molluscum contagiosum questions
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#43 Aug 4, 2009
Ok- i spent a while typing up this post, but the computer cut it off so i wil shorten it- please ignore my first post. i am a newly wed and my husband got diagnosed with molluscum. we did sleep together before the diagnosis but so far i have no signs. I have reasearch and have been treating him for it. i will post what didnt get erased here- it is a long post so i might have to post a couple. Please read them they will help you.

Supplies- Bandaids, iodine, rubbing alcohol, sterile gloves, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil. lots of cotton balls and lots of qtips, clean towels and clean wash cloths(rags).

1. Put on gloves!!! have a trash bag handy! Take cotton ball and wipe(do not rub) around all areas with molluscum bumps (do not wipe the bumps themselves on with your first cotton ball) Take another ball of cotton with iodine and dab areas with molluscum- it would be wise to change the cotton ball a few times during this process to stop spreading.

2. Take a shower- mix tea tree oil into your bottle of dial soap- shake well. First make sure you are wearing gloves. take saylic acid wash and wash infected area (do not rub), try not to get the residue on any other areas of ur body.
Then REMOVE gloves and wash entire body using tea tree and dial/antibacterial soap- add a few drops of iodine into a handfull of soap, lather and rinse. Do not spend long times in the shower.
Take wash cloth and dry area affected with molluscum- put somewhere out of reach and contact where it can dry throughout before placing in laundry hamper. Dry body with separate towel.

This part may be a little harder unless you have someone to help you...
(WEAR new GLOVES- not those used for bathing)
have a trash bag and paper towels handy
For the initial extracting of the bumps, coat the entire area with iodine as stated before. Have a bowl handy- mix together some rubbing alcohol, and iodine (enough to soak the tips of your fingers, and needle/pin in after each bump.)
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#44 Aug 4, 2009
- place tip of needle in alcohol/iodine mix and wipe dry. Gently prick the bump (try to create an opening in the tip/top of bump. Waxy material may come out. Dip needle back into mix and wipe. take your thumb nails and use them to squeese out the "core" a waxy white thing that comes out of the bump. TRY to get it allll out- if u get any out, wipe it off on the napkin- dip ur thumbs into the alco/iodine mix- wipe on clean paper towel and continue. If all the core is removed, blood should flow freely- the bump should look defated. Take Iodine on a q- tip and dab around bump use the other end with iodine and dab the bump itself- throw out. Do not re-use. Continue to do this to all of the bumps.

2. Once all cores are extracted- use new gloves (you dont have to use this many gloves etc. once the cores are removed) Take a q-tip add tea tree oil -dab a small amount directly ontop where the core was removed. Take a qtip and do the same with apple cider vinegar.
3. Cover each bump with a bandaid (if two are close by or can both be covered by the cotton part of one bandaid- then use one) Once all bumps are covered make sure the bandaids are secure.(IF you are having trouble because of hair in the area, what i suggest is what we did.) Since there is NO shaving of areas with molluscum we used small scissors to cut away hair from areas where bandaids were needed. We sterilized the scissors the same way we did the needle. Be sure not to use the scissors on anything else- atleast for a while.
4.- Day two and onward providing there are no new bumps (if god forbid there are new ones treat them the same way you had done the older ones)
Remove bandaids using rubbing alcohol- this is for comfort purposes- it losens up the glue.
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#45 Aug 4, 2009
5. Coat the area with iodine again wearing your gloves- keep these gloves for after shower use, using another pair of gloves Bathe in the same process as before after saylic acid- throw out gloves (use new rag to dry molluscum area.
6. Use qtip to put thin layer of iodine on and around bumps, use fresh qtip side for each bump. Then dab a small touch of tea tree oil onto the bump, and do the same with the apple cider vinegar.
Bandaid up- continue this proccess for about a week- trust me it works. All my husbands bumps scabbed up and did not spread. I am praying they dont reappear but i will keep you posted.
After the week is up- you should see results, if you do see scabbing up and dryin of the bumps, you can do what we are doing. We decreased the number of baths he takes- either he showers in the morning before work, or the night before-this saves his skin from irriation of replacing bandaids and the solutions, and it also saves us some money on bandaids-sheesh.
But all in all- i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I have not had any bumps on myself- despite us having sex before he was diagnosed (we stopped once we knew)
new wife_3

Hollywood, FL

#46 Aug 4, 2009
Also- I am from the islands- they do alot of herbal medicine and when we have colds/ flus we drink alot of ginger tea (grate ginger root into water and let simmer then boil, strain and drink with some milk addedto the tea or without) It is supposed to boost the immune system and have vitamin C. I have been making this everynight for my husband and I. I havent had any signs on molluscum on myself, maybe this is why. I also shower using a separate thing of soap and tea tree oil- could be helping.
I have also made sure my husband has been eating very well- and drinking cups of milk- and eating dairy...i read that the levels of lysine i think, in dairy helps to fight off mollscum. oh and p.s i read somewhere to use a blackhead remover to remove the core- we tried it, waste of money and didnt work. not to mention it was painful for my husband. just an fyi.
I hope this post helps...i really do- this is such a horrible thing
just me

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#47 Aug 11, 2009

Miami, FL

#48 Sep 12, 2009
i have a few questions and have no one to ask. id really appreciate some advice. thanx. my email: [email protected] thanx again
i hate molloscum

United States

#49 Sep 23, 2009
Here's my story: back in june I slept with my ex boyfriend of 6 yrs. apparently his girlfriend at the time happened to be a dirty lesbian and either way they r both dirty. After coming back from an amazing trip at the end of june i found some weird bumbs on my pubic area. I figured it was razor burn, but to be on the safe side I went to get chked the next day. on june 30th I was told I had molloscum and could not believe it! I was so freaked out and totally disgusted of myself. They froze the 5 bumps I had, and I thought everything was fine. After that I kept going back every damn Tuesday to get new bumbs burned off. It was so frustrating and painful. After a lot of research and everything, I finally bought vitamins to target my immune system and tea tree oil. Just about three weeks ago I have been bumb free. I can honestly tell u that burning them off did help, but did not stop it from coming back. Tea tree oil liquid and soap, have made my molloscum go away. U can't even tell I had it, besides from the burning. I will never ever again sleep with someone who had a lesbian girlfriend jk. I hated it everyday and I know how frustrating it can be when u find new bumbs...I cannot tell u how manys times I cried over it. But thanks to prayer, tea tree oil and vitamins I am now bumb free!!!

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#50 Sep 26, 2009
my zovirax/ acyclovir self treatment appears to have sworked!
i last posted a few months ago after having variously tried iodine and tea-tree oil. the latter seemed to have no effect. i also burnt my lesions with AgNo3 (silver nitrate) and that certainly killed lesions but i don't think anything subdued rate of new spots
i started with acyclovir after advice from a pharmacist and after a week or so i had virtually no notieceable mollusca
but then i got a 'rash' and similar spots on my neck and around mouth - almost worse than the pubic mollusca
so i applied the acyclovir cream to that too
soon my pubic area seemed completely clear - though i still apply acyclovir daily (rather than 5 x a day).
but my neck sputs were far more reluctant to dissapear. i am not 100% sure they are MC but the timing was very close. still, now they too have gone so i am touching wood a lot


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#51 Oct 12, 2009
There is really only one cure for Molluscum. The good news is that it is cheap. The bad news is that it will take a month or so to get rid of them.
First step no matter what treatment you decide to try is cover every one of them up as soon as possible. Use a liquid bandage such as new skin. This will help prevent the spread of the virus.

You will need to wait a few days to a week for each one to mature. Take a 20 minute shower. After your skin has softened you will need to squeeze each one like a pimple. You will notice a white waxy core that will come out. This is where the virus is located. Keep squeezing until no more white core comes out and possibly a small amount of blood comes out. Once this happens the virus should be gone. Make sure to wash your entire body thoroughly afterward. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Use a hand towel for the affected areas and a different towel for the rest of your body. Wash these towels before using them again. Once you are dry continue to apply liquid bandage to the area until it has healed. Continue to repeat this process to each bump until they are all gone. You should only need to squeeze each bump once unless you did not get the virus out on the first squeeze.

After they are all gone continue to watch the area. There is a good chance you will break out with a couple of new ones. Make sure to get them covered with the liquid bandage immediately and repeat the squeezing process. The secondary breakout is due to the skin already being infected before you got rid of the first ones. Some people may or may not experience a second breakout. It is pretty safe to say if you have not had them for 30 days then they are gone for good!
Oh by the way don't bother with tee tree oils, oral medications, aldera, or specific medications for Molluscum that contain Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver can actually be bad for your health and has no effect on the treatment.

The only reason why some of them work is they will dry out your skin making it a little easier to pop the bumps like a pimple. Hope this helps everyone out. It took me a while to get rid of them after a lot of trial and error this was the best method.

Johannesburg, South Africa

#52 Oct 27, 2009
Aldara made mine worse, started with 3 bumps and i'm now close to 20 bumps.... but, apparently not everyone reacts the same way to the cream

Holmfirth, UK

#53 Nov 10, 2009
i posted earlier and can only say that Acyclovir (in over the counter preps like Zovirax cream) worked incredibly quickly for me. For about 3 weeks i applied it 5 x a day at as regfular intervals as possible, and then when there were no frech mollusca appearing, i slowly reduced the rate. Now is c. 5 months on and i haven't had any bumps since the last one disappeared


Scotts Valley, CA

#54 Nov 29, 2009
Beth-did you ever find out what is in the vitamin mixture? I've had molloscum for about 2 months now. I got rid of a lot of the bumps by dipping cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and using band aids or tape to keep the cotton balls on the bumps overnight. It really helps, it might take a few nights in a row to work, but I think its the best method. However, once I thought they were gone more showed up,and now i have two the size of quarters on my thigh. The weird thing is that it is just the white core that is the size of a quarter and they are flat. I tried the apple cider vinegar on them but it burns really bad with these for some reason and it really irritated my skin. I don't want to keep burning them, so a vitamin mixture sounds perfect. If you could please let me know if you have any information that would be great, this virus is not fun at all.

Scotts Valley, CA

#55 Nov 30, 2009
To all of those who have used Acyclovir or Zovirax, where did you find them? Did you need a prescription or are they available over the counter? How much did you pay for them? When you applied the cream, did you cover the bumps afterwards with something?

Whittier, CA

#56 Dec 24, 2009
how contagious is this? i feel bad hugging my kids
or sharing blankets like a damn leper i have so many tiny ones i thought it was acne. they say it will never run its course cuz u self infect if one survives. im afraid of jacuzzis n pools.
its been bad now cuz i got diebetes this year
i only had tiny red spots for years now its on my face i actualy wish it was skin cancer theres a cure for that
wish me luck trying tree oil


#57 Dec 29, 2009
hi how many mc did your children have and how long did your children have them for
I know this sux

Bixby, OK

#58 Dec 30, 2009
I feel for all of you with this horrible issue! I have three year old daughter that is covered in these bumps. It is so frustrating to watch them slowly take over her little body! I have tried everything; tea tree oil, wart remover, aldara, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, zymaderm, clear nail polish, and then I just decided to pop them!! So far so good! She had about 60 on her chest and stomache area and she has had them for about a year and a half! I just got tired of the waiting game and decided to go at it! This seems to have worked! I have popped some in the past and this white waxy like substance comes out but the key is to get them all! There will be a pearly white center that has to be removed as well. This is a very risky method to do on your own as you have to make sure you get all of the white substance out. I made sure I used gloves and swapped the bump with alcohol when I was done. Keep in mind that they bleed alot when popped. As far as scarring is concerned... Not any so far but the way I look at it is that these bumps are scarring emotionaly enough! If you have any questions feel free to email me @ [email protected] If you are suffering from this I am sooo sorry!!
Sick of MC and Herpes

Nashville, TN

#59 Jan 2, 2010
I have not read all of what is one here but I feel for you all. I contraced MC along with Herpes Type II from a man 3 months ago. The Herpes is under control with meds. The MC I think I was spreading myself by shaving in the genital area. It only started out as 2 or 3 sores. I had Chryotherapy this past week for the MC. My doctor told me it would not be that uncomfortable just a little cold. BS. It hurt like I have never hurt before and I have had a c-section and a hysterectomy. I had about 10 sores frozen. So far so good. Can it really come back? He left that part out as well. Hang in there. Pray. I don't know about the kids that have it. That just breaks my heart.

Westwego, LA

#60 Jan 15, 2010
Mike, my daughter had molluscum (at least 50 spread all over her body) for nearly 2 years, I was so embarassed when someone would ask what is that. Or much worse at summer camp the other children/camp counselors would ask you what is all over your child. It was horrible, I never did get it though. Anyway, I don't know if it was immune system kicking in or what, but 6 months after intensive tea tree oil treatment, EVERY single one of the nasty molluscum are gone on my 3 1/2 year old child. I used the oil from The Body Shop, it can be used straight and I got it because it is known to not burn the skin when used directly. I am so thankful to forums like this where I did my research and found this "cure" because the doctors surely are no help. Even though the molluscum are gone, I still put tea tree oil body cream on her nightly and also put more tea tree oil in the cream and mix it up for an extra boost of oil. All gone, thank you god, I prayed I wanted them gone for xmas 2009, and I got my prayer.
Mike wrote:
I have had this crap for about 6 months now. At first I was taking the doctor's advice of waiting it out but in the last couple weeks it really started to flare up and spread so I decided to take action.
I just applied the tea tree oil to it for the first time. I was told that the tea tree oil was very strong and would cause irritation in the skin but I didn't feel anything. Is that normal? Has anybody had luck just using tea tree oil?

Eola, IL

#61 Jan 31, 2010
serdlc64 wrote:
My son had this when he was about 7 yrs old and it wasn't from sex I assure you . He had them all over his fanny . I don't remember what they are exactly , but he went to the dermatologist a couple times and had them FROZE and that was all there was to it . Apparently it is common and nothing to worry about . He is 26 and it never came back .But to the people who think it is from sex .....there would be NO diseases if we were only with one person AFTER marriage . Right ??
<quoted text>
I disagree. I've been with the same partner for a LONG time. And both of us were tested before we did anything. After 8 months into our relationship, mulluscum came up. The doctors say that it's caused by a low immune system and I had contracted the 2009 H1N1 around the same time. I believe that you can still get it, even if you are only with one partner.

Laramie, WY

#62 Feb 9, 2010
my daughter is 16 months old and the only place she has it is in her diaper area and i'm not talking about her butt. its so scary. We have a dermatologist appointment next week. I just don't get how there and no where else. no sign of anything creepy either. this sucks

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