Penis skin irritation -- already diag...
Easy E

Noblesville, IN

#47 Nov 10, 2008
Lotrimin IB... Ugghhhhh. Get the vag fungus off ur d. Had all these symptoms everyone is mentioning. This stuff heals ya fast. Lube up the canal before entering too. Rubbing dry skin together is like an Indian burn. Not cool.

Tallahassee, FL

#49 Nov 16, 2008
If you masturbate with lotion it can cause dryness and cracking to the sensitive skin of the penis, Use vasoline instead of lotion when masturbating, but wait until your healed before you begin, our you will continue to open the same broken skin.

Ludhiana, India

#50 Nov 18, 2008
apply the mustard oil or cocconut oil over the affected area 2 times a day for 1-2 months, your problem will cure. my self nikhil from INDIA
advice needed

Utica, MI

#51 Nov 19, 2008
Well I've been using the neo sporin w pain relief seem to be doing ok but the worst is after urinating when the tip is still wet and then the stinging an itching under the head is then there its unbearable. As I'm doing no sexual activity what so ever till this heals. Seems I should try a different cream then neo sporin though by the looks of what some others say.

Fort Worth, TX

#53 Nov 21, 2008
i have the same thing for like a few weeks i know its not herpes i havent had sex in nine months oh god but this is caused from girls not giving us enough attention and making us masturbate till raw good luck guys hope it goes away soon!

Cleveland, OH

#54 Nov 23, 2008
Yea I to have little cuts and i agree with everyone here. sounds like we all have some things in common like we all masterbate ALOT and cant keep a erection down for any length of time for this to heal. mine seem to all be in the same spot almost like my hand has a rough spot that is causing this and the more i masterbate it seems the harder and longer im doing it.
Nuva ring

Waterbury, CT

#55 Nov 24, 2008
I never had any problems like this until this past year. I'm 31 years old and my wife started using the nuvaring as a form of birth control. I wonder if that caused my irritation. Maybe we are getting some tainted soap from china...I use dial antibacterial. I also used Id Glide for masterbation, but ran out and haven't got any more. That seemed to be the best way to keep from getting "raw".

South Africa

#56 Nov 26, 2008
My boyfriend has had an on going problem now for like 5 months. I googled it and the symptoms were the same as jock itch so he went to the chemist and got some cream for jock itch and it helped a lot with the itching but a few weeks later it came back, its like these red areas that look like ring worm kind of thing and they get so itchy sometimes and he scratches so hard that he makes them bleed, they are by his bum and on the inside of his legs (groin area) please can anyone help us
Penis Itch Solver

San Antonio, TX

#57 Nov 29, 2008
keep it clean and blow dry it after every shower every day (don't use hot air, use warm or cool setting) (pulling foreskin back when blow drying). Trick is not letting moisture accumulate between the skin and penis head. If you do this every day, it will never rip again .. even if you have rough sex. The skin will become much stronger.


#58 Nov 29, 2008
I also have the same problem guys. Had unprotected sex and really regret being with this person. I'm circumsized. But my problems showed up like a week after. It feels like it just stings on the underside of my shaft. I also have the super sensitive penis tip, especially around the opening of the urethra. I can barely walk when it rubs on my underwear. I've been put on all kinds of antibiotic and nothing.

I've seen other posts like this and no one has an answer. But Then again, they never update their progress so who knows if it gets better.

Anything like a cream, polysporin, hydrocortisone all burn even worse. We shouldn't have to suffer like this. It has put a hold on my sex life. I've been to the Doc 5 times this month. They have no idea. We need to start an online support group.
the seattle man

Tacoma, WA

#59 Nov 30, 2008
Billy wrote:
Yes... I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this but I do feel for all of you since I have been going through this problem for a year..
Sometime late last year I was masturbating with lotion and I guess it really really dried up my skin. Soon there after I noticed skin flaking and what not.
Got itchy so I started itching it a little bit and then cuts started appearing.
It's like scabs grow over them then they fall off after I can't control the itch and itch it or because of an uncalled erection...
Could this have been from the lotion you think? Maybe I was just using a lotion that is not meant for what I was using it for? Thinking about trying Anti-Itch Hydrocortisone Cream 1%... I'll let you know how it works.
Anyone think it could be the lotion though?
the one thing that I did not hear is no one mentioned you conditioner when i was younger i use to wack with conditioner and found that it cause the following chapped skin and more imm thinking that you guy are white and use conditioner ofeten try baby oil to replace what the conditioner took all of your moister, but beware some whites are elleric to baby oil..this is a great site ....
the seattle man

Tacoma, WA

#60 Nov 30, 2008
the one thing that I did not hear is no one mentioned you conditioner when i was younger i use to wack with conditioner and found that it cause the following chapped skin and more imm thinking that you guy are white and use conditioner ofeten try baby oil to replace what the conditioner took all of your moister, but beware some whites are elleric to baby oil..this is a great site ....(


#61 Nov 30, 2008
I don't know guys. I've researched all of this. The only thing I can think of is two things as I've researched it.

1. Its nerve damage and there is no solution except to numb it.
2. That it is stress and anxiety related.

I know you don't want to hear #2 because you think you're sure its not that. But the only person that I've heard of getting over this problem thinks thats what it is. The more you think about focus in on it and becomes worse. Hence, the stress and anxiety over it. Try to forget about it. Think of positive thoughts when it is bothering you.

It can't hurt to try it. This is what I'm going to do. If it doesn't work, I'll let you know.

Mission, KS

#62 Dec 1, 2008
I too haven't posted in a while. Still no solution for me either. I go through stages where it appears to be almost healed, and then as soon as my wife and I have intercourse or any masterbation, the redness reappears. I've been using neosporin with pain relief as well as pure aloe vera. They definately help, but I AM SOOOOO FRUSTRATED I cannot stand it! This has been going on for over 4 months and ive been to two different dr's that offer ZERO solutions. I think I'm going to make an appt with a dermatologist....figure it cant hurt; but have little hope for a permanent solution. I've had my urine and blood tested, but no solutions offered. I can't tell you all how much this has affected my psyche. I feel so hopeless about this EVER going away and hate what it has done to my daily life. I can't believe with all the medical technology and advances we have made over the years NO doctors can solve this problem.

please keep posting, enjoy the feedback and advice and I'll do the same!

take care


#63 Dec 1, 2008
cant believe this page.have same masterbate alot,do it roughly sometimes and have sex with my girlfriend alot.kinda wrinkled and can be red.went to doctors he sayed is normal and is over used but i told him no has to be something and give me anti-fungal cream cant say its worked after a week but gonna keep kinda put my mind to ease.just hope it aint something else.coulda been scabies or eczema.u should have a look just in case u myt be mistaking

Delray Beach, FL

#64 Dec 1, 2008
David wrote:
does anyone have any thoughts on this one for me?
it s called flakeulitis or something like that go to ur doctor they will prescribe an ointment and a pill that work for me in 3 days!


#65 Dec 2, 2008
I have tried to put it out of my mind and it seems to be working a lot. I've now been able to switch to tight briefs which now means I can go out of the house. I have also started putting on a very light layer of an anti-fungal cream called clotrimaderm. It seems to be getting somewhat better. Any progress is better than it was. If its a fungal problem I don't think polysporin will help. Just my opinion.

Hope this helps.

Tillamook, OR

#66 Dec 2, 2008
I tried KY yours&mine and it made my skin feel burning and irritated. I haven't used the producted in weeks but a slight irritation continues to come and go. What kind of skin irritation treatment can I buy to make the burning go away for good?
im not a doctor

New Haven, CT

#67 Dec 2, 2008
chapstik worked for me. and using a condom for sex/beej/etc during the healing process. neosporin's probably best though.

Hobart, IN

#69 Dec 7, 2008
I have had this problem for about a year now. It started with an overzealous handjob about a year ago. For a year now, I've been applying lotion (standard types), and it looks like it gets better. Then I have sex or masturbate (both VERY gently these days), and it just becomes raw again.
I'm in medical school right now, and I'm pretty lost with what to do. I may have to put my foot down and really have no sexual activity at all for a month.
I am unsure which creams to use/not use. I doubt it is a fungus. I feel like there should be a perfect moisturizer for this. Maybe I will try the coconut oil suggestion. Good luck.

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