Lumps under skin on lower legs

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#345 Jul 6, 2012
My husband suddenly appear with bruising from his ankles to his shin area with bumps in it. The bumps feel like they have fever in them. I am concerned, the doctor said they were nodules and is doing some blood work. His right leg and feet are also very swollen. He is overweight and I know this may contribute to the issue. But has anyone ever experience or heard of this?

Smoaks, SC

#346 Jul 8, 2012
beth wrote:
i have had a knot on inside of my leg down towards my ankle for bout a year or lil more. its hard red and sore to of a few days ago its gettin bigger and when i push it a lil it leaves the mark of my on the pill which i have been on it for a while now,a smoker.. can anyone giv me some advise of wht it is???it hurts the more i stand at work, it dont itch.... thanks
.......... jus went to doc he said its a infection on the leg bone,gav me meds and steriods 2 take 4 two months if it does not go away they gonna hav 2 cut it out!!!

Lakeport, CA

#347 Jul 13, 2012
Erin Wall wrote:
Let me give you a little background. I am a 23 year old female. Currently on birth control(cesia) and I smoke cigarretes. I have a 7 month old son. Since about 12 weeks post pardom I have been having abnominal cramping and constipation. I was diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome. About 3 days ago I noticed a lump in my lower leg on my calf under the skin. It is hard, round, sometimes red, 1/4" and sensitive to touch. Today I just noticed another lump on my other calf. They seem to be more prominent at night. Has anyone ever experience this before?
I also have a lump behind my calf. It itches really bad and hurts when I touch it. Not a bug bite but I am clueless as well. I'm 20 smokes cigarettes no kids no birth control. My thought was a cyst but I couldn't be sure.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#348 Jul 26, 2012
I have fluid filled pockets on my knees at first they said it was arthritis but I can't see how that is possible first the test were negitive and I get these lumps every where I can wake up with them on my arms,ankles knees, calves, they cause alot of pain when they are in my knees I can hardley walk I have asked at least 5 doctors and they all say I don,t know what it is they can go away as fast as they come so I never know what I will wake up with they have me on all this arthtritis meds which I don't think help does anyone have anything like this if so what kind of a doctor do you see i need help before I end up in a wheel chair
irritated girl

Walton, UK

#349 Aug 5, 2012
I have for 5-10 years had a problem with my legs they itch all the time, when its cold outside my goosebumps sting really bad, i have constant bumps on my legs like raised pores like spots i do suffer from ingrown hairs i have tried everything waxes, shaving, epilater and i bought a hand held laser machine i have tried tablets for skin infection from doctor and skin antibotic cream nothings working want to know the cause of all this and how improve my skin its ruling my life please help i always feel really irritated
anna parker

United States

#350 Aug 6, 2012
I have lupus and my right leg below my knee on my shin is red and bruised looking and has lumps in my leg sore and burns warm and red going around my leg please help

Toronto, Canada

#351 Aug 22, 2012
I noticed the next day after aqua fit class, that I have a hard mass under the skin near my right knee, the skin is taut and hurts like a bruise and the area is white. hot to touch and hurts when I try to walk on it. I am a 61 year old woman who smokes and has a torn ACL in my right knee. I went to the doctor and he prescribed an antiflamatory and antibotic for 10 days. it did not help but I noticed that the lump was travelling down the leg and back up to the original spot. Any suggestions.

Manchester, UK

#352 Aug 25, 2012
Hi I have a small red bump on my left leg on the bone part it dosent hurt its not sore to touch I don't think it could be due to shaving it appeared the other day and it was a clear spot and then it's developed red I've been reading online about all sorts of things like mozzi bites and cysts please help I don't want to go to a doctor incase it's nothing? Help!

Vancouver, WA

#353 Aug 29, 2012
About 3 weeks ago I found a big lump in my lower left leg, and over the past wk, I started having pain in other parts of my calf. One dr, without doing tests, wrote it off as a fatty tumor. Unfortunately that hasn't left me feeling good still.
Kelly Shiers


#354 Oct 13, 2012
Im 31 and for about 4 years now , every now and then I get all different sizes of lumps come up on the lower part of my legs some are really big some are small ,my legs feel telly swollen and uncomfortable , sometimes they are red , it only seems to happen in the evening , by the morning they are gone , I've taken photos and showed them to my doctor but nothing has been done about them , I'm starting to really worry I have to children , and horses and I'm a smoker , please could someone help


#355 Nov 8, 2012
wisconsingirl wrote:
Have you gone to your doctor about this? You are at risk of developing blood clots while on birth control and I do believe that smoking puts you at even more of a risk. The fact that you have painful lumps that turn red, sounds like something that should be looked at by a professional. If it is a blood clot it could be life threating and needs immediate attention. I hope you are ok. <quoted text>
I hav been at a docter and he said its becouse I'm to vet I'm only 19 its still here and getting wors

Toronto, Canada

#356 Nov 8, 2012
I am a 62 year old woman who has been diagnosed with Diabetes 1 and suffers from arthiritis in my joints. But my right leg is the problem. I have a torn ACL in my right knee. I was scheduled for a knee replacement but opted out because I have heard of comflicting stories(pros and cons) I would prefer to try and lose weight before operation and strengthen my leg muscles too. So I enrolled in a Aqua Fit classes 2 nights a week. But I have been noticing hard lumps under the surface of my right leg. It bothers me because, it has been travelling around, to the front of my knee, side of the knee just below the knee. I don't think its is a Bakers cyst. Also, have the Bipolar disorder which I found out back in April 2007. When I am experiencing a manic cycle, I have difficulty sleeping thru the night. I am going thru one this week. Lots of energy, and very little sleep. My leg swells up, looks like I have a pair of red socks on (band of red, shiny between my ankle and shin. I am on medication but it really doesn't change or balance my mood swings. Still experimenting with mediation with my doctor.
Sorry, I probably sound like a basket case but life changes after birth control, babies and aging. LOL

Springfield, OR

#357 Nov 13, 2012
Ouch!:/ Do you know what caused that??:/

Phoenix, AZ

#358 Nov 16, 2012
SHAWN wrote:
I also have small bumps on legs, same spot on each leg right next to the shinbone, they pop out when i put pressure on my legs, only about the size of a dime, no pain. I still have no clue what they are. I have had them since 12th grade which was about 5 years ago. Didnt notice them until i started running track.
Did you find out what they are? My daughter has the same thing. They pop out when she puts pressure and if you push on them it feels like liquid inside swishing.

Since: Nov 12

Toronto, Canada

#359 Nov 16, 2012
Isn't aging wonderful. How I have such a good laugh, listening to some of the stories on here from this young woman who haven't matured like us.
I love shocking them though. I remember this girl that I worked with once and she was so shocked that she found a grey hair on her head. I said, well...waiting til you find them on other parts of your body. They thought I was disgusting.

But the real reason, I am on here. Is to get some answers because my doctor doesn't seem to know either. but I do find, that when I have been on my feet all day long, then that's when my leg swells and those hard lumps bulge up from under my skin. Hot to touch, hard as a rock, size of a jawbreaker. Sometimes they travel from the side of the knee to the front. This right leg of mine, is my driving leg and I would hate to have it go wrong.
I'm not sure what type of specialist I need to see. Do I go back to the doctor that suggested a knee replacement, maybe he knows the answer.

Centereach, NY

#360 Jan 3, 2013

Centereach, NY

#361 Jan 9, 2013
lumpy leg wrote:
I have one lump on both legs in the exact same spot. That spot is on the the outside of the shin bone area about halfway down the outside of the lower leg.
Any ideas? Not itchy, not red, not sensitive to touch. Is easy to push on , feels like a fluid filled sack.
male, 36, healthy, non-smoker, no meds.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
I have the exact same thing on the right side of my shin on my right leg and on the left of my left shin the one on my right leg sticks out when i stand on my toes it feels like a hole under my skin the docs can not tell me what it is if you find out please let me know thanks

Annandale, Australia

#362 Jan 11, 2013
Umm no, not parasites....
hilly wrote:
wake up people,it is parasites (morgellons) doctors will not help you but with research you can get relief.Look into websites like curezone or morgellons disease research for help

Plainfield, NJ

#363 Jan 11, 2013
I have the same thing too. Sorry, not sure what is. I think I might take a trip to the hospital. Hope this helps.


#365 Feb 24, 2013
I have a lump about the of a two pence piece on my lower leg I havnt knocked it it's not painful and it doesn't move what can it be?

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