Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Texarkana, TX

#245 Sep 29, 2009
I'm glad to see people getting help from here. It seems like there are a few different conditions like warts and yeast infections. I never figured out the cause or condition I had..I only knew i had what looked like paper cuts on my shaft that would get irritated and never heal. They lasted about a year, and never had a problem since.

In summary of all these posts, if a doctor or dermatologist cant figure it out, refrain from sex, use a mild soap to clean it, and try different creams like anti-fungus, anti-bacteria, jock itch, yeast infection, and others posted here. Each case may be different, use one for a week and judge the effectiveness. It can be healed, stay positive and post updates of your progress for others. It may be weird but maybe we should start posting links to pics of the problem area. And before you laugh, no im not gay. If i wanted to see gay porn it is is only an idea to share and hopefully heal an unknown problem





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pissed off in illinois

United States

#246 Sep 29, 2009
the problem is, none of us have been cured and there is no solution.

White Plains, NY

#247 Oct 2, 2009
I have had a scab underneath my head for over 10 years and have occasionally picked at it, I'm currently trying to heal it and find that neosporin/a&d do not heal it at all...also cortozone cream as prescribed by my dr. does not heal it. It burns sometimes and generally w/the cortozone it doesn't burn but it also doesn't go away...any suggestions?
10 psi

La Quinta, CA

#248 Oct 4, 2009
ive had the same problem for about a year and it only when i have sex with my girlfriend....what the doctor told me was that she might have a yeast infection and passed it on to me by her body fluids....she recomended the neosporin or any yeast infection product....i used the same cream my gf used and i would also use neosporin and yes it works...the doctor also told me to wash my penus right after sex like literally...because the skin will reabsord the fluid causing it to irratate.....
Upset in Tampa

Tampa, FL

#249 Oct 5, 2009
STA100 wrote:
Finally went to the doctor as Neosporin did not help and I was getting worried. He took one look and said it was what he suspected, fungal infection (Balanitis) and its very common, nothing to worry. For both men and women the genital area harbors quite a bit of fungus and any cut or abrasion cause fungus to multily there and make the wound worse. Neosporin is ineffective because it kills bacteria not fungus. He gave me an antifungal powder for applying on the penis. In three days it was all gone. I have had sex after that and am absolutely fine.
What Is the name of this Anti-fungal Powder you used?

Well, My story sounds just like most of everyone else's on here.
I'm just about to turn 31 and I feel like my Sex Life has come to a screaming Halt!

My GF and I had some rough sex a couple times in one day a few months back.
My Penis was sore and red for rest of the evening but thought nothing about it, Next morning I noticed this Rash looking area on the right side of the shaft, About the size of a dime and peeling dry skin, Put some neosporin on it for a couple of days and it went away.
A week went by with no Sex and I was fine, No flair ups, not even a sensitive spot.
The Next Friday evening My Girl and I made Love, Very Soft and very wet, about 10 minutes after we both finished I felt a burning sensation on the right side of the shaft, Looked down and saw what looked to be a small rash along with a very thin cut.
It was exactly what I experienced the night of Rough Sex.

Now, Every time we have Sex, Hard or Soft, this problem develops again. It takes about 3 days worth of 1% Hydroquarterzone Cream to heal.
I read up on this three weeks ago and started using all sorts of different creams.... Not Working.

Now I'm on Day 4 using "Lotrimin Ultra" but first cleaning with Dove Non-moisturizing Soap and I have yet to see a fix.
I know it takes time, But even when I am in the hot shower and water hits the area, It is non visible but still tingles almost to a hurt.... Can only be described as a Rug burn feeling.
Even if healed, The skin looks different, almost thinner then the rest of the skin on my Penis.
I finally made a Dr. Appointment with my FGP, But that isn't until next week and I'd love to fine a cure before having to bring this to someone Else's attention.

I'm Sick of this!!! Lately there's not even a desire for Sex and My Girlfriend is understanding on the outside but frustrated on the IN.

Now What?
Upset in Tampa

Tampa, FL

#250 Oct 5, 2009
BTW: The Guy that mentioned, His Dr. said this problem may also exist in the Prostate and there was a 3 day pill plus a Cream to apply, Can you give us more specifics and Since this then, Are You Cured?

I have searched for your post but can't seem to locate it again.

Maybe we are on to something here?


Mechanicsville, VA

#251 Oct 6, 2009
I had normal sex last couple of months but used lubricant for sessions lasting long duration. Last week I had long session with my GF without lubricant and couple of days later noticed the chafed peeling skin and paper cuts. Interesting thing that it does'nt show up immediately after sex, not even the next day, only after two days. This leads me to believe the inital chaffing opens up very tiny cuts that are unnoticeable untill fungus does its job over two days worsening the cuts making them noticeable.

The second thing I am sure about is that its purely caused by lack of lubrication because as long as I was using one I did'nt get it and the one instance I did'nt last week I got it.

I saved the Nystatin antifungal powder from my previous prescription and started applying it. Will let you guys knows the result.
there is no cure

Kansas City, MO

#252 Oct 8, 2009
my gf thinks im getting sex else where, asked me about porn on my computer.

EVERYTIME we have sex i get the red irritation and thin dry skin cracks. i've tried gold bond extra healing lotion, like the best or whatever. ya nothing. i went 4 weeks without sex or masterbation. not only did this cause problems with my gf and her questioning our sex life, but it didn't fix my problem either.

we had sex probably 3 hours ago. it hurts... i play it off... she knows about it, she thinks the problem is her.... if girls only knew the sacrifices we make for them.

but i'm going to suggest more lube i guess, i dunno. its been 2 months now, im tired of it aswell. i haven't tried neosporin but i'll pick some up and this anti-fungis people are talking about that claims to work.

i totally agree its a dry skin thing thats going on here, its almost as if the skin has no moisture to withstand any stretching, thus causing these dry skin cracks, thus causing the irritation and feeling like paper cuts.

if anyone else has any other suggestions, or solutions i'm prepared





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London, UK

#253 Oct 9, 2009
Keep the faith too

Toronto, Canada

#254 Oct 10, 2009
Hi all,

I've just read all of your posts and it's good to know that I'm not alone.

I think what I have is similar to Joe. It started off as what looked like a minor burn, but it turned more into a cut.

Certain it's not an STD, and I didn't think it was any other infection. Pretty sure it was caused by a long night's rough sex with my gf.

Anyway, here's what I tried:

For the first 2 weeks, I put ointment (polysporin/neosporin), but that ddn't help much.

The 2 weeks after, put baby diaper rash cream (zinc oxide) 2-3 times a day. I was dubious at first, but it really helped. But while it seemed to heal, i kept going through different scab cycles.

Anyways, after reading the posts here, I just tried putting on Lotrimin cream (some generic clotrimazole topic cream) yesterday, and I already see a major improvement. Which is great since it's been 4 weeks without any tangible or sustainable improvement.

I'll keep you guys posted, but for me, this seems to be really working out.

My "diet" for the next few days: no sex, no masturbation, not too much water/soap rubbing in that region and the clotrimazole cream 3 times a day.

Hang on there,
FInally better

Warrenton, VA

#256 Oct 12, 2009
Hey guys...just wanted to let you know what I have been though.

I have had similar symptoms as you all have. Dry, rash looking, cracking skin just under the head of my penis that looks like little paper cuts. It would come and go for over 2-3 years. Doctors gave me cream after cream with no to little help. After doing some homework online I believe I have a yeast infection.

I bought some Monostat7 cream from the pharmacy and soaked in warm/not too hot baths with 4-5 cups of white distilled vinegar mixed into each one (yeast cannot grow in acidic environments). The problem cleared up in 3-4 days with spot treatments of cream for a week longer.

If you guys haven't tried this than I would suggest you give it a go. I am going to the doctor in the next couple of weeks to see if I have an internal yeast infection that can be treated because everything I read suggests that you cannot have an external yeast infection without having an internal one.

Hope this has given me a breath of fresh air and let me enjoy sex again!

Mechanicsville, VA

#257 Oct 12, 2009
Guys, it is possible that our sex partners are having yeast infection that we are contracting. Check this site, it has very useful information for us.

It says "However, it is possible for men to develop symptoms of skin irritation of the penis from a yeast infection after sexual intercourse with an infected partner"
Tony C

Arlington, VA

#258 Oct 14, 2009
Have the same problem. Going to try to use the monistat treatment and see how that goes. Thanks for all of the good advice. Didn't realize that this is as common as it is. I'm pretty sure this is a yeast infection of some kind.

Mechanicsville, VA

#259 Oct 14, 2009
I had my GF visit her doctor and it did turn out she has a mild yeast infection. Mild yeast infections don't show any symptoms unlike severe ones that cause rashes, itch and smelly white discharge. So there is no way to know if your sex partner has a mild yeast infection.

Antibiotics kill good bacteria that checks yeast population, it turns my GF had taken antibiotics (for a completely different reason) a couple of days before both the times we had sex that resulted in my episodes. Her doctor also said that yeast infection shows up as cuts and redness only 24 hours after sex because thats the time it requires to grow unlike other STDs where symptoms show up in 4 to 6 hours after sex. In both my episodes it showed up exactly after 24 hours, doc was right on the money.

Treatment and Advice
She gave my GF some pills to take for 3 days that will flush off the yeast from her body. She advised her to check if her glucose levels are high and bring it under control as that could be a reason for mild yeast growth. In the event she takes antibiotics for any reason she was advised to use an external yeast medicine. Penis should be washed with warm water after sex to get rid of yeast and apply an over the counter anti-fungal medication for the night as a precaution.

Guys I hope this helps. We can all take it easy now that we know exactly what the problem is.
tough in pennsylvania

Narberth, PA

#260 Oct 15, 2009
Guys, I hear your pain. I wish it would be different for me. I have had these symptoms you all described for about 2 years now. I had an amazing bbbj one night and right after that the symptoms started. It was not STD, as I was tested. The dermatologist did a biopsy and everything turned out to be just fine. However, his prognosis, confirmed by 2 other dermatologists, turned out to be dermatological psoriasis. Unfortunately there is no cure so I have been told. 2.5% hydro cortisone ointment does the job for me. It takes a bit the redness and the burning effect. So, it is not too bad. Worst is, that I don't have a g/f. So, being handicapped in manhood puts a huge bummer on my ego driving me nuts. Luckily I am not too depressed but some nights there are tears wasted. I have tried a few things listed in some of these postings here but nothing did a better job than the prescribed ointment.
I keep praying for a cure or a wonder.
there is no cure

Kansas City, MO

#261 Oct 15, 2009
i've been trying neosporin like everyone else has tried, and anti-itch cream. not much help.

my gf thinks she is the problem but has no symptoms. i guess it turns out it IS her... i dont know how i can tell her, but i guess i'll have to break the news some how. but ya it takes 24 hours til the problem really kicks in.

but i have a question, since someone mentioned psoriasis. does anyone else have dry skin issues in areas other than this? because i remember about 10 years back i had real dry skin on my forehead/eyebrows and it caused me problems when i was in my teens, then about 5 years ago i had real bad dry skin on my nose, its like its merging down, now i have it on my chin and upper lip, like mustache area, real red, dry flaky skin. i have to put lotion on every day and night. im curious if i just have some crazy skin disorder or something, maybe this is related some how?

please let me know about your progress with creams or medication, maybe even a change in diet? we all have this same problem in common, i think we're all doing something that we have in common that is causing this, girls, activities, diets, laundry soaps, softner, water?!? something?!?! right? i dunno im just done with it

Langhorne, PA

#262 Oct 19, 2009
this drove me nuts for a couple months, Strong soaps can irritate , also check your water. esp. if its well water. check the ph of your water. acid water will irritate your skin in the worst way. take a sample to your local pet fish store they can check it. If the ph is low contact a water filter company they can fix it. you may also need a softener tank rise in ph from ph tank will cause your water to be hard.
Please help Me

Milwaukee, WI

#263 Oct 22, 2009
I have unprotected sex about five months i've had every STD test done atleast fve times, I've had so much blood taking i actually feel weak.... Everything negative..... I've even had a penile ultrasound to check for fractures.... I dont have any bumps i can notice just dark dry ruff spots which are extremely painfully not itchy it actually makes me feel like the penile skin is on fire.... Never any discharge and it doesnt hurt to urine.... I've been so depressed I.....
had it

Kansas City, MO

#265 Oct 23, 2009
try using an anti-fungal cream,shower,dry the area well and apply, same as a athletes foot cream,be sure to gently wash affected area daily ,usually before bed
Hurting in Pittsburgh

New Brighton, PA

#266 Oct 27, 2009
My story is mix of a lot of others. How we got to this point doesn't seem to matter much now. It's been almost 3 years. I do what I can, with whatever I have in the house to heal, and stop the itch and burn, and to heal. When I feel I am healed enough, I just rock the wife's world again. Cycle through the pain again. Run through the healing again.
Am going to try some of the suggestions here. I'm guess once the area is compromised, total healing will never be achieved again. GOOD LUCK MEN!

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