itchy skin rash

Denver, CO

#104 Dec 2, 2008
Everbody... please look into scabies!! I believe that's what you all have.

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#105 Dec 20, 2008
I am looking for answers to my problem. About 2 years ago in June I woke up because it felt like something bit me on the back of my neck (hairline). the next morning it was a bit swollen and a few days latter it became very itchy and began to spread. the patches stayed on the back of my head right above my hairline, but moved from one side to the other. It finally went away but returns in the fall and lasts all winter.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I try not to scratch but I guess I do without thinking. It breaks open and oozes like poison ivey but does not look like it at all. I thought about a spider bite, but why would it act like that?

Warwick, RI

#107 Feb 22, 2009
ive been getting these rashes that come and go. it starts of as an itch and then starts to form red bumps and becomes a rash. also when i scratch sometimes teh scratch lines from my hands become like a rash too.]
Hi Mary,
I used to get this all the time. In my case it was hives.
aysh 44

Bedford, UK

#108 Feb 23, 2009
its prob some type of allergy take piroten when this happens you may find it goes i have had it b4
aysh 44

Bedford, UK

#109 Feb 23, 2009
or any anti histomene it should help

Leicester, UK

#110 Mar 7, 2009
itchy in OH wrote:
I have had a rash for around a year and a half that has, in the last month, spread to different parts of my body. When the rash started it was a circular shape that was empty in the middle Recently I have developed more of the flat, red spots on my hips; the circular rash on my arm has spread; I have the raised itchy spots on my elbows, knees, and hands.
I also have these empty circular rashes but they seem to be permanent. It started with one but now i have about 6 large empty circles all over my body they look like scar tissue with a few lumps inside of them. I have had eczema since i was born so my dermatologist dismisses it as that but even oral steriods, steroid creams and fungal creams do not help. I do not wear certain clothes without feeling conscious of the rashes.

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#111 Mar 22, 2009
once in a while i get this itch on my nose and then later on i see this little bump that has this watery sustance in it than later on it turns into this red rash looking like heat rash so what is it called

Torrance, CA

#112 Mar 25, 2009
Kissy wrote:
Okay. i've been having this for a couple of years now. it started out when i smoked a blunt and the next morning i had these bumps all over my lips..they look like them bumps on leaves. i dont goes away and come back. So i went to the clinic and they said it just some kind of reaction or something. but the thing is that it itches and it has some clear liquid coming out of it. and it contagious. so i dont know. help please?
Thats Herpes ... Type 1

Torrance, CA

#113 Mar 25, 2009
Thats type 1 Herpes

Since: Mar 09

Tel Aviv, Israel

#114 Mar 29, 2009
Try it out:

United States

#115 Apr 3, 2009
I have a red raised circle on my arm about the size of a penny it seems to get bigger each day it has tiny lil pimples it looks like in it and they ooze from time to time it is hardly itchy and it's on my left upper arm and sometimes I will just get a pain in my arm around the area then the pain stops after a few mins does anyone know what this is

Scottsdale, AZ

#116 Apr 5, 2009
It rally ichis and it red when I go to bed I have more.


#117 May 8, 2009
In the last 3 wks I have had the most strangest things happening to me. First I started getting severely itchy palms and soles of my feet, then I started getting these unusual red flat rash lesions appearing suddenly, first I noticed them on the tops of my hands and fingers, then they would suddenly dissapear and appear on the insides on my arms. They never last long, they come and go very quickly. Ive been taking antihistamines for 3wks now, hands and feet still get very itchy but they help with that. But the rashes still come and go every day. Now I also get red flat groups of spots on my legs, my stomach, neck, inner thights. My doctor has done blood tests and has me on a restrained diet to eliminate allergens. But cant work out what it is. At first he thought it was hives, but after seeing some of my unusaual red lesions he said its not typical of hives. Im taking photos every day as they appear and email them to him, so he can look at them closely on the computer. I might have to see a dermatologist and get more tests done.
ishi shah

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

#118 May 12, 2009
i have worse itching on my hands and feet on upper side also between fingers. itching severe in the night and caused white tiny pimples inside itching skin. these tiny pimples like things disappear in the morning. some times suddenly at night red small rash appear on wristand hands and itching like after biting ants.sometimes these small rashes disappear in the morning and no sign of such heavy itching on hands and foot.please help if some one have any diagnosis


#119 May 13, 2009
My doctor aggrees that I have 'Hives.' Hives is an allergic reaction caused by the body to an allergen of some kind. It could be from some kind of food, or from other things. Its been 4wks now. My hands and feet arent as itchy anymore. But like you I had severely itching palms and soles of feet and inbetween the sides of my fingers. I still get rashes coming and going, but not as much. Perhaps its slowly going away. Anti-histamines took the itching away completely, I took non drowsy 'Telfast 180' it worked a treat. Try it. and go see a dermatologist or your doctor. take photos of your rashes like I did. The dr found them so useful.

Rochester, NY

#120 May 13, 2009
sheena wrote:
i have the same problem but its on the calf of my leg. its been their for about 5 years now and it comes and goes. when it breaks out it iches so bad i could scratch my leg off. have you found out anything? have you cured yours?
<quoted text>
Hey,I am searching and inquiring about the same symtoms as you...I am nervous as to what it is..if its alive lol! I put cortizone cream it goes away after about 2 weeks and then a month or so later it comes back itches like crazy and is very red its on my inner calf and is very annoying. did u ever find out what it may be??

Jamaica, NY

#121 May 13, 2009
I have had this same problem for 1 year and a half. Tried every over the counter medicine imaginable. Cortesteriod cream from DR did not work. I believe it to be Norwegian scabies and ordered Lyclear from Canada for around 30 bucks. Also shaved a lot of my hair off. Before that vaseline seemed to provide some relief, except the bumps would move. Also, recently treated my hair with CVS lice shampoo and combed out with special comb. Feel 90 percent better and pray that they are gone for good. Good Luck to all who have suffered with this.


#123 May 26, 2009
Hi Mary i have the same thing, went to a dermatolog he said it was an allergic reaction but not from the skin it is somthing inside the body. I took a medicine called ATARAX it really helped you stop itching then the red bumps go away however the problem is after few days or weeks they come back it s not a permanant solution. I wanted to ask you something: when i shave my legs with Silk epile or Brown i mean with a machine all my leg will star itching,the red bumps and the rach start where the hair has been removed, does this happen with you too?
mary wrote:
ive been getting these rashes that come and go. it starts of as an itch and then starts to form red bumps and becomes a rash. also when i scratch sometimes teh scratch lines from my hands become like a rash too. Also my scalp has been really itchy and ive been checked for lice and i dont have it. No one else who im living with get these rashes. Ive also thought maybe scabies but i believe its contagious, and like i said before no one else gets these rashes. I get them on my arms, neck, back, and legs. does anyone have any idea what it could be?


#124 May 26, 2009
Hi wusta i have the same thing and in the winter it rarely appear but in the summer it is the peak. ATARAX really helped you stop itching and the rach disappear after 10 min however it come back the 2nd day or week. just wanted to ask u what is poison ivy/oak? thx
wusta wrote:
I've never really had a skin rash or any allergic reaction on my skin until about 2 years ago. I started getting these itchy red dots. The symptoms are basically like fungus, poison ivy/oak. Starts out as a red dot, can get bumpy. And if you scratch it, it gets worse or spreads and it seems contagious(only on my body). When its severe, it scales and lumps up and if you scratch it, it oozes...jus like poison ivy but i'm not in contact with any. If i start gettin these rashes, it'll usually appear in other areas of the body. Its the worse around the arms, hands, legs,feet area. Will appear on other areas of the body but will go away in a couple days. But in the feet and hands area, will usually be more severe and stay for a few weeks and soemtimes a month+. The weird thing is, I've been getting this in the beginning of summer, around spring and at times during summer. it usually begins right before and will go away completely by winter and will not occur until the following spring. Remember, this problem has never happened until 2 years ago and now, its kinda consistant. Is it allergies, heat rash? the over the counter stuff dont' really help and it itches like crazy, but i don't scratch it. I've tried benydryl, hydrocortizone, calamine lotion...doesn't really help. But it does take away the itch at times. thanx in advance

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#125 May 27, 2009
I have rash on my arms n a spot on my upper back n now it s on my legs.

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