molluscum contagiosum questions

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#105 May 24, 2011
Understanding molluscum including the risk factors, incidence and symptoms will benefit your skin and allow you some peace of mind. Molluscum is a viral skin infection that causes raised, pearl-like papules or nodules on the skin. It is caused by a virus that comes from the poxvirus family and you can get the infection from multiple ways. Molluscum is a common infection in children and happens when a child comes into direct contact with a lesion or nodule. Molluscum may occur anywhere on the body except the palms and soles. The virus can spread through contact with contaminated objects, such as towels, clothing, or toys.
Molluscum also spreads by sexual contact, thus early lesions or nodules on the genitalia may be mistaken for herpes or warts, however molluscum nodules are painless. Persons with a weakened immune system typically have a more severe case of molluscum. In adults, the lesions are commonly seen on the genitals, abdomen, and inner thigh
Usually molluscum begins as a small, painless flesh colored nodule. Often the nodule has a dimple in the center. The nodules may appear in lines or groups where the person has scratched or irritated the affected area, causing them to spread. The middle of the nodules typically has a white substance quite like string cheese or slightly cooled wax.
Since molluscum is contagious and spreadable through everyday contact, it is important to wash hands frequently, keep childrenÂ’s toys clean and disinfected, keep laundry clean and wear loose fitting clothes on areas that are infected. Stay away from lotions and creams that would only spread the infection. The American Institute of Advanced Medicine offers a spray on and air dry solution that has a 95% success rate. Make sure your diet is healthy including cutting back your sugar intake.
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#106 May 27, 2011
Hey everyone. I had mollosum for 7 months now and they have been slowly going away. I recently went and had the last 5 spots frozen off. It was a very painful experience. She took a tool and cut all of them open and then squeezed them to death. After that she put the freezing acid on the and that burnt like hell. My question is, does this really work and will this get rid of them completely?

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#107 May 30, 2011
Does Acyclovir really work!? I've had the bumps for two weeks. I have approximately 10 in my pubic hair region and I see one very tiny bump growing on my thigh. I'm going to see my doctor again tomorrow, but I am going to purchase some Acyclovir tomorrow as well as the tea tree oil in the hand soap.

I've only had one sexual partner in the past year and I just got MC about two weeks ago. WTF!

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#108 May 30, 2011
Oh and we both tested negative for any STD's.

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#109 Jun 5, 2011
I am totally clean of molluscum after 3 months of fighting against it, i used acyclovyr, 100mg 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon and 1in the night, about 2 months daily, and the bumps stops and start to reduce its size, try it it really works.stay calm, the stress is the enemy! And i help the acyclovir with retin-a in the bumps night and morning, use it carefully if not you can burn your skin!! Hope it helps! Good luck!!

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#110 Jun 9, 2011
Like a lot of other people on here I noticed some bumps down there (maybe 3 of them ) around Feb 2011 and didn't think anything of it other than prob just a pimple and popped it. I'm also an avid surfer, so that didn't help prevent the spreading either. was in a lull as far as a sex life went so I wasn't paying too much attention to anything down there and then one day in March I noticed the same looking bumps up by my belly button and realized
I had a SHITLOAD of them in my pube area.

I went to a doctor got an STD check, came back negative, and the doc also kept saying Fulliculitis. I went through 20 days of antibiotics before finally getting a biopsy.

Had over 50 the first time I went in and had them frozen. it worked on about 20 of them and it only stings when it's getting put on. went back in 2 weeks and had the cantharidin (blistering extract) put on. This hurts really bad when it comes time to get the blisters off, but it worked really well. I just went back this last tuesday (6/7) and only had about 8 of them! again i got the blistering extract put on. I've noticed 3 new bumps since tuesday but this is probably because I played basketball yesterday (stupid I guess). i have popped the new ones on my own recently. I don't recommend this but I'm at a point where it can only get so much worse from trying it now (instead of 3 now I'll have 6) so I figured it was worth risking.

first things first, STD test. Anything showing up in that area should be fully checked out.
next, if the test is negative DEMAND a biopsy on one of the bumps do not take no for an answer and tell them you suspect Molluscum (muh les cum). If it turns out to be molluscum call a dermatologist and get started on your treatment asap.
Next, accept that this is probably going to take a while to cure and cut these things out of your life IMMEDIATELY
- drinking
- ANY sexual activity (masturbation is just as harmful in getting rid of this stuff)
- anything that requires friction in that area.
- stress - once you are diagnosed, I honestly don't recommend coming onto these websites anymore. I stressed myself out so much reading all these horror stories of people having it for a year or two. most of those posts were probably just bullshit spam bots trying to sell one of the bogus names you've seen on here.
I've only been treating since May 2nd. It's a little over a month and I've already gone down from over 50 bumps to 3.

Discuss you options with your dermatologist and ask if you can go WEEKLY. kinda wish I had thought of doing that instead of just accepting the bi-weekly option.

-DON'T TOUCH DOWN THERE! Like I said earlier popping on your own is probably not going to work so just leave that area alone and WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP EVERYTIME YOU GO IN THAT AREA.
-DON'T shave down there! I shaved the first time to make it as clear as possible where everything was. If you're going to do this I recommend doing it about 3 days before you start treatment and don't even think about it again afterwards
-DON'T Re-use towels, wash cloths, or wear the same clothes. Wash everything frequently!
-Shower EVERY DAY and hit the areas with Molluscum last
-I also recommend taking vitamins. Specifically E and A or some kind of Multi with the E. I can't say if it helped or not but vitamins aren't gonna hurt ya so you might as well.

I will be back on once I am officially CLEARED. I came on here today because throughout this whole experience I noticed that people mainly come on when they just found out they got it and all you find online are horror stories. I hope you take my advice and that it helps. I hope you get rid of this shit easier and faster than I did. It definitely sucks finding something down there but at least we caught one of the temporary ones. Be grateful for that IT COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT WORSE


#111 Jun 13, 2011
hi all ,to be honest i have MC near my genital dermatologist adviced to freeze them ,but finally i come to one of homeopathic doctor in dubai.i lives in dubai ,after 2 months of medicine treatment it gone away completely.i am now very happy as this thing was affecting my family life very much.
any body who wants further information ,can contact me on my mail id [email protected] if u guys live in dubai,to be honest homeopathy works......

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#112 Jun 16, 2011
I got molluscum in february. It was from sexual contact but it started on my lower abdomen. The first doctor I went to told me it was a friction burn and it would heal on its own.. that was dumb. I left it alone for about a month and it still didnt go away, after taking a bath and shaving (do NOT do either of these with molluscum) I noticed I also had the bumps on the underside of my butt and on my thighs and of course I flipped shit. I went to the free clinic and the doctor told me that it was molluscum and that it would go away on its own. I waited another month and it didnt go away, but spread to my pubic area, across my stomach, and down my legs. I went back to the clinic (to get tested for EVERYTHING else) and my doctor referred me to a dermatologist. I have had cryotherapy twice, and in between treatments I use Compound W liquid wart remover (burns like a son of a bitch but works) and AntiMolluscum Rx which I bought online. The Liquid wart remover dries up and acts kind of like a bandaid over the molluscum, and it sucks the moisture out of the skin around it so it doesnt feed the infection. And the AntiMolluscum is oily and helps peel off the dead skin and the head of the bumps without spreading it (dont pick at it) this also boosts the immune system to help fight the infection. So far I have had this disease for 4 1/2 months (2 of which I did nothing to stop it) I had over 50 bumps and after 2 cryotherapy sessions and using the wart remover and the antimolluscum I have almost no bumps. I had an appointment today and my derm said that the bumps were healing better than she has ever seen them and faster too, She scheduled me for one more session and said they should be gone. I really hope this helps... Molluscum is by far one of the WORST things that can happen to anyone. Also I have tried the zymaderm and I used it for a month and saw absolutely NO change in my bumps... not saying it doesnt work but it didnt work for me.

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#113 Jun 24, 2011
hey guys please check out my blog and spread the word around. i wrote down my whole experience with MC and how i was FINALLY able to get rid of it!
this isnt like an ad or me trying to sell you dumb products for MC i promise. i hope this helps you!
Help with MC

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#114 Jun 27, 2011
I just wanted people to know that my doctor has found a medication that we believe seems to really work. It was originally for a different skin infection, but they are very similar. The medication is called DAPSONE, and its a 25 mg tablet. You work your way up to 6 pills a day starting from one a day and gradually increasing the dosage every 4 days. You take it in the morning and before bed. If you are struggling with MC...I suggest you really consider this method. I dealt with it for years...and i really struggled with good results...but a new doctor seemed to have the right answer...finally!
chris j wrote:
I have been diagnosed by my dermatologist with molloscum in my pubic area. I have no idea where i got it from .It appeared about 6 months into my relationship with my girlfriend. she has no signs or symptoms of molloscum and has never had it in her past . according to the research ive done you can only get molloscum by coming in contact with someone who has it and contacting there molloscum. So how could i get this from my sexual partner if she has no signs of it . I am undergoing treatment to get rid of it but once it is gone will ii still be contagious?
MC Guy 23

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#115 Aug 5, 2011
I noticed a bunch of bumps under my pubic hair one day. I think they had been there for a while and really were not that noticable. Nonetheless I panicked. I am in a relationship, have not had sex with anyone else since last year, and it seemed odd to me. I read this bored and other internet sites and felt sentenced to death. Someone said MC is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Well it does suck, but lets keep it real here. MC sucks, but there are many many more worse things that can happen to you. If you are normally healthy and got this thing, you can beat it easy. You can wait, try the cream or medications, or have them removed. I had about 15, went to the MD, he sent me to a derm. Now, my regular derm is a woman, and I am not sexist at all, but he sent me to a different male derm. The guy looked a them said, yep MC for sure. He said I will take care of them and said he was just going to cut them off. I said does it hurt? He said it does not hurt me at all! In all seriousness though it was not bad, no anesthesia,(most were small) he just cut/scooped them off. This was yesterday and they look pretty good today, just little area of pock marks. He said I may get a few more and he would get them in about 6 weeks but not a big deal. The lesson to me is, check it out with a MD, so you have real information to reflect on and then what you read has much better context.

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#116 Aug 10, 2011
LaCosta wrote:
I suffered from molluscum for about a year or so, and yes, it is very frustrating. After trying the cryogenic and Konzerol route, and both not working, I went to and ordered their system. It's pricey, but it worked extremely well and I would recommend it to anyone. It fuses silver into each sore and that kills it over time. Check it out.
No, this is not a sales pitch!:)

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#117 Aug 12, 2011
ey did this end up working for u?? i want to try it and wonderng if u had success :) thanx Sarah
Newbie wrote:
I have had molluscum since August 07 and it's now April 08. At first I thought it was some kind of acne or weird pimples but they would not respond to any acne treatment that I used. Finally a few weeks ago I went to the Dermatologist and was told that this is what I have. I should have gone to the doctor LOOONG ago before this stuff spread but I didn't know it was a skin virus, contagious at that. I have no idea where I got it which is the crazy part. I'm not sexually active, and everyone I have been around has no sign of this. I have been using a treatment for about two weeks which helped the bigger bumps but the small ones just sit there and don't respond. I ordered Zymaderm yesterday and I'm praying and believing God that this will work. I'll post my results in a few weeks. God Bless!! We will all get through this!
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#118 Aug 24, 2011
I have molluscum also of the groin area and have had some on the legs also. Doc orginally told me that i have folliclelitis but then i ended up having more and the derm said molluscum. I have had this for awhile not sure how long but with active lesions since June. I have had 6 Cryo treatments to destroy this and still more keep appearing. I have even tried to squeeze some of them myself and that does help. This is a very deppressing thing to have. I am just getting upset that it is taking so long to get over this. i am glad that there is people on here to talk to that also have this.


#119 Sep 10, 2011
My daughter of 5 years had a bad case of molluscum on her inner thighs. They were red, itchy and sore, spread quite rapidly and eventually one got so infected she had to get antibiotics - it blew up like a boyle. I tried a few things from tea tree oil to dr wheatgrass and just 'letting nature take it's course' as our GP suggested. My only advise is TAKE YOUR CHILD TO A SPECIALIST EG. DERMATOLOGIST. Save your money on all the fad DIY creams and potions. After about 6 weeks on an eczema cream (Celestone)to control the eczema and a cream to dab on each individual wart (ReTrieve Cream)- is very gentle and does not sting but it aggrivates the wart to let the body know "Hey we've got to clear this up" - her results are AMAZING. If only I went to a specialist as opposed to a GP in the first place. Her warts are now completely flat and disappearing everyday - thank God for SPECIALIST DERMATOLOGISTS that is what they do best after all!!
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#120 Sep 14, 2011
chris j wrote:
I have been diagnosed by my dermatologist with molloscum in my pubic area. I have no idea where i got it from .It appeared about 6 months into my relationship with my girlfriend. she has no signs or symptoms of molloscum and has never had it in her past . according to the research ive done you can only get molloscum by coming in contact with someone who has it and contacting there molloscum. So how could i get this from my sexual partner if she has no signs of it . I am undergoing treatment to get rid of it but once it is gone will ii still be contagious?
--To chris and anyone else who has had questions about molluscum contagiosum. First, I understand how frustrating it is dealing with this virus, as I just got rid of it.. everyone is different, so I can not tell you a "sure fire" way to get rid of them, but I can tell you what worked for me and pray for you all! I had about 15-20 bumps in all, around my genital area, one on my thight, one on my chest, and on my arm.. the one on my thigh being the biggest.. i had it for about 7 mos, and the one on my arm fell off itself, I started treating the one on my thigh with benzoyl peroxide.. it was an acne treatment, it came in a little tube, you can find it at any grocery store or drug store.. i put the peroxide on the bump about 4 times a day.. i didnt cake it on but put a good layer and covered it with a band aid.. it turned red and got really gross looking, so i figured it was infected after about 7 days using the bezoyl peroxide treatment, i started to put triple antibiotic ointment on it in the same way i did the peroxide.. making sure to wash it with ivory soap to dry it out, and it fell off.. the little ones around my genital fell off after it was gone, left no scar. molluscum contagiosum is a virus, so it does go away on it's own, but i didnt like the look of them.. there is a tiny white sac in the middle of each bumb that contains the virus, once that is gone you do no get it again (unless you come in cotact with it before your immune system has blocked it) you CAN spread the virus by, letting someone else use your towel, skin to skin contact (sexual contact) or lettting someone else use your clothes.. as i said everyone is different, my boyfriend has been around me the whole time i've had it and never got it.. but if i were you id treat it like chicken pox. as far as how you got it, your lady might not have had it, it is very easy to catch.. so dont let it ruin anything for you, it's not that bad, unsightly, but it WILL go away on its own.. treat it for faster results! i hope i have helped a litttle, i have pictures of the progress the one of my leg made, feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like to see them, God bless you all
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#121 Sep 15, 2011
Go to the dermatologist. Spend an hour in misery as he/she freezes them off one by one. it will hurt...but will be worth it. Then go buy a basic wart removal system at the grocery store...the kind with the liq. nitrogen. and when u see any others pop up, freeze em urself....inspect ur area freq. and stay on top of them with the at home trmt. and u will lick it.. I did.... with this strategy


#122 Sep 17, 2011
It is so relieving to read these posts....I got MC a few months ago and was horrified to see these wart like things on my pubic region. I went to the doctors and got them frozen off had to wait 2 weeks and then go back and get them frozen off again before they were fully gone. I'm a bit annoyed that the doctor didn't tell me how contagious it was a and treated it like oh it'll just go away....I also asked if it was safe to have sex with my partner and he said yes to that too. Anyways a month later I got 3 new MC and I thought oh it'll be ok I'll let it go away on its own....bad idea the 3 that were there grew bigger and i have also contracted a few more. My doctor then gave me gential wart cream which has not made a blind bit of difference and told me to use that for a month. Well the month is coming up and i have realised that these things are just multiplying.
After reading the info on here i have decided to try some of the things like tea tree oil, the band aids, taking extra vitamins and I will go and see my doctor next week to get them frozen off again. They are so pesky and I'm afraid to have sex with my partner in fear that he will get it or it will just make mine worse. I have also become OCD about my towels, clothes etc....I'm hoping it is going to go real soon.
I'm not all that sure about popping them as don't want to run the risk of more popping up. At least I only have 6/7 would hate to have 50 of them eeeeekkkk!!!
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#123 Sep 17, 2011

If you only have 6-7 of what I recomm. and go buy liq nitrogen kit at grocery store and freeze em urself....cheaper than the doc. it works...they die.

You must be OCD about towels etc.... in fact I would reccom. washing them in hot and drying all of them twice...then shelving them for a few months...rotate ur wardrobe.....winter is coming anyway...perfect time to switch it up and wear clothes that u know u werent wearing when the MC came on board.
I have tried the creams and tea tree good. I do believe in natural healing...but NOT for these pesky dots. Freezeing them is the ONLY way to go. It will lv. scars and hurt...but the scars will go away after a year or so...I promise.
been there-done that

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#124 Sep 17, 2011
oops....just noticed u are from aussie. "summer" is coming for u, not winter. sorry. Freeze freeze freeze em off......if u really want to rid of them. and tell ur partner to be diligent about inspection (if u have had intercourse).

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