Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Stamford, CT

#314 Jan 23, 2010
watch the neosporin man...i was told by my doctor today that it can be one of the worst steroids to apply, especially to the groin area.

Greenwood Lake, NY

#315 Jan 24, 2010
Jonathan wrote:
watch the neosporin man...i was told by my doctor today that it can be one of the worst steroids to apply, especially to the groin area.
man i just put a little on a few minutes ago =/

Huntington Station, NY

#316 Jan 24, 2010
Don't think Neosporin is any sort of steroid, guys -- i'm pretty sure it's an antibiotic.

(Might be bad to use antibiotic on itchy penis, tho.)

Pinellas Park, FL

#317 Jan 27, 2010
im so glad to see that im not the only one with this problem ha. like many of you i noticed this irritation early in my teens when i first started to "jerk it". its been years now that i've had it and never knew how to deal with it. i had it checked at my last physical, as embarrasing as it sounds, dr asked if i masterbaited regularly, i agreed and he said i was nothing more than friction irritation. i've tried natural healing by trying not to masterbait but no results. i tried lotions, and even resorted to trying acne medication, as dumb as that sounds. i've gone through everyones posts and im going to try every meathod suggested starting with the neo meathod. i'll be yall's live guinea pig and see which meathod works best.

thanks to everyone who made a post, i really appriciate it.

Newbury Park, CA

#318 Jan 31, 2010
wow...I really thought this was uncommon, I got this irrtation due to little scabs on my forskin. happened after intercourse with my wife. later I recalled she just had gotten over a yeast infection (pregnant wife). This is going to sound crazy, really crazy but I started to apply the same cream my wife used to cure her yeast infection (monistat). helped tremendouslly but just like the rest of you guys out there it came back. going to buy monistat again and just take it easy on him until there a for sure cure out there.
Ty Bim

Salem, OR

#319 Jan 31, 2010
Lol I cracked up as soon as I saw this forum, because i've been having some penis problems too. Basically me and my girl are very active and about 2 weeks ago i woke up to her enjoying my member and it was rougher than I would have liked (since it was the second time she wasn't as wet). Anyway, along with an active sex life, I enjoy a quick pull here and there, but i don't typically lube up.

Boom, then the red penis hit me and I just went out and got some neosporin. I've concluded it can't be jock itch or thrush, not an STD. In fact, its probably just nature telling me to give my poor phallic a break....

and the worst part, I had to tell my boo that Im down for the count. Cause every time it gets pulled, im sore for 2 days.

[21/m] i'll keep you updated on my "penis diaries"
Ty Bim

Newberg, OR

#322 Feb 2, 2010
Ferghus wrote:
OK... final comments... the $4, Equate, Miconazole Nitrate vaginal cream did the trick. Improvement showed after three days, and was almost gone on the seventh day. I applied the cream for one more day then that was it. Eight days and totally cured. Almost the whole 1.59 oz tube was used up.
The Walgreens Aloe Vera cream was also awesome for itch relief. I'll always keep a tube of that stuff handy from now on.
Good luck all.
I am almost 100% convinced this is a yeast infection.
1. my GF just took care of a bladder infection.(wtf right)
2. I drink beer regularly. not cheap water beer, im talking widmer and stuff.
3. bread is key in my diet.
3. i am very active with my GF causing skin irritation.
4. I did the yeast water test and im pretty sure the results were clear.
5. Neosporin after 2 days has not added to healing process (clue that bacteria is not the problem.)
6. soft lotion has no effect.

Las Vegas, NV

#323 Feb 3, 2010
Like everyone else I have the same issues now for several months and have read every note in this site and am glad it is here. Nothing seems to work as I have attempted everything I have read in this forum other than going to the doctor wich sounds like a dead end street based on what many guys have posted. One person cured in Tampa wrote he took Fluconazole 150 mg for 7 days and that did the trick along with some special soap, has anyone else used this drug and if so what are your results ?
Ty Bim

Salem, OR

#324 Feb 4, 2010
hey robev,
im soaking in a salt bath now with tea tree oil very near in my future...
monistat 7 has helped a little. and ive been eating yogurt. havent touched my tool in 4 days now, not even a semi.... keep u posted

Westerville, OH

#325 Feb 6, 2010
i'm very glad to hear i'm not alone, but not glad to not find there is no solid cure... have had this issue a few times since i've been married. usually seems to happen when my wife discharges hard during intercourse,(guessing that's an alkali fluid), and recently, i woke up with it sore and could tell it had been rubbing on the side of my underwear as i slept. family physician sent me to urologist. urologist just said looked "irritated". tested negative for std's. urologist said to use less alkali soaps, and ones with moisturizers (was using lever 2000, switched to dove). got a steroid cream from family doc. week of application and abstinance seemed to help. but has returned as now. gave a week off contact, using cream, seemed better. tried with wife yesterday, back again. guess only way to be sure is let heal for month. wish doctors actually had a freaking clue.
pissedoff in southern IL

United States

#326 Feb 6, 2010
Talked to several doctors, they keep saying it is a yeast infection. although none of them had it tested. I have a buddy in the medical field who talked with his bud that is a dermatologist in Texas. His buddy said that we should get a skin scrape test before we have a biopsy test done. they should be checking to see what kind of yeast it is to get it diagnosed properly instead of guessing. Which most of our doctors is doing now.
Hartnett Jr


#327 Feb 7, 2010
Hey i'm glad I found this site. I had intercourse 2 days ago and it was kinda rough so the next day I wanna have sex but i can't because a part of my skin below the head is giving me an irritating burning sensation.
The affected area got darker and 2 lines were formed but i didn't take any medication or lotion and relied on gentle blowjobs and cleansing to work it out.
I would like to know if this is enough to cure completely and i don't prefer any medication to avoid side effects. please help.

Bristol, VT

#328 Feb 9, 2010
David wrote:
The skin on the underside of my penis, the area where it is wrinkled when flaccid, has been irritated off and on for the last 6 months or so. It may have started during sex due to some friction one time, or maybe when running and rubbing against my underpants. either way, it's clearly a SKIN issue, and i've already had it checked out by my doctor, and he said essentially it's just a skin issue that "should heal," NOT an STD, so i'm not looking for that alternative diagnosis.
It basically is just a little red line that is like a small break in the skin. This is very small. Sometimes there is just one, sometimes up to three. THey never really heal 100%. I've tried simply abstaining from sex for a while, but it hasn't helped really. It might be a litlte better one day or worse the next, but it seems to be unrelated to sexual activity. Maybe it's because simply getting an erection, which stretches out the skin, might be preventing it from healing completely, and it's kinda hard to prevent that...
I've tried, at the direction of my doctor:
-1% hydrocortizone
-vitamin A cream
-bacitracin oinment
-zinc oxide ointment
Nothing really worked wonders at all (obviously since it's 7 months later). I'm unsure what to do next. even abstaining from sex doesnt' seem to help...and my doctor didn't really know of other creams.
stick it into ice water, use neosporin after that

Royal Oak, MI

#329 Feb 12, 2010
hey all! first and foremost...i have had this issue for 6 month and it was SO HARD to deal with this. as all of you know, this is something that all of us are utterly confused with. well...thanks to this thread, there is a solution.
apparently doctors are retarded and can't diagnose what we all have. now, there is a solution, and i would LOVE TO THANK THE GENTLEMAN WHO RECOMMENDED MICONAZOLE NITRATE 2%(POWDER!)
guys...what you have (what i HAD) is a male's form of a yeast infection as some of the previous posters have mentioned.
of course, every doctor will tell you it's jock itch. is, but not your typical jock itch. mine started after a vigorous sexual encounter. needless to say it started with a small scab on my penis, blah blah blah and the rest is history. i thought it was an STD (negative results) and then worse i thought it was penile cancer.
things i had tried without reading this forum that almost all of you have tried:
-lotrimin (AF)
-lemisil (AT)
-everything else you ALL have tried
ZEASORB AF POWDER (MICONAZOLE NITRATE 2%)(5-10 dollars at your local target/walmart)
i tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked. i read this thread and went to buy the powder, and i literally am 100% better.
by better i mean i had very "intense" sex after only 5 days of using the powder last night and everything is perfect. of course, this was a huge risk, and i would not recommend doing that until the recommended 2 weeks is finished while dealing with the treatment.
for me, literally after 2 days of using it everything seemed perfect. now i know it is. the first couple days using it, you DO WANT TO USE NEOSPORIN IF ANYTHING IS A LITTLE TOO DRY.
i am the owner of a perfectly fine penis now, and i wish the best for all of you.
i know the stress. i know how many sleepless nights you all have spent thinking your penis will never get better.
F*ck the doctors. it's a major male yeast infection that your typical "male" medicine won't help, and it's amazing that all it takes is a powder that is made for females.
i hope this helps, and the best to you all, and PLEASE PASS THIS ON!
the brand i happen to be using is: ZEASORB-AF (miconazole nitrate 2%)
please use as the directions ask you to (obviously...)
Hartnett Jr


#330 Feb 12, 2010
hey everyone. I appear to be healed, but i will test its re-occurence after another vigorous sex.

it took me a week to heal. the patch was the size of a fingerprint and all that remains is a small scar (3 fine lines) that are only seen when you really focus on the spot.

I didn't take any medication. All i used is saliva since someone posted that it works. I applied it once before shower and once after shower. the dead skin eventually disappeared while new skin appeared and everything went back to normal.

I will test the effect of friction by next week. masturbation is ok so far, with no signs of any marks or anything. Hope this wouldn't re-occur, but if it does, i'm going to refer to medication posted on this site.


#331 Feb 17, 2010
i used to masturbate into my pants frequently till the left side of my foreskin develop round black discoloration and it hurts me so much i could not stop masturbation but with good lubricant but the problem does not seem to resolve every time i masturbate or touch this side it hurts me it lasts now for 2 months and i am not sexually active so it is not std i am a doctor i treat it with corticosteroid cream+antibiotic for 5 days there is improvement but i fear that if i touch it or with friction it will hurt again when i used calamine lotion it hurts me so much i stopped it what can i do
it is not related with erection when i moisten it with any lubricant i feel more comfortable
i add that there is dilated vein at this side too but it is not painful the skin over it is painful
do i have to stop masturbation for a long time?
is it a serious problem that i cause damage some thing as it lasts for long time?
i started corticosteroid antibiotic cream for a week but nothing
i have gone to dermatologist and he told me nothing in your skin
not inflamed !!!!!!!!!!"

Madison, WI

#332 Feb 18, 2010
THE CURE:Here was my method to cure this problem (as described above) duration: 3 months
Step 1. NO SEX WITH A CONDOM. If it is in fact a fungal infection then stop having sex with a condom! I'm not actually sure if it was but that definately helped.
Step 2. Psoriasin Gel. The two most likely things this could be are Psoriasin or fungus. Psoriasin-(Red,flaky, peeling, scally skin) caused by extreme dryness and friction. This gel deeply moisturizes the problem area. Main ingrediants: aloe,alcohol to disinfect, coal tar (Im assuming it has moisturizing qualities)
Step 3: Gently clean infected area with warm water and soap while in the shower
Step 4: stop wackin off for a little while
Step 5: try not to peel at all unless the scab is coming off.(most of the time the old scab will come out in the shower)
Step 6: Take Zinc and Vitamin E suppliments. The two most recognized vitamins at regrowth of skin and healing.
Step 7: Stop freaking out... this is not an STD if it was as described by the millions of people above
Step 8: Use moisturizer when ever use it from now on.
Step 9: your all welcome
- my symptoms- a red friction like burn... no rings as described above. Would become red and swollen after sex. The scab would heal then peal off over and over until i did this. I had no pimples or bubbles or any oozing. Pain: was minimal to nonexistent when it was not being used (mine didn't realy itch much but was noticable) But, during sex i can definately feel it as well as masturbating. I had little cuts, and they would sometimes bleed if sex was very long or rough.

Goodyear, AZ

#334 Feb 23, 2010
omg!!! im not the only one yeah its been happening for awhile i just thought it was too much sex i used neosporin for awhile and stop sex for a couple weeks then i had sex again and it appeared again i really dont know what to do its so irritating
Same thing going on here

Elizabethtown, KY

#335 Feb 25, 2010
This same issue has been going on for over a year now...foreskin and penis head stays red and irritated and hurts to pull foreskin back..It seems to go away for day or two and then if I masturbate or have sex it's there again...Dr gave me a steroid cream and it helps for a while but says not to use it for long periods because it makes the skin thin, so now I'm wondering if I used it too long...Then Dr. says us Lamisil (antifungal) for jock itch and so no good there either...I've used Vagasil that women use for yeast infection, no good there either...I've used a lot of different creams and nothing seems to help..Dr. has no clue..I'm at a loss...If someone has success out there it would be great if would share the info ...Thanks...
blah blah

Fort Myers, FL

#336 Feb 28, 2010
ok you probably are contracting yeast from your girlfriend if she has a yeast infection. But you could keep giving it to her if she keeps getting it. it can be caused by you first having it due to antibiotics, or her contracting it first. Both of you need to be treated for the problem to solge

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