molluscum contagiosum questions


#125 Sep 23, 2011
hey thanks, yeah we r coming to summer in aus.....yeah i covered them with the band aids when i was using tea tree oil and that seemed to make them reduce in size....and then i was due to use my last course of the cream and coered them with the band aids and now i have a huge skin rash like ezcma and have been leaving the band aids off so that my skin can heal. the dramas!!!!!!!

Bronx, NY

#126 Oct 9, 2011
How do you treat the new bumps that come up every other day? I'm talking about the ones that are just a red SPOT, but are not raised above the skin. also the very tiny ones. Thanks.

Minneapolis, MN

#127 Nov 3, 2011
I have had MCV for probably 4 months and it feels like ive tried everything. My doctor dabbed acid on the lesions only for them to return weeks later. I tried tea tree oil and all it did was make my skin smell weird. I then resorted to aldara cream which seemed like it helped. Just when i thought it was all gone from my pubic region, i noticed similar looking bumps on my behind. I figured that this is from spreading via shower towels. This is the most frustrating thing ive ever experienced in my life and ive come to one conclusion:DONT HAVE SEX UNLESS YOU KNOW YOUR PARTNER IS CLEAN. now i plan on letting this virus run its course and continue with aldara. Ive realized that with this medicine it really is all about your immune system, so try and eat healthy and take a daily multivitamin for starters. But wow is this stuff expensive. ive probably spent a total of 500 dollars on this treatment. so was it worth it for sex? absolutely not. STAY POSITIVE. were lucky to have such minor problems.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#128 Nov 13, 2011

I been suffering from MC for about 8 months. I think I got it from a girl I slept with. I slept with 2 girls within the year and none had no signs of molluscum at all. I was clean even after I stopped talking to first girl, then started talking to 2nd and girl and still I had nothing. I had sex with her like 3 days in a row and I remember the last time we did was long, sweaty and she was becoming dry.Kind of vigorous Next 2 days nothing. On the 3rd day BAM! 4 bumps on the shaft. I o fcourse freaked out. IS it herpes, genital warts, was really scared.
So I was playing doctor at home with numerous research. I tried the ACV technique and it did work. It mad them scab over and the bumps were gone. More kept coming though on pubic region, thighs, stomach, shaft, glands. I was using ACV and drinking it like crazy, but I decided to stop, cause it left white scars on my tan skin after scab fell off. Does the color back over time?

So anyways, I went about 1 weeks with no bumps and BAM! they keep popping up. So now i decided to go to the derm.
He prescribed Zyclara which is like Aldara just at a lower percentage of 3.75% Now it does work. It irritates the bumps and they go away, but again MORE keep popping up. Very small though. He said the cream would make the hidden ones come to surface. So i said good, let them all show and I'll kill them all. So now 7 months later, it has slowed down alot, but they keep popping up. I'm still using cream. He said it should be gone real soon within the month or so. the cream is supposed to work on your immune system and clear them up.

Also I'm taking vitamins, garlic and immune system boosting pills. I'm very healthy. I eat healthy. I work out 5 days a week. I use different parts of towel to dry carefully. This is the most depressing thing I have gone through. It doesn't seem to end. Makes me think it will always pop up even if you seem in the clear.

Has anyone had luck with either aldara or zyclara cream?

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ankara, Turkey

#129 Nov 14, 2011
Use apple cider vinegar on them over night. It stings a little, and then they turn black and fall off in a few days. Leaves a little scarring but its the only way I've found to deal with them without spreading them further.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#130 Nov 14, 2011
Daniella wrote:
Use apple cider vinegar on them over night. It stings a little, and then they turn black and fall off in a few days. Leaves a little scarring but its the only way I've found to deal with them without spreading them further.
Ya, i was using apple cider and it did kill them and also left white scars on my tan skin. But they still were coming.

The Aldara works, but again they still come. I guess it just has to run its course.

Lincoln, NE

#131 Dec 3, 2011
I've been dealing with this issue since early September. As most of the stories I've read on here, at first I thought they were pimples and I popped them, probably spreading the virus. I have no idea where I contracted this virus, which is probably the most frustrating part. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with MC. My doctor counted 17 and froze them off with liquid nitrogen. They are in my pubic area, but thankfully not on my lady parts. Most of them went away, but others I would notice were still there underneath the scab from the freezing. More also appeared.(The spots from freezing did eventually fade without scarring.) I waited two weeks and went in to have them frozen again. This time was less successful than the first time and now I have a large bill seeing as how my insurance didn't cover it.

A week after the first time I got them frozen I noticed a strange bump ON my lip. It grew and was kind of puffy, but then the swelling went down and disappeared within a week. I asked my doctor about it, she suspects it wasn't molluscum because it is extremely rare to have them on your mouth. A month or so later, I ended up getting a second one almost in the same place. Although it looked different than the ones in my pubic region, I am almost certain it was also molluscum.

Since then I've read countless forums and have tried lots of things. The most successful I've found was ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). I got some cotton makeup remover pads and some white duct tape that was laying around my house. I soaked the pads in the ACV and placed on top of the bumps. I taped down the pad with the duct tape, making sure it was air tight. I left it on over night and removed it in the morning. The down sides are that it can sting, it doesn't smell the best, and ripping duct tape off my genital area isn't optimal. But I noticed some results. The areas became red and inflamed, but then bumps would either turn black, or maybe just white and then would scab up. This is the virus core dying. I applied neosporin to help the areas heal so hopefully they won't scar.

I also wash my pubic area specifically with a tea tree soap that I found at our local heath food store.

At this point the 5 or so I have left are really tiny. I'm not sure the best way to get rid of them.

Willing to try everything, I also purchased the Zymaderm from my local Walgreens. I've been applying it twice a day on the bumps when I'm not doing the ACV treatment. I'm not really sure if it's working or not, but I figure it can't hurt so I'm using it anyway.

I wash my hands every time after I touch the area and I've used more hand sanitizer than ever before in my life these past few months. Just be careful not to touch your body anywhere else until you wash your hands. I accidentally spread one to my cheek when I scratched an itch without thinking about it. Thankfully it's really tiny and not noticeable.

I have also tried to quit drinking (havent been too successful seeing as how I'm a college student and temptation is evil), started taking a One-a-day for women vitamin, some Fish oil supplements. Vitamin E is the vitamin that is good for skin health, so make sure you have a good vitamin E intake.

I'm really hoping I can get rid of this soon! It's taken a serious toll on my love life and its extremely stressful. This is a horrible virus and I wish you all luck! I hope the end is nearing...

El Paso, TX

#132 Dec 9, 2011
i popped a bump today and a gel-like cluster of tiny balls came out followed by some bleeding. can someone identify with this?

Pretoria, South Africa

#133 Dec 15, 2011
Hi Ddd, i have had MC for about 7 months now - but only on my legs. My doctor first said it were warts so i treated them for that, but it got really bad, looked like sores. then i went to the Derm and they found the MC. I have been using Aldara for 2 weeks now and my spots are fast getting better. However, i am not allowed to shave as it may spread. I am a woman so leg-hairs don't really make me feel you perhaps know anyting about tea-tree oil preventing it to spread? I was thinking of shaving and putting Tea tree on immediately.
Any comments?
Ddd wrote:
<quoted text>
I started using the Aldara about two weeks ago. The spots that I have put it on do seems to be shrinking. Molluscum is a virus and until your body builds an immunity it will keep coming back. The aldara is supposed to basically kick start your own immune system to attack the virus. So if you have a weak immune system then it will take longer especially if you are or get sick from things like colds or flu.
As far as the side effects. I got molluscum from wrestling so its on my arms and chest. On my arms there was no harsh reaction at all. On my chest ,however, it is basically like having a really bad sunburn without all the peeling. So as far as the aldara goes if your putting it on a sensitive area be careful ow much you put on and how long you leave it on. And only put it on a lesion. Don't spread it all around unaffected skin. Thats the mistake I made on my chest.

Pretoria, South Africa

#134 Dec 17, 2011
Hi everyone, i have MC on my legs and in 5 days im going on holiday! Ive been on Aldara treatment for 2 weeks now and my spots are busy clearing very nicely.... i was advised not to shave until end of January, but this is ruining my holiday as my legs are more hairy than a man's!:( does anyone know when i can start shaving??? The bumps are gone...its just still red scarring!! Or do you think i can maybe use VEET? Please help desperate!!!
Thanks for this forum...i thought i was the only person in the world with this ugly disease!!!

Chennai, India

#135 Dec 18, 2011
If any body cure molluscum contigious how

Chennai, India

#136 Dec 18, 2011
I have molluscum on my ----- what to do pls suggest me

Norwood, MA

#137 Dec 23, 2011
I was able to beat MC within a month of diagnosis. I had it two months prior to knowing what it was. The key things are aggression and attacking it as soon as you are diagnosed. Forget all the fancy treatments and doctor appointments. All you need is a sewing needle, tweezers, cotton swabs, hand sanitizer, liquid band-aid, band-aids, athletic tape, tea tree oil or Apple cider vinegar, and a disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide. Keep in mind my method is painful with an emphasis on getting rid of this ASAP before it can spread itself which I believe is key, and I am a 25 year old male with an extremely healthy lifestyle. I'll tell you my whole experience with it just for fun, but jump to Paragraph six for my treatment method.
Sometime in October I started to realize what I thought were pimples growing in my pubic region and genitals. I ignored them for weeks until I realized they weren't going away. I tried acne wash on them and they remained. In the beginning of December, as some grew large and they weren't going away I knew I had to get this checked out. I had about 10 on my pubic region and two on my shaft. I swabbed the "pimples" with tea tree oil and most shriveled up and the core became exposed just like a white head pimple.
I went to the VA E.R. because my primary care doc left. The dipshit doctor had no clue, diagnosed me with herpes and punched my bore twice to test for several STDs that I wasn't showing any symptoms for. Last time I assume just because someone is a doctor means their intelligent or good at what they do.
I knew I didn't have an STD because I hadn't any sex for seven months and that was with a monogamous partner. I googled some things and found out within about ten minutes I had mollusum contagiosum. I must've gotten it either from a swimming pool or the gym.
I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with MC and tried freezing them off which did nothing. After a few days I decided to take matters into my own hands because I'm impatient, I just started a relationship with a girl, and naturally wanted to get sexual. Also, I was going to MEPS soon to reenlist in the millitary and I knew it would cause a problem there which it did.
So I soaked them all in Apple Cider Vinegar overnight which didn't seem to do much. I know others had luck with ACV but tea tree oil worked better for me. First I dabbed the whole infected area with hydrogen peroxide. Then I individually removed each lesion by first making an incision with a needle then ripping them off with tweezers. GET ALL OF IT. They will bleed a lot. You must immediately swab the cut with a disinfectant then put something on it to absorb the blood. Also, make sure to disinfect the tweezers and needles after each lesion.Once the heavy bleeding stopped I covered the wounds the best I could. Of course this area is very difficult to deal with because you have the pubic hair, and it's not easy keeping a band-aid or tape on your dick. Liquid band-aids work well. Just a heads up if you have ones on your penis it is VERY painful, it made the STD test feel like a vacation.
It's also important to take care at all times to not itch and not scrub infected areas in the shower or with a towel afterwards. Rub liquid soap on them and pat them down with paper towels to dry. Use hand sanitizer after every time you touch area.
I did have a minor secondary outbreak of one or two however I believe this happens to pretty much everyone no matter what method of removal you use. I just repeated the process.
Here I am three weeks out from my derm appointment and the MC seems to be completely gone (knock on wood)I am now paranoid and attack anything that resembles a pimple on my body. But aggression is the key to beating this before it spreads don't listen to doctors that tell you to wait it out. Unless you don't mind having MC for months on end. When the lesions touch another part of your skin it spreads- so remove the lesions!!!!!

Norwood, MA

#138 Jan 1, 2012
Just wanted to make a follow up post. It's been a couple weeks now with no sign of MC so it really looks like I have it beat. Pretty happy with the speed and ferocity that I kicked its ass with because MC deserves to get his ass whopped. Everyone feel free to ask me any questions after looking at my last post to see how I treated it. I believe this thing can be gotten rid of fast if you are aggressive. Just think about it. The way it spreads is by the lesions touching another part of your skin so remove the lesions as fast as possible, and it can't spread. It's just the simplest most effective way of beating it. Don't worry about scarring either. No matter how you remove them all the lesions will leave a mark for at least some period of time. In fact I observed that the lesion that left the most noticeable mark actually imploded on itself before I tried to treat it.

So I strongly advise anyone who is trying to get rid of MC ASAP to use my method as soon as they are diagnosed.

Irvine, CA

#139 Jan 4, 2012
I recently became diagnosed with Molluscum and would really appreciate some help. I've been very good about visiting my dermatologist and having the Molloscum frozen. I've also been using Aldara as well. I would really appreciate a talk offline if you are available. My email is [email protected] I know it's been sometime since your post, but I hope you're still out there.

Thank you for your email and your advice.
So far so good wrote:
On December 6, 2006 I was diagnosed with Molluscum. Since initial diagnosis, I have gone to a Dermatologist weekly (it is February 18, 2007). My last molluscum to date was frozen off on January 2, 2007. I read some pretty scary things on internet forums about molluscum and I am posting this to let people know my story, method of treatment, and lifestyle changes. I do not work for any company to promote products/drugs. Also, I'm available to talk off-line if anyone has further questions (just post back with an email address or contact info). Honestly, I was really scared when I was first diagnosed. I was fortunate to talk to someone who had it that got over it and that experience really helped my state of mind.
On December 6 I was diagnosed with Molluscum. I had over 40 bumps (stopped counting after 40) on my pubic region. I got all of the bumps frozen on on December 6 and picked up a prescription of Aldara. I used the Aldara daily. I also ordered Zymaderm on the internet (I was skeptical about the product-but was freaking out and willing to try anything). The next week I had about 10 more bumps and got them frozen off. I continued to use the Aldara-which irritated my skin/did its job. I went back to the doctor the following week and he froze off about 10 new bumps.
After that visit with the Doctor, everything seemed to come together. My zymaderm came in the mail, I started taking vitamin c, flax seed oil and zink supplements, I ate extremely healthy (no alcohol) and I started praying to God for help. I applied the Zymaderm three to four times a day (much more then the daily recommmended usage) and then covered the molluscum with tape after applying the zymaderm. I couldn't believe it, but the Zymderm really worked. The molluscum would shrink and dry up and then disappear without a mark (it was pretty crazy). Additionally, covering the molluscum with tape after applying the zymaderm made the process go even faster.
On January 2, 2007 I went to the Dermtologist. He saw only 2 molluscum (that he told me were on the way out) and I had him freeze them. He also told me to stop using the Aldara as my skin was extremely irritated (it looked really red and almost like a big wound). He was very positive about my condition and told me that he thought that I was done with molluscum.
Once I went off the Aldara, my skin started to heal. However, that meant the irritated skin flaked off and new skin grew underneath. This was somewhat painful. But I was happy that no new molluscum were showing up.
I think that the Zymaderm, Aldara, change of diet, addition of supplements, frequent trips to the doctor to catch new ones immediately, and help from God is what cleared the molluscum.
I am not positive that this is over, but so far so good. I'll post an update if anything changes.

Pretoria, South Africa

#140 Jan 6, 2012
Hi Ddd, thanks so much for you answers. Mine seem to be healing very fast, but i have gotten about 5 more in the last week or so....but im just treating them as they come...hoping it will go away soon. Does the lesion have to be open for it to spread or will closed ones also spread if they touch other skin?
worried parents

United States

#141 Jan 19, 2012
Our 3 1/2 y/o sone was recently dx with M.contagiosum, because I took a printout to them to see if this is what he had after another thougth it was a strep rash. Yep, parents r right. We were told of nothing to help, I use essential oils and have some of the ones mentioned in the Zyma Derm, as well as others in my arsenal. We also see a chiropractor regularly for adjustments ( he had helped us take our boys off meds of all kinds for allergies/asthma), so he is very trusted- my son was adjusted today also. I also have taken my son to a Healing Touch Practitioner, however I may also purchase the Zyma Derm-our son has bumps on his armpits, a few on the wrist and side, however it looks like hips lips are getting red around the outer edges--I will try anything homeopathic as I/we have not been pleased by the typical medical profession at times, where it is all about masking symptoms rather than getting to the source. Surely it can't hurt to use something natural-right?

Lincoln, NE

#142 Feb 5, 2012
Hey guys, I'm back. I first noticed and was diagnosed with MC back in September 2011. The post with my situation is high up on the page.

I finally got super frustrated with the situation and decided at the end of December that the least I could do was attempt going to a dermatologist because I have decent insurance through my father (which I understand not everyone is that fortunate), however, I really wish I would have gone to her sooner. She ended up using a curette, which is a dull tool that is used to scrape off the surface of the skin, thereby removing the part with the virus. It hurts a little, but less than the freezing I had tried previously. My dermatologist's child also had MC so she was currently dealing with the issue at home, as well as with her patients and she said the scraping method tends to be more successful than any other method...and I have to agree!

For those of you that don't have insurance or don't want to waste your time with doctors, my dermatologist gave me one amazing tip. You can but a curette, but it can cost you up to $60-80. OR you can use the round end of a bobby pin to scrape the bump off...and that actually works! Sometimes you have to scrape over the same spot a couple times to make sure the virus is gone. And then you probably should disinfect the bobby pin or throw it away and use a new one for each bump to avoid contamination of other skin.

I found two bumps in the first week of January and went in to see her. I've only had one more appear since then, probably 2 or 3 weeks ago. But I just scrapped the sucker off with a bobby pin. I'm hoping its gone for good now, but I'm going to keep an eye out and a bobby pin handy!

Hope this helps! Its a lot easier and less harmful than the tweezer and pin methods. Good luck!

Spring, TX

#143 Feb 13, 2012
Hey Everyone,

I had molluscum and had to deal with it over the course of a they would come and go. As time goes on, they reduce in numbers and frequency. I know its difficult because it takes a toll on you emotionally but I feel confident in telling you that it WILL GO AWAY in time. I know a year may sound terrible but like i said time goes by, they become less in numbers/frequency.

What I found to be the MOST effective method is to go to the dermatologist and have them curette them off. From what I understand, the curette removes all of the virus and has the highest success rate. I was so desperate at the beginning of this experience that I went to the dermatologist every time I'd find a new bump. I was constantly looking and obsessing over it and found myself going to the doctor way too frequently. If your able to see your doctor, have them removed and give yourself some time,..dont keep looking everyday because you can end up finding bumbs that aren't necessarily new, just overlooked. This obsession really took a toll on me. I had to learn calm myself and allow a certain amount of time to elapse before I checked myself again; only then if i found more, then i would have them removed. This is more effective than seeing the doctor once a week like i found myself doing at some points. I must emphasize again that this problem will go away. There is hope and a solution and freedom at the end of the tunnel :) Also, i want to advise to keep the area clean and dry. Shower regularly and use a nice soap to clean and dry the area. Also, do not shave! I don't shave anymore because Im just paranoid about it. Also, when you're with a partner that loves you...she won't care that you have some hair down there. If you decide to trim...maybe use scissors but don't get too close! hair is natural and some say its healthy for your skin. God made us that way for a reason. I hope this helps everyone and don't you ever feel alone! We all get through this for sure!

With Love,

Suri, India

#145 Apr 16, 2012
I have molluscum for past 8 month i dont now how i got from but dr said this will go in 1 year is this i have only one lesion n every one month it will come. laser treatment is good scae will be there r not give me some idea pls.

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