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Ailing but Prevailing

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#267 Oct 29, 2009
So i have been dealing with the same symptoms as described by many throughout these posts...Personally i have been dealing with this for about a year now and have concluded that it isn't a STD, because the symptoms didn't start to appear until a little after a year of being abstinent. at first i tried neosporin for a day, and immediately discontinued after it caused it to inflame even worse. After seeing the results it lead me to belive that it is a case of a fungal infection because if you remove bacteria from a fungal infection, it will cause it to florish. This lead me to the embaressment of buying Monistat 7 (A antifungal cream for yeast infections) and i applied that for 3 or 4 days to find that cuts had healed, but i continued to have flaking skin every morning. Now i'm applying the monistat every morning when i get up then i gentally apply vasoline after every shower and more monistat just before i goto bed, the skin peeling is lessening but isnt completely healed, so i will continue this process until i fell satified or feel it isnt working, but meanwhile i shall refrain from self abuse to help speed up the process....hopefully it will clear up......i will post again in a week hopefully with good news
sad anonymous man


#268 Oct 30, 2009
I am 24 and have had this problem for quite a few years now. The answers and stories i found on this thread have offered some solice but i am still far from out of the woods. I initially tried nemdyn ointment which is an ati-fungal bacteria ointment. This didn't do a great deal. I saw a doctor and i was told to use hyrdocortizine (1%) i did i used it heaps. It makes the skin thinner and it supposed to help when people have thick foreskin and it breaks. I saw another doctor after i still had problems and this one said that overuse of this cream can actually make the foreskin too thin and it is prone to breaking and tearing more then before (great, wish the first doctor i saw told me that, i want to abuse the hell out of that quack right now). So on goes the journey and having a missus and the lure of sex definitely doesn't help. Although i am a professional kickboxer and go without sex for a few weeks before a fight so that helps me a bit although still doesn't cure anything as the little cuts keep coming back. In the end i see a urologist and he chops my foreskin off. I get blo0dy circumcized at 24. That was a few months ago and now with intercourse the cuts have started to re-appear and the red soreness has aswellm further down the shaft not on the foreskin where it was before. When i used hyrdo 1% i applied it around my penis so it could have made lots of areas weak who knows. Also the infamous pinkish shiny scar tissue that takes place when the cut heals (this scar tissue makes all the skin around tighter and it cuts more, thats what doctor told me). I am abstaining from sex once again for the 50th time (poor missus, but poor me more trust me). She just showed me these new bikinis she got from victoria secret seriously im so tormented. My plan of attack now is to ride it for a few weeks and to use nemdyn and anti bacterial and vitamin e cream 2 make it more elastic hopefully. When it heals a bit i will hav warm baths (i seriously hate them i have had them for years and they take so much effort when i get home at 9.30pm after training n just want bed n have to set up a bath). Then i will try sex again with lube and condoms (not till a months time). If problems persist my urologist wants to see me and i will show him these posts as i hav saved the best ones. I may schedule a dermatology appointment and try that yeast infection tablet stuff and a few other creams. My missus gets sore too and i have been on antibiotics 2x this yr so maybe it could be that. Yeah its pretty bad and if i dont get on top of it i cant imagine how frustrated i will be when im 30 or 40+ and still have issues. Not to mention my girl.
Wish me luck guys i will be posting updates over time.
me too--Chicago

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#269 Nov 1, 2009
First saw the well-described symptoms about 1 1/2 years ago. First thought it was chaffing from lack of lube during sex. Seen that before. Always cleared up. This didnt. Had the persistent sore with dry skin prone to cracking: located on the top of my member immediately under the ridge of residual foreskin left over from circumcision. Skin seemed very thin and the healing cycle seemed to leave a particular wrinkle prone to painful splitting if stretched. Someone above mention it seemed a constant erection might heal it-this was my reaction too. Tried to use bandaids to pull skin tight during the day to allow to heal. Didnt work. Tried variety of lotions. Didnt work. Tried globbing various moisturizers on all day long (kind of icky). Didnt work but DID seem to cause condition to spread slightly (not as pronounced as the original spot). Soon noticed that the mass of residual foreskin tissue at the immediate center of the underside of my member became prone to bright red irritation if pinched or stimulated. Very itchy & burning. These new sites seemed slightly different from original outbreak. Began to think maybe the original site was one thing and all the moisture I globbed on my crotch caused another. In experimenting I applied TEA TREE OIL & it was very effective at reducing irritation on new sites--but not original. Did some research and discovered Tea Tree Oil has powerful anti-fungus properties. Began to think this was all a fungus problem. Tried most OTC fungicides with no effect. Finally saw Dr about 10 months after originally began experiencing problem. Dr performed a herpes blood test-negative. Dr suggested OTC fungicides arent always effective against fungus Candida and prescribed NYSTATIN POWDER. Used regularly for a month and felt Nystatin had ZERO impact. In a way almost seemed to make the dry skin on my sores harder and less absorbent-after sprinkling the powder and rubbing in, it seemed the surrounding skin would absorb but the dry sores would not. Did feel TALCUM POWDER the Nystatin was mixed in DID help by keeping skin on my member soft in general without introducing moisture. Make sense? Finally decided to stop using ANYTHING over the summer and just leave alone as much as possible-not easy. After 2 to 2 1/2 months of this seemed my penis looked the best it had since I contracted whatever this was. But still not perfect. Definitely required lube during sex and stayed away from multiple sessions in same day. Decreased masturbation frequency to lifetime lows. Needless to say all of this impacted quality of life-but did seem to result in the improvements to penis. Wife got pregnant about 2 months ago and almost immediately after finding out about the pregnancy my sores became severe again. Now, the sores are as bad as they’ve been. Still not knowing what this is I have refrained from sex with my wife since the new outbreak-coming up on 2 months now. Not good for the marriage, stress, relationship, anything. Not knowing what this is Im terrified of what could do to the baby in-utero. Recently began using tea tree oil again as much as possible: during weekends apply everytime I pee, mornings and evenings on weekdays (can't at work). Tea tree oil seems to help the itching after several and continuous regular applications. Also seems to soak into skin on the sores-unlike Nystatin. Not sure yet if this is a real cure. Have another Dr appointment Thu this week. Will report back on what he has to say-but having read all these posts Im very curious about YEAST INFECTION angle. I know both oral and topical anti-yeast infectants were strongly recommended. Going to URGE my Dr prescribe them. In the meantime, getting MONOSTAT 7 and CLOTRIMAZOLE POWDER today. Given there are several fellow-sufferers who experienced noticeable improvements using those products it sure as hell seems worth it. Good luck to everybody else who is suffering-will report back and encourage everyone else to do the same.
jon wood

Coplay, PA

#270 Nov 5, 2009
dam i thought i got so hard i ran out of skin which then would rip open my tummy stick and make it bend sideways. i'm going to try a different approach, im going to get some more skin grafted on my love handle.

Glasgow, KY

#272 Nov 9, 2009
I have just recovered from this problem due to suggestions on this board, am I glad I found it. I have had the problem of skin flaking off and looking scaley just below the head on the shaft of my penis, Also the cuts like papercuts just under the head. I had went to the dermatologist and had been misdiagnosed as dandruff, he gave me some cream and said there is nothing more to do and to deal with it. That wasn't good enough, so a few months later after being fed up I started to google. Turns out, it was a yeast infection, which makes sense because my fiance kept getting them. Had to get the doctor to perscribe "diflucan." It took multiple treatments due to the severity of the infection, but it has helped. I had forgotten what a normal penis felt like, it is no longer tender and breaking open everytime during intercourse or masturbation. There is a simple test you can do to check to see if it is a yeast infection. Spit in a cup of water first thing in the morning. if sediment falls to the bottom that's your culprit.
In summary:
- Google "yeast infection saliva test" to determine if this is your issue
- Get diflucan from doctor.(took 3 treatments for me)
- Get your partner treatment and abstain until it is cured.
- additional aids to speed up the process, Google "Natural Yeast infection cures"
Eat yogurt, Drink Apple Cider Vinegar with mother (kryptonite for yeast), If she is having problems she can use plain yogurt on her vagina, my girl was very hesitant, but after she tried it she said it never itched again.
Cured in Tampa

Osprey, FL

#273 Nov 11, 2009
Finally an answer wrote:
I suffered from this for years before finding an answer and cure and would love to tell yall because it was miserable for me. It turns out it is a yeast infection for guys. But it is one that settles in the prostate. So creams and what not over the counter will not fix it. Go to the doctor get a three day dosage of Fluconazole 150mg it is an oral pill taken once a day for three days. And ciclopirox cream .77% made by Fougera you can put on the infected areas. It took seven hours after taking the first pill and most of my infected areas had already began to heal with out forming that shiny layer of skin over it that you know is gonna be weak and be busted right off again the first time you have sex or what not. I am just happy to be rid of it and to be able to share an answer with yall hopefully to rebuild your lifestyle again.
First Off.... "Finally an answer", You're My Hero!!!

Long Story Long LOL...... I printed "Finally an answer" 's reply out and took it to my Dr.
My Primary Dr. was out of town so I had to see her partner.
I showed the Partnered Dr. my findings and He didn't even want to look or listen to what I had to say.
I think by bringing a potential diagnosis to his attention somehow disrespected his practice, 3 minutes later He wrote out a Script for some Cream and sent me on my way.

While using the cream.... 1 Week Later My Girlfriend and I had Lubbed up and very gentle Sex....That evening the problem had worsened to a whole new level.
The next day I called My Primary Dr. first thing in the Morning very upset, requested I see Her and no one else!

2 hours later I had an appointment, I showed my Primary the same paper that I brought the first Dr. but asked her permission before I unfolded it, I told her what her Partner did last week and She snickered.

She told me to tell her everything, Past and Present... So I did.
Being a female, She said she feels to have a bit more knowledge about Yeast Infections and Granted my Wish by diagnosing the following.......

1) 7 day dosage of Fluconazole 150mg, it is an oral pill taken once a day for 7 days.

2) Wash with Dial Antibacterial(color and fragnance free) and use Ciclopirox Cream .77% made by Fougera, you put on the infected areas twice a day. for 10 days

3) I was also told to not use detergents and fabric softeners with Perfumes and Dyes, especially on my boxers!!!

4) And Finally... She told me to have my Girl get Monistat7 for herself, Even if she doesn't feel any symptoms..... Still take the precautions because it can linger without feeling any effects.

This was 3 weeks ago as of Tomorrow and I'm Cured 100%!!!!!!

Within the last week My Girl and I have had Sex multiple times lasting more then an hour.... and nothing, not a single itch or Burn sensation, No Redness, and no dry skin.
After Sex I always wash up now just as good practice and precaution so this never happens again.

My Girl and I's Relationship is Much Much better lately, My Self esteem and confidence is back, and most of all My Sex drive is back if not better then ever!!!!

Thank GOD!!!

I hope this helps all of you with the same problems and sets you on the right path.

Lets hear more success Storys on here from now on, and don't forget to thank member "Finally an answer" on here and His Dr.

Good Luck!

Avadi, India

#274 Nov 13, 2009
i am male aged 42. i had sex with Thai call girl 14 weeks before with condom only. The same day itself my penies and anus area skin started burning and still its burning. So far did 7 times all the tests including STD,HIV, Urine culture and all the reports are negative only till date. I don't have any discharge, fever, warts.please help me and advise me some medicine.
Red-N-Itchy too

Huntersville, NC

#275 Nov 14, 2009
Wow.....what a post! I've lived with this condition for several years and also have shiny red spots appear on my shaft (typically the same araeas) and just under the rim for no reason and if irritated, small cracks will appear and bleed. And over the course of 2 to 3 days the red spots will produce flaky skin and peel off. The symptoms may go away after a few days only to re-appear in a few days or weeks, but it ALWAYS comes back! I was afraid it was Herpes & visited a Dr about 3 years ago & he said it was a bacterial infection. He prescribed some anti-bacterial cream & sent me on my way. This didn't help. I never saw a Dr again, but started researching the web but nothing seemed to match my exact symptoms. I thought psoriasis of the penis, but no. I thought Bantis, but the pics and symptoms don't quite match. Thank god for this web-site. I'm relieved to know that I do not suffer alone. I thought I was a freak and was ashamed to seek help from a Dermitologist. Nothing I've tried has worked but I'm excited about the post by "Finally an answer" and I am anxious to visit the Dr. & try the Fluconazole & Ciclopirox Cream. I will post & advise progress. Good luck to all!
tough in pennsylvania

Narberth, PA

#276 Nov 15, 2009
Finally some relieve here. Guys, I was confirmed to have psoriasis dermatitis where there is no cure so far.I have had it for a little more than 2 years now. Whatever I tried (OTC) did not work but finally made an effort to get myself some Dermarest Psoriasis from Walgreen's. My problem area around the penis shaft is not as itchy anymore and also the reddish area seems to turn into more normal skin color. I used it for 1 week twice a day (mornings and before bed time) and now during the second week just before bedtime. I am very happy with the outcome so far and can only recommend it. I also use Nivea cream to keep it well moisturized. I hope with this I can be of help to some guy's problem here.
I wish everybody good luck


#277 Nov 18, 2009
It could be penile psorasis, Got genital herpes in 2006. Got a real bad case of it. The herpes recurrences eventually decreases to a point where they should "burn out". I developed Dry red irritated patches on my foreskin at the same time as the herpes. This is worse than the herpes. Dermatologist prescribed Desonide Cream .05% Said it was penile psorasis and is very common. This steroid cream worked but you should not use it to long... I think the herpes triggered the Psorasis. I am not saying you have herpes, but get it checked. Herpes is extremely common. 1 in 4 woman have genital hepes so chances are you have already slept with someone who has it. 1 in 2 african Americans is infected with genital herpes.. And about 90% of the US population is infected with oral herpes by the time they hit 50.
quick draw

Conway, AR

#281 Dec 1, 2009
well my friends,, I am sorry you guys waited so long to google this little problem. I must say that I am glad this little discussion has been going on for so long becouse I spent the last 2 nights reading everything you all have wrighten and, I must say, I am sorry for the ones who have been dealing with this for so long.
my story,,,
I had a very stressful last couple of weeks at work and hadn't been able to " get it up " but I knew why, I wasn't worried. we hadn't done anything but flasid b/j's ( thank you honey ) but one nite after the stress from work was finaly releived I was like a stalion and it didn't go down so, as the story goes, it wasn't rough by any means but it was lasting. the next day at work I had a slight itch. I went to the r-room later that afternoon and OMG!!!! I of course freaked. who the hell wouldn't? unlike somany other poor souls that this has aflitced, I imeaditly started using the best research tool in the world the web. befor I could find this poasting I wass already doing everything ( other than the monistat ) and having some luck. I got head a few days ago and it came back. I told her she needs to start a yeast treatment and I am also. this is the first of my journey ( being I have only been aflicted 2 weeks ) and I will poast my progress. good luck to the rest of you and here goes nothing.

Oakland, CA

#282 Dec 1, 2009
I've had the same problem over the past couple of months. It's hard to walk straight sometimes with my skin touching my underwear. I have been using neosporin as well, but my gf did some research and found another ointment that seems to be working so far. I bought Boirin cream/ointment online. I also took a couple of days off from work so I could avoid wearing underwear. That really helps to just stay indoors and let your body be free. The most important thing is to stay discipline and abstain from sex for a while. The pain is not worth the brief excitement.


#283 Dec 2, 2009
To follow up, Since I used the prescribed Desonide cream .05% my penis lookes 99.9% better but after sex it gets a little red with dryness.So I use an over the counter cream A + D Skin Protectant. You can get it at any pharmacy. I have stoped using the creams and seem to be fine. The key for me was giving my skin a chance to heal. If you keep having sex the friction will not allow your skin to heal. I went back to the dermatologist's office and was seen by a different doctor. He said that what I have is a mild case of exzema/dermatitis not psorasis. Every doctor tells you something different....depending on how your skin looks.

Ashburn, VA

#284 Dec 2, 2009
do NOT use Neosporin. It is killing the bacteria helping the yeast to flourish wosening your situation, I did that the first time and did I suffer? You should apply anti-fungal powder like Nystatin and also have your partner checked and treated for yeast infection.

Its been two months since my last episode and I am perfectly fine. Sex does'nt scare me anymore :-)

United States

#285 Dec 3, 2009
Im experiencing same symptoms. Was anuone else prescribedd steroid pills for back pain before getting the itch?

Lake Worth, FL

#286 Dec 5, 2009
For about a year now the head of my penis has been irritated with tiny little bumps on it. I think I got it from a bj and I was masterbating frequently at the time. I got tested for everything and I came up clear. I went to a dermatologist and he said it was nothing and recommended I use a hair-dryer to keep it dry and gave me chlo 1% ointment. It hasn't gone away!!!
Ive tried remedies for yeast infection.
It hasn't gone away!!!
I've used powder to keep it dry.
It hasn't gone away!!!
I know this isnt normal for my body. I don't know where else to turn. I have no insurance and I'm broke. Can anyone help me get my life back!?!?!?!

Springfield, OH

#287 Dec 5, 2009
the skin around the head of my penis is red . it itches and gets very dry and flakes . its progressed from one little spot to pretty much all around my head and just below my head .its been years . gets very uncomfortable and is embarrasing when a woman sees it . i think about it alot and really bothers me . mostly because i cannot get an answer of what it is . i have no skin problems anywere else . after sex it is bright red and kinda raw feelen . worries me that my entire head will be like this one day and im only 28 . i have alot of sex ahead of me . any ideas ? pleassssse
Jock itch cure


#288 Dec 6, 2009
Symptoms were white patch on base of penis, red sometimes, itchy, flaking off or white dry patch. Lasted 30 days and nothing seemed to work. Doc prescribed Lamisil which didn't get rid of it either. Finally went back to another doctor and they said you always MUST treat with Lamisil and a topical steroid at the same time or the skin cannot heal properly. I was prescribed Lamisil and Betaderm 0.1% cream. Within 2 days the patch had completely healed and has not returned since. Used the steroid for 2 weeks and Lamisil cream for 3 weeks. No recurrence.
Thought this might help everyone else out there. I was pretty frustrated for a month while I could not fix this problem and then like magic with the correct treatment it was gone.
Other Options

Potomac, MD

#290 Dec 9, 2009
Also, this has been going on for about six months.

Houston, TX

#291 Dec 12, 2009
A&D?!?!? yea that cream u use for when u get tattoos, not only do it smell good but its kinda clear & also thick....if u got that steroid cream webmd said its good so try that too.

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