PLEVA, Mucha-Habberman's disease


#162 May 19, 2009
i've started light therapy and i'm tearin my skin its so itchy i have more spots cumin up i did try tropic cream, actually worked well (did burn and itch for a week) but cleared it up well until i stopped using it, its so crap

Fort Thomas, KY

#163 May 19, 2009
It's now been 3 weeks since the baby was diagnosed. Her dermatologist gave him Fluticasone and had prescribed him an antibiotic, unfortunatly, they don't have it at any pharmacy around here, apparently they don't make it anymore. So he's just on the cream for now, because he's too little for anything else. We go back on the 28th for a follow-up and more than likely will have a biopsy then. We decided against it on the first trip because he's so young, but he is continuosly having new breakouts, and some are starting to look back, so, a biopsy it prolly will be.

Wallingford, CT

#164 Jun 3, 2009
Cal wrote:
i have recently been to a derm. who thinks i might have PLEVA- also known as Mucha-Habberman's disease. Let me tell you- it pisses me off more than i can explain, i don't even feel comfortable taking my shirt off in front of my girlfriend. Can anyone tell me what the C U R E is for this annoyance???
Valtrex - it blocks herpes but it cured my PLEVA.
Sue H

Manchester, UK

#165 Jun 4, 2009
Hi Wendy, I'm in the UK, can you tell me if you get Valtrex on prescription, or can you buy it? Also what the side effects were like, please?
Wayne Green Bay

De Pere, WI

#166 Jun 9, 2009
Our Grandson(2yrs old) has PLEVA and our son took him to a derm and was told that the best treatment was to get him outside and to get him some Vitamin D sunrays. Vincent now is outside more often and without his shirt. He does not itch or scratch but like a lot of the letters that I have read this PLEVA is just a big pain in the ....

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#167 Jun 10, 2009
We have been getting light therapy for my 10 year old for about 4 weeks now. This past weekend we were out in the son for a couple hours when he was playing in the pool. The spots dried up and started to go away the next day. Really- the sun has been the fastest acting at getting rid of this that I have seen thusfar. I dont' know if the chlorine helped but it certainly didn't seem to hurt.

Please try it!


Chetwynd, Canada

#168 Jun 10, 2009
I have had PLEVA for alittle over 8 years. I have tried the creams, the injections, oral steriods and sunlight but nothing works. Sunlight actually makes it worse. I have developed a sensitivity to sunlight and have a break out and itch like crazy everytime I get a little tan. But that could be a whole different can of worms.
I first noticed the bumps the day my daughter was born and the derm thinks it was a reaction of some sort from the birth. It started out as just a few spots on my arms but eventually spread to my entire body. I am 33 years old and could not be more depressed about my skin. Reading all the other posts have made me feel like I am not the only person on the face of the earth that has this nasty skin disease and I sympathize with all who have it. I know one day there will be a cure for this. We just need to keep looking.

Hollywood, FL

#169 Jun 11, 2009
Yes. I wish I understood this better. There just doesn't seem to be enough information out there. I can't find a common denominator anywhere. :-/

Wilmington, DE

#170 Jun 21, 2009
My son was diagnosed with an acute case of Pleva when he was 5 yrs old. It took 8 different doctors before we got a diagnosis (via biopsy). I'd swear it was triggered by insect repellant. The antibiotics helped to subdue the acute phase, but the remaining spots really started to clear up when I began giving him a good multi-vitamin every day,(and we refrain from using insect repellant). Good Luck.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#171 Jun 21, 2009
Well, that is interesting. Thank you for sharing. I don't recall using insect repellant but we do need to be more cinsistent with the multi vitamin. Thank you again!
:-) MOM
Ray Texas

Dallas, TX

#172 Jun 28, 2009
I was diagnosed with PLEVA after a biopsy when I was 16. I am now 20 and still see breakouts. Though they are never as bad as my initial breakout, they are very embarrassing! I have often been asked if I burn myself with cigarettes. Tetracycline does not work! I have tried it numerous times. I have creams, etc, none of it works. The thing I have noticed works FAST is light treatments! I go about 3 times a week and am in the box for never longer than 1 minute. Tanning is also very good for it. I was told to lay out for 15 minutes unprotected and then to put on sunscreen. I am VERY fair skinned so I never lay out longer than 15 minutes unprotected.
The first summer I had it, I layed out with 50 SPF for 2 hours a day and it was cleared up in weeks! With college classes and a job, it's harder to do that so light treatments are great!
I was told by a doctor at MD Anderson that I would grow out of it in time.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#173 Jun 28, 2009
Thanks for writing in. I think you are definately doing what seems to work best and remember, you are NEVER alone! My son is trailing behind you at 10 years old. I hope that he will out grow it too!
Mom and son :-):-)

Memphis, TN

#174 Jun 29, 2009
A few months ago I began to suffer from an outbreak of lesions across my torso, arms, and upper legs. A biopsy was performed by a dermatologist. The diagnosis was PLEVA. However, I was also told that drug eruption would not completely be ruled out as a possibility. Upon monitoring the situation, I began to try and think of any recent change in lifestyle that may have been the root cause. The only difference was that I had started taking a medication for ADHD called Adderall. As somewhat of a personal experiment, I decided to discontinue use of the medication. Sure enough, upon doing so, I began to clear up. Now I am completely clear. Turns out that lichenoid drug eruption was the case. Therefore, all of you should do the same by monitoring whether or not you have been taking any medication that could possibly be the cause. You never know!!!

Bellmore, NY

#175 Jun 30, 2009
Scott wrote:
Pam, I am really interested in your post... I believe my PLEVA is a result of taking medication that contained red yeast - it has happened twice and in both instances I have taken cholesterol reducing drugs that contained yeast... I was intrigued by your posting... did your doctor say that PLEVA can be triggered by an allergic reaction to yeast?
I went from a Scabies dx to possible Vasculitis to Erythema Multiforme. Yesterday had my third biopsy,with a second opinion dermatologist who feels pretty certain it's PLEVA. I'm a 58 yrs old male and first started to to see the skin lesions on May 18th which was 6 wks after I was put on Zocor, the cholesterol lowing med. This has been a nightmare. Currently off all meds until that third biopsy report comes back.


United States

#176 Jul 2, 2009
I've got pleva for the 2nd time now. Got rid of it the first time by taking calcium and atrium. don't know how i got it again after 5 years of not having it. But, taking the calcium and atrium again for the last month, hiking, and laying out on the beach a whole lot on weekends to bring them out and dry them up. Let me know if calcium and atrium helps with you guys too.

Bellmore, NY

#177 Jul 3, 2009
Christina wrote:
I've got pleva for the 2nd time now. Got rid of it the first time by taking calcium and atrium. don't know how i got it again after 5 years of not having it. But, taking the calcium and atrium again for the last month, hiking, and laying out on the beach a whole lot on weekends to bring them out and dry them up. Let me know if calcium and atrium helps with you guys too.
Hey Christina,

Glad to hear this thing cleared up for you with the two supplements you took and the sunshine. And glad to hear it left you alone for 5 yrs. What is Atrium? I never heard of it. Well, I did, but the one I heard of refers to the top half of the heart.

United States

#178 Jul 5, 2009
I am 24 yrs old and have just had a biopsy confirm that I have PLEVA.
It is so ugly and itchy and embarrassing!
I tried Erythromyicn and started Tetracycline.
The doctor gave me a steriod cycle which helped make the ones on my torso less itchy but I have one arm that nothing is helping.
I have been laying out in the sun with spf since the doctor told me about PLEVA and that has helped more then anything else.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#179 Jul 5, 2009
Maybe we should have a Pleva convention. I wonder if we could some how do something to get more research going on this. Anyone have any connections at John Hopkins? I thought I read something here.

La Quinta, CA

#180 Jul 6, 2009
Oh. I forgot that I wanted to let people know that my doctor told me to never ever put the steroid anti itch creams on my face because they can cause discoloration very easily. The best thing to use on the face is the Benadryll cream.

San Clemente, CA

#181 Jul 6, 2009
Please consider all endocrine interrupters - ie, insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides on food and in the air, mercury in tuna and swordfish. As it turns out, the medications such as Adderal also load the body with dangerous chemicals. Even the ten-fold increase in autism is linked to the fungicides used on hops and related crops. These horrible skin disorders are connected to toxin overload, which is from water, air, and the very chemicals such as soap that we touch each day. Try eliminating antibacterial soap, and reducing intake of non-organic products. It worked for me, and in my case, mercury overload from canned tuna blew my system apart slowly, but eliminating that item in my diet, all of my problem skin disorders disappeared. Hope that helps.

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