Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Toronto, Canada

#770 Jun 9, 2011
I'm 26. I've had this issue on and off since I was 16. By on and off I mean for a few days here and there once a year. So not that often. Very active sex life. The first time I ever got it, it was everywhere.. seemed like an infection. started off just dry.. but I put moisturizer on it daily.. constantly and i think oversaturating it made it a lot worse, or something in the moisturizer angered it.
Anyway....ive been fine since... minus a cut or two i have gotten on the underside of my penis... you know that line in the middle.. i usd to get a cut there and that makes sex so painful.
the cuts are due to dryness. then they crack.... I found if you think of it as chap lips... and treat it as such.. its helps.
there is a VERY cheap soap you can get at wal mart.. call physoderm....doenst have chemicals that dry your skin up... use it exclusivly in that area. always.. even when you dont have the problem and normal showering.
someone mentioned chlorine and swimming helping, its possible that chlorine CAN kill bacteria there.. but also being in water moisturizes you..
as i said. chap lips.
1. saliva... blow jobs.... when shes done... dont wait more than 5 min to clean it. get up. go to the washroom.. fill your hand with water and that soap i mentioned and clean it off... dry it WELL.. and youre good...
2. after intercourse, rough or otherwise....her natural lube will dry up fast on your penis as will yours and cause instant dry skin.... follow step one after sex
3. apply some hydrocortisone... not tons.. just enuff to cover it.. once its healing or almost healed... keep it dry.. only use if its dry, red and hurting...
4. if you think minor infection.. use polysporin with antibiotic triple healing in the morning..not tons!.... then hydro cortisone at night.... it needs to be dry to heal guys.... so use small amounts of cream to relieve the pain... and moisturize the dry skin.. but saturate it..
5. steps 1 and 2!!! NEVER leave saliva or natural lube on your skin.. licking ur lips dries them.. they crack... they cut.. they sting.. its very similar... the stuff you put on your lips is generally thick foggy OINTMENT. not cream. hydrocortisone will relieve the pain.. but dont over do the creams..
6. try alternating a bit... one night after shower..put hydrocortisone on and go to sleep .. or put polysporin on and go to sleep. then the next night...shower.. make sure it sdry.(dry it gently). and then leave it as is and go to sleep.
-always wash within 5 mins after sex and blowjobs. try and use a soad like physoderm that doenst have chemicals
-if you notice its red after sex or you have a long session, wash it as stated and put a bit of hydrocortisone on it peremptively
-dont put too much of anything on it... it does need some dry time to heal.

Maple Grove, MN

#771 Jun 9, 2011
@CAN_10, sorry but you're stupid as hell,
everyone in the forum should be smart enough to NEVER EVER EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME use HYDROcortiSONE!!!
the rest sure, it makes sense, but that cortisone cream has steroids in it which thins your skin and has ruined a lot of ppls pEn!s, just google it and you'll see for it yourself
sorry to bash you like that but anyone who advices that i will smash them cos i've been suffering for 3 years since using that and plan to goto india to get a checkup cos america is effed up.
This cream is actually banned in other countries!

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#772 Jun 9, 2011
@krazyq. A lot of MDs will start u out on steroids. There are several strengths out there. It's the stronger ones u have to look out for when using them for longer periods of time on the genitals. As for my progress since posting in April.... I tried 6 weeks of protopic applying 2x per day. Overall it hasn't worked. I still have the same areas of red, cracked skin over the head of my penis. However, there were some days where I had minimal pain throughout the day. More than when I wasn't using the protopic. But.... Protopic has a black box warning which means could cause cancer... Therefore I will be unable to use it long term. Only thing I haven't tried yet that has had some positive results on these posts is monastat and aloe Vera. I'll most likely be biting the bullet and getting a biopsy here soon but bet your ass I'll be hammered and tripping on Valium before the procedure. I'll keep u guys posted. Also, those of u who commented on my specific post last time. I'll email u soon. Been meaning to do that for a while. Good luck everybody.

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#773 Jun 9, 2011

it IS the internet so feel free to flame all you want man.. i never said listen to me.. all I said was this is what works for me. I got really dry scale-like red itchy/burning skin the day before last.. as of right now its almost completely gone.. and all I did was what I posted.

I put hydrocortisone on after sex that day...showered that night and put a bit of moisturizer on, vaseline brand cream. Then before work put polysporin cream.. not a lot and rubbed it in... showered last night.. tiny tiny bit of moisturizer . went to bed... then a bit of poly sporin cream today.. and its almost 100% right now.. slightly slightly dry.. i could put a bit of moisturizer on before bed again.. but ya... im all clear...

maybe you had an allergic reaction? or like i said. mine got really bad once or twice when i put toooo much on and didnt rub the cream in.... anyway.

Do what you want... this exact problem happens to me and it takes me2 - 4 days to get over it... and i thought id share my regimen... good luck all.

Toronto, Canada

#774 Jun 9, 2011
oh and currently its on foreskin.. like all the top and a bit under.... sometimes its the head as well. fyi.

Murrieta, CA

#775 Jun 11, 2011
Two days of not putting anything on my junk, and the skin looks like its completely healed. No itchy redness flakiness cuts. The Psoriasin definitely worked. I'll report back in a few more days but as of now I think it's showing crazy progress.

Maple Grove, MN

#776 Jun 12, 2011
hey well hey i'd like to apologize if I offended you, its just that i feel like that stuff ruined everything. This thread is to help everyone so I came out too strong so my bad.
here's my email [email protected] , i'd like to discuss with you further of your whole situation then we can compare because maybe we're in a total different situation.
Thanks and again sorry!

Vancouver, WA

#777 Jun 12, 2011
Look up pictures of genital Psoriasis. Do you ever have skin problems on your feet or a redness under your armpits? I do. Same as the rest I have had STD test and all came back negative. I was really worried then I started looking at pictures of redness on penis until I came across some that looked like mine. After further research I was reading and came to find out that some other symptoms I have are all conditions of Psoriasis. It is a genetic thing and can show up at any age. There are other factors that can make it happen. It is extremely bad around areas that get more friction like your penis.
Dude from AZ

Peoria, AZ

#778 Jun 14, 2011
I have the same problem. Its probably because your circumsied. I never had anything like this untill i "discovered" masturbating. Usually it scabs up underneath untill i shower, swim, or of course jerk off. For me there is no definite cure for as long as you have sex or masturbate. The worst part is when i look carefully behind and around the head i see very dark red/ pinkish "cuts". Also does anyone else get the same type of cut on their sac???
I won

Newhaven, UK

#779 Jun 19, 2011
This thread is getting pretty long now and there is a lot of repeated info, good and bad. I had this issue for about 2 years and can now safely say that I have finally sorted it. I feel like i have my life back again.

Before i explain what i did, i need to make something clear as i keep reading some really unwise info

NEVER PUT ANY KIND OF STEROID CREAM ON YOUR PENIS.....EVER. No matter what your doctor or dermatologist says. You can never fix or reverse the thinning effects.

The problem. From what I have experienced the the issues being had when not an STI are usually.
1. A fungal infection - Anti fungal creams and medications can get rid if this easily. if they dont work, then its very likely to be 2

2. Penile psoriasis/dermatitis - This is what I had after realising that it wasnt a fungal infection. Your doctor will usually offer you a steroid cream to treat this but do not accept this this is a bad idea to keep using long term. Steroid creams will help you heal up and calm the area down, but the side effects are terrible if they set in.
Ask the doctor to prescribe PROTOPIC (tacrolimus) cream. The one i use is 0.03% so is very mild. When I used the cream each night for a week and the skin healed perfectly and finally finally lost its shiny/weak characteristic. The syptoms were all gone so my daily routine is to use BAG BALM each night before bed. Now i can safely say that the issue is completely cleared up and its been months. If you notice any kind of recurrence all you need to do is apply the protopic cream once before bed and then return to your moisturising routine.

I hope that this post goes some way to helping you all with this terrible problem. In order to do get to where i am now i had go take it upon myself to research the needed cream, because my doctor didnt know about anything other than steroid creams. Once i asked for the protopic cream, my life has returned to normal and i could not be happier. Good luck everyone.

New York, NY

#780 Jun 19, 2011
I have the same ongoing problem. I have heard from doctors that the penis is hard to heal. Odd because it has so much blood flow. Either way I have a red patch, like a rug burn, on side of shaft from sex and masturbation. Heals but never fully. Had something similar once before and it takes months and careful use. Your body will heal it but it takes a long long time there for some reason. Just be very careful

Murrieta, CA

#781 Jun 19, 2011
ITS BEEN A BIT OVER A WEEK AN PSORIASIN HAS WORKED. I haven't put anything on my man jewels since I used it. No redness itchiness or flakiness. Guys, go to cvs and buy it. It's a life saver

West Milford, NJ

#782 Jun 21, 2011
ULT wrote:
I have had the same problem for about 1 year now. I have been to the dermatologist over 20 times...I have been using a mild hand lotion mos. but I cannot seem to get rid of cuts or pain. I have used every cream imaginable buit nothing has helped. I even cut out sugar, wheat, caffeine but it has not helped. I tried tanning the area as well. The Dr says it will heal but this is has been going on for too long..I honestly think the Dr's have no clue. I would be interested if anyone has experienced this and has had any success. Thanks..
ANy updates. I'm having the same problem

West Milford, NJ

#783 Jun 21, 2011
Having the same problem. What's the latest updates

Miami, FL

#784 Jun 24, 2011
My husband and I have been together for almost 17 years. One day we had sex and he said, that i was way too tight and that I broke his skin of the shaft of the penis. The breakage of skin then formed a scab within 2 weeks and then it healed after 2 more weeks. Then it healed so we thought! We had sex after the healing process but it broke in the same spot again. Then I told him to hold on the sex for about a month. After the month went by the skin broke and then he tried neosporin and it does work but the big factor is the skin keeps breaking over & over in the same spot no if we wait for a month it just keeps happening over & over....
The Answer

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#786 Jun 29, 2011
sup, say i had that same problem one time when and got it checked out dr gave me some tinactin its foot cream but he told me to put that on there twice a day i did that and i say bout three weeks later it was all clear try that out worked 4 me

Hernando, MS

#787 Jun 29, 2011
I'm about to unsubscribe from this listing however I just wanted to make the announcement for you guys still struggling. Go to CVS or Ealgreens and buy Psoriasin. I applied it 3 times a day for about a week and a half then stopped. All irritation subsided and it's been over two weeks since I have seen any problems. My skin around my shaft is completely clear and I'm for sure cured. I went to the dr for a check up n he north ed no problems at all either. It works. Best of luck to you guys. I'm super relieved!!!!

United States

#789 Jun 29, 2011
@ I WON-
Hey thanks for your reply however I'm very troubled here because I've been using protopic for 2weeks now and no improvements, maybe like a percentage improvement but it's so hard to tell...I did end up using the steroid cream 3 years ago but that's because I didn't know any better and trusted a doctor.
Am i screwed, because I'm getting married in 4 months and if i'm not healed I will get so depressed and suffer from this.
There's like these 2 bruises and so much more redness, if i masterbate it gets so red and imflamed.
There has tobe a cure, i've dealt with this for 3 years now and i'm about to loose it!!!
pls email me at [email protected] , noone ended upemailing me so pls do and try helping meout, thanks


#790 Jun 29, 2011
I've just got my Psoriasin in the mail, and yeah after my first application it was looking better. I'll let you know how I go. I can see this thread breaking into two areas.

I suffer from a red knob, And red foreskin. At times the skin seems to have a layer of skin which comes off in the shower. It is also itchy and my member hurts like hell after sex. It has split open where the foreskin folds and meets the knob.

I have got a feeling it is either psoriasis/dermatitis after reading the symptoms on the packet that the Psoriasin come with.

If it is just happening on a concentrated area.. It's more then likely a yeast infection.

Here's hoping that I've got this nailed!

Solvang, CA

#791 Jul 1, 2011
I posted before about getting a dry patch after a lot of sex and abrasion from moving the next day (without washing inbetween). Lotion got rid of it, but it came back a month later. Lotion worked again for dryness, but it was still shiny and red.

After a week of rubbing it with heavy cornhusker's lotion, the redness and shine was gone, and it still hasn't come back 3 months later. I've never stopped having regular sex.

After reading Dr. Martin's post about yeast infection, I remember one thing I did before starting with the cornhusker's. Thinking it might be yeast, and knowing from breadmaking that too much salt kills yeast, I soaked my dick in brine for 10 minutes. I don't know if that had an effect... I was starting to panic lol. But, I'm still using the cornhusker's and am still spot-free (fingers crossed).

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