Penis skin irritation -- already diag...
Mr T

Gaithersburg, MD

#473 Aug 18, 2010
I know the problem described. I've had it and it occasionally recurs. The only solution I've found that works, and it does, is Protopic ointment. Needs to be prescribed.

Good luck fellas.
Relieved- sort of

Huntley, IL

#474 Aug 19, 2010
I had the exact same problem and had to refrain from sex for the last week. The inflammation went away, but then this morning, I had to relieve some tension, and we are right back to square one. I'm headed to Walgreen's for the Neosporin with Pain Relief tomorrow!!!! It started from having some rough (dry) sex with my wife and exacerbated from a high-intense week of bumping uglies. I'm 39 and have never had a similar condition, and boy have I had some experiences. I am glad to know it's nothing "serious" but isn't everything serious about anything abnormal down there? Thanks for the advice friends!

Huntington Station, NY

#475 Aug 21, 2010
Relieved- sort of wrote:
...I'm headed to Walgreen's for the Neosporin with Pain Relief tomorrow!!!!...
FWIW, my Dermatologist warned me that regular use of an antibiotic on the penis may do more damage, by thinning out the skin even further.

As far as relieving the itch/pain, a topical creme with about 20% Benzocaine has worked for me -- the cheapest one I've found is WalMart's Vagicaine, by Equate (generic Vagisil).

Rutland, VT

#478 Aug 23, 2010
I have experienced the same issue as many of you. Red area,etc. My urologist told me it's nothing and will heal, but as many of you reported; not true. I've use bacitracin, but will try neosporin w/pain relief. Is it true using too long will make it worse? I'm thinking of going to my internist next, but noticed some of you have been to a dermatoligist. Perhaps another opinion is in order.
I've had on and off for a year..please keep posting, I'm curious if anyone has had it go away completely as mine, too, comes and goes, but honestly has never completly gone.

Asheboro, NC

#479 Aug 25, 2010
could it be yeast? maybe try monistat.

Newark, NJ

#480 Aug 25, 2010
Yeah, this happened to me a few months ago. It makes me feel better to know lots of other guys experienced this too. I found that getting head really was the only thing that was ok with my GF. I found that letting it scab and heal worked well, but I will try neosporin next time the skin breaks. Cheers for all the comments and support guys!
tryingtofixmemem ber


#482 Aug 30, 2010
same as everyone else, no answers, has been getting a bit better with use of vegetable oil, also recently ive been sweating profusely (in a hot environment incidentally) that seems to help (?) but i dont have faith it will go away its been too long 2 yrs plus! anyone have any suggestions to stop nightime erections, maybe a pre-emptive "strike" before sleep? i cant seem to refrain from masturbating, sorry to say, it doesnt seem to matter what i do. try the oil though, it helps with dryness. anyone know of foods that help healing?
TengoElBichoQuem au

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

#483 Sep 2, 2010
Mine has been going for a few days... but i remember it happened before... with time it healed... i hope its the same this time...

Though I saw a post wich talked about Fruit Of The Loom underwear. I bought FOTL undewear a few days ago... could this be it? theyre my first FOTL undies in my life... i always used hanes...

Anyways... TENGO EL BICHO QUEMAU!!! but I masturbate the same i dont care... It will heal eventually and I dont feel it when i do... it hurst when I look.. hehehe

Puneta el combo de los bichos pelaus en la casa!!!

United States

#484 Sep 2, 2010
I used cortizone 10 maximum strength and when took showers i washed with dove soap a milder soap. and it only took me a week and it was gone. never had to deal with it again but u got to make sure u moisturize when u having sex or masturbating. Youre penis is the most sensitive spot on ya body so any friction can cause the psoriasis thats the medical term trust me i did that for a week and its gone but u have to keep ur sexual activities moist cause it will come back real talk men keep it clean and moisturize but to get rid of it do exactly what i just said dove soap is the best.
that man

Marinette, WI

#485 Sep 4, 2010
i have these bumps that show up but go away the same day, it only seems like after i have sex they show the next day.Now they go away on thier own no pain, itching, or burning. It also take like a week fo the bumps to heal.
Hurting in Pittsburgh

Greensburg, PA

#487 Sep 7, 2010
SO, it's been about 8 months since I last posted (#311). I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis.
Was given Ultravate-- halobetasol propoinate ointment 0.05%

Since Lichen Sclerosis is not curable, I do have
recurrance every so often. Use the ointment I
was given, and it clears it up. But something
always triggers it again.

I have just resided myself that it is always going
to come and go. I just don't know what I'll do when
I run out of ointment.

Good luck all.
Tony -see ur doctor

United States

#488 Sep 9, 2010
I had been worried about the irritation that developed on the shaft of my penis just towards the head. It seemed to spread like a circle around the area. It became like a rough patch that wouldn't go away. After a while the head started getting really irritated. I tried the neosprin that was suggested, I tried antifungal cream and sprays and nothing was working. Then I noticed after a shower that the head was bleeding in spots and that the skin seemed to be peeling off like after a sunburn. This really scared me so I finally went to my doctor who told me it was balanitis. He said that this can show up in men who are overweight or have signs of developing diabetes or can just develop during realy hot weather. I'm uncut and am a little overweight and have a history of diabetes in my family. He said that balanitis is a fungal infection and can be treated. He prescribed fluconazole which when I read the box it says it's for vaginal yeast infection but let me tell you it works. You only take 3 pills one every third day. After taking the first one within a day I saw improvement. Before my penis had gotten so sensitive that I couldn't wash it without discomfort and now the soreness and sensitivity are gone and there's just one red spot on the head which is goingTaxes away. He also prescribed a hydrocortisone cream to apply twice a day which also helps. So guys please see your doctor on this they can help. AND don't fall for these websites by guys telling you to send them money to get a cure for this!! Go to your doctor and just pay for the good advice. Good luck to everyone out there!!

Wilton, NH

#489 Sep 10, 2010
I have had this same problem on and off for several years. I believe it began after my wife and I decided to shave our pubic hair when we began vacationing at Caribbean resorts with nude beaches. Having sex after being recently shaved caused the area to sting and I usually had to wait a day or two for that to dissipate. As the hair started growing out, then the problem became one of skin irritation caused by the bristles of the growing hair. I finally came to the conclusion that this just wasnít worth it and although the women in Playboy Magazine promote this look as the new standard it is not beneficial to the sexual act. I convinced my wife to grow hers back. The hair is there for a reason and it adds to better sensation and reduces friction. Rubbing your member on a wire brush is not what I call a fun time! So forget popular culture and stick with Mother Nature. Interesting enough, the cure for me came after staying for two weeks in Jamaica and swimming nude in the salt water for several hours every day while drying off in the full sun on the nude beach. Within 3 days the irritation and redness disappeared. Perhaps it was using lots of suntan oil or eating food cooked with coconut oil, but I really believe it was cured by salt water and sun exposure, because we were also having more vigorous sex than we do when we are working full-time. Back home I starting taking Epsom salt baths and made sure Iím clean and dry before I go to sleep. I take Vitamin E and apply Vitamin E Oil externally twice every day. And, of course, lots of lube.


#490 Sep 12, 2010
Hey guys!

What's causing this is shortness in the proteins collagen and elastin not getting to the penis area. Get a collagen (face skin) cream that has enough amounts of Vitamin C. Before you put it on, don't put much, use about the amount you would put on your lips with a chapstick. First pull your foreskin back if (circumsized) and with a tie and a gentle nut to keep the foreskin from moving up and covering the head of the penis. Do this for a week and it will desapear. After that just put about 3 times a week to prevent it from coming back to you.

Best wishes-


Boca Raton, FL

#491 Sep 12, 2010
If you are looking for a skin care cream designed specifically for the penis, you may want to go to and check out RestoreMax cream. It is a great skin conditioner and might help you avoid the irritation problem in the future.

Darby, PA

#492 Sep 14, 2010
as a medic in the military i have seen this and have right now. starts with a small cut, i noticed after wife an i used a lotion and felt a burning sensation upon contact. thats the only way i knew i had a small cut. talked to my doc that i work with and he hooked my up with azithromycin, which is also really good to take if you start to catch a cold or something. but 1000mg of that, then 1600mg of what is call sulfamethoxazole. which is an antibiotic. (neither meds are OTC) do that twice a day for 10 days plus neosporin, should be good to go in a jif.. it helps repair the skin and it helps clear bacteria infections. for some it is just dermatology but some are or could be stds, so your partner should also have treatment. if it looks like skin is peeling or starts to bleed you should get in and start some form of antibiotics.


#493 Sep 15, 2010
Surfaz-SN... Try it out guys. It really works.

United States

#494 Sep 15, 2010
Get a container of Zeasorb-AF from your local Wal-Mart or local pharmacy. This will more then likely clear things up and put you back in action.

Chaska, MN

#496 Sep 17, 2010
So it looks like no one has found a permanent cure and doctors just keep subscribing us steroid creams when they don't even know what it really does.
I've been suffering for 2 years now where my skin will not fully heal... this is depressing...i'm going to get married soon and i don't even enjoy sex anymore...

Dublin, OH

#497 Sep 17, 2010
im shy to say it on here but if anybody knows alot of facts about these things can u send me massage on [email protected]
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