Rash around my anal area.
horselady in Tennessee

Rock Island, TN

#44 Jul 18, 2008
Hey folks....I, too have had this problem for 3 years. This site has helped me a lot!! I tried the A&D ointment and it gave me a lot of relief from itching and burning. Then I tried the Lotrimin (for jock itch) and after only a week it is almost gone!!! I use Pampers Sensitive wipes, as they do not burn the skin like some of the other wipes. Then I use a hair dryer to make sure my rear is very dry, then apply the Lotrimin. I have been to the Dr. 3 times for this in the past. She said I had a yeast infection and gave me Fluconazole tabs for a month. They are bad for your liver.... It cleared it up, mostly, but it came back. Another time she said maybe it was more of a jock itch fungas. I used a very expensive Rx cream, but it did not work very well. I have also used many tubes of Nystatin cream, but not a lot of success with that, either.
The rash was very bad last week and now is almost gone! I am hopeful that this treatment is the cure for me. I hope that it works for some of you, also, as this problem is quite distracting! Good luck to us all!
Funny Stuff

Somerset, NJ

#45 Aug 2, 2008
aaa wrote:
clean ur self properly after visiting the toilet!!
wash your bottom with water and soup each time... this should cure it.
Which brand of soup should I use? Cream of mushroom, or italian wedding?

Smoaks, SC

#46 Aug 13, 2008
I tried something that worked. Checked my urine ph and i was acidic as are most people. to check your ph get the PHion strips off the internet they are the best. Because i was very acidic, i started taking 1/2 tsp baking soda twice a day and within a week or two my rash cleared up. nothing else worked. when your ph is off it causes fungus and yeast and i just had a feeling this would work for anal rash. it stopped the tiny cuts in anal area too. much much improved. if you have any questions i will do my best to answer. i have looked into a lot of things that a proper ph cures. it is amazing. Hope this helps someone. Please let me know.

Smoaks, SC

#47 Aug 13, 2008
I should have mentioned that I take the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water once in a.m. and once before i go to bed. i check my ph at least twice a day. as long as my ph is normal there is no rash. but check to see if you are acidic. most people are extremely acidic because of diet, toxins in air, alcohol, etc. even if you eat a good diet you can be acidic. Hope this helps.


#48 Aug 15, 2008
what a relief to know that I'm not alone - developed problem after I couldn't eat enough hot spicy foods (jalapeno salsa, etc.) and I also started taking B6 tabs to boost metabolism - I've eliminated spicy foods, B6 and jump into shower/bathtub after every bm - it's a crappy way to live and I feel for all of you. I used to coat area with Preparation H cream until I managed to see my backside in mirrow - it wasn't a hemrhoid problem - but acidic stools - I'm using vaseline to cover area and am headed to pharmacy for A&D ointment just in case. best to all, maxine

New York, NY

#49 Aug 17, 2008
I've been using Olux cortisone foam when I feel flare ups. Although no cortisone is a long term solution, it definitely helps during the times when it feels like the whole area is sensitive and inflamed.

The pH balance solution is interesting. Not that I trust big pharma, but it seems there is some research on the Balenol site that points to a relationship to the pH level and skin disorders.

I'm mixing a glass of baking soda and water now, sometime the simplest a - thanks for the tip!
richard harlem

Las Vegas, NV

#50 Aug 17, 2008
I also have this problem, I've not seen the doctor yet but thought I read about it..
All I been doing till I see the doctor is keeping it clean and it does feel better I'm dont get rid of the problem but I can walk and not hurt

Scottsdale, AZ

#51 Aug 19, 2008
My doctor has given me Nystatin antifungal cream to use and the peeling has gotten worse. I was reading bout a unbalanced digestive tract and eating yogurt with the live bacteria cultures helps to balance between the fungi and the bacteria. The cream seems to help but only temporary. May need to change your guys diets. I am making another appointment to get a culture done and figure the exact details once and for all.

Leicester, UK

#52 Aug 20, 2008
sounds like Herpes to me.......Its very common - 80% of adults have this somewhere on thier body - Its more common on the lip area. It is transmitted by touching the infected area while it is in sore and/or blistering stages. You can have a blood test for total assurance however thier is no cure - however supressive antiviral cold sore creams can work well and prevent the stmtoms getting worse if caught early. Avoid any factor that triggers your infection.

Smoaks, SC

#53 Aug 21, 2008
nope,not herpes in my case. the doc says it is common and lots of people have it but they only prescribe some cortisone. i did research and the body has to be balanced, you know, yin and yang. too much acidity causes everything from osteoporosis to bladder infections to acid reflux. the baking soda will even help those that have recurrent bladder infections. google "balancing your PH". it is one of the most important things you can do. i was amazed and have been so fine ever since. 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 1/2 glass water in a.m. and in p.m. when you get better just do it once in the a.m. it should clear up. good luck ya'll.
oregon man

Eugene, OR

#54 Aug 21, 2008
some guy wrote:
i have the same problem. it might be called pruritus ani. i have had this problem for about 10months now and doesnt seem to go away. anyone know a cure cuz i dont want to go to the doctors.
sounds like intestinal candida. take garlic supplements w/11mg allicin daily, a probiotic with 3 or more types of good bacteria, 1-20 billion in count and refrigerated brand, also try taking an antifungal mix like CandiGone made by Renew Life and an antioxidant complex to shed toxins and rebuild your intestinal tract. Don't eat sugar - and any ingredient with an "ose" at the end (other kinds of sugar - lactose, dextrose, maltodextrose, fructose, etc.) No honey either. Evaporated cane juice is also a kind of sugar. Stay away from most fruits, except grapefruit which has little or no sugar.
sj-Sydney Australia

Balgowlah, Australia

#55 Aug 22, 2008
Sounds as though there are many people out there with THRUSH? CANDIDA?
There are a few factors. A moist area takes longer to heal and it's better to leave it alone as much as possible. First you need to eliminate ALL sugars. Fruit juices and ferments - mushrooms, mould cheeses (incl. canned foods, preserved foods) contain or create yeasts. If you have a gluten intolerance and you want to find out if you have 'coeliac disease' you need to be eating foods containing gluten. Acidophillus powders are fantastic for correcting an imbalance of gut flora (in the stomach) but you need to take a high dose and generally before eating. If you want to minimise the friction around your anus, try taking a tall bottle of tap water to the toilet with you and use your left hand to douche while you pour water from the top of your butt crack. It will clean your butt nicely and then you can pat it dry with some soft toilet paper. Many cultures do this in the East and it is not only hygenic, it saves toilet paper. I have used Papaya Ointment(like Vaseline but plant based not petroleum which is said to create a dependancy for the skin) on my boys bots (aged 2 and 4) and it works a treat if you keep the area clean and dry but also take acidopilllus powder, eliminate yeasts, ferments, sugars and moulds in your diet. You won't need to do the diet forever and it's hard to do but well worth getting the Candida out of your bloodstream. Get on to a GOOD Naturopath if you are serious - If it's Candida they can see it in a live blood screen. Good Luck!!
Dave in Gadsden

Anniston, AL

#56 Aug 25, 2008
Same here, it took a dermatologist and the same cream. Also, he switched to to Dove soap. It does not leave an irritating film that would break you out. You can still use boddy wash i.e Coast, Irish Spring etc., just be sure to wash the tush last with the Dove soap and rinse well.
Dallas-TX wrote:
The symptoms described in these posts sound like what I had. I went to a dermatologist (after seeing a general doctor twice, and a colon doctor twice) and he said it was not a skin infection like I thought. He gave me a steroid shot for the inflammation and prescribed Mometasone Furoate Cream USP, 0.1%(by Fougera). When no ointment worked for the past 6 months prescribed by me, friends, this post, and other doctors, this one cleared it up within a week! I've been using it for three weeks now and I am scheduled to see the doctor in a few more weeks so he can check out the progress. Hope this helps someone out there, because this issue was affecting my life pretty bad!


#57 Sep 3, 2008
I also have it,it gets worse when it's hot. i think it's part of having candida' a yeast overgrowth in the body that couses many problems.try not to eat white flower , yeast(bread) vinegar, sugar even fruit, tomatoes,anything fermented, coffee. what you can have are ricecakes,eggs,chicken, fish,green veggies,brown rice for about a month. no alkohol.
lot's of raw garlic will help to purifie the blood. Putting olive oil or aloe vera gel on it helps and an icepack wraped in a cloth between your crack helps too. Cortisone cream help at first but than make it spread.


#58 Sep 7, 2008
I have had a rash on my butt for a long time too,than I heard that sitting in a bowl of strong, warm ,organic ,black tea might help. I have been doin that for two days , 3x per day and it is sooo much better all ready. I used to cry because I got so stressed out over it but now I have hope that it will be gone soon . I also started taking garlic and zinc to purify my blood.

Duncombe, IA

#59 Sep 10, 2008
ok.. you all . most likely it is a candida infection which needs to be treated from the inside out . First of all you must do your best to steer clear of sugars and simple carbs . Secondly I recommend three lac. You can order that at www.globalhealthtrax.com also if you combined digestive enzymes, oxygen and accidopholius it will help speed up the treatment .. ok so that is from the inside out . Now for the syptoms of itching Apple cider vinagar .. does the trick and does it well. just give it a day or so. also you should dilute a little . But more important is diet ..if you dont fix it then it will probably come back. allergic reactions to foods can also cause this and might not always be picked up by those tests you take at the doctors. Notice that you will have more itching directly after eating something sugary or things like bread. Or if your sweating . Candida loves this enviroment .
irish relief ireland


#60 Sep 12, 2008
I have been suffering here for months ,I was so bad with this that I could not even go to work, it was killing me.I tried everything cortizone creams preparation h fucidic creams none worked .I sat down one evening with herself and started explaining what she was allready sick of hearing about,when she said the best word i have heard for months,only a mother could understand ,because she had dealt with similar problems on our 3 lads. Anyway she said caldesene powder could cure it and i have to say it worked ,doctors say because the anus gets moist it can hold infection ,this does the opposite it dries it up and its medicated dont ask me how ,but im writing this completely free of the problem now thanks to the wife and this powder,hope to hear fom you all soon ,BEST OF IRISH LUCK

Auburn, WA

#61 Sep 17, 2008
Check for food allergies or sensitivities, fungal infections (yeast/"jock itch") and sensitivity to any new soaps or other products that contact that area (fabric detergents and softeners). I have a gastric reconstruction due to colotis and have a slight problem with leakage, and fight this constantly. I keep Rx anti-fungals and cortisone creams on hand, use non-soap cleaners, and the hairdryer to dry the area completely. I also use Nystatin powder (Rx anti-fungal) to dust the area to keep the growth in check. Sometimes it is just weak immune system or skin that is prone to EVERYTHING ... but I understand totally how miserable it is!

I am actually trying to research what foods can cause rashes on the perianal region. Chocolate, one of my favorite food groups, has in the last few years become taboo for me, as I turn baboon-butt red after even one chocolate chip cookie. Bummer!

Mooresville, NC

#62 Sep 17, 2008
it hurts bad wrote:
i hadnt used the bathroom for number two in a few days, then all of the sudden i have to go and it's thinner turds than usual, and a lot more of them too. i have to go use the br every few hours and i went to see a movie and when i came walking out it hurt worse than ever. i looked in the mirror and it looks haggard, i put some hydrocortizone on it. it's easier to walk now but it still hurts. what should i do? i will not go to a doctor, i just cannot afford it.
Buy Benefiber and take 3 times per day.
the mom

Los Angeles, CA

#63 Oct 4, 2008
After reading most peoples comments it has accured to me that maybe my sons rash may be cause by dairy. He is 8 years old and has been allergic to dairy all his life, we finally started him slowly on dairy and now all of a sudden this happened. I am assuming its the introduction to new foods, or maybe a yeast rash. I just looked up anal rashes and then hit the image button and found some that look like his. We will be at the doctor asap. By the way we have been using baby rash cream and that only helped for a few days.

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