovered a new disease as if it JUST appeared, but we'll all know that it's been around for a long time but ignored by the medical community.

Glenolden, PA

#94 Jan 22, 2009
Wow I started searching the web and at first thought it might be herpes, but it dident really look like the pictures, I have redness and it's looks almost like small cuts, they dry up and sort of peel off like sunburn, it really just looks like rugbyrn like from rough sex, but I have had it for 5 months now, but I do masterbate alot, and have sex with girlfriend , same girl for the last 4 years, matter of fact this all started when she had a dealt bad case of vagatosis, it was almost unnotisable then, now it looks like freddy kruger cock, but it dident look like herpes to me, on the pictures I saw herpes has like round blister things, kinds like a wart or zit, I don't see anything like that on me, I was going to see a doctor, I probly should but I don't make much, don't have insurance either. Not sure what to do, has anyone who has had this gotten rid of it, and not had it cone back?

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