Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Greenwood Lake, NY

#337 Feb 28, 2010
blah blah wrote:
ok you probably are contracting yeast from your girlfriend if she has a yeast infection. But you could keep giving it to her if she keeps getting it. it can be caused by you first having it due to antibiotics, or her contracting it first. Both of you need to be treated for the problem to solge
i think your right because i got it shortly after i finished taking some medicine for a month, about a week ago my wife started treating her yeast infection. so i guess it is a yeast infection us guys have, what should i put on it to treat it?

Minneapolis, MN

#338 Feb 28, 2010
Delilah wrote:
I tried KY yours&mine and it made my skin feel burning and irritated. I haven't used the producted in weeks but a slight irritation continues to come and go. What kind of skin irritation treatment can I buy to make the burning go away for good?
Same thing here. that stuff is bad news. what did you do?
bumble bee

Wayne, NE

#339 Mar 2, 2010
i noticed this on my boyfriend after he complained of pain when i touched him, after reading all responses...would it be safe to say this is usually caused from sex?
just a guy

Johnson City, TN

#341 Mar 4, 2010
Wow! This forum is huge! 285 posts and far the best forum I've seen for this problem.

I read through about 1/3 of the posts here, and I see that there are lots of good ideas. I just wanted to throw in my two cents. Please be advised that I am not a physician or a medical practitioner of any sort, but at the same time I am a well educated 31 year old who has been researching this off and on for a while now.

First things first, the big problem here is that no one knows precisely what this is or what to call it. In my estimation, the best description is a penile ulceration caused by injury of some sort. A penile ulceration is the medical term for an open cut/ulcer on the penis that can be caused by either an STD or an injury. Given that the whole notion of this forum revolves around the idea that it is not STD related, then that means that the ulcer has to be injury related.

Before going further, I should interject that there are of course those other types of problems that can be caused by non-sexually transmitted infections, i.e. fungal infections, bacterial infections, etc. Please don't mistake my words here for saying that you, the reader, do not have any of those types of infections--you very well may, and so if you want to try the anti-fungal creams, the anti-bacterial creams, etc, that others have suggested, then be my guess.

But, back to what I personally think is the true culprit: most of us are suffering from a penile ulceration that has been caused by injury--we've either cut or abrased ourselves somehow some way. In my case, this happened because of compulsive masturbation (what can I say...I'm a horn dog like that!). I'm sure that it's possible to suffer a similar cut or abrasion from actual sex, or from having your partner give you a hand job, from a bit of rough teeth during a blow job, etc. As others have pointed out, stubble or coarse pubic hair on your wife/girlfriend may be the cause as well.

But all that said, the point is let's say that this is caused by injury rather than by infection. Now comes my two big suggestions. If you have injured yourself from getting too raw, cut, or abrased due to friction of some sort, then there are basically two options: either you have a cut that needs to heal, or otherwise you have what is known as a callus...
just a guy

Johnson City, TN

#342 Mar 4, 2010
Part 2:

The cut that needs to heal should be easy enough to figure out. If you noticed any bleeding at the time of the original injury, then it's likely that you have a cut that needs to scab over and then let the scab fall off. If this is the case, then I can see how Neosporin will help. It should also go without saying that you should avoid sex and/or masturbation until the scab is completely gone. It might also help to explain why you have this condition that won't go away after months and months if you masturbate before the wound is thoroughly healed. We all know what happens if you pick at a scab, especially if you pick until it bleeds have to wait for it to scab over again, and then for the new scab to fall off, right??? And, we also all know that scabs can be very itchy and frustrating.

So, that's my first suggestion, is that anyone reading this forum treat their condition like it's a scab. Incidentally, I should mention that this condition adds to the hysteria that many of us experience at first when we are worried that this could be herpes. Herpes sores eventually "crust" over, and it seems to me that when you're talking about a tiny scab area on your penis there is not much difference in a "crust" vs. a "scab". I would of course suggest you get checked for herpes if you are concerned about it, but if you're one of us who KNOWS you're clean and you're still suffering from this, then stop and take a deep breath and remember that penis skin is like any other skin, and that it has to scab over if it's been cut.

Now....on to a second possibility. The other thing that you may be suffering from is a callus. Like I said, I only read through maybe a third of the posts here, but no one else seemed to be mentioning that. But, think about it: calluses can happen anywhere on the body, but are always associated with friction. Those of us who play the guitar know that your fingertips callus over after a few months of playing, and of course more of us get calluses on our feet, usually from the rub of footwear. But, suppose you're masturbating several times a day....or that you have sex with your wife or girlfriend and her pubic hair rubs you near-raw every time for an hour a night for several weeks straight. It is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities that one could get a callus on one's penis--ESPECIALLY if you are circumcised and you are experiencing this problem in the thin-skinned section of your penis where your foreskin ought to be (which is where my problem is). This is to essentially say that your skin has been "chapped", or abrased, but then continued to be irritated by friction, and your body is trying to treat the problem by hardening the skin.

What's the cure for a callus? Well, they are harder to treat--and it should be noted that callus treatment may be counter-productive to scab treatment. Salicylic acid can be used to basically melt the callus away, or you can pare it away with a razor (yikes!!!! I was able to do this with a Gillette Fusion blade, though, which is made to only allow so much skin to come into contact with the blades), but at the end of the day you're going to have to refrain from rubbing on the area for a while to let the skin heal--otherwise the friction is just going to cause you to re-callus over, and, again, us guitar players can tell you that the more friction you apply, the more tough and dried out that callus is going to become.

Ok, nuff said about this. Again, I am no doctor, this is just my common sense approach to what, in my case at least, I believe to be a penis INJURY and not a penis infection.

United States

#343 Mar 6, 2010
David wrote:
does anyone have any thoughts on this one for me?

Pocatello, ID

#344 Mar 7, 2010
Anyone heavy sushi eaters? Wasabi and soy sauce? Have rosacea
Frustrated so Illinois

Saint Louis, MO

#345 Mar 8, 2010
OK, I am on my 3rd dermatologist. I have been having this issue for going on 16 months now. I have been through about 8 different creams, the yeast infection pill 3 times, and numerous lotions. My current Derm doc thinks i am getting better. So far he has Halog cream and a body cream that I apply daily. the result is increase feeling of rug burn around the head and down the underside of the shaft. Oral sex and penetration sex is not comfortable and and warm and ruff afterwords for a few days still. Again, I have the feeling of a rug burn and not please. I have been an avid masterbater all my life, and nothing has changed. It was a few days after protected sex when this started. So don't understand that either. I am going to bring up this website to my new docs attention and maybe he can give you guys some advice or If I am healed, I can get you guys a good Derm doc! He has been the first hope I have really had in 16months so far.

Adelaide, Australia

#347 Mar 10, 2010
Hey guys, just to update, the powder has done nothing for me so far and it's been aweek! Going to try the cream form and see if that does any better.. If it's not a yeast infection then what else could it be???

Perth, Australia

#348 Mar 13, 2010
today i told someone i have herpes then they told me to show them so i showed they said dont worry and told me i masterbate to much
Same thing going on here

Bedias, TX

#349 Mar 14, 2010
I have found something that seems to help...( Me at least )...It's called Balneol.. It's a hygienic cleaning lotion for men and women...( Very soothing )..I use it twice a day and it has really helped..One guy suggested using ZEASORB-AF powder and it has helped also...
Sore Mushroom Tip

Renton, WA

#351 Mar 18, 2010
I have the same problem. Wow, glad I'm not alone. I thought it was because I was circumcised and the irritated skin is constantly exposed when it wouldnít be otherwise. Iím going to try the Neosporin with pain relief. By the way, Iím a married guy with no STDís. I regularly have unprotected sex with my wife. This irritation has come and gone with me and happened before I was married.

North Lakes, Australia

#352 Mar 18, 2010
I have the exact same problem i get cuts on the shaft and being only 18 am really embarrest about it. i have had every test under the sun but still everything comes up negative. i had antibiotics which was the only thing that helped but a month later im back to where i was. im quite over it really, it gets really itchy and hard not to scratch but when scratched gets a burning sensation that i have to deal with. please comeone tell me something to get rid of this for good. if doctors and nurses and cure skin cancer why not a skin problem?


#353 Mar 19, 2010
You do know Corey there is no cure for skin cancer.....

Las Vegas, NV

#354 Mar 27, 2010
I posted a comment on 2/3/2010 and at that point stopped any sex or masterbation until 3/20/2010 and was healed or so I thought. Look at the pictures AT DERMNET.COM UNDER CANDIDA PENIS PICTURES. I thought based on symptoms and these pictures on this site that I have a yeast infection so I just let my penis heal and kept vasaline on it all of the time previously stated and it seemed to work. Had oral sex by my girl friend on 2/20/2010 and started having issues right away and 4 days later it was worse so I went to a doctor for the first time along with pictures from this site. He looked and said looks like you have a yeast infection but what about this blister I see on the other side, let me tell you there was not a blister there before I went to the doctor. He said the blister looked like Herpies but was not sure and gave me FLUCONAZOLE 150mg one tablet a day for 7 days. Well the blister is bigger today and have many more small ones but the normal issues like you will see at the web site are not there. This is a nightmare all I want is for this crap to go away, will let you know what happens.

Perth, Australia

#355 Mar 27, 2010
Nice man, let's hope you have some success. I'm still suffering from this thing!

United States

#356 Mar 29, 2010
just wanted to let some people know that if you are here you found some good info. I went through this crap for 6+ months.

-Went to my doctor and he said it looked like abuse. I was like what? Haha.. I'm 30 years old and know what my dick can handle. I had some rough sex and couldn't figure it out. He ran the normal test...
-back 3 months later and he was like oh... I'm sorry must be jock itch.
-2 months after that I see dermatologist and he agrees it must of been an allergic reaction to latex condoms.
-1 month after that it's no better. I go to the store grab fem product.
*******Finally go to the planned parent hood after finding this site. My theory is they've seen more than your doctor. 1st lady there looks and says OMG I'd run every test.. I suggest yeast infection.( Was more confident about it for 2 reasons my johnson was smelling like a smelly girl from using the over the counter crap - made me think it wasn't strong enough. 2. called the last girl i was with and she admitted having yeast infection problems. I push back on that and she calls in nurse 2.. nurse 2 is like.. yeah that looks yeasty. So.. they give me a single pill and cream.*** DAMN THING CLEARED UP IN 4-5 days!!!!

AFTER HELL... I MEAN HELL. I WAS PRAYING I HAD AN STD SO I WOULD KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG. Guys.. apparently people aren't used to seeing men with yeast infections, but it happens. Don't just go get the over the counter crap. Apparently if a guy gets it ( it's rare )... it's a stronger yeast infection. So... go get the big guns and knock it out. TRY THIS RIGHT AWAY. I'm so glad I found this. And just wanted to share for someone else. It's been 7 MOS and I'm FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Las Vegas, NV

#357 Mar 30, 2010
Looks like the Fluconazole is working, blisters have all popped and have skin comming of from them now but I think this product is working. Will keep yopu posted.

Adelaide, Australia

#358 Mar 30, 2010
Hey Jonnie, any idea what creams and pills were used?? Cheers mate

Boca Raton, FL

#359 Mar 31, 2010
There are only a few topical skin creams specifically designed to help penile skin irritations. If you try a product called, RestoreMax, online at it could help. It's a penis skin care cream.

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