Penis Inflammation

New Haven, CT

#47 Sep 3, 2011
Been using hydrocortisone for a day now and its clearing up pretty fast I'm just scared it would come back

Versailles, France

#48 Sep 27, 2011
Your problem is due to Candida - yeast. Topical creams will help deal with the symptoms but not the cause. You need to cut out as much carbohydrate (grains, bread, sugar, etc., including beer!) from your diet as possible and exercise to reduce stress. Stress alters blood pH = acidic conditions, which favour Candida. Circumcision would help to create a less favourable environment for Candida to flourish but you'd have to be desperate.
Hi guys

Bangkok, Thailand

#50 Nov 4, 2011
I got some thing to started 3weeks ago, and is very small on penis like red dots only at vibration it come and goes. will it get worse???????
Need a good dr in bangkok anyone know?

Mcallen, TX

#51 Nov 13, 2011
I just got this after masturbation 4 days ago should i leave it alone? and watch what happens. I don't even want to masturbate anymore.

Chicago, IL

#52 Nov 26, 2011
i have this same thing.... red spots from time to time... its annoying already... at first i thought it was a std or something and went and got checked out for everything,came back clear and the Dr. gave me a hydrocortisone cream... it leaves but keeps coming back... i dont know what to do.. i also dont have health insurance so i can tgo to the doctor... has anyone cleared this up for good?
if so .... what did you use?

Chicago, IL

#53 Nov 26, 2011
i am also uncircumcised so think that this might be part of the problem... please let me know!

Duarte, CA

#54 Dec 8, 2011
I have had the same problem for some time now. It gets bad after masturbation or sex. I have tried to stop both but I am embarrassed to tell my girlfriend so I still have sex about once a week. I dont know what to do. Someone please tell me there is something to make it go away

Singapore, Singapore

#55 Dec 25, 2011
Ive been experiencing itch under my foreskin for about a couple of days already. I had sex with this woman who had a couple of sex partners already. The day after, the itch was so bad I had to scratch it while in public. When I pull down my foreskin, my penis looks like it just go lt sunburned(like skins peeling) and it has some nasty smelling white/yellowish liquid. Anyone knows why?

Victoria, Seychelles

#57 Dec 28, 2011
I'm going to try ketaconazole for the first time on inside foreskin & glans. After any abrasive action its sore & a few bumps & a 'scalded' looking patch and a whiteish patch (lichen?) on the foreskin that has been around a couple of weeks. The doc has also asked me to take an anti-histamine pill daily. Anyone had any difficulty doing this? Also doing a clean up with cottonwool swabs & bicarbonate solution in boiled cooled water twice a day. Seems to help...

Victoria, Seychelles

#58 Dec 29, 2011
Seems to be working pretty good. All redness is disappearing. Don't want to try any sex or hand action yet as it looks kind of sensitive still..

Finnentrop, Germany

#59 Jan 10, 2012
May be that not all of the discribed problems are the same. But I think that most is typically for Balanitis plasmacellularis also calles Morbus Zoon, which is a benign lesion that seems to start with a mechanical or bacterial lesion and is an autoimmun local response which is chronic and depends too from the athmosphere of the glans. So circumcision is the gold standard. There are descriptions of treatment with laser. All topics are problematicly ... corticoids, fungicids, metronidazol, antibiotics ...
Best seems bacitracin and vaseline and a high content of oil. Another possibilty is the immune modulator imiquimod. May be the causing agens is a papillomavirus and not herpes. So imiquimod can destroy this agens by stimulating the own autoimmune power. Good luck !

Yulee, FL

#60 Jan 12, 2012
The cause seems to be chronic masturbation fellas the only cure is to stop using the hands
New to this

Suwon, Korea

#61 Jan 12, 2012
oxytetracycline hydrochloride Hydrocortisone ointment.

Anyone try this ointment? In Japan this is sold to cure something on your lips and I'm wondering if would help since the skin on the penis is similar to the skin on your lips. If you look up each one individually they seem like something that might work.

Please keep in mind I'm a mechanic and have no idea if this will work or not just looking for an opinion.

New York, NY

#62 Jan 15, 2012
Don't use any cortisone creams if you think you have a fungal (yeast) infection!
This is the worst thing you can do!
This might be why you aren't getting better.
Google it and you will see why.
Same problem here

Saint Helens, UK

#63 Jan 16, 2012
This is the first time I have heard so many people with exactly the same problem I have had now for about 7 years. From being completely clear the head of my penis starts to itch, then red blotches apear. Then small white spots that burst and more blotches apear again. The only thing that cleared it was daktacort cream used for jock ich or fungal nail infection. Yeast infection creams did not work. No matter what I try and clear it up. After two or three days the infection comes back. It's been a nightmare. I wish the clinic or doctor would look into this.

Fairfield, Australia

#64 Feb 4, 2012
ok. My ex girlfriend and i had sex. Only later she told me she had thrush. Man i was angry. now all these symptoms above sound like what i have after our sex. so unfair especialy that we no longer see each other. looks like im stuck with this shit for a while :(
feel better

United States

#65 Feb 9, 2012
I used the same spray as you use for athletes feet and it went away after three days. I found that this is caused but dry masturbation and masturbating daily. So I stopped and haven't had a problem since.

London, UK

#66 Feb 17, 2012 goes about 2 years i was having sex with my ex i didn't finish so after she went i started to masterbate after a while i felt a shap pain but carryied on in the morning i went for a pee and ouch i noticed forskin was swollen pulled it back and i had what looked like sore i thought if i kept it clean it would heal but it didn't so went to docs he gave me cream it cleared up but now everytime i masterbate or have sex i get blisters or patches of skin that look like a fag got stump out on it and also around my japs eye is red and have to tiny red patches in my pubes I've been tested for stds all clear tried yeast in creams etc dnt work also i wash everyday and it seems like a lot of dead skin coming off help me please driving me mad

Menlo Park, CA

#67 Apr 21, 2012
i had the same problem for 6 months. after 6 doctor's visits and different kind of prescription creams i finally got everything under control using just Vaseline. i think the key is to keep the skin clean from anything that could cause irritations and Vaseline is very good at doing that. it seals the area. after passing urine, use a damp bathroom towel to clean the area and reapply Vaseline. keep doing it for 1 week.

Norwalk, CA

#68 Apr 26, 2012
Same thing happened to me. Bacteria infection followed by red sores that keep coming back (or never totally heal). Im beginning to get the impression most doctors don't have a clue about this condition. I personally think (from online research) that it is a trauma induced (koebnerization) skin condition. With current medical technologies, I'm afraid that the best one can hope for is to be careful with friction and use lubricants. Hands down, the best healing method has been silicon strips such as "scar away" commonly used on burn victims and which can be used anywhere on the body. Hope this helps, im in the same boat. This is stuff they never tell you about and to watch out for. I'm curious if stem cell treatment would help being that people use it to re-grow organs and skin is an organ.

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