Penis skin irritation -- already diag...
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Melbourne, Australia

#447 Jun 26, 2010

Hey i have a simillar problem - went to the doctor and then a dermatologist who were absolutely useless.
I have tried every quaterzone cream under the sun and any other topical cream i could find including many natural creams

This is not an add - i have finally been getting results after putting up with this for 3 years - it was determined that it could be Eczema or dermatitis related but was never clearly diagnosed. The skin was very sore to touch but it didnt look affected to the naked eye. It felt like it was sunburnt to touch tho - horrible.
Grahams Natural Alternative cream for Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.- its called Calendulis Plus Cream and i got results pretty quicky - use it 2 - 3 times a day

Mind u i have waited a while to announce this cause often new creams get results then it comes back - but not with this!!!!! Go for it, its worth a try and is available at health food stores.
Anyway - finally i have found relief by using this product - hope it works for you too.

Sapporo, Japan

#448 Jun 28, 2010
this is way to common. I had rough sex with a woman and I am positive her pubes cut me a little. We were using lube and i already know my skin reacts to different lubes and lotions differently. A few days later my crotch was on fire, worst itching ever... A doctor gave me cortesone which burned too! SO now my skin is really screwed up. Steroid cream works but has not proven to be a permanent fix. Showering and applying small amount of vaseline has helped lock moisture in and keep the area secure. I think its contact dermatitis on the shaft and skin, problem is, that is the warmest area of our body and the most sensitive skin. It will take many months to see progress, I have seen progress over the last 6 months, its just slow.
I run every day and sweating naturally is good for the skin. Sometimes when its humid its difficult to be sweaty and it starts to itch but progress is made and its slow.
If your unsure go to a dermatologist and get a biopsy to rule out HPV Warts(they are treatable). A swab test on an open cut or blister should be good enough for Herpes 1 or 2. Herpes will be in your blood after 16 weeks so please get blood tested for herpes after 16 weeks as well. I have had herpes for 2months now and it offers a challenge mentally, not physically. Physically its like a rash... its ok, 50 percent of our population has it and there are 8 types of herpes too... do some research. Go to a doctor and get it checked out... dont wait it out please.

Rutland, VT

#449 Jul 7, 2010
I read this on-line. I left off the symptoms, but all, like me complained of redness that comes and goes. Here is this docs response I will try:
by Alan Rockoff, MD, Jul 13, 2003 12:00AM
Your dermatologist
sounds much more compelling to me than your urologist. What you describe sounds nothing like herpes. This at most is some sensitivity of the skin itself, not a fungus or infection of any type. I think your instincts are correct to stop everything. I suggest washing with Cetaphil cleanser and using Cetaaphil moisturizer (both OTC), and doing nothing else. The situation should take care of itself. Enough doctors and tests.

If you have further problems, please stay in touch with your dermatologist, who seems to know what he's up to.

victim 342

Tenafly, NJ

#450 Jul 7, 2010
update: went to the dermatologist who was confident that this was easy to clear up and gave me cortizone cream and this zinc oxide diaper rash stuff called Triple Paste. the cortisone cream provided rather immediate results, cleared up all of the rawness and fostered skin growth, but eventually lost most of its utility and just served to dry out the skin. now I'm on 1-2 applications of the Triple Paste a day, and I wrap the penis with gauze and medical self-adhesive tape every day before going to work or out or whatever to prevent rubbing. this may or may not be necessary, as the rawness is completely gone and the skin has grown, but it is weak skin and the area remains conspicuously red. it is still annoying but far better than it was and it's all but possible to live a normal life at this point. hopefully the area will continue to get marginally better over the next few weeks and I'll be able to drop the genital-wrapping routine from my mornings.

thank you to all - who provides me solidarity, support and ideas through my darkest hour.

Rutland, VT

#451 Jul 8, 2010
has anyone had success with OTC Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer. I read on another site this was the recommendation from a dermatoligist. My symptoms are similar; red shinney skin, no pain, under the head of my penis, in the fold of my skin. It seems to dull and look healed, but if I have sex or masterbate, it's red again.
I'm on my second day with Cetaphil products and will keep you posted. I've also been to urologist 2x's in 4 months and he said,'dude, it's nothing', your just going to have to live with it"...not a good answer.
I'm hoping the Cetaphil will be the solution.
good luck.
Its yeast

Alexandria, VA

#452 Jul 9, 2010
It's a yeast infection 90% of the time. It's a bit uncommon to get on the penis so it's often misdiagnosed. Go get the prescription cream Nystatin and Triamcinolone and use it. Keep the area clean and as dry as you can and you'll be good in a week or two at the most.
You're welcome.

Santa Fe, NM

#453 Jul 11, 2010

Let me begin by saying that reading all of your comments and posts have given me so much hope so thanks to you all. There should be some kind of national support group for men that are concerned with any of these conditions.

Anyhow, within the last 10 days I had sex with someone and we first started with a condom and then without. I didn't recall seeing any odd things on her genitals nor have I had any outbreaks or conditions that cause alarm. Just last Friday, in the morning I noticed some spots on my penis in the folds of the most wrinkly part of it (about a half inch below the actual head when flacid). They were slightly red but did not itch or anything like that. Well at first I thought nothing of it but then I decided to go to a health clinic. The doctor said it did not look like herpes and said that the blisters would be fluid filled or draiin but he told me to keep an eye on it. I left but was not totally convinced so I went again and he said "that it looked the same" but he gave me an antibiotic to take by mouth. Well today, I took a shower and noticed it was a little redder and slightly shinier. When I washed down there with a glycerin soap it was kind of painful (a burning sensation). I can't really tell if there are bumps or not. Being the constant worrier I am I went back to the clinic and asked for the herpes test to be done so they took my blood. When I try to stretch out or pull the skin I can see maybe 3 little dots that are about the size of pinpoints. I always thought that herpes blisters might be a little bigger or more pronounced but I hear that people react to the virus in multiple ways.

After reading your comments I hope that this is some kind of irritation but I suppose I should prepare for the scenario that it could be something else. I feel a slight tingle when I touch the area and I thought maybe I was prodding too much down there or trying to many different topical things like Neosporin or Cortizone creams in a short period of time.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am really scared about this whole thing and I know I am not helping myself by worrying. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks again fellas and for any ladies that also post on here. I am praying for good news.
Michael Corleone

Beirut, Lebanon

#455 Jul 16, 2010
I think what your all going through is when you get CUT or scratched... Especially during vaginal and oral sex... Bodily fluids such as Saliva or whatever a womans vagina produces enters your skin while cut. then it closes up and whatever is inside stays there. Amature opinion i know but it makes sense to me ! always shower after mixing fluids... Oh and sometimes when your scratched or cut and then wear a condom (the lubricants on it can enter your skin too)


United States

#457 Jul 18, 2010
Not quite the same case as everyone on here, but similar problem with equal concern. For a year now I have had 2 small red bumps on my shaft. They don't itch, burn, grow, spread or go away. I have been std tested, went to a doctor who confirmed it was not hpv or herpes,just a skin irritation. Not satisfied I went to a dermatolgist who gave me a cream that did nothing. I don't know what it is, who else to go to or what to do. Can anyone relate or have some advice?
twee pee

West Milford, NJ

#459 Jul 27, 2010
Sit in a warm salt bath- helps irritation go away- had this problem for 2 years now- this relievs soreness

United States

#460 Jul 30, 2010
I am trying lotion I think its just from roughing it up to much in bed

Shakopee, MN

#461 Aug 2, 2010
Problem solved, I had this for only 4 days but it was hellll! So I researched a little and put triple antibiotic ointment on 5 or 6 times a day for 3 days and it's completely gone, just don't get your genitals wet at all. No shower no bath. Nothing. Keep them nice and aired out with ointment on. 3 days and it's gone!:) I'm 17 and had a rough bj a week ago. So ya try it out

Shakopee, MN

#462 Aug 2, 2010
Oh and try really really hard not to get hard. That throws things off

Phoenix, AZ

#464 Aug 5, 2010

Miami, FL

#465 Aug 5, 2010
What are the signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis?

Most men with trichomoniasis do not have signs or symptoms; however, some men may temporarily have an irritation inside the penis, mild discharge, or slight burning after urination or ejaculation.

The above taken the CDC website. So an irritation of the skin of the penis will not be trichomoniasis.

Dartmouth, Canada

#467 Aug 6, 2010
i have had this problem for at least 6 month's now. my spouse has been experiencing yeast infection's since a few month's after the birth of our daughter. we thought it could be to do with that, just putting out the feeler's to see if anyone's partner may be experiencing the same thing or if it's an isolated issue. any advice would be helpful.


#468 Aug 9, 2010
NBB my partner and I are Both in pain while having sex, we don't even have it anymore! I'm constant red down there and she is in pain while we are doing it. We have both tried the yeast medicine but nothing seems to work. I'm going to try what STI FREE said and talk to the doc about it. Let's pray and hope.

Ahmedabad, India

#470 Aug 12, 2010
I had this unprotected BJ with a pros 4 months back and it was preety wild one. I could feel her teeth & while withdrawing i think i got nicked. After a couple of days i saw patches of skin peeling from the penis head and tiny red spots under the foreskin. The spot where i though i got nicked turned sore and kind of violet. I went to see a doc & said it was a bacterial/fungus infection which i got from her during the BJ. He said that even if it was a STD/STI we would not know until the 6th week from the exposure.. So please save ur money n dont go for unnecessary blood tests.. A couple of days after my seeing the doc i got white spots all over my tonsils & i panicked like hell as these are one of the symptoms for AIDS... The doc counseled and said that there was no need to worry and asked me to see an ENT Specialist who diagnosed it as being a common condition of developing holes on the tonsils in which food gets stuck... its completely harmless.. I have tried everything from Candid B, Nadoxin, Antibiotics, dipping my jock in lukewarm potassium permaganate water, abstaining from sex... But the redness refuses to go away... along with the redness i also have pearls under the penis head, the veins or capilaries whatever you call it are apparent under the penis and if i dont coat my penis and the fore skin with Candid B cream, the penis becomes smelly and scales start peeling of the fore skin... NY Suggestions...

Gilbert, AZ

#471 Aug 12, 2010
My girlfriend and I have had crazy sex almost every night for the last 6 months. About 3 weeks ago I started to get a little sore just under the head. First in the right side then the left. I thought it might of been from rubbing one off a little too hard, I takes a lot of effort to get me off, but I never had any issues before. A month ago we started to bring baby oil into the equation and that didn't seem to help either. What happens is the skin gets very red and somewhat swollen right under the head for the first day and then it fads out over the next few days. I cover it twice a day with TAC, Triple Antibiotic Creme and it seems to work well after day 2-3. The skin in this area becomes really smooth and glassy. I don't see any cuts, just redness. I've been taking amoxicilin and TAC daily and it seems to go away after a few days. The real test is this weekend when we try it with no oil. Oh, my girlfriend get very very wet due to hormone pellets, so dryness is not an issue.
Hopefully cured

Weslaco, TX

#472 Aug 17, 2010
Ok guys, So I suffered from the same problem. Here is what I have noticed in my long Journey to recovery.

First lets start with what helped.. First off this problem will continue if you arent careful. You must keep it clean , especially after sex. And if you Masturbate. be sure to use lotion of sorts. As doing it dry is what tears your skin.

Now the cure for me was using.
1. first put neosporin on all affected areas , after that put on a layer of Monestat 7. after about 2 p 3 days you will see a big difference..

Do this for about a week and you should be good to go..
Just be sure in the future that when you have sex, She is wet or well lubricated.. and if you are rolling solo.. Make sure and Lubricate as well.

I hope this helps someone out there. as it was a friken nightmare and can continue to be if you arent careful.

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