Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Covington, GA

#701 Apr 8, 2011
Just spent over an hour read most of these posts and quite frankly, some of them are ridiculous! One dude posted 8 or 9 times in a single day saying everything from he is cured to offering $10k because he always gets what he wants! After reading 600 posts I have determined that no one has any idea what to do! I am suffering from this condition for a month now and all I am is more confused after these posts. I may let my dog lick my dick a few times a day for a week or so, maybe she will heal it. My mom used to always tell me that a dogs mouth has healing qualities. If this does not work, guess I will stop sex for 6 months and use some axle grease on my slong. I will keep you updated.

Burlington, Canada

#702 Apr 11, 2011
I kinda have the same problem too. Im surprised its so common.

Just a small part of my shaft near the head is a tad red and irritated then i have just 1 small cut kinda on the ridge of the head.

after looking through all those nasty google images i know its not herpes, but i will try the neosporin

Pocomoke City, MD

#703 Apr 11, 2011
Thank god i found this site. A month ago I had relations with a woman that i met at a club in Medellin, Colombia. Everything was protected, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I was drugged, because I only remember bits and pieces of the events later that evening. At one point when I regained consciencness I noticed the condom was shredded and so I was able to abort the mission. But I am unclear about what took place before of after. Since I have noticed all these symptoms you guys mentioned, and haven't been able to get rid of them for a month now. Lately I started using silvadine cream for burns which has a painkiller property. I have seen some improvement, but its obviously not the proper form of therapy..Anyone else tried this? I'll keep it going and see what happens.
Need help please


#704 Apr 11, 2011
My boyfriend and i had unprotectd sex once and he has been to a doctor who told him that it is probably the chlorine from the pool that we went to but now ever since that time he has a red itchy inflamed tip and i dont know if i gave him something or if he got another infection.we are always clean before sexual intercourse.please help.please


#705 Apr 14, 2011
Satchosan wrote:
Greetings Guys. I have had similar penis problems over the years and it seems as I'm getting older, my immune system isn't as strong as it used to be and now this irritating problem is getting worse. I have determined I have a yeast infection. I used the "spit test" into clear glass of water first thing in the morning and with all the wispy threads and tiny dots falling to the bottom, it suggested that I have elevated Candida Yeast infection. Almost everyone has this yeast. The problem is that it gets out of balance with the good bacteria and begins to erupt in various ways, one of which attacks the very thin and sensitive skin just under the glans of the penis. This is what I have done and am still doing to combat it. It seems to be working very well. First, buy some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes, some Tea Tree Oil, and some Bag Balm from your local pharmacy. Every morning and night, shower, wash the penis ONLY with water, NO SOAPS whatsoever. Dry penis using hair dryer on cool. Fold a Peroxide Wipe into thirds and wrap the affected area with it and hold for 10 min or longer. It may sting at first if you have "paper cuts" or severe inflammation. After 10 or more minutes, unwrap and dispose of the wipe, blow dry again. When dry, place a pinch of bag balm in palm of your hand with about 4 or 5 drops of Tea Tree oil and mix it up. Don't get it too thin as the bag balm is used as a carrier for the Tea Tree oil to keep the affected area moist and loaded with the oil. Do this twice a day, morning and evening. Now must also treat the Candida from inside your body as well. I'm using coconut oil. I don't know if it is an effective measure or not. Search the web for information on it's use. If in doubt, talk to a Pharmacist on the best way to treat Candida internally. If you follow my suggestions, I believe you will see a marked improvement in those of you that have this yeast imbalance as I do. It IS working for me. Good luck guys!
Hey all, would just like to say I'm trying the hydrogen peroxide and the tree tea oil with the bag balm method. I can confirm that it has helped to an extent and its only my third day doing it. I recommend you gave it a try too. Will update and let you know if it works. Also guy if you have type A blood and it is a yeast infection, we find it really hard to get rid of..

Freeport, Bahamas

#707 Apr 18, 2011
ihave the same problem to what the f

Germantown, OH

#708 Apr 21, 2011
Hey guys. I can't believe there are others out there with a lot of the same problems. First off I just want to say thanks for all the advice. Just found this site yesterday so I'm going to try a lot of what's been said until i find something that works.
I'm 27 years old been married 5 years. Always been faithful. In fact I've only EVER slept with my wife. I've been dealing with this for 7 months now and maybe only 20% better from when it first started. It's so discouraging. To make it worse my wife is a physician assistant in dermatology and we still can't figure it out.
It started when my wife and I were living apart for a while when we sold our house and worked in dif. cities. Needless to say I was masturbating more than normal. One night i got drunk and used 2 hands to jack off and was more rough since being numb from alcohol. The next day the head of my penis hurt to touch and it's been downhill since. It constantly feels raw and hyper sensitive. I've developed red, dry, cracked skin in distinct borders at the top part of the head of my penis that won't go away no matter what I tried. The only time it feels better is in the morning but it would get awful by the end of the day. If you look at it when it's irritated, the head looks like the floor of the desert when dry. I've found that soft boxers work the best, either silk or polyester with soft pants (khakis). Jeans are terrible. I was having to use a pair of boxers and shorts when i wore jeans to help protect it more. Took about 2 days fore me to start trying to treat it myself.
First is just used moisturizer lotions (Suave) which was worthless. Then i used samples of Naftin (anti fungal) from my wife then tried Topicort (steroid) and no improvement. Went to 2 Urologists who both agreed it was fungal. One prescribed Clotrimazole (anti fungal)and Betamethasone (strong steroid) cream-burned like hell and I tried for 2 weeks with no improvement. Next Dr perscribed Ciclopirox Olamine cream- did't burn as bad. Still no improvement. Next was Desitin for diaper rash- burned a lot couldn't keep using it. Tried oral anti fungals (Lamasil) TWICE with no results! Tried anti yeast meds (Diflucan) no results. Then I had my wife ask the Dermatologist what to put on it. Said to try Triamcinolone ointment (steroid) and oral prednisone (steroid). This didn't burn as much when applied but i used topical steroids for so long that it was thinning the skin of my penis increasing the raw feeling and pain. I was literally walking hunched over all day at work cause the irritation was so bad just rubbing against my pants. At this point I stopped everything for 4 weeks. No chemicals or drugs. Thought it might help- it didn't. Went to moisturizers/skin protectants. Tried Lanolin which is used a lot for chaffing, but it was so thick it caused more friction against my clothes. Then I went back to over the counter anti fungals thinking maybe simple is the answer. Used topical Lamisil for 2 weeks with the 2nd round of oral Lamisil.
It had been 6 months at this point and i started breaking down...I used to run, play hockey, lift weights, and now it's too painful to. My wife and I are trying to start a family, but the sex often hurts and feels like a chore to try to get pregnant. My personality has changed. I don't laugh as much. I can't work as hard. I don't do things with my friends cause it might hurt more. I'm angry and depressed a lot. I would be lying if i said I didn't say I've been thinking about the best way to commit suicide, but I can't.
The next step is to actually go see the Dermatologist where my wife says they will biopsy it. I can't imagine the pain of having a hole punched in the head of my penis so I've been putting it off for months. not to mention the embarrassment of the procedure. I am also currently using first aid ointment with vit A and D as of 2 days ago and Neosporin which I will start tonight since reading these posts. If it works you can be sure I'll let everyone know.

Germantown, OH

#709 Apr 21, 2011
...ran out of room. Anyway, I hope my experience has helped someone learn something out there. To say this is hell to deal with is an understatement. My next trip to the Dr. I will be getting anti -depressants if nothing else. Thanks for reading and I'll keep everyone updated if i find the solution.
eric voronov

Los Angeles, CA

#710 Apr 25, 2011
hello, guys. it is nice to know that my problem is so common. i have same issue like you. first after the rough sex, skin right beneath the head developed rough scar like tissue. Then rash like with very moderate itching which would definetaly get worse after masturbation. Ijust visited a doctor he ordered std test. First i thought it was a fungus. I used antifungus cream, but after trying it for 10 days cream did not do anything. what is the remedy. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! !!!!!!!!
eric voronov

Los Angeles, CA

#711 Apr 25, 2011
I DID USE NEOSPORIN FOR A FEW DAYS. iT did not do anything. Maybe i should have used longer. But who knows. Good luck to all of us, halleluha.

Covington, GA

#714 Apr 28, 2011
Just go see a Dr. I did yesterday after trying to heal this myself for six weeks. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing a dermatologist unless you may think you have an STD.
Hope it helps

United States

#715 Apr 29, 2011
I have had the same issue for about 3 months and this help me if your willing to give it a shot try this Tolnaftate. the dryness went away and cut went away in two days. Hopes this helps

Good Luck!

Garden Grove, CA

#716 Apr 30, 2011
Eric wrote:
So I have been having the same issue for 6 months now. The problem started out after my girlfriend gave me a quick BJ and was alittle rough as we were rushing to the airport. I didn't notice it but the next day my penis was red like a burn on the side shaft. Well It started to heal. Then while she was away I masturbated and may alittle to rough on my self. Then about 3 days later I went to a strip club and got a lap dance from a hot dancer and she was way to rough. My penis was super red and so sensative for days (Sensative that I wcouldn't wear jeans and normal underware). I went to my normal doctor and soon as he looked at it he said that was Herpes. We took a blood test and he wouldn't answer my calls. Finally 4 days later he called me back and said the test was positive. I thought he was crazy but I still freaked out and took valtrax . Same day i saw 3 other doctors and all doctors said I didn't have Herpes and i shouldn't worry. Took blood test 2 and 3 all negative.
This is where the advanture starts from seeing doctor after doctor. I saw this special high end Dermatologiest gave me creams and lotions. No fixes. He sat me down and said I should change my condoms. Ok I did same problem. Now the redness isn't like the begining but it comes back every other week. My penis can get so sensative rubbing against my underwhere which I had to change the friut of the loom to high end egyptian cotton underwhere to be smoother on the skin.
Now I have sex or masturbate my penis turns red for a day or two and hurts. Some parts u can see little blood vessels where it's irratated at.
I went to another Dermatologiest and I told him about the penis turning red and being sensative. He asks does happen to anyother parts of your body. I said yes the past 3 to 4 weeks I been itching alot more and skratch my head from the stresss. He went ahead and gave me medicine for Scabies now. So I'm going from one extream to another now.
I tried all the creams, powder, Lotions, soaps, and Laundry detergent too. It's crazy and I don't know what to do. I even stopped having sex for a month and still got irratated from from penis rubbing against the underwhere and pants.
I need some help or direction on this? thanks
I just got done reading this post. It is funnier than shit. Couldnt stop laughing.

Kalamazoo, MI

#718 May 2, 2011
Yeah I have the same problem and I cant seem to get rid of it either. This had to be the worst thing for a guy to get. I don't dare jack off or any thing. It still wont go away. I have creams and neosporin as well. I just don't know what to do anymore about this?

North Chicago, IL

#719 May 2, 2011
SO i've been keeping up with these posts for a while now, and have tried almost everything on here. Nothing really seems to work permanently, but I've had some mild success. I actually started dabbing a little bit of mouth wash to the dried up area. I do it a few times a day, like in the morning and before I sleep. I noticed that the dryness clears up after a few days and although I still see the outline it stays gone for about 4 to 5 days then comes back. Not a breakthrough, but my skin doesn't crack up or get the little paper cuts in it anymore. So one small step.
Tired of this

Port Townsend, WA

#720 May 3, 2011
So basically I have the same problem, however I think it might have developed into something else. What I've read is that the genital area contains a lot of germs, moreso than many other parts of your body. After the scrapes kept reappearing, these tiny bumps appeared that resemble poison ivy. I have had eczema before so it is a possibility that it's a flare up in the worse possible area ever. I suppose I will have to let it sit for a few days and see what happens?

Jackson, MO

#721 May 5, 2011
No clue this was so common, my issue is the pain under the head when hard and dry patches under the head.

Gonna run out and buy some neosporin give it a shot for about a month while TRYING not to masturbate or have sex, which is hell for me, and see how that goes.

Utica, NY

#722 May 6, 2011
Weston wrote:
...ran out of room. Anyway, I hope my experience has helped someone learn something out there. To say this is hell to deal with is an understatement. My next trip to the Dr. I will be getting anti -depressants if nothing else. Thanks for reading and I'll keep everyone updated if i find the solution.
Have you or your wife been tested for HSV-1 or HSV-2? I have a very similar issue and am blaming it on that... even with negative test results. Maybe you can shoot me a message and swap experiences... like you... this has consumed me. I feel lifeless... and hopeless. My spam email is [email protected] From there we can switch to a more secure email.


Covington, GA

#723 May 8, 2011
Neosporin will not heal this! I suffered with this for 8 weeks and finally went to a dermatologist and now problem is gone. He prescribed the following and it worked for me. Prednisone pills which I had to follow a strict schedule of taking these; Fluocinonide 0.05% topical cream and NO sex or masturbation for 4 weeks. Problem is over. This problem cost me approx.$140.00 to cure and also cured me of my desire to masturbate (or have sex with my GF). She does not even notice we no longer have sex; glad now I never married her! I am now free.

Phoenix, AZ

#725 May 9, 2011
Had crazy sex last night and now I have a line on my shaft that is irratated kind of painfull. Is this due to friction? This is a first for me so sound like I need to let it heal and get some lube for next time. Neosporen helps? And advice would help.

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