Penis skin irritation -- already diag...

Penis skin irritation -- already diagnosed as nothing but won't go away

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Florence, MA

#1 Mar 2, 2008
The skin on the underside of my penis, the area where it is wrinkled when flaccid, has been irritated off and on for the last 6 months or so. It may have started during sex due to some friction one time, or maybe when running and rubbing against my underpants. either way, it's clearly a SKIN issue, and i've already had it checked out by my doctor, and he said essentially it's just a skin issue that "should heal," NOT an STD, so i'm not looking for that alternative diagnosis.

It basically is just a little red line that is like a small break in the skin. This is very small. Sometimes there is just one, sometimes up to three. THey never really heal 100%. I've tried simply abstaining from sex for a while, but it hasn't helped really. It might be a litlte better one day or worse the next, but it seems to be unrelated to sexual activity. Maybe it's because simply getting an erection, which stretches out the skin, might be preventing it from healing completely, and it's kinda hard to prevent that...

I've tried, at the direction of my doctor:
-1% hydrocortizone
-vitamin A cream
-bacitracin oinment
-zinc oxide ointment

Nothing really worked wonders at all (obviously since it's 7 months later). I'm unsure what to do next. even abstaining from sex doesnt' seem to help...and my doctor didn't really know of other creams.

Florence, MA

#2 Mar 5, 2008
does anyone have any thoughts on this one for me?





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Gretna, LA

#4 Apr 29, 2008
David wrote:
does anyone have any thoughts on this one for me?

I have the same problem which has been for about 6 months. Right beneath my head has cuts on both sides from a rough night of sex.(Like 4 times that night) After waiting for a month of no sex and no masturbation i started having sex again and the cuts reappeared. I have been searching for an answer forever and have only found advice to apply neosporin to keep it moisturized to help it heal faster. I have only been doing it for a few days and will keep you posted with any results. Let me know if you fully recover from it. Unfortunately, I have read many post of guys with the same cuts/irritation that have had it ongoing for over a year.
Scraped Joe

Las Vegas, NV

#5 May 3, 2008
I have the same problem too. The problem is that every time I get an erection it stretches the skin and prevents it from healing. It's pretty difficult to prevent erections when sleeping. I'm wondering if I should find a way to prevent getting erections for a week or two. Any ideas?

Gretna, LA

#6 May 6, 2008
so ive been using the neosporin when i wake up and right before i go to bed for about 9 days. no sex or lap dances but i had to give in twice and relieve some tension(gently),and it seems to be healing better than when i didnt use anything. it used 2 kinda scab over and then that would rip off which is probably why it never healed. So im not a doctor but try using neosporin. Its made to heal cuts so i dont see it making the problem any worse...and like i said it is showing good signs to me so i will keep using it until i think it is totally healed.

Iselin, NJ

#7 May 19, 2008
I have had the same problem for about 1 year now. I have been to the dermatologist over 20 times...I have been using a mild hand lotion mos. but I cannot seem to get rid of cuts or pain. I have used every cream imaginable buit nothing has helped. I even cut out sugar, wheat, caffeine but it has not helped. I tried tanning the area as well. The Dr says it will heal but this is has been going on for too long..I honestly think the Dr's have no clue. I would be interested if anyone has experienced this and has had any success. Thanks..

Mission Hills, CA

#8 May 27, 2008
yea me too i have irritation when i pull my foreskin back. i have never had sex just oral like 2 yrs ago.
my doctor says that its jock itch but ive had it for about 2 months.

my doctor says its not an std and he is sure its jock itch which im starting to think its not.

i have gotten tested for stds since i had that oral job.

i had noting but they didnt test for herpes.
so i was freaking out thinking that it could be but my doctor assured me its not since i dont have the symptoms and all. just its more mental since u know u see redness on your penis and automatically the word herpes pops in the head.

ive had creams baby powder and its getting better but i mean ive had it way to long.
im 16 and i hate that i have whatever i have.

i cant stop thinking about.

any other skin disorders that it could be?

Gretna, LA

#9 Jun 14, 2008
problem solved. neosporin with pain relief applied when i wake up, after a shower, before bed and any time i think it was necessary. no more cuts. if i look real hard at it i can see where they used 2 be but they havent recut. havent used it in a few weeks so im sure it healed





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New York, NY

#10 Jul 14, 2008
best way is to prevent the irritation from every occuring, make your sure gf is very wet, and does not have stubble in the wrong places.
Be sure to bring you own KY:)

New York, NY

#11 Jul 14, 2008
mine took a full month to heal. like all other Posts, it was a slow process. my best advice is threefold:
1. Make sure she is either wet, or properly lubricated with KY etc,
2. Check for stubble, and if a lot, use your own KY, or
3. Refrain from such dangerous sex, it is not worth it:)

Bardon, Australia

#12 Jul 22, 2008
I have these cuts/breaks in the skin on the underside of the head (both sides). I'm fairly certain this was from a rougher-than-usual handjob from my girlfriend a week or so ago.

I usually pull my foreskin down and we use KY. She gripped my erection tighter than normal to masturbate me (I said it felt better; that's the way I do it). At one point she pulled down really hard, and maybe that's when the injury happened. Been stinging and difficult to heal, but perhaps it needs more time. Here's hoping.
been there


#13 Jul 25, 2008
Well I have gone through the same painful proess a year back, and it lsted me for abt 6 months.

only possible way is to abstain and not do sex till it heals completely. gve extra few days to be sure.

Stinging feeling is very unlpeasant, getle oral sex helps... Saliva makes it feel much better and fastens healig process (no kiding), use moisturiser, skin cream and keep it dry (i know its hard)

United States

#14 Jul 25, 2008
Try olive oil. Not only does it get rid of the itch - I keeps it moist and helped tremendously.

New York, NY

#15 Aug 23, 2008
So I have been having the same issue for 6 months now. The problem started out after my girlfriend gave me a quick BJ and was alittle rough as we were rushing to the airport. I didn't notice it but the next day my penis was red like a burn on the side shaft. Well It started to heal. Then while she was away I masturbated and may alittle to rough on my self. Then about 3 days later I went to a strip club and got a lap dance from a hot dancer and she was way to rough. My penis was super red and so sensative for days (Sensative that I wcouldn't wear jeans and normal underware). I went to my normal doctor and soon as he looked at it he said that was Herpes. We took a blood test and he wouldn't answer my calls. Finally 4 days later he called me back and said the test was positive. I thought he was crazy but I still freaked out and took valtrax . Same day i saw 3 other doctors and all doctors said I didn't have Herpes and i shouldn't worry. Took blood test 2 and 3 all negative.

This is where the advanture starts from seeing doctor after doctor. I saw this special high end Dermatologiest gave me creams and lotions. No fixes. He sat me down and said I should change my condoms. Ok I did same problem. Now the redness isn't like the begining but it comes back every other week. My penis can get so sensative rubbing against my underwhere which I had to change the friut of the loom to high end egyptian cotton underwhere to be smoother on the skin.

Now I have sex or masturbate my penis turns red for a day or two and hurts. Some parts u can see little blood vessels where it's irratated at.

I went to another Dermatologiest and I told him about the penis turning red and being sensative. He asks does happen to anyother parts of your body. I said yes the past 3 to 4 weeks I been itching alot more and skratch my head from the stresss. He went ahead and gave me medicine for Scabies now. So I'm going from one extream to another now.

I tried all the creams, powder, Lotions, soaps, and Laundry detergent too. It's crazy and I don't know what to do. I even stopped having sex for a month and still got irratated from from penis rubbing against the underwhere and pants.

I need some help or direction on this? thanks
Same Issue

Jacksonville, FL

#16 Aug 28, 2008
I have the same symptoms guys. I orginally had jock itch on my testies..All the lotion and medications, it soon spread to my foreskin and head of my penis. It feels like a stinging or burning when I walk and the head of my penis hits a ridge in my underwear I see stars. I have been to over 20 + dermoatoloigists and they not one had helped. All have differeent opionions...I have had this for about 6 - 8 months. Most girls don't even notice as its not noticable just uncomfotable..I excersie every day and eat well. I am now just going to try and let it heal on its own. Guys don't get to upset...this will go away and it happens to alot more people than you realize. They just don't talk anout it..From my research, we all have bacteria on our penis...what I have just surfaced..and was most likely there for years...Yeah like I said I seen some of the best skin Dr's in US and they don't have a clue..I sort of wish 1 good dermatologist would get this or there sons..I guarantee they would find a solution mush faster. Sorry I am little bitter after spending the amount of money I spent to hear the diagnosis I received. Guys save your money...try not to think about it..Get it constantly lubricated...lukewarm showers...

New York, NY

#18 Sep 8, 2008
timmy wrote:
problem solved. neosporin with pain relief applied when i wake up, after a shower, before bed and any time i think it was necessary. no more cuts. if i look real hard at it i can see where they used 2 be but they havent recut. havent used it in a few weeks so im sure it healed
I think this sounds like what I have now. It started out with a dry patch of skin right underneath the head, and then resulted in two small cuts. They would heal for the most part, but the redness seemed to stay as if the cut kept getting reopened. I am not sure how it started but I suspect it may have been from the shaving cream I used last for that area.

Everett, WA

#19 Sep 11, 2008
Holy crap, I had no idea this was so common. I've been having this EXACT same problem, but only for about a month now.

It started out as a dry patch just underneath the head, but not on the shaft, like where the foreskin used to be (circumcised). Then little cuts started developing, would come and go randomly. Now anytime I have sex or masturbate the whole area gets really red and sensitive and wont settle down for a few days.

I went to the doctor and he had no idea what it was. This is pretty messed up that so many doctors don't seem to have a clue on what's causing such an obviously widespread problem....
Rodman Doll

Ann Arbor, MI

#20 Sep 13, 2008
I will try Neosporin with pain relief.
need advice

Bellingham, WA

#21 Sep 16, 2008
alright i had sex wit this girl unprotected. she gave me a mean bj noticed teeth was touchin most the time hurt but i kept going. i woke up in the morning and it the foreskin was pretty swollen. i dont know what it is but now it looks like i got stung by a bee and its just swelled up on the bottom of the foreskin tip. i pull my skin back and it feels and looks like its going away but there is skin in the inside i noticed after i took a shower that is moist and looks as if the skin was roughly messed wit,, like when u have that little skin that is tryng to heal but when shower it slighlty comes off.. i dont know what it is but im thinkin it might be a bacteria thing that looks as if it is healing. any comments that could help me out.... im thinkin neosprorin right now?
need advice

Bellingham, WA

#22 Sep 17, 2008
alright the imflimation went down but now there is jus redness under like sum1 like a rash dont really hurt aloT But it still bugs a little could it jus b 1 mean ass kinda like rug burn or what?

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