Rash around my anal area.

Hialeah, FL

#212 Feb 8, 2011
If you are having anal or buttocks itch I highly recommend a sex change. It will relieve your itching probleme immediately. I can recomendo you a Doctor in Thailan, with $3000 to $5000 you can become a true Gender Bender. Good luck on your anal and itch experience.

Montréal, Canada

#213 Feb 9, 2011
i have a problem and im not sure wat it is im a girl by the way. in my vagina area i am all red a have a little bump it dosent burn wen i pee it itches and wen i scratch alot it starts to burn. it has now led up to inside my ass and i really dont know what it is im scared. ive had it for a very long while. it comes and goes but now its worse. do any of u think u might know wat it is. it all started when i took a bubble bath for the first time in a long time. and it started right after and hasnt gone away. plz help!!

Yarmouth Port, MA

#214 Feb 22, 2011
aaa wrote:
clean ur self properly after visiting the toilet!!
wash your bottom with water and soup each time... this should cure it.
what kind of soup? Chicken noodle? Tomato? or some kind of bisque?

Torrington, CT

#215 Mar 2, 2011
This is the article the after 3 years finally cured
Too many details were left out on this forum, like the anti-biotic to be taken at the same time the inti-fungal cream, while changing your diet and been on the parisie cleansing pills. Thanks

Prince George, Canada

#216 Mar 22, 2011
I just went to Doctor with that sun burn around the anus look,I sometimes have splits that are close to bleeding. Doc gave me a hydrocortizone and mixed with something else cream (twice a day)
Obviously cleanliness is important, Doc said at least 3 times a day to allow air to get at this area,depending on your configuration? You may have to hold open for air access.Doc said after healed
vaseline the area before bed or a sweating routine and this will seal skin against this sweaty bacteria.
Hope this helps.

Stockton, CA

#217 Mar 29, 2011
I had an itcy & painful rash/tear in my buttcrack too. I suffered for months and months, probably almost a year. I tried yeast infection medicine and antibacterial ointment. Putting diaper rash cream on it helped a little, but nothing made it go away for good. Using the diaper rash ointment made me realize that I got some relief by protecting the area while showing. Then I had an epiphany-it occured to me that it might be an allergic reaction to shampoo and or conditioner. I stopped using shampoo and conditioner and the rash is almost 100% gone after 3 days! I'm using the baking soda/vinegar way of shampooing hair...sounds weird-but it's way better than having a horrible rash/tear in buttcrack that won't heal! I never went to the doctor because I was too embarrassed. I'm only sharing this because I haven't seen anyone else mention it and I hope it will help someone else. Nobody should have to suffer with this! Hope this works for others too!

North Olmsted, OH

#218 Apr 7, 2011
i went to a gastroenterologist. I also was diagnosed with iritis. enflamed eyeballs. Gastroenterologist suggested a colonoscopy ( of course he would its a 5000 dollar procedure) So i went to the family planning clinic because the symptoms were similar to syphillis. but negatory. they said that it was reminiscent of colon cancer. I got the colonoscopy. sure enough. i had a mass removed from my colon 2 weeks later and no more rash, bleeding, increased appetite, nausea, fatigue, I now have healthy bowel movements and things are looking .up. dont be afraid to spend a little money. your life could depend on it.
My butt

Redmond, OR

#219 Apr 15, 2011
My husband had a rash in his anal area for over a year. It started out small and only bothered him once in a while. About 6 months later the rash grew to cover a 8 inch area between the butt cheeks and was extremely itchy. Of course he did not want to go the the doctor and we tried every method mentioned in this forum. Jock itch medicine helped a bit but it never went away. When he broke out with sores on his arm and the anal rash was at its worst he finally went to the doctor. They went sure either. They gave him a cream for itching and cephalexin 500mg. He has 3 days left on the antibiotics and the rash is almost cleared up. We think this was a staph infection. He was not tested but we are just happy it has cleared up.
Good luck to all.

Newmarket, Canada

#220 Apr 16, 2011
Hello everybody,

i had the same problem for years...then I tried Forever Aloe Vera Gelly at day and Forever Aloe Vera Propolis cream at night[because it`s a little thick]...a couple of weeks and gone...I have to use it continously though...because when I stop it comes back in a couple of days or so.
It`s an inexpensive cream ...and last for a long time!

i hope it helped!!

Buffalo, NY

#221 Apr 19, 2011
Have had the same problem with the rash inbetween the butt - went to the Doc nd he prescribed a cream that works: Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP. May take 7-10 days to fully disappear when it gets really bad but if you use right away when it begins it will be gone in a couple days. The rash returns about 2-3 times a year - never actually got a diagnosis for it though. I think it is just a dark moist area that is suceptible to fungal infections. This will relieve the itch and clear the rash. Clean and dry the area then apply the cream 2-3 times a day. Tried everything - this is the only thing that has worked - requires a prescrption though!!

Fort Sill, OK

#222 Apr 25, 2011
ive had this problem for a year now! its the rash with the cracking, itching, scaling, bumps around the outer edge. i took someones advise on here and started treating it like jock itch and started using Lotrimin Ultra. you can get it anywhere ... i got it at Walmart. im on my second week and it is almost competely GONE! i have tried everything sugested on this site except the baking soda one and nothing but this has even came close to working! i hope everyone tries this because no one should have to live with this kind of problem

London, UK

#223 May 6, 2011
i've had this for some time like a year or so and the same symptoms, the GP said its a fungal infections cremes dont nothing but he said certain cremes for certain people so he said keep trying differet cremes but on from the pro's not wille nillie from cowboys like most asian people do.
good luck..
mrs paw paw

Wanniassa, Australia

#224 May 9, 2011
SSCA wrote:
I have anal itching and burning for a long time. I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed me the Analpram HC cream 1%. I used it for a month and everything was gone. But when I stopped to use it, the symptoms occurred again. It couldn't be gone forever. Right now, it is cracking and itching. Sometimes, when I wipe my ass, it is bleeding also. Please give me some advises because I suffer from this symptom for a long time. BTW, I did everything that the doctor told me to do but it is still bad. Thanks.
paw paw cream, I have had this problen for a while now and are at my wits end,the docs are not much help, I discovered paw paw cream,its like vasaline you get it form the chemist or supermarket, I find it seems to be the only thing that has worked, its also important to keep the area clean, I have one of those shower hoses you can remove,to clean the area thoughly with very warm water....when wiping the area dab dont wipe. double fold a piece of tolet papper put it betwen your cheeks, it will help to stop the rubbing & burning when you working or sporting and cant get to a shower, use baby wipe when its not possible to shower, this dose not cure the problem but it keeps it under control...mrs paw paw
cajun wife

Casa Grande, AZ

#225 May 26, 2011
Used A&D Ointment on my husband's rash, then baby powder on top of that - cleared it up in one day. Don't know what caused it, just suddenly appeared. It reminded me of baby diaper rash, so I treated it as such and it worked.

Cleveland, OH

#226 May 31, 2011
I had a rash for about a year that was due to an newly developed allergy to the baby wipes that I used for cleaning. I stopped using the wipes and the rash cleared up within a week or so.

Wellington, New Zealand

#227 Jun 1, 2011
I have the exact same thing its soooo anoyinf i feel ur pain wana kno sum cheap easy ways to get rid if it ive got dryyy skin down thur and hav had it for about 8 years now..
Lanie B

Mccall, ID

#228 Jun 5, 2011
I had this same problem, and apparently it's really common, especially with people who get sweaty a lot. It itched like crazy and if I dared to scratch, or rub too hard with the toilet paper, it'd bleed. It took a while but I finally got rid of it. Every morning I would shower, then take the hair dryer to my buttcrack. Just squat down so it's all spread out, and dry away. Once it was completely dry, I rubbed neosporin with pain killer to the worst patches, and then wiped away excess with a tissue. During the day, I made regular trips to the can to wipe any sweat or moisuture away, and as soon as I got home, another shower and repeated the blow dry and ointment. By the end of the week the itching was gone. I think most of the itch comes from where it's trying to heal. After a second week of twice a day shower and blow dry and hourly wipes to keep it dry, it was a TON better. I don't have any problem now, but I still blow dry my junk after every shower, just to make sure it stays dry.

Liverpool, UK

#229 Jun 10, 2011
Icebreaker3d wrote:
I have had a rash like thing on the area under my genitals going up to my anal passage for around 6-8 years (I am 18 years old now). I have learned to deal with it for a long time. This is what it looks likes and what it does. It seems as though it is extremely dry because it looks like when you get a sun burn and it peels. When I scratch it white flakes fall. It sometimes gets extremely dry (the area stiffens up) and it burns. I try not to scratch it. The pain gets so unbearable that I scratch it. When I do scratch it, the rash type thing sometimes bleeds. I went to the doctors once for it. They said it was some kind of strep rash (from what I can recall. It was 4 or so years ago when I went to the doctors for it.). I am really tired of having to deal with it. What is it and how can I treat it? Thank you so much for your time.
Souds like pruritus try bathing using soap from www.skinsalveation.com

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Toronto, Canada

#230 Jun 12, 2011
As many have said thank goodness for this site! ALL of a sudden, without provocation (or so I thought) I get this killer car-azy rash! I did a better job than most at not scrathing.. no blood or skin broken.
I read ALL posts & consistently brought up is Lotrimin, Zinc cream (diaper rash cream), & diet / pH levels being high (too much starch, acidic foods, not enough water.. & STRESS). I read alot about pH level's & I have other issues that match besides the rash, that aren't near as bothersome! >:o\
"K-wis", I believe, posted the pH/diet info & wow! Great stuff! In the last few weeks I HAVE been eating alot of bread, pasta, I love tomato anything, sugar is in everything, & vinegar.. Oh, I loooove vinegar!! & I have been neglectful of my water intake.. & STRESS..?! I'm unemployed in a TERRIBLE job market, I may lose my apartment, & I just had to put my 3 yr old cat down, disease she was born with & no cure (P.I.F., fyi).
I kept aired out on the bottom half almost constantly,(like, standing at computer, leg propped up with fan on my ass! Jeeziz!) I also used the diaper cream (Penaten) & am drinking the baking soda in water (rather gross, but compared to the itchy burny feeling on my ass.. it's NUTHIN!) Use a small rimmed glass.. I tried to do it with a wide mug, couldn't get it down very quick!:P
By the next day it was getting better.. & gets better still. I'm about 3 days in now of water/b. soda, diaper cream. Redness has decreased in size, itchiness is 85% better.. I'm curious to know if this is actually gonna be OVER in a couple days!!! OmG, pah-leeeaaasse! I may get some Lotrimin to see if it speeds things up.
Seriously, check out the whole pH thing. I think my diet isn't too bad but because of the MAJOR stress I'm feeling, then the coincidental bread, pasta, vinegar overdose for 2 weeks just became too much for system. I truly believe what we put in our bodies will give us the quality of life we want. I just need to deal with stress & not go on carb/starch overloads! I can't believe that was a culprit in this grody issue!:P
I really hate when people post "well, keep it
clean".. I am a clean freak, I've been using baby wipes for years to be sure I'm damn clean!
So I will keep you posted on progress.. & don't scratchin' that itch, y'all!!!! Thanx for all the info!!!

Since: Jun 11

Toronto, Canada

#231 Jun 12, 2011
I canNOT believe this! This info is so helpful.. I had NO idea where this rash came from, then I read your info.. OmG! I had an abnormal amount of pasta, bread, & sugar these last few weeks.. I love vinegar anything. I think that, plus the incredible stress I'm under, my body is just ACID CITY! I have been drinking alot more water (neglectful of that lately), stopped my vinegar dressings, limited sugar, & am drinking a 1/2 teasp. of b.soda in 4-6 oz of water. Also aired my butt bigtime for 3 days & got some diaper cream ,lol! I looked up pH levels & I have a few other issues that are related to high acidity in body. Body's trying to tell me somethin'.. I am listening! THANX ALOT!!!:)

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