molluscum contagiosum questions

Upper Hutt, New Zealand

#63 Feb 18, 2010
My son has had molluscum for 2 years now on his arms. We have tried everything and have now managed to get it under control using Nature's Pharma Anti Molluscum and the most effective treatment seems to be Burt's Bee, Baby Bee Diaper Ointment - it may be the zinc, but we also tried Sudocrem which helped, but nothing seemed to work until the Baby Bee Diaper Ointment - morning and night! Good luck.

Los Angeles, CA

#64 Feb 23, 2010
i just discovered tonight i have MC in the genital area.....i am 20 years old and currently in a 6 month relationship, meaning i have no idea how i got them....the doctor i went to froze off the ones he saw and he said i would need to come in every two weeks for about a month or so.....after reading these posts i feel that this freezing wont work....has anybody had success in solely just freezing them?
beat it in 3 months

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#65 Feb 24, 2010
Zubin wrote:
Hi! i want to know whether Molluscum Contagiosum spreads through Towels, Toilet seats etc.
YES it can- i suggest using only white towels that you bleach, and using separate rags each time u shower to wipe the areas with moluscum than the rest of your body. Make sure towels are hung to dry completely before next use. I also suggest mixing a few spoons of teatree oil to a bottle of hand soap and using that to bathe. It will help stop the spreading during showers...goodluck
MC Damnit

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#66 Mar 4, 2010
I first noticed some pimple like bumps in late Dec in the genital region. Thought nothing of it until more appeared and knew it had to be something other then just pimples. Dr thought it was folliculitis, gave me an anti-biotic to take orally. I requested to get a full STD test just in case, wanted to give myself peace of mind that it wasn't herpes or anything else. Anyhow started taking the anti-biotics and more lesions appeared here and there. They started to become very itchy. Some of the lesions would disappear after a week or so, usually the bigger ones did this. Anyhow they started to increase in number and I knew it wasn't folliculitis. I looked up the symptoms and pictures on the internet and self diagnosed myself with Molluscum Contagiosum.
Went back to the Dr, found out I was clear of all STDs, and explained to the Dr what I thought it was. He agreed that it could possibly be M.C. and wanted to cauterize the lesions. He did so, and it hurt like hell, and I thought it would be the end of it. Not so, 2 weeks later more lesions started to appear again, this time they also spread to the abdomen region. After researching online I tried tea tree oil. It helped slightly but didn't make too much of a difference. I went back to the Dr and got them cauterized again.
Another 2 weeks pass and more lesions appeared in the genital region, the abdomen, and also spread to my upper arms, back, and smaller lesions on the back of my neck. At this point I am scared as hell, and after reading some of the stories on the internet I thought this was going to spread all over my body and I would never get rid of this. I tried the apple cider vinegar treatment and it burned like hell, it did get rid of more of the lesions then the tea tree oil treatment did, but the stinging sensation and odor was horrible.
So I went back to the Dr. and asked him if there was any antiviral medications for this? After researching all treatments on the internet I couldn't believe that there was no antiviral oral or topical medications for this and yet they have antivirals for herpes. The Dr. suggested we could give oral Acyclovir a try. So he wrote me a prescription and I got it filled.
I've been taking the Acyclovair 200mg 3 times a day for the past 2 days and it seems like it is making a difference. The amount of lesions have decreased and the bigger ones have decreased in size. The itching is still there but has also decreased in degree.
What's funny is that I tried to search the internet for anyone else who has used Acyclovir to treat M.C. with any form of success and I couldn't find it until I cam across Don's posts on here. So hopefully Acyclovir will help me get rid of this M.C. that's been punishing me for the past 2 and a half months.
I will updated in the future to let everyone know if the Acyclovir has worked or not. Good Luck everyone!
MC Damnit

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#67 Mar 24, 2010
Just to give everyone an update but I am now clear of Molluscum Contagiosum after taking the oral Acyclovir. Just after taking the Acyclovir for a couple of days I already noticed the M.C. lesions starting to go away and look dried up. After about a week they were almost all gone. I continued to take it for approx 3 weeks and now I am totally clear of M.C. I really don't understand why Acyclovir isn't a standard form of treatment for M.C. as it does help. So if you're having a hard time getting rid of M.C. I'd suggest trying oral Acyclovir. Good luck everyone!

Marion, IA

#68 Mar 27, 2010
worried wrote:
my daughter is 16 months old and the only place she has it is in her diaper area and i'm not talking about her butt. its so scary. We have a dermatologist appointment next week. I just don't get how there and no where else. no sign of anything creepy either. this sucks
Good Evening! How did your appointment go with your daughter? Did symptoms improve? What did the dermatoligist recommend or prescribe? We have a daughter that is 2 years old struggling worse every day with this, and have seen two dermatoligists, and have tried numerous ideas posted. Thanks for any feedback.

Belcamp, MD

#69 Apr 8, 2010
i hate molloscum wrote:
Here's my story: back in june I slept with my ex boyfriend of 6 yrs. apparently his girlfriend at the time happened to be a dirty lesbian and either way they r both dirty. After coming back from an amazing trip at the end of june i found some weird bumbs on my pubic area. I figured it was razor burn, but to be on the safe side I went to get chked the next day. on june 30th I was told I had molloscum and could not believe it! I was so freaked out and totally disgusted of myself. They froze the 5 bumps I had, and I thought everything was fine. After that I kept going back every damn Tuesday to get new bumbs burned off. It was so frustrating and painful. After a lot of research and everything, I finally bought vitamins to target my immune system and tea tree oil. Just about three weeks ago I have been bumb free. I can honestly tell u that burning them off did help, but did not stop it from coming back. Tea tree oil liquid and soap, have made my molloscum go away. U can't even tell I had it, besides from the burning. I will never ever again sleep with someone who had a lesbian girlfriend jk. I hated it everyday and I know how frustrating it can be when u find new bumbs...I cannot tell u how manys times I cried over it. But thanks to prayer, tea tree oil and vitamins I am now bumb free!!!
hey i had the same thing happen got them burned off but its so frustrating because all they do is reapear so exactly what vitamins did u take and when do u use the tea trea oil?

Apo, AP

#70 Apr 15, 2010
I had this once when I was 18, I had it down stairs, I lived in a dorm, and probably caught it in the shower. but I noticed 3-4 raised white bumps so I went to the doctor and she said it was MC, so I got them frozen off, about three treatments (2 weeks) later it was gone gone. now I'm 31, I have found a new infection on my chest. this time the doctor said don't touch them they will go away. well that was 6 weeks ago. I have noticed the reoccurances have gotten smaller and smaller. at this point I have one that I'm sure is another one, and I'm obsessing about every little skin imperfection on my chest. bottom line, the key is the removal of the white core (pus) with in the pustule by freezing, cutting or acid. the quikest method is to (Cutting) pop it, however the change of spreading or secondary infection is higher if your not very sterile and methodical about it. if I notice another one I use hidrogen peroxide to bring it to the surface faster,(usually 12 hours later) and then eviserate the pustule, taking special care to not spread the pus. clean the area with Alcohol, then peroxide, and them a antibiotic cream. after that all that's left is a red dot on the skin, which fades two to three days later.


Los Angeles, CA

#71 Apr 20, 2010
The first part is my story which is there to describe my experience and maybe provide a glimmer of hope for someone (skip down to the second paragraph if you just want the facts)

I am writing to maybe, hopefully, relax someone a tiny bit. I am 20 years old and when I discovered I had this I freaked. While its not a major infection, or anything of the sort, the posts I had read really freaked me out. I read about people having this for months on end. When I discovered I had this i was in a long term faithful relationship. I had no idea how I got it and it took a lot to call my girlfriend and tell her what I had. She was very helpful and understanding about it (so for anyone contemplating breaking off a relationship because of it - dont). I hated this disease because I felt like it prevented me from doing anything. I stressed constantly about auto-inoculating and became almost ocd with the amount of hand sanitizer I used. Finally in about 2 months I had it beat (its been gone for about 3 weeks now). Looking back on it I stressed way too much about this stupid thing, and at times it got the best of me. I broke down a few times because of the stress it puts on a person. It seems like there was never an end in sight and I certainly was depressed. I took somewhat extravagant measures, based on what my doc told me, but did in fact beat it in 2 months.

The process which worked for me:
1. I went out and bought paper towels and gloves and every time i took a shower i would dry the groin region (which was infected) with paper towels while wearing gloves
2. I never reused the same towel or rewore the same clothes (it was a pain doing so much laundry though)
3. I ate healthier and quit drinking altogether- being in college this proved to be one of the more difficult things because it was hard to explain why I stopped drinking (just used the excuse to detox, get healthier ect.)
4. I took a multivitamin each day
5.(the MOST IMPORTANT THING)- I went to the doctor every 2 weeks for 3 visits total to have them frozen off. Many people claim that after one trip they came back ect, and mine did but you just have to keep freezing them off. On the third visit they were barely any left (one tiny one) and he got that and I was finally done.

Anyway I know how horrible this thing is, and if you have any questions Ill try to come back on here and check. Good luck with this and stay positive, as hard as it is you will beat it. GOOD LUCK!
MC Man

Sacramento, CA

#72 May 16, 2010
Thanks to Don and MC Damnit for sharing your posts. You guys have definitely given me hope. I work all the time, am constantly stressed out (going gray in my early 20s), and don't need this MC to push it any further. Some friends and I just bought a new wakeboarding boat and am working right on the river now. Since the MC is on my lower abdomen and pubic area, and the doctor just fried my skin with liquid nitrogen, I can't get out on the water. Torture. Enough whining though.

I think the two of you might be on to something, especially for the reasons in Don's earlier posts. After tons of reading I am definitely going to give acyclovir treatment a try for my MC. I think its important for more people to give this simpler treatment a try and shine some light on this avenue of treatment.

I'll start with updates and results after I get the medication. Thanks again to Don and MC Damnit for following up. Really appreciated on my end.
just responding

Sunnyvale, CA

#73 May 26, 2010
hey MC Man,

I hear that a lot of people take the drug route, but i have had great success with just bursting them with a pair of tweezers and pulling out the white core. it sounds crappy but honestly, it just becomes a chore every couple of days, like clipping your toenails. for a while i was having awful outbreaks of 5-10 per day, back when i was freezing them and using creams/balms. then i started a burst -> extract -> rubbing alcohol -> tea tree regiment, and things are soooo much better. it's been a total of 6 weeks since i first noticed them, and i've been doing this for 2 weeks i only get 1-2 new bumps every couple of days.

most people aren't wary of drugs, but i like to let my body fight things that are non-life-threatening. it's worth a try!

Minneapolis, MN

#74 Jun 21, 2010
Hello All -
Wanted to share my story with everyone because this is a very frustrating virus without a real solution. I am 21 years old and have been dealing with the virus since I was 17. I am still unsure of where I contracted it. Everyone says it is spread by skin-to-skin contact but I had come in no contact with anyone else. The only way that I can guess I got the disease is by doing Yoga on a community gym mat.(So, I would highly suggest wiping it off every time or bringing your own!)
The break out began in a small patch on my upper chest area. I figured it was acne and it would clear away, although unusual because I have never had a problem with body acne before. However, after a few weeks, it still had not gone away and we went to see a doctor (not a dermatologist). He offered me a prescription steroid cream saying that if I spread it on the rash it would go away, without any real diagnosis. The virus multiplied and spread across my entire chest over the next few days, turning bright red and looking very angry.
We consulted a neighbor doctor who actually diagnosed the molluscum contagiosum. He told me that the only solution was to pop the pustules individually and then they would go away. Well, although this was a slow (and sometimes painful) solution, eventually the brunt of the spread had disappeared but I was left with some scarring and random spots. This was about 7 months after it had first appeared.(Popping does work to clear, however you must be very careful to wash your hands after each one, because scratching or popping one and then popping another in a different area can help to spread it. Also, some do not pop until they are scarred over (from trying to pop them already)...ridiculous, I know)
What I was left with were "flare-ups" where I would get several that would become red and angry at different intervals. According to what I've read, this must have been when my immune system was a bit lower and unable to fight off the virus as well. This continued on and off until about a year ago when I was reading about these "$600 cure kits" The active ingredient in all of these "kits" was Tea Tree Oil which costs about $15-30 and you can get at Walgreens or GNC.
I started a twice-a-day application regime using Q-Tips. It is important that you use an individual Q-Tip for each spot. It is a pain in the ass, but again, using it multiple times can cause it to spread. I also started to take a multi-vitamin to boost my immune system. Finally, I feel that I have it under control and it might be on it's way out. Hopefully this helps other people out there who have no idea what it is or how to treat it without paying a lot or being scraped or frozen.
Another few helpful tips - I would not recommend applying any creams to the "rash" or whatever your doctor gives you. Molluscum thrives in warm, wet environments and that is what cause it to be out of control in the first place. I would also avoid steam rooms, etc. as my flare-ups would get worse after a visit.
Hope this helps!

Spring, TX

#76 Aug 1, 2010
Can anybody PLEASE explain to me what this "core" think looks like or feels like? I havent been able to really see or distingush this at all. I REALLY NEED SOME HELP. I love goes out to all of yall and We have to show faith that god will get rid of it soon :)
Fighting molluscum

San Luis Obispo, CA

#77 Sep 12, 2010
Gone4good wrote:
There is really only one cure for Molluscum. The good news is that it is cheap. The bad news is that it will take a month or so to get rid of them.
First step no matter what treatment you decide to try is cover every one of them up as soon as possible. Use a liquid bandage such as new skin. This will help prevent the spread of the virus.
You will need to wait a few days to a week for each one to mature. Take a 20 minute shower. After your skin has softened you will need to squeeze each one like a pimple. You will notice a white waxy core that will come out. This is where the virus is located. Keep squeezing until no more white core comes out and possibly a small amount of blood comes out. Once this happens the virus should be gone. Make sure to wash your entire body thoroughly afterward. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Use a hand towel for the affected areas and a different towel for the rest of your body. Wash these towels before using them again. Once you are dry continue to apply liquid bandage to the area until it has healed. Continue to repeat this process to each bump until they are all gone. You should only need to squeeze each bump once unless you did not get the virus out on the first squeeze.
After they are all gone continue to watch the area. There is a good chance you will break out with a couple of new ones. Make sure to get them covered with the liquid bandage immediately and repeat the squeezing process. The secondary breakout is due to the skin already being infected before you got rid of the first ones. Some people may or may not experience a second breakout. It is pretty safe to say if you have not had them for 30 days then they are gone for good!
Oh by the way don't bother with tee tree oils, oral medications, aldera, or specific medications for Molluscum that contain Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver can actually be bad for your health and has no effect on the treatment.
The only reason why some of them work is they will dry out your skin making it a little easier to pop the bumps like a pimple. Hope this helps everyone out. It took me a while to get rid of them after a lot of trial and error this was the best method.
This is exactly what i did. It is the best way. I have tried everything: aldara, alcohol, tea trea, "molluscum cure," freezing, acid. The best thing to do is ask a dermo for a "nokor needle." You will use this to pop the pearlish center out just like above. This will destroy that respective molluscum. After you do that to each one make sure to be aware of the region as you will most likely have another "break out" in a few months or sooner. You may not have another break out depending on whether you were infected at different times or whether an infected area on your body infected another area on your body. Either way, if you get another break out do it again. This should clear you up.

My story: An on and off girlfriend and myself both had it (don't know who had it first). We ended up continuously reinfecting eachother for about a year and a half. The entire time I must of been fighting it and her not! But we eventually broke up and I didn't have any for a few months because I had destroyed them all. Then a couple came up and destroyed them as well. Now I have been molluscum free for a number of month. I still try to pick at different things that may be molluscum but I think I'm just paranoid now.

Pittsburg, CA

#78 Oct 3, 2010
Andre wrote:
Can anybody PLEASE explain to me what this "core" think looks like or feels like? I havent been able to really see or distingush this at all. I REALLY NEED SOME HELP. I love goes out to all of yall and We have to show faith that god will get rid of it soon :)
It looks like a tiny califlower, firm and white.

Denver, CO

#79 Oct 10, 2010
omg so really this is terrible not untreatable but hard ass hell to treat how when how long what is the best the apple cider vinegar im doing it now i dont care about the stinging i want this shit gone forever and dnt ever come back i tried aldara for a week didnt do anything no changes at all the acv i noticed a white head that wasnt there before appear on all of them and i felt a irratation therefore its doin somethin right but how long do i have to do this i was told 24hrs or longer but can it be done like 2000 hrs without break lol i dont wanna start up any other probs from it jus want it gone i got them on my genital area and hate it feel like my life is over one turned into like 12 fml

Denver, CO

#80 Oct 10, 2010
seriously im a exotic dancer and need my private parts wtf i dnt sleep around have had the same partner for 2yrs but got this molluscum on my genital area and am fucked out of money outta sex outta piece of mind and relaxation what am i suppose to do i need somethin asap i need to go back to work to make money to live and i need to have sex and u get the idea i had aldara didnt do anything literally nothing so im trying acv like everyone else trying the 24hr thing havent got there yet but cant wait please to gosh let them be gone forever and ever if anyone can help or has any other helpful tips please let me know

Pittsburg, CA

#81 Oct 12, 2010
Try the apple cider vinager, it does a really good job, and so does iodine prior to the vinager.You first have to get the core (pod) out. I had my son take a shower dry off and then I took a sterilized needle and openned the hole up, then I squeezed the white core out. Then I rubbed it with vinager soaked cotton balls. After that I put a vinager soaked cotten ball on all of them (appx. 20) and covered them with bandaids. I did this for 3 days and nights, the covering part. I only had to squeeze them once except for one of them. It was time consuming, but it beets waiting for those things to go away on their own, like two Doctors told me. The cost of the cotten balls ,iodine and vinager was less than the co-pay for the Doctors visit. Go figure.

United States

#82 Oct 13, 2010
Even when it like bleeds and scabs ur still suppose to put the acv on I'm good with pain but dmn lol and how long does it take... to be done and gone and is there anything else I can put on the scabs to help from infection

Pittsburg, CA

#83 Oct 20, 2010
Stephanie wrote:
Even when it like bleeds and scabs ur still suppose to put the acv on I'm good with pain but dmn lol and how long does it take... to be done and gone and is there anything else I can put on the scabs to help from infection
Put iodine, I used the clear stuff so it didn't show. I also put tea tree oil on them, it has a strong smell, so I did not use it on my son when he went to school.Once the scabs were ready to fall off I used that green alovera gel.

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